August 29, 2019

How To Make A Roof For Dogs

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Hello, Dear readers of the site

In today’s article, how to make a warm dog house, we will look at all the stages of construction in detail and at home we will learn how to make cozy accommodation for your pet. For clarity, as always, I will provide detailed drawing a warm booth with sizes and explanations.

Winter, as they say, is not far off, and the dog in the yard is not at all ready for frost. The onset of cold weather adversely affects any living organism, and the dog is no exception. If your pet is designed to protect the peace of its owners and is kept in the street, it will not be superfluous to create a more comfortable living environment for it, for example, to make a warm booth. As you can now be convinced by my example, it is not so difficult.

A little running ahead will tell you what should happen in the end. The booth will have a rectangular shape with a single-sided ondulin roof.

Before starting work, it would be good to decide on the size of the future structure, for this we will make measurements of the main parameters of the pet – the width, length, height of the dog, as I wrote earlier correctly. I will tell only in brief that the length of the dog will correspond to the internal size of the length of the booth, its height – the height and depth of the structure. Since I cannot assume, my dear reader, what dog you have, for your project, took arbitrary parameters of a booth suitable for medium-sized, breeds, for example, such as the German Shepherd (specifically for size, see the drawing).

So, we have decided on the size, now we will select the material for construction. As such, it is better to use environmentally friendly, about which one – its advantages and disadvantages can be found here in this article. I use the following set: a bar with a section of 40 x 40 mm – to collect the load-bearing frame, wooden eurolining – for covering the inside and outside of the booth, a board on the floor at least 2 cm thick, ondulin – as a reliable roof, foam plastic – of course, it is good as insulation what can be said about its harmlessness.

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And what a job without a tool, I hope everyone in the farm will have a hammer, a handsaw or a jigsaw, a screwdriver, a ruler, a pencil. You will also need screws of different lengths and nails for nailing lining. With the preparation of the finish proceed to construction.

Stages of construction and a detailed drawing of a warm dog box.

1. Let’s start with the assembly of the front frame. On a flat surface, lay out a bar cut to size, twist it using self-tapping screws and a screwdriver as follows. Further we form a hole, it is necessary to make it so that the dog calmly passes inside the booth and also leaves it.

How To Make A Roof For Dogs

2. Getting down to assembling the rear frame.

How To Make A Roof For Dogs

3. To insulate the insulation, in this case foam, from direct contact with the four-legged friend, the walls of the box are sheathed inside with wooden eurolining. Thus, we sew the front and rear frames.

How To Make A Roof For Dogs

4. Now we connect the front and rear frames with side bars at the top and bottom, forming the ends – the walls of the future booth.

How To Make A Roof For Dogs

5. We lay the floor, for this we use a board with a thickness of at least 2 cm. After fastening the auxiliary bars as shown in the figures, they are needed for fixing the lining on the ends.

How To Make A Roof For Dogs

How To Make A Roof For Dogs

7. Warming start with the floor.

How To Make A Roof For Dogs

8. Close the foam board, then fasten the four legs in the corners.

How To Make A Roof For Dogs

9. We warm the walls.

How To Make A Roof For Dogs

10. We sheathe the walls of the booth with eurolining.

How To Make A Roof For Dogs

11. Making the roof. Screw the auxiliary bar at the top of the rear frame like this.

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How To Make A Roof For Dogs

12. From above we tamp down an eurolining and we stack a heater.

13. We mount ondulin using special nails and an ordinary hammer.

How To Make A Roof For Dogs

14. In order to give the booth a finished look, as well as to hide some of the irregularities, we tamp the corners of the booth.

How To Make A Roof For Dogs

At the end of all the work, I recommend outside processing the product with a special protective compound that will protect the wooden elements of the building from rotting, bugs and external atmospheric influences. As such a composition is better to use water-based impregnation.

That’s what turned out booth.

How To Make A Roof For Dogs

Now you know, how to make a warm dog house do it yourself Thank you for your attention, express your opinions, and recommendations in the comments, subscribe to update the site

How to make a warm dog house. : 20 comments

Thank you very much to the author for the lesson! Everything is clear and detailed, today we will try to build according to your method.

Very cool display, everything is simple and intelligible in 3D. One question only confuses purely from practice. Practically all dogs love to sit, lie down, stand, etc. On the roof of the booth, Andulin is not a very suitable material for such a thing, but I will not catch up with what other one for the time being. I would like to know the estatics of tvoveniya.

Lay a sheet of OSB (OSB) plus a soft roof on the roof. How do you like that?

You are absolutely right, the booth should have a flat roof in order for the dog to lie on it, the author of the article offered you a version with OSB, but from my own experience I will tell you that there is no better option than moisture-proof plywood.

This is an option, thanks, too, tomorrow I’ll start on your drawings.

Excellent description, thank you very much helped already started construction 🙂

If environmentally friendly vermiculite in granules of 3-4mm is used as a heater (practically an analogue of sawdust), is it necessary to mix it with the sand-cement mixture in the minimum ratio?

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I don’t have one without him and everything is fine

Thanks, the clearest description. The only thing you need to make a removable roof for easy access of the owner. 🙂

In the process, thanks! But I think about more free access inside to remove

Thanks for the article, and the drawings))) I will take them as a basis, only it seems to me that it is better to begin construction from the floor, and then to fix the walls to it))) And at the expense of a removable roof: the simplest option, I think, fill the same timber to the roof so that it enters the inner perimeter of the booth, lay insulation and hem, and sheathe the roof outside with some kind of soft roof)

Construction really, it is better to start with the floor. Taking these drawings as a basis, I made a two-room booth – warmed and, at the entrance, the so-called veranda is the cold part. But the removable roof is best done on hinges with lock-fasteners, because over time, the tree may become deformed from moisture and the roof beams may stop entering the inner perimeter of the booth. The author has a great respect – the drawing is accessible and quite understandable.

I thank the author for intelligible information, the best of the many read on this topic. I agree with Sergey that you should start with the floor. Today is the beginning. My son and I will make for our Mukhtar a good doghouse according to your sketch. Good luck everyone!

Thanks, I will try, everything is very clear, I haven’t found the description anywhere else.

Thank you very much. I made such a booth. I really liked!

In the internet I found hundreds of options, however, this one is the best!
Thank you!

Nikolai bolshoi rakhmet. Very accessible and understandable. At 60 percent built.

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