How to make a snow blower out of a motor-cultivator

Do-it-yourself snow blower for a tiller, drawings

To make the device of all these types of snow blowers more understandable, let’s take a closer look at the drawings of these mechanisms with you:

Rotary snow blowers

If we convinced you of the need to make a snow blower for a tiller with your own hands, then prepare all the necessary tools:

  • All kinds of keys;
  • Fixed bolts and nuts;
  • Drill;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • Screwdrivers of all sizes;
  • File and hammer;
  • Vise and pliers;
  • Electrohock;
  • Chains;
  • Welding machine. as without it;
  • Metal sheet and shaped pipe.

In order to make a snow blower for a tiller with your own hands, you need to understand the principle of its operation, now we will tell you about it and we can get to work.

Rotary snow blower, working principle

The most popular are rotary snow blowers, since it is they who are able to throw snow to the greatest distance from the tiller, sometimes the range of the snow “flight” can reach up to 12 m.

Make Power Equip look NEW mowers tillers snowblowers

A rotary snow blower is a conventional metal body in which a rotating auger shaft is fixed. Snow masses are captured by the augers and move to the impeller, where they are captured by its blades and fed first into the cavity of the mechanism, and then into the exhaust pipe.

Thanks to the reliable and powerful adapter and belt system, this snow throw is quite powerful.

To make the snow blower work, you need to make the correct connection through the belt drive of two shafts: one for the tiller, with the second for the snow blower.

How to make a snow blower with your own hands on a tiller

We offer everyone who wants to make a snow blower for a tiller with their own hands, so that once and for all get rid of the dependence on snow drifts and plans in the country and keep the access roads to the house in excellent condition.

What are snow blowers

  • Air-ventilation type. snow masses with great force are drawn in from one side and thrown out on the other, according to the principle of a vacuum cleaner;
  • Auger. the auger captures the snow masses and, advancing along its entire length, throws it in the other direction;
  • Bulldozer. a blade is installed in front of the unit, which captures and cleans snow from the road;
  • Fan-blade. hitting the fan blades, the snow rises into a special inclined pipe and is thrown through it to the side.

How to make a snow blower for a tiller with your own hands

To begin with, we return to the drawings and approach the lathe with them, which, of course, “accidentally” stands in your workshop. And now, working strictly according to the drawings, we are sculpting all the attachments of the future snow removal unit. If there is no lathe. do not be sad, turn to turners for help, they will gladly and for a reasonable fee grind all the necessary parts for you.

Now you need to make the most important part of the snow blower. the auger shaft! You will need a metal pipe with two trunnions at its ends, and 8 pieces of half-discs made of steel with a thickness of 2 mm. From this all the goodness, you will make screws, and then weld them to the pipe, as shown in the figure.

You should have a double helix.

After your hard work is crowned with success. we start assembling.
We put the shaft with augers on ball bearings 03, aluminum AMg3, or AMgb, is ideal for the glass body. Everything is bolted to the sides of the unit. The snow is captured by the augers and fed to the rotor. To correctly make a drum in which the rotor rotates, it is enough to get an aluminum 20 l boiler. Attach this boiler to the snow thrower body using 4mm rivets. Thanks to such a device and special blades, the snow entering the drum will go on a “long-distance flight at 3. 8 m from the snow blower.!

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Now let’s get down to connecting together two units, a tiller and a snow blower! Do not forget about the torque, which can be recreated in a snow blower using a special A-100 belt with a pulley of the right size. Our V-belt drive transmits torque first from the engine to the tiller shaft, and then to the snow blower shaft. everything worked out!
All shafts and augers, transmissions, we must place in a reliable metal case, steel 2 mm thick is ideal. Take the sheets and weld them so that the corners are 20x20mm. Rivets with a diameter of 4mm and special M4 screws will help to fasten the joints. Put the unit on homemade skis.

2 stage snowblower electric

tiller with blade, diagram:

Those wishing to make another type of snow blower can familiarize themselves with the typical scheme:

How to make a snow blower with a tiller blade,

We saw the diagram, and now watch the video instruction and get to work as soon as possible!

Screw machine

Do-it-yourself snow removal equipment for the home is a useful homemade product. To make a snow blower, you first need to study the mechanisms. The snow removal unit will consist of an auger, which is located inside a metal body. This is a kind of rod or shaft along which the spiral surface is located. The shaft rotates due to the bearings and drives the spiral profile. A homemade snow blower made correctly with your own hands will become an indispensable helper in winter.

Varieties of snow plows, the principle of their operation and the procedure for manufacturing

The variety of snow removal equipment for motor cultivators is not so great. The most effective is the rotary hitch. Snow can also be removed with a blade. A road brush is usually paired with this shovel, but at home, the latter type of hitch is rarely used.

Create frame and auger

The auger and frame must be given special attention, especially if they are created independently. They are essential parts for a snow thrower. To make them you need to use:

  • A sheet of metal or a box of iron to create a case.
  • Steel corners 50×50 mm. They will be used to assemble the frame. 2 pieces required.
  • 10mm plywood for side panels.
  • Metal tube for handle 0.5 ” long.
  • 3/4 inch pipe for shaft.

To make a shaft, the pipe will need to be cut through. This is needed to mount a shovel 120×270 mm. it will throw the snow to the side.

The pipe is equipped not only with a shovel, but also with rubber rings in the amount of 4 pieces. Their diameter should be 28 cm. They are cut out of rubber using a jigsaw. Bearings are placed on the tube.

In order for the snow to be ejected, a pipe with a diameter of 160 mm must be used. It must be well attached to a pipe of the same diameter, and then placed on the auger body. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Cut four discs out of iron.
  • Divide the discs into 2 parts, bend each of them in a spiral.
  • Weld disc blanks into a spiral on a pipe. This needs to be done from both sides.
  • Attach bearings to the edges of the pipe.
  • Make the frame from pre-prepared steel corners. They need to be welded together.
  • Attach the structure to the platform on which to install the engine.

At the bottom you need to put skis, the base of which is made of wooden blocks. The bars must be fitted with plastic pads. The snow blower is fully assembled and ready for the first check.

How to make a snow blower from a tiller and an engine with your own hands

Homemade snow blowers are popular among owners of summer cottages and private houses. And this is not at all surprising, since each owner of his site in the winter almost daily independently removes his territory from snow. This can be done manually with a shovel, or you can make a do-it-yourself snow blower that will make the job easier.

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Preparation of materials and equipment

Before making a snow blower, you should thoroughly prepare. To do this, you need to prepare all the necessary equipment and materials. You will need:

  • A set of wrenches of different sizes;
  • Nuts and bolts;
  • Drill;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • A set of screwdrivers of different sizes;
  • File and hammer;
  • Vise and pliers;
  • Electric hacksaw;
  • Welding machine and chains of different diameters;
  • Roofing iron sheet;
  • Profile pipes of different diameters;
  • Conveyor belt and plywood sheet;
  • Metal corners;
  • Several sealed bearings.

All collected tools and materials are best placed on a flat surface with an old thick towel underneath. So you can quickly find the part you need, and not be distracted by going to the garage.

Single stage model

According to the principle of operation, snow removal devices can be divided into two-stage and one-stage. The scheme of operation of a single-stage apparatus is to “absorb” and dump snow. This is achieved by rotating the auger.

The working edge on the device is smooth and serrated. Smooth is usually used to remove loose snow, and jagged is suitable for hard crust that has iced over overnight.

Judging by the weight, the auger units are much lighter than the auger ones. Their disadvantage is that they are not self-propelled, so a person will always need to be at the helm. Such a machine is a large shovel on wheels that must be constantly pushed forward. Then she will shovel the snow and throw it in the set direction.

The auger is powered by a gasoline or electric motor, which can be four-stroke or two-stroke. These machines have become very popular due to their easy handling. Also, the positive aspects include their compactness.

Two-stage unit

The unit is designed slightly differently from the previous model. The first stage of the design provides a snow auger shoveling. The second stage will chute out the snow. This is achieved with the help of a snow rotor, which acts as a discharge impeller.

Such models are arranged according to the principle of a helical shaft with a serrated or smooth edge. Augers are executed:

  • in metal or rubber version;
  • reinforced steel;
  • from rubber-plastic.

The choice will depend on the purpose of the self-propelled vehicle.

The impeller on the two-stage model can have 3 or 6 blades. They are made from a variety of materials, depending on the severity of the work to be performed with the unit. The more difficult the work, the harder it is to choose the material.

In the manufacture, you can use plastic or metal. Metal is usually used for larger areas, while plastic is suitable for cleaning small areas.

Homemade Snow Cleaners

In a home workshop, it is easy to create a universal snow blower for a tiller with your own hands. If there is no traction mechanism, the snow blower is equipped with an engine. this does not affect the design of the attachment.

The equipment is made in the form:

  • blade, attached to the frame, in the form of a bucket shovel or brush;
  • a screw device in the form of a body with blades rotating inside;
  • the rotor, which received the second name. the fan;
  • a combined device of a complex design with a combination of a screw and a rotor in one device.

Snow blower for tiller Salute

Hinged elements for this brand remove snow cover from flat areas, the device works at an external temperature of up to 20 ˚С. The mechanism is available in several versions, which differ in the way they are attached to the tiller.

The snowplow on the tiller is assembled at the factory by welding; the working element is a screw-shaped auger. Its rotation promotes the movement of the snow mass to the center from the edges, then to the nozzle with the help of movable blades. A swivel screen is designed to adjust the discharge. Snow sampling height is adjusted by support side plates.

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Mechanism characteristics:

  • length. 60 cm, height. 83 cm, width. 65 cm;
  • captures a strip 0.5 m wide;
  • removes a layer of snow up to 18 cm thick;
  • frequency of revolutions. 2100 per minute;
  • device weight. 61 kg.

Snow blower manufacturing recommendations

Since you can independently make three types of attachments for cleaning snow, it is worth considering all the options. As a result, it remains to choose the most suitable for each specific case.

Types of snow removal equipment

  • Bulldozer type. located in front of the tiller.
  • Auger. the snow is captured by the auger, which moves it to the pipe opening.
  • Fan-blade. snowflakes are delivered to an inclined pipe by a fan and then thrown away.
  • Air-fan. snowflakes are drawn in by a strong stream of air and removed in the opposite direction.

Rotary snow blower

This type of snow removal equipment consists of several elements:

  • Open box.
  • Screw.
  • Reducer, but you can do without it.
  • Chain transmission.

To make a box, you will need sheet metal and a welding machine. The lower ends of the box must be bent in the manner of skis. The shaft is made from a pipe with a diameter of at least 50 mm. It is also necessary to make two U-shaped plates for fastening the auger, which are welded in the middle of the shaft. It should be noted that they must be installed by turning them at an angle of 180 degrees, relative to each other.

make, snow, blower, motor-cultivator

To make a screw, you need four rings made from a sheet of metal. They must be cut on one side, and the ends must be opened to the size of the diameter. After that, one end of the ring is welded to the gripper blade, and the other should be reinforced with a metal strip. A hole of any shape is cut at the back of the gripper, into which a pipe of the corresponding diameter is inserted.

It should be remembered that the distance between the blades and the rear wall of the box should be kept to a minimum. The shaft should be mounted on bearings so that one end of it protrudes from the box by 50-100 mm. The chain sprocket will be attached here. A snow blower nozzle for a tiller made in this way will perfectly cope with the task and will greatly facilitate the life of the owner of a country house in winter.

Bulldozer type

This homemade snow blower, in addition to the tiller itself, consists of an adapter to which the nozzle is attached. It resembles a dozer blade and is the easiest to manufacture. A metal sheet is used as a knife to cut the snow layer, which should be sharpened beforehand. Also, other parts of the attachment are made of sheet metal, after which they are welded.

make, snow, blower, motor-cultivator

The blade is mounted on the main block by means of brackets and rods. The rods should be secured in the blade lugs and brought to the control levers using rollers or metal tubes. This simple device will make a snow blower out of your tiller.

Fan unit

This snow blower equipment contains the following items:

  • Drum mounted on a bearing.
  • Vane impeller.
  • Dumps.
  • Box with pipe.

In the upper part of the drum, it is necessary to cut a hole for the snow to escape, and then press the impeller into it. In this case, it should be positioned so that the blades are parallel to the axis of rotation. The dumps should first be sharpened, and then welded to the drum.

Do-it-yourself snow blower from a motor-cultivator

In winter, the owners of country houses often have to remove the snow. In rural areas, special equipment is used extremely rarely and people have to rely solely on their own strength. To facilitate the task, you can make your own snow blower for the tiller or give preference to a ready-made solution.