How to Make a Saw Out of a Cover

How to Make a Saw Out of a Cover

How to make a hole saw from a can. Huge selection of diameters and almost free.

Hello everyone, today I’ll tell you about a very useful tool for cutting round holes in drywall, acrylic or plastic. the manufacture of which is almost free.

Meet this can saw from the can.

Of course, many can say the author’s miser, stingy, etc. partly they will be right, but partly not. Given the price of spending now even Chinese-made, such an idea has a right to life.

Given the huge selection of sizes of cans, you can make, if desired, saws of many diameters for various needs.

Saw making

To begin with, the author simply opened a tin can and removed the lid.

Then, using a boron machine, he removed all the burrs remaining on the bank after opening the lid.

Next action. there was a hole in the center of the bottom of the can.

Then he again took the boron machine, and proceeded to cutting teeth on the walls of the can.

Video: How to Make a Saw Out of a Cover

The guide pin drill was made of a threaded rod, one edge is sharpened under the cone.

Attached to the bank with nuts through a previously drilled hole.

The bottom of the can is quite flexible, so the author poured it with hot glue from a glue gun.

Additionally, he also processed the nut fixing the drill so that it does not loosen.

That’s it! The hole saw is ready! Told ya. that everything will be simple.

What can be cut?

Using such a home-made saw, you can drill holes in drywall plastic. It is not recommended in the tree, and it doesn’t work out, the material is too soft.

Production Video

Watch the video using the hole saw from the author of the work (in English).