How to make a shovel for a tiller with your own hands

Snow Blade Options

Clearing snow and mud is a laborious job, therefore, equipment is widely used to facilitate it: an SUV, an ATV, a tiller. In the attachment market, there are different options for ready-made snow plow designs. To minimize the cost of purchasing the tool, it is easy to make it yourself.

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How to make a do-it-yourself blade on a tiller

When making attachments yourself, you first need to carefully study its device. The presented photos, do-it-yourself moldboard drawings for the tiller give only a visual representation of the design. It is best to first consider the snow blower in reality. To do this, you can visit a retail outlet or ask to take measurements from the dump from a friend of the owner of the equipment. When this is not possible, you need to be prepared for the fact that during work errors may occur that will have to be corrected.

How to make a sheet metal tiller snow shovel

When only sheet metal is available, the blade design will depend on the thickness and size of the sheet. The easiest way is to make a shovel from a single piece of rolled steel 3 mm thick, about 1 m long and 500-700 mm wide. The workpiece is given a slightly oval shape, do the same actions as with a barrel or cylinder.

The reinforcing frame of the blade is welded from a profile pipe

When only small pieces of sheet metal are available or about 2 mm thick, a reinforcing frame needs to be welded to make a snow shovel for the tiller. The material for its manufacture is a profile pipe. You will need 4 vertical bucket members. They are given an oval shape. This can be done on a machine or by cutting the pipe with an angle grinder in several places and welding them. Vertical elements are welded together with three horizontal bridges. Their length is equal to the width of the shovel.

When the moldboard frame is ready, the outside is sheathed with sheet steel. A knife from a metal tire and a conveyor belt is attached below. On the back side, the swivel assembly and the hitch are adjusted exactly as it was done in the example with a barrel or a cylinder.

❄️��Самодельная снегоуборочная лопата для тиллера/ИСПЫТАНИЕ/Homemade snow shovel for tillers/TEST

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DIY mechanized tool

make, shovel, tiller

The basis of the unit is a frame welded from a corner or pipe. the mechanism itself will be held on it. The frame is installed on wheels or runners. they can be made from a bar and sheathed with thin sheet metal, plastic, or use a watering hose with a large diameter, cutting it along.

Грохотная картофелекопалка своими руками /Cook Potato

A motor from a tiller or an engine with a power of 5-6 kW, revolutions. up to 1500 is installed on the frame. The drive is carried out by a chain reducer using bicycle sprockets.

The auger is made of a pipe, 4 metal blades of such a size that they can rotate freely without touching the walls of the snow receiver. A plate is welded in the center of the pipe, which serves as a shovel for prying off the snow mass. Two blades should be directed in one direction, two in the opposite direction, towards each other.

The box is made of 2 mm sheet metal. Blades can also be made from it. The shaft is inserted into the holes on the sides of the box and connected to an asterisk.

A nozzle is made in the center of the snow receiver (the hole should coincide with the throwing blade), and to it. a branch pipe, on which a sleeve is put on to divert the mass to the side. The finished structure is fixed on a frame with wheels or skis.

The handle is welded, the engine is bolted, an asterisk or pulley is put on the shaft, a belt or chain drive is pulled.

Homemade blade (shovel) for the tiller, photos, drawings

A do-it-yourself dump for a tiller is made of rolled metal. To simplify the task, used gas cylinders or a thick-walled barrel are used as the material. The assembly principle is the same, but the workpieces cut by the angle grinder have a ready-made semicircular shape. To make a structure, you will need a welding machine and skills in working with it. Some parts can be bolted, but the main frame elements only need to be welded for maximum strength.

  • Design features
  • Benefits and working principle
  • How to make a do-it-yourself blade on a tiller
  • Do-it-yourself blade drawings for a tiller
  • How to make a tiller blade from a barrel
  • Homemade tiller blade from a gas cylinder
  • How to make a sheet metal tiller snow shovel
  • Attaching a homemade snow blade to the tiller
  • Professional advice
  • Conclusion

How to make a do-it-yourself blade for a tiller. procedure and advice for beginners

The easiest way to make a shovel for a tiller is to use a sheet of steel, about 3 mm thick. This method will make it possible to make a reliable device that can cope not only with freshly fallen, but also with caked snow.

Immediately before assembling the shovel, you should carefully study the drawings. In them, it is imperative to indicate the dimensions of each of the parts used, as well as the appropriate methods for their installation in the manufactured structure.

If a home-made snow plow is regularly used to clear snowdrifts, then a bucket made of steel will need to be reinforced with corners or stiffeners made of steel, at least 1 cm thick.In the racks used, you will need to first make holes that will make it possible to fix the shovel on the rods. It is imperative that the homemade snow shovel is positioned strictly upright. To do this, you will need to have a barbell, shovel, rod and a suitable bracket available.

A homemade snow plow for a tiller should consist of the following elements:

  • 4 struts for bucket rigidity;
  • horizontal and vertical plane of the blade;
  • lugs for fixing rods;
  • knife.

To collect a snow plow, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • hardened steel sheet 85 x 70 cm and 3 mm thick;
  • 4 hardened steel plates, 45 x 23 cm and 4 mm thick;
  • 2 lugs for fixing the used rods;
  • bolts for fastening brands M8, M10 and M12, fastening nuts and washers;
  • a set of drills for working with metal;
  • wrenches and pliers;
  • a piece of thick, fairly dense, durable rubber;
  • a piece of thick steel sheet;
  • angle grinder and discs for working with metal;
  • electric welding machine;
  • electric drill.
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The manufacturing sequence is as follows:

  • First you need to make a suitable shovel for the tiller for removing snow. For this purpose, the steel sheet is heated with a gas burner and bent into a semicircle. After that, stiffeners must be welded to the rear surface of the blade, and a rubber strip must be bolted in front of the blade at the bottom of the blade;
  • After that, one steel plate must be welded on the sides of the bucket. they will hold the collected snow;
  • In the central parts of the welded side walls, one hole must be drilled;
  • Further, a shaft with a screw mechanism fixed to it is inserted into the holes made;
  • After assembling the dump, you will need to make a chute through which the collected snow masses will be thrown to the side;
  • To make a gutter, you need to take a wide water pipe and weld its upper surface of the made blade. In order for the snow to pass freely through the chute, in the part of the dump where the chute is installed, you will need to make a wide hole;
  • A thin steel plate must be welded at the point of attachment of the gutter and blade, which will prevent the loss of collected snow;
  • At the final stage, the finished snowplow for the tiller will need to be painted, thereby protecting it from corrosion. The result of the work done can be seen in the photo.

The auger snow plow for the tiller made in this way will make it possible to remove a large amount of snow. Depending on the power of the auger mechanism used, the throwing distance of snow masses will be from 2 to 8 m.

Design features of a homemade blade

The first thing to do before manufacturing equipment is to understand its design features. Any snow thrower for a tiller consists of a fairly hardy working body, an attachment point, a mechanism for adjusting the direction in which snow masses are thrown, as well as a power unit that holds the shovel on the chassis of the used tiller.

Both factory and homemade shovels can have 3 positions:

  • front;
  • to the left, while the slope angle is 30 ⁰;
  • to the right, while the slope angle is 30 ⁰.

Immediately before work, a used home-made mounted snow blower for a tiller must be turned left or right, observing a slope angle of 30 ⁰. After that, the fixture is fixed in a suitable position by means of steel cotter pins.

An important role when using a homemade shovel is played by its dimensions. The most productive, and, therefore, the most effective in small and medium-sized areas will be a nozzle for cleaning snow, 1 m wide and 30-40 cm high. But so that a device with such dimensions does not break under the weight of wet snow, the thickness of the metal must be at least 5 mm. Provided that a nozzle with a smaller size is created, the material, respectively, can be thinner.

Blade from a gas cylinder. the procedure for self-production

The method of making a snow plow from a barrel has been known for a long time. It allows you to make an effective and shock-resistant snowplow, capable of handling not only freshly fallen snow, but also snowdrifts up to 1 m high.

To assemble a rotary snow blower for a tiller, you will need to prepare materials and equipment in advance.

For work you will need:

  • an old iron barrel with a volume of about 200 liters;
  • steel strip, 85 x 10 cm in size and at least 3 mm thick;
  • drills for working with metal;
  • pliers and wrenches;
  • a piece of thick steel sheet;
  • electric drill and welding machine;
  • a piece of thick rubber.
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For work, you will also need a detailed diagram. It should indicate the dimensions of the spare parts used and the sequence of their installation into the overall structure.

The further order of actions during assembly is as follows:

  • Using an angle grinder, you need to cut off the top cover and bottom from the drum used. The resulting cylinder should be cut into 3 equal longitudinal parts;
  • Two of the three pieces must be welded to each other along the existing contour. The remaining piece will need to be cut by the angle grinder into identical strips. in the future they will be used as stiffeners. Two such strips must be welded to the side parts of the shovel being made, and all the rest must be evenly distributed over its entire length;
  • Further, at the bottom of the blade, you need to install a snow knife. It can be made from a steel strip measuring 85 × 10 cm. 3 holes need to be drilled in the knife. The diameter of each of them should be approximately 6 mm, and the distance between them should be approximately 20 cm. The knife should be attached to the working edge of the blade using suitable bolts;
  • At the next stage, you will need to assemble the mount for the made blade. To do this, a piece of pipe will need to be welded to the central part of the finished blade;
  • Then you need to make a holder, which should have an L-shape. With a short part, this element is mounted in a pivoting semicircle. The other side of the holder must be installed on the tiller motor frame;
  • You can always adjust the height of a homemade blade using two bolts used, screwed into the recess provided in the square pipe. The pipe itself must be welded to the tiller’s coupling mechanism and put on the used L-shaped holder. Making a snow plow from an iron barrel will clearly demonstrate the video.

With a hand-made snow plow from a barrel, cleaning the snow will be much easier and faster. A home-made device to easily cope with the clearing of icy snow and drifts from wet caked masses.

Blade (shovel) for tiller

Residents of many countries in the post-Soviet space know firsthand how severe winters can be. a huge amount of snow falling in some regions seriously interferes with the life and movement of people. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by building a snow blower for a tiller. This device, simple in design, will allow you to get rid of packed and freshly fallen snow, saving the time and effort of its owner.

Self-installation of a snow blower on a tiller

The blade is attached to the tiller by means of the provided brackets, which must first be installed on the tiller engine frame. As additional clamps used, you will need to use the two rods available in the structure, which, initially, are inoperative. Thus, the rods will relieve the brackets used. The knife provided in the design will need to be fixed at the lower horizontal edge with bolts. details about the method of mounting the blade can be seen in the photo.

In the process of work, you need to monitor the height of the equipment, otherwise the tiller engine will succumb to an increased load, and the bucket itself will scratch the decorative coating of the local area.

A homemade snow plow can be installed and actively used on the Neva MB-1 and MB-2, Oka, Salyut, Agro, Patriot, Kaskad, MTZ, Agat and other agricultural machines of domestic and imported production. If necessary, a sweeping brush and other devices designed for cleaning the territory can also be installed on the tiller with a blade.