How to make a mower with your own hands

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse

What could be more pleasant than a joint holiday at a summer cottage, in the circle of loved ones and relatives? In the fresh air, you always want to pamper yourself with something tasty and unusual. If you are the owner of a private house or summer cottage, why not make a cold smoked smokehouse with your own hands? This does not require any special skills or knowledge. In this article, we will look at how to construct a smokehouse from scrap materials in order to diversify your table with delicious and aromatic dishes.

Dacha with their own hands

Dacha, which is associated with the dacha and country houses. Suburban construction site.

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Cold smoked smokehouse. principle of operation

Cold smoking is a process in which food is smoked and cooked under the influence of smoke. The cooking time ranges from 3 to 4 days, depending on the size of the product. Subsequently, moisture is completely removed from the food, the product becomes dense and elastic, and the surface acquires a golden crust. The smoke temperature is 20. 23 degrees.

Как сделать газонокосилку своими руками.На двух колёсах.lawn mower with your own hands.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse, photo

Cold smoking implies a stable influence of cold smoke, which must flow evenly and without interruption. That is why the smokehouse for cold smoking has a peculiar structure, slightly different from the container for hot smoking. Since the smoke temperature should not be higher than 23 degrees, it is important to make sure that the smoke, reaching the product, cools down. This can be achieved by dividing the smokehouse into two parts, where one will be a firebox, and the other will be a container. The firebox from the tank should be at a certain distance. not less than 1.5 m.Two tanks are connected with a pipe, along which the smoke will move.

The smokehouse device includes the following elements:

Smoking construction.

The principle of operation of a cold smoked smokehouse consists of the following actions:

Chips are poured into the firebox, which smolder, will form smoke.
2. A special hole forms a draft, thanks to which the smoke is drawn through the chimney.
3. Reaching the container with food, the smoke has time to cool.

The main role should be given to the chimney, since it is he who creates a constant stream of smoke into the smokehouse. What kind of sawdust can be used for smoking? Experts do not recommend the use of pine wood chips, since the emitted resins negatively affect the taste of the product. The best option is sawdust from fruit trees such as apple, pear or plum. If you can’t find them at hand, you can use oak or willow sawdust.

How to make a smokehouse with your own hands?

To make a smokehouse without outside help, you first need to find or create a structure in which the coal will directly smolder. For this, both an old barrel and a large enamel saucepan can work. The only caveat is to come up with a lid that would tightly close the container so that smoke does not come out. So, the process of creating a smokehouse with your own hands is as follows:

In the container where the product will be smoked, it is necessary to install an additional grate on which the burlap or filter cloth should be placed. This will protect against tar or soot.
2. It is necessary to think over the fasteners on which the food will be hung. It can be either a metal or a wooden hook.
3. A small hole is made in the cover, where the chimney is inserted.
4. The pipe itself is recommended to be buried and covered with a sheet of metal or slate. This is to ensure that there is no smoke leakage.
5. The furnace, in which the coals smolder, must also be equipped in a suitable way: a sheet of metal is placed on the bottom, which will allow the coals to smolder evenly.

As you can see, to make a cold smoked smokehouse with your own hands does not require a lot of knowledge and skills. It is enough just to adhere to the instructions and have a desire to please yourself and your loved ones with unusual dishes.

Chainsaw mower installation

Mounting diagram of cutting tools on a lawn mower.

For a villager, it is relevant to use various mowers to facilitate hay harvesting, but the cost of such devices is high. Therefore, many craftsmen design mowers using a walk-behind tractor or a chainsaw engine. These motors are characterized by high power and high speed.

A rotary mower made using a chainsaw is capable of operating for a long time in continuous mode.

The rotary mower is a small cart on which all the structural elements of the device are mounted. Such a cart is made by welding several metal pipes or strips. Wheels are attached to the cart, the size of which should be such that it will allow you to easily move the unit on any soil surface.

The number of wheels on each hand-made mower may differ, there are various modifications equipped with two, three or four wheels. These different models differ in their characteristics. The two-wheel mower options are more maneuverable, but with the four-wheel design, the cutting height of the grass can be strictly observed. Two-wheeled versions of units are also most widespread because in the process of self-assembly of a structure, one pair of wheels is easier to find than all four wheels. If it is planned to manufacture a two-wheel design option, then you should take care of a special protection casing that prevents the operating unit from contacting the ground.

Diagram of a two-wheel lawn mower.

When choosing a three-wheel design, two wheels must be positioned on the side of the control sticks.

This is necessary to facilitate control of the structure and easier movement.

From the chainsaw, before using it, the steering wheel and tires are dismantled, and the engine itself is fixed in such a way that its shaft is at the bottom of the structure.

Pipes are attached to the cart to be used as handles.

The handles of the chainsaw are fixed on the handles and the cable for controlling the throttle valve of the carburetor is lengthened.

Making a unit for mowing

After the manufacture of the base of the mower is finished, you can proceed to creating the unit responsible for mowing the grass. The mowing unit consists of the blades that ensure mowing and the fastening element of these working knives of the structure.

To make the assembly, you need to put a special nozzle on the rotor. This nozzle consists of two pipes of different diameters. One of the pipes is welded to the engine sprocket and measures about 80 cm in length and 50 mm in diameter.

The second pipe should have a diameter 8 mm larger than the first. The pipes are connected to each other using M6 bolts with locknuts. The purpose of this design is to adjust the cutting height of the grass.

Chainsaw lawn mower assembly diagram.

A metal disc with a thickness of 4 mm is attached to a wide pipe using a welding machine. The power of the chainsaw engine allows you to work simultaneously with a large amount of grass. The diameter of the disc must be 180 cm.

Knives are attached to the fixed disc. A blade of knives can be crafted using an old wood hacksaw. The blades should be 120 mm long and 30 mm wide. The knives can be fastened to the disc using M6 bolts.

The bolts should not be tightened to full force, so that when stones come into contact with the knives, they will not break. After the obstacle is overcome, the knives return to their original working position due to the action of centrifugal force and the free fastening of the cutting elements.

General arrangement of a lawn mower

The simplest design of the device includes various structural elements. The main structural units and parts of the unit are:

  • engine;
  • frame for fixing all units and parts of the mower;
  • knives;
  • protection casing;
  • wheels;
  • unit control knobs.

Four wheel lawn mower design.

The simplest structure is a sheet of metal that is 2-3 mm thick with a hole in the center for the propulsion shaft. Reinforcement of the base sheet is carried out using corners welded in the form of a frame. The propulsion system is attached to the top of the sheet. A protective cover is attached to the bottom of the base. Axles are installed from the sides of the base for fastening the wheels. The control knobs are attached to the base, on which the control levers are located.

If the design of the device uses an electric motor that has a flange, then the fastening is carried out using this flange. In order to secure the motor, holes must be drilled in the bed, which must match the holes in the flange. When using a motor of a standard design, two corners are welded to the bed, to which the motor is attached using paws on the drive body. For fastening in the corners, you can make oblong holes in the vertical direction. This type of attachment further allows you to change the distance from the knives to the ground. This design feature is indispensable when it is necessary to select the optimal cutting height.

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One of the main units is the cutting unit, which consists of a mandrel with several short knives attached to it.

How to make a mower from a chainsaw with your own hands?

Making a lawn mower from a chainsaw with your own hands is quite simple. This will require the master to have a certain set of tools and the ability to work with metal. A neatly trimmed lawn is not only beautiful, but in a certain way testifies to the status of the owner of the site. At the moment, manufacturers offer consumers a wide variety of models of these devices, which differ in power, performance, ease of use and control. The cost of such devices is quite high, so many owners of private houses make these units with their own hands. For the purpose of manufacturing the unit, various models of a chainsaw and a walk-behind tractor are used.

A lawn mower is a tool that makes life much easier for the owners of summer cottages in the summer, especially if the garden has a large area.

If you have access to source of network electrical energy, you can use an asynchronous electric motor in the design of the lawn mower. To design the unit, you will need a medium-power engine. To make your own lawn mower, you need to spend a few evenings at work.

Making different lawn mower knives

In the manufacture of knives for any type of mower, tool steel is used, which has a thickness of 2-3 mm and a width of 20 to 50 mm. The thinner the steel used to make a knife, the better its cutting performance, but the less durable the knife is. With a low strength of the canvas, it can become unusable after a collision in the process of working with stones or lumps of earth.

There are two main types of lawn mower blades. The first option is the manufacture of a knife in the form of a long strip, which is fixed on the mandrel symmetrically about its center.

With this design, the length of the knife corresponds to the working width and ranges from 3 to 30 cm. The sharpened ends of the blade play the role of cutters. With this design, the knife and mandrel can be a single, non-separable structure. A flange with a bore is attached to this design.

The second option for the manufacture of cutting elements are two short knives with a length of 50-80 mm and fixed at the ends of the mandrel. The knives attachment angle relative to each other is 180 °. The cutting elements can be fixed either directly or at a slight angle to the mandrel. The fastening of the cutting elements can be carried out with one or two bolts. The second option of fastening is considered more reliable, however, when using the first option, it is possible to fold the knife without damage if it encounters an obstacle during work. When using a single bolt blade attachment, it is recommended to inspect the robustness of the robotic lawnmower before each use for safety reasons.

During the operation of such a connection, there is a gradual rubbing of the body of the fastening screws.

Homemade rotary mower from scrap materials

Materials for making:

  • four wheels of the same size, up to 45 cm in diameter;
  • two axles for mounting wheels;
  • a metal sheet;
  • the bottom of an old metal barrel;
  • four knives;
  • nuts and screws for fixing knives;
  • welding machine;
  • chainsaw;
  • handle for control or pipe for making it.

Instead of wheels, it is possible to use an old baby carriage with metal wheels. A chainsaw is fixed on it, which will rotate the so-called rotor.

A temporary transfer from the pulleys will help to replace the tire. A metal sheet is installed on the lower part of the stroller, which must be cut out with a grinder, in accordance with the dimensions of the stroller. In addition, it is necessary to cut the bottom in the form of a disc from a metal barrel. Cut out a casing from another barrel or improvised means, which will have a diameter slightly larger than the disc. It is possible to manufacture an aluminum canopy that will help to lay the cut grass. A handle is used to control the mower, if there is one from a stroller, use it, otherwise, build a handle yourself. Attach knives to the disk, make sure the connections are tight. Further, all parts are assembled by welding. First, a metal sheet is attached to the stroller, then a casing is fixed on its surface and a disc is inserted into it. During the start of the chainsaw, this mechanic rotates and mows the grass.


Unfortunately, most owners of motoblocks and mini tractors do not always use them in full, and in order to mow the lawn or field they hire other equipment. Although, it is quite possible to do this with a rotary mower. The cost of such a tool is prohibitively high, so it is much more profitable to build it yourself. How to make a rotary mower from improvised means, we will consider further.

Features of rotary mowers

In general, there are several types of mowers for mini tractors or motoblocks that you can build yourself. Since it is in this way that it will be possible to achieve the greatest savings in money, and at the same time get a high-quality tool.

Mowers that are made at home are:

  • rotary;
  • trailed;
  • segmental.

The basis for a rotary mower is a metal welded structure in the form of a frame. For its manufacture, the presence of metal corners with a standard size of 40×40 mm is required. Body sections are installed on the structure to fix the wheels. After that, you should independently choose the type of working part, which depends on the place of work of this tool.

Rotary mower

  • chainsaw gear chains;
  • two discs removed from the seed drill.

Use only hardened steel for knives. Each disc must have four knives.

Holes for knives must be drilled on each of the discs; their diameter should not exceed six millimeters. The knives are fixed using a shank. In this case, it is necessary to leave a small gap between the knife and the mount, its thickness should be two millimeters greater than the thickness of the blade. In addition, you should take care of installing a protective case.

The principle of operation of a rotary mower

There are a wide variety of mowers on the market for agricultural tools today. It is the rotary devices that are most popular. Due to their design, they have high productivity and are easy to use both on a large tractor and on a walk-behind tractor.

The principle of operation of a rotary mower is to produce rotary movements in a rotor that has a round shape.

How to make a mini lawn mower – DIY lawn mower easy

The rotary mower has the form of a rectangular bar, to which rotors with knives are attached. It is they who are responsible for the correct cutting of plants.

Rotary mowers have become very popular due to their economy. The fact is that these devices use direct energy that comes from the tractor. Therefore, they do not need to generate a certain type of energy for their work. At the same time, productivity increases several times. These mowers are used in the process of mowing grass, weeds, lodged plants, they are called not only rotary, but also rotary.

If we compare a rotary mower with alternative options, then the first one. Efficiency is more than 70%, while others have up to 40%.

The rotary mower is attached to a transport device, which is a tractor, mini tractor or walk-behind tractor.

There are three types of such mowers, these are devices:

  • trailed type;
  • semi-mounted type;
  • mounted type.

Rotary mowers of the first type are attached to the transport using a three-point scheme, so there is a possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination of the device.

Mounted mowers are ideal for working on small plots of land. The use of semi-mounted devices is recommended on huge areas, and trailed rotary mowers are used to work on uneven ground.

The rotary mower has a fairly wide range of applications. She perfectly mows the grass for its further laying in the rollers. In addition, rotary mowers are distinguished, which not only mow the grass, but also chop and collect it. The principle of operation of such a device consists in cutting plants, feeding them to special knives, which carry out shredding, transportation in a container.

Rotary mower with your own hands

The design of a home-made rotary mower for a mini tractor includes knives that ensure mowing of grass. The knives are fixed on a special disk device. A power shaft is used to provide movement. Sliding the mower on the surface of the ground is carried out using the lower discs.

For the manufacture of a welded frame, use corners, it is possible to use old scrap metal. To save time on making knives, use an old rotor from a tractor. But, in this case, in order to improve traction and make the mower more efficient, the tractor rotor should be shortened by a few centimeters from 2 to 4, depending on the power of the minitractor. This mower model has a cant height of no more than 350 mm.

For self-construction of the rotor, you should take a metal sheet and cut out two circles in the form of disks from it, each with a diameter of 390 mm. To save on the purchase of a metal sheet, it is possible to use the bottom from an old barrel. In the center, legs are welded to the discs, ensuring their rotation. Due to the influence of centrifugal force, the process of mowing the grass will be carried out.

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Carefully monitor the strength of the fastening during the welding of the legs, since the connections must be as reliable as possible.

A disc taken from a peeling device is suitable as a lower support; its diameter should not exceed forty-five centimeters. An old metal pipe with a cross section of no more than three centimeters is suitable as an axial shaft. To manufacture the structure, the presence of bearings 80 106 is also required. A hole should be provided in the pipe section for installing the lower bearing, a second bearing is installed on the surface of the pulleys. This requires a welded pulley.

On the previously prepared shaft, put on the disc, which already has knives. Then, using a welder, weld the pulley to the pipe. Rotation of the structure will be carried out by two bearings.

This model of a rotary mower is characterized by the presence of a grip of 1.10-1.15 cm, while the number of shaft revolutions reaches 1500 pieces. The mower should be installed and then welded onto a welded frame made of metal corners. To ensure safe operation, care must be taken to install the cover. It is recommended to install an additional bearing at the junction of the tractor and the mower, directly at the point where the belt is connected to the figure eight, which will make this connection more durable and provide softness in the operation of the mower, in addition, the friction of the belt will be reduced.

To simplify this model of a rotary mower, the lower disc should be welded directly to the metal structure from the corner.

Tip: In the absence of skills in working with a welding machine, it is better to entrust this procedure to an experienced welder in order to avoid damage to the device and make it more durable in operation.

This model of a rotary mower allows mowing at a speed of 8-12 km per hour. A fast mowing process will crumble the grass, a slower one. holistic. Such a mower is able to cut vegetation by 6-8 cm.It is used for mowing grass or removing weeds from household plots.

  • The principle of operation of a rotary mower
  • Features of rotary mowers
  • Rotary mower with your own hands
  • Homemade rotary mower from scrap materials
  • The cost of purchased rotary mowers

The cost of a rotary mower, first of all, depends on its working width. In addition, the price is influenced by:

  • number of rotors;
  • the quality of the material used in the manufacturing process;
  • manufacturing firm;
  • appointment;
  • availability of additional functions;
  • mower type;
  • rotational speed;
  • the height of the grass she mows;
  • weight, etc.

The average cost of a rotary mower for a walk-behind tractor is from 100. At the same time, it is equipped with two rotors, has a capacity of 3500 rpm. The working width of such a mower is 80 cm.

The cost of a rotary mower for a minitractor is from 300 At the same time, it has a slightly large grip and dimensions. Also, such mowers are characterized by higher productivity and are suitable for processing medium-sized areas.

A rotary mower for a tractor is much more expensive, its average price is 1500. At the same time, the working width is doubled or even tripled. This equipment is designed to work on large areas of land.

What types of mowers can you make yourself

Motor-driven mechanical grass mowers fall into two main groups:

  • rotary;
  • segmental.

Rotary mowers their device

Rotary mowers are the most popular and convenient equipment in terms of performance. The working part of the structure is a disc with rotating floating knives.

Effective for mowing tall grass, clearing wastelands. Moving knives do a good job with rough weed stems. If you want to make a mowing machine out of a chainsaw, there is no need to doubt. the unit is great for re-equipment, and it is easy to transform it back.

A saw blade for wood is suitable as a material for knives. Sharpened metal prongs can also be used.

The device and purpose of segment mowers

Like rotary mowers, such mowers are attached to a walk-behind tractor or adapted to a mini-tractor. The main difference is the principle of the knives.

The working part consists of two long and narrow blades with teeth-knives, working on the principle of forward-reverse motion. The device is driven by a drive belt or PTO. It all depends on the model of the walk-behind tractor or other mechanical means.

The segment mower can also be used for mowing lawn grass. Some portable modifications offer the ability to handle bushes. Below is a diagram of a segment mowing machine with a side-mounted working blade. The gear wheel is coupled to the engine

How to make a mower from a chainsaw

The easiest way is to figure out how to make a mowing machine with your own hands, using the example of refitting a chainsaw.

How to properly assemble a rotary mower on a walk-behind tractor

Rotary mowers have important advantages:

  • high efficiency, reaching 70% (this also applies to mowers based on a chainsaw);
  • when mounted on a self-propelled walk-behind tractor or mini-tractor, the mowing speed is 8-12 km / h;
  • cut grass is laid in a swath, and it is convenient to collect it in swaths;
  • floating knives are less blunt and do not break when in contact with obstacles (uneven soil, stones);
  • the ability to mount additional knives that chop the grass.

The rotary mower is connected to the walk-behind tractor in various ways:

  • semi-mounted. the device is equipped with a support wheel;
  • hinged. attached to the body of the walk-behind tractor;
  • trailed. the mower is point-to-point connected to the vehicle and has its own wheelbase.

It is easiest to assemble a mounted mower with your own hands. Metal corners for the frame, pipes and plates are used. It is important to carry out anti-corrosion treatment. Step-by-step assembly instructions:

  • Prepare knives that are attached to the discs. Three cutting elements are enough for one rotor. Be sure to control the strength of the connection while maintaining the mobility of the knives. When hitting an obstacle, they will fold and will not break. A metal rivet is preferred over twisting with bolts and nuts. You can also use knives and discs from a small combine, lawn mower or other equipment.
  • For the lower support, a small-section metal pipe is used, which is equipped with a bearing. The second bearing is connected to the pulley.
  • Weld the pipe and pulley so that the bearings remain in working order and set the rotors in motion.
  • A rigid welded frame is made, for which a metal corner is suitable.
  • Weld the mower to the frame.
  • Next, connect the mower to the walk-behind tractor. It is recommended to mount a shock absorber to avoid hard surface contact.
  • The junction of the drive belt with the PTO gear is protected by a cover.
  • Mount the mower on / off lever and the throttle control cable.

Rotary mower for tractor

How to make a mowing machine with your own hands. step by step instructions and ideas for craftsmen

Mechanization of work greatly simplifies the maintenance of a personal or small farm. The limiting factor that prompts the use of manual labor is the high cost of equipment. However, many accessories can be assembled by yourself. Making a DIY mower is a great way to make it easier to provide green forage for livestock or manage weeds. For manufacturing, you will need parts and assemblies available in almost any household.

  • What types of mowers can you make yourself
  • Rotary mowers their device
  • The device and purpose of segment mowers
  • How to make a mower from a chainsaw
  • Preparation of tools and spare parts
  • Video assembly guide
  • How to properly assemble a rotary mower on a walk-behind tractor
  • What to Consider When Assembling a Segment Mower
  • How to make an electric drill-based mower
  • How to choose knives for different types of mowers
  • How to make an electric drill-based mower

    When working in a small area or if it is not possible to make a hay mower with your own hands from a chainsaw, a conventional electric drill is suitable as an energy source for the device. It is better to use a rechargeable battery to ensure autonomy. But if there is an industrial extension cord at hand, and the area of ​​the site is small, use the usual.

    During operation, the motor of the electric drill, using an eccentric mechanism and a connecting rod, converts the rotation of the shaft into reciprocating movements. When attaching a movable element. cutting blades. the desired result is achieved.

    It is noteworthy that, depending on the needs, a home-made mower can be made mobile on a wheel base or portable. The second is convenient for processing ornamental shrubs, which are shaped by cutting off the tips of the branches.

    What is needed to assemble a portable device (according to the designations in the diagram):

    Как сделать газонкосилку своими руками how to make a lawn mower with your own hands

    • Bed made of duralumin corner 40x40x3 cm.
    • Duralumin overlay.
    • Sleeve.
    • Movable knife.
    • Fixed knife.
    • An eccentric mechanism that is installed on the neck of a drill. To do this, remove the standard cartridge and replace it with an eccentric. A bimetallic mechanism is recommended. the central part is turned from duralumin, and bronze is used for the outer.
    • Engine.

    Assemble the structure in reverse order, starting from the installation on the “neck” of the drill of the split flange, which is fixed with a clamp. This is followed by an eccentric and a steel connecting rod.

    The connecting rod is fixed with a lining attached to the end of the eccentric mechanism. It is necessary to ensure that the cylindrical part of the rod slides freely inside the duralumin bar. this way it will serve as a guide.

    At the final stage, the eccentric body and the mower frame are mounted and the ease of movement of all mechanisms is checked.

    The photo shows a wheel mower based on an electric drill. Requires welded frame and enclosure protection pad for assembly

    1 What is a mower?

    The mower is an indispensable unit for any owner of a private house. It helps not only to quickly and efficiently make hay harvesting, but also to get rid of weeds in the personal plot, or, in a simple way, to mow the lawn.

    Segment mowing machine for minitractor

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    Mowers are subdivided according to the principle of operation of the cutting device into:

    • rotary;
    • segmental.

    In addition, devices for mowing grass can be self-propelled, or used as attachments for all kinds of equipment.

    According to the method of application, they are distinguished:

    • Manual. These include electric or gasoline trimmers. The advantage is low cost and ease of use. Disadvantages. low power. Consequently, hand-held devices are used only in small, slightly overgrown areas.
    • Self-propelled. This type of device looks like a children’s car, on the bottom of which there are cutting knives. In terms of power, it is superior to the manual version, but, nevertheless, it is not used for making hay.
    • Hinged. Grass mowing attachments are used to harvest hay in any volume. The size of the mower depends on the power of the equipment to which it will be aggregated. The productivity of work depends on the previous two parameters. So, mowers for motoblocks can harvest much less hay in one hour than similar equipment for mini tractors. The mini tractor, in turn, will cope with smaller mowing areas than a conventional tractor.

    2 What mowers can be made by hand?

    A factory motor-cultivator will cost much more. For example, even a relatively inexpensive Czech petrol mower MF 70 costs at least 20,000 rubles, and we are talking about a used one. If you want to buy a new one, feel free to increase the price by at least 60%.

    Homemade rotary mower

    2.3 How to make a segment mower?

    The segment mower for motoblocks is an even more complex design, but can also be made by hand. What you need to assemble this type of petrol segment mowing machine:

    • Metal bar 15 × 50×120 mm.
    • Drill 12 diameters in it, equal to the diameter of the M8 bolt (the blades will be attached to it).
    • Make sure each blade has a segment on the back and a clip for the drive arm.
    • Fasten the knives on both sides of the timber.
    • Finally, fasten the clamps and runners on both sides.
    • Equip the main frame of the structure with a wheel (for example, from an old stroller).

    The shaft of the walk-behind tractor will set in motion a made mechanism that will rotate the knives in a special way. not only with a rotary motion, but also with a reverse motion. Thanks to this, the grass stalks are easily cut, however, they are not chopped, as in the case of using a rotary mower.
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    2.2 Homemade rotary mower to the walk-behind tractor in operation

    2.1 How to make a rotary mower?

    The rotary (disc) petrol mower (manual) is, perhaps, the mower with the simplest design. You can repeat it yourself, even at home, and not spending so much time on it. Such gasoline home-made mowers are used for the Neva walk-behind tractor, since they are not large enough for a tractor or other agricultural self-propelled equipment.

    To make such a gasoline mowing machine yourself, you will need:

    • Weld or find a suitable frame from a reliable metal corner (4 × 4).
    • Take discs from a seeder that has not been used for a long time.
    • Attach 4 blades to them, for which drill the same number of holes in them (0.6 cm in diameter).
    • Attach them to the discs, and make sure that the distance between the mount and the blade is 1 mm wider than the thickness of the blade itself.

    The second rotary petrol mower for the Neva walk-behind tractor will be a little more complicated and take a little longer. Such gas-powered mowers are distinguished by a disc that spreads the knives rotating on their axis by centrifugal force. To make such a mower, you need:

    • Reliable metal axle with a diameter of about (8 mm);
    • Saw chains (can be removed from an unnecessary chainsaw, another way is to find a gear chain in the car market).

    Equip the walk-behind tractor with the presented device, and you can enjoy the result: the rotary mower will not only mow, but also chop the mowed.
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    How to make a mower with your own hands?

    A do-it-yourself mower is the right device for every private house or summer cottage. Even on a farm, it will come in handy, providing an opportunity to save money on the purchase of factory equipment. She will provide an opportunity to harvest hay much faster and will become the best helper in any household.

    Today it is possible to make a mowing machine for the Neva walk-behind tractor, even from improvised means. It is enough to look into your barn to see that there is everything you need to make a mower, and if something is missing, then all the missing parts can be purchased inexpensively on the market.

    2.4 How to make a wagon mower?

    The design of the mower-carriage (self-propelled mower) for the Neva walk-behind tractor has a much greater mowing force, thanks to which you can remove grass with a wide stem.

    Summer residents note that such a mower is able to cope even with small branches that can hide in the grass. In winter, the presented machine is often used for snow removal. Due to the construction, such a mower can also be called “horse”

    To make a reliable horse-drawn mower, use the following guidelines:

    • Find a sturdy frame made of metal corners.
    • Find 4 wheels (you can use an unnecessary wheelbarrow or stroller).
    • Place an 80 × 40 metal sheet on the frame (plywood can also be used, but you will get a not so strong structure).
    • Install 2 large cans on the frame, having previously cut out the lid and bottom of them and replacing them with two wooden circles of the appropriate size (if there are metal discs. ideally, they can be used instead of cans, then you will get an almost factory mower).
    • Please note that there should be 8 disks. equally external, about 20 cm in diameter and equally internal, about 17 cm in diameter.
    • Connect all discs in pairs (large small), bolt.
    • Attach 4 blades to each disc so that they are at the same distance from each other and rotate freely (this is possible if there is a 1 mm gap between the discs).
    • Next, you need to insert the sleeve into the drum and secure it to the frame.
    • On the frame, install a cross sheet made of steel angle 35 × 35 mm, with cut side parts 35 mm.
    • Connect the drums with a conveyor belt (it can be made of thick rubber), having previously provided the corners with grooves 13 mm wide.
    • Attach the lower drum bushing, and attach tensioning angles to the drums from above.

    Mower-carriage to walk-behind tractor

    To install the resulting structure on the walk-behind tractor, check that a protective cover is installed on the blades, remove the weights from the wheels, if any. Cut the grass using gasoline mowers at low revs, engage the clutch without making any sudden movements, and the horse-drawn mower will delight you with its functionality.

    DIY piggy banks

    The piggy banks that we are going to make with our own hands will not necessarily be in the form of classic pigs. By the way, if you want to know where the tradition of making piggy banks exactly in the shape of piglets came from, then read the article. which has information about it.

    So, in order to make a piggy bank from an ordinary tennis ball, you need a marker, string and a sharp knife. Draw two eyes and a smile on the ball. Looks like an emoticon? It should be so. Now make an incision exactly along the drawn smile of your future piggy bank. Then you need to make two holes in the upper part of the ball (it already had the upper part when you drew the eyes and mouth). Pass a string through them and tie it in a knot. In order to put money in such a piggy bank, you just need to squeeze the ball from the sides. Coins are placed in the opening formed at the place of a smile.

    If you have much more savings, and they all do not fit into a tennis ball, then a piggy bank from a tin can is perfect for you. Take an old can and paint it yellow. Find a plastic lid of a suitable size, which is then also painted over. To make the craft look more dignified, decorate it with coins and pieces of fabric, which you glue to the jar with super glue. If you liked working with tin cans, then you can find many other crafts from them on this site, and you can learn more about this material from this article.

    If you know how to knit, then a wonderful piggy bank in the form of a pig will keep your savings in itself with great pleasure. The most important thing when making such a craft. it is correct to take measurements from a glass jar. It is better to choose a container of a simple shape so that the cover is easier to knit. We will not be able to teach you to knit in this article, but if you already know how, then this piggy bank may very well appear on your table.

    “I have nothing to hide!” If you are guided by this motto, then a transparent piggy bank from a plastic bottle is for you. Remove the label from the bottle and place an orange strip of adhesive paper in its place. Color, as you understand, you can choose absolutely any. Cut out two ears on which you will need to glue the polka dot pieces of fabric to make them look like real ones. Glue them with super glue to the surface of the bottle. Now it remains only to draw a patch (or glue circles) and make a hole through which your piggy bank will be replenished.

    All these piggy banks will be able to keep your savings very conditionally. Indeed, in order to truly be confident in your investments, you need to choose only one