How to make a snowmaker from a motorcultivator. Doityourself manufacture

Snowman from the cultivator. How to do it with your own hands?

A motor.Cultivator is a very useful thing for any landowner, since it seriously saves time when processing a large amount of soil. This is the case in those seasons when the earth does not freeze and is not covered with a large layer of fluffy snow. But do not think that in winter the motor.Cultivator is useless. Applying some competent modernization, it can be adapted for useful activities. For example, remake a cultivator into a snowmaker.

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It is worth noting that the snowman from the cultivator will turn out excellent, if only because it is able to discard the snow very far aside. It all depends on the power of a particular motor, but the distance can be up to 12 meters.

Such a machine has a standard metal case, in front there is a bucket with a screw raking snow. With the help of a screw, snow is supplied to the impeller, which throws it through the pipe out. Snow is excreted by powerful shocks, which are provided by reliable belts and adapters inside all this system. To create such a machine with your own hands and actually combine two in one: a motor.Cultivator and a snowman, you will need to use a belt transmission.

Device and design

All snow removal for motoblocks conditionally divided into views:

  • Skin. This type of snowman is considered single.Stage, which means the movement of snow mass from the conveyor directly in the blowing bell, from where the snow is thrown out under the influence of the strongest air stream.
  • Rotary. These models combine the functions of both the rotor and the screw: with the help of a special spinning screw, the snow is fed into a wide pole with a large rotor. The rotating rotor due to torque transfers part of its energy in the form of additional speed to the movement of the snow mass.
  • Rotor snowplifiers are able to form a powerful stream of snow and discard it by more than 20 m.

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Types of snow removal equipment

In specialized stores today you can purchase various mechanisms that facilitate work on the field. Snow removal equipment is becoming increasingly popular. At the moment, there are four main types of snowpipe:

  • Bulldozer type. Located in front of the walk.Behind engineer.
  • Screw. Snow is captured using a screw, which moves it to the opening of the pipe.
  • Fan-lobed-snowflakes with a fan are delivered to an inclined pipe, after which it is thrown out.
  • Airborne-snowflakes are drawn by a strong stream of air and removed in the opposite direction.

If the snow cleaning equipment is purchased in the store, then all four types do a great job with the task

But if you are interested in the question of how to make a snowman with your own hands on a walk.Behind tractor, then you should pay attention only to the first three types. A powerful power plant will be required to manufacture an airborne snowbreaker and problems may arise with its search

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Step.By.Step recommendations

Machine. Metal case equipped with a screw shaft inside. It can be purchased in a store or do it yourself. In order for the rotation of the screw to occur without failures, it is best to use a bearing under the number 203.

The case is usually made of aluminum and fastened with ordinary bolts, which are dragged reliably by nuts. The drum with a rotor inside is made of an aluminum boiler with a volume of 20 liters. It needs to be attached qualitatively to the front wall of the case using rivets.

If the nozzle is purchased in finished form, then adapters will already be included with the purchase. But with independent manufacture you will have to purchase an adapter additionally.

As a torque, you need to use a belt and pulley. This will allow the machine to have a cuneiform connection and transmit rotation from the engine to the motor block shaft, which is connected to the nozzle shaft. Bearings should be closed, then snow will not penetrate them.

Producer rating

Currently, the market has a large number of models of snow removal machines and snowball players, which are compatible with cultivators and motoblocks. Experts made a rating of the most popular and popular machines.


The snowplower technique of this Swedish brand is popular in many countries of the world. This is due to its reliability, practicality with high performance and ease of maintenance. It can be used even under very low temperatures and extreme conditions, which is explained by the presence of the “Smart Start” function and rubber screw. The characteristic features of snow removal are:

  • Work efficiency even on very dense soils;
  • Excellent maneuverability;
  • Long service life;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Ease of control;
  • Remote rotary gutter;
  • Unpretentiousness in maintenance;
  • Reliability;
  • Universality.

Among the most popular models of snow.Removing equipment of this manufacturer, ST 124 can be distinguished; ST 224; ST 324; ST 230; ST 227; ST 427T and some others.


The snowpock equipment of this manufacturer combines the practicality, efficiency, efficiency and high level of safety. These are the main points that FOCUS on the production of technology. In particular, gasoline engines are designed for a large motorcycle resource, electric ones have double isolation. The sales leader is Patriot PS 603 E.


The snow cleaning technique of this manufacturer is widely used by utilities, commercial and municipal enterprises, farmers and private individuals. One of its main advantages is high performance. It should be added to this that Champion snowman are able to cope with almost any tasks, regardless of weather conditions. Sales hits in 2021. The following models became. ST656BS; ST861BS; STT1170E; ST1170E; ST1376E; ST1170BS.

One of the most famous manufacturers of garden equipment, which produces a wide range of snowplowing equipment (the company was created in 1932.). In the company’s catalog, you can choose a model of a snowman for various operating conditions for both a small private household and for large industrial facilities and utilities. Based on the results of sales over the past 2021. The following models became the most popular. MTD Optima Me 76; MTD M 61; MTD ME 61.


Hyundai snow removal equipment is in demand among owners of private houses, country cottages, outlets. The advantages of snow removal of this brand are efficiency, practicality, high speed and long service life. This is achieved thanks to:

  • Lack of air filter;
  • Carburetor heating;
  • Expanded valves (oil);
  • The presence of a decompression automated valve;
  • Effective protection against overheating.

All this allows us to ensure productive operation of equipment in the most difficult conditions. For example, heating the carburetor prevents the jamming of the damper, due to the resulting crystals of ice at subsequent temperatures. The absence of an air filter increases engine efficiency and increases the effectiveness of fuel combustion.

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Snowmen combine the simplicity and reliability of the design, affordable cost and ease of control. The most popular model of this brand is Salute SM-0.6, which copes with the cleaning of loose snow and cervical masses. Dressing range can reach 10-12 meters. The technique, in standard performance, is equipped with an enhanced screw that can easily cope with ice nast and even garbage. Instead of a screw, you can install special knives. Display of snow mass is carried out through a special bell. Elements of the drive control are located on the steering wheel of the walk.Behind tractor, the snowman chain is covered with a metal casing and is located in the end part. Thanks to this, safe and comfortable equipment management is ensured.


The equipment is highly reliable, good performance and democratic price. Due to the fact that the screw is made of high.Quality domestic steel, sufficient thickness, then it easily copes even with icy and cervied snow. Another plus is universality. A hinged technique is compatible with most motoblock models. The gearbox is characterized by good functionality and a large resource margin. Equipped with imported engines (6-10 liters of.With.), which easily start even in severe frosts. This is the optimal solution for small farm and subsidiary farms, as well as private households.

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Neva MB

Snow removal nozzles for the motornote of this series are widely used in different regions of Russia. Differ in simple design and reliability of work. All elements are made in factory conditions using modern technologies and high.Strength materials. Thanks to this, high performance and reliability of equipment, service safety and ease of control are achieved.

Structural features of the device

Snow.Pipe shovels without much effort are hung on any types of technology, seriously speed up and simplify the procedure for snow cleaning. Any snowpock equipment for a multifunctional unit includes 3 basic details: a snow.Cleaning shovel, a mechanism for regulating the snow.Rotation angle and a mounting module that holds the snow supply on the aggregate frame.

There are a number of designs of factory shovels that make up the mounted equipment, However, such a device for a walk.Behind tractor can be built with your own hands, especially since there are many diverse information and drawings in the global network for this problem.

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The dump is an integral part of the mounted equipment used together with the motor.Cultivator. With his support, you can facilitate such ordinary work in its own plot of land as collecting garbage in summer, in winter. Snow purification, in addition, leveling the surface layer of the earth and its transportation from one section to the second. Snowmen are of various variations, but in their general mass are endowed with one principle of functioning and design. Basically, they have a number of standard work positions.

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This is almost always 3 positions below:

Preparation of materials and equipment

Before you make a snow removal, you should thoroughly prepare. To do this, prepare all the necessary equipment and materials. You will need:

  • Set of wrench of different sizes;
  • Nuts and bolts;
  • Drill;
  • Bulgarian;
  • A set of screwdrivers different in size;
  • File and hammer;
  • Vise and pliers;
  • Electric hacksaw;
  • Welding machine and chains of different diameters;
  • Roofing sheet;
  • Profile pipes of different diameters;
  • Conveyor tape and plywood sheet;
  • Metal corners;
  • Several closed.Type bearings.

All collected tools and materials are best placed on a flat surface, losing the old dense towel. So you can quickly find the desired detail, and not be distracted by hiking in the garage.

Step.By.Step assembly of the snowman

Now you can assemble the snowman from the cultivator, having completed the work completely with your own hands.

Cannot say that the task is elementary and absolutely everyone will cope with it. At least minimal skills of handling a welding machine, drill, electric hacksaw and other tools are required here. Also do not forget about the importance of compliance with safety regulations.

If you finally decide to make a snowman, taking as a basis the design of an unnecessary cultivator, the work should be done in a certain sequence.

  • The first element of the design of the future snowman will be the frame. It is optimal for the frame to cook strong metal corners among themselves. From a pipe with a diameter of about 20 mm, a great handle will be obtained. The bottom line is that after welding 2 metal corners, weld a steel pipe with a diameter of 20 mm to them. The pipe will also be required to make a shaft of a screw. Only in this case, the diameter of the pipe should be at least 40 mm.
  • In the middle in the steel pipe, a through hole is made. Subsequently, this hole will come in handy to install metal plates. A given standard size will be 170×270 mm. But you can change these parameters, based on your own drawings. During operation, the plate on the snowman will partially perform the function of the scapula for the assembly of snow.
  • So that in the process of working in the snow, the collected mass falls immediately on the shoulder blade, the snowplower machine should be provided with a two.Stroke type screw. To do this, use a transport tape 1 cm thick. For the snowboard under consideration, 50 cm of tape will be required. Having cut off a piece of tape of the required length, 4 rings of the same size are cut out from it. The diameter of each ring should be about 28 cm. Or there is an alternative solution. This is the side of the old tire. Although the option with the tape is objectively better and more reliable.
  • To the supporting part of the design of the snowman on the basis of the motor.Cultivator, you need to install the platform. It will have a cultivator engine. Here you need to weld 2 metal corners to the pipe and place perpendicularly relative to the plate.
  • Having completed the previous stage, weld the platform itself. Then, between the engine and the platform, you need to cover and fix the rubber rug using durable clamps.
  • Now you can put on the shaft of a closed.Type bearings. To do this, each end of the shaft will need to cut a little. Then the place where the owl will be attached in advance is prepared in advance. Here experts advise carefully performing the groove on one side of the metal shaft.
  • In order for the snowman to move on the surface smoothly and safely, it will not be superfluous to equip the equipment with skis. For such purposes, you can take wooden bars and cut out the corresponding blanks from them. Then a bar or plastic lining is attached to each of them. Just make sure that the plastic is quite durable and smooth. Plus it should withstand prolonged contact with low temperatures. Many plastic parts do not withstand frost and begin to be covered with cracks, or burst over time.
  • To ensure the operation of a discarding device for snow masses, a rotary gutter is used. For its manufacture, you can take a whole sewer pipe. It is installed directly above the bucket for snow. The diameter of the sewer pipe should be at least 16 mm. But too large pipes should also not be taken.
  • To install the rotary gutter on the base, connect the pipe of a small diameter to the screw. And then weld to the design of the snowman from the cultivator itself.
  • A small segment of the sewer pipe itself is already welded to the gutter. Only this element is needed to regulate the direction of the discharge of snow masses.
  • During installation, carefully ensure that the final width of the screw blade is less than the diameter of the built.In gutter.
  • The case, bucket and other elements of the snow removal structure are recommended to be painted. It is better to cover the metal with anti-corrosion compounds, primer, as well as 2-3 layers of paint for external metal work. The usual transparent varnish as a finish coating can also be useful.

In fact, it remains only to check the technique in action and make sure that everything was done correctly, without errors.

A huge advantage here is that everyone can do a snowmaker with their own hands without losing the cultivator himself. The presented variation of the alteration maintains the performance of the motor.Cultivator, but complements it with the function of the snowman. It turns out excellent garden technique on the principle of 2 in 1.

Now you know how to make an excellent snowmaker based on a cultivator, and with your own hands. The question is different. Do you need such an unit and is there enough experience and skills to do everything qualitatively, neatly and in compliance with the basics of safety precautions.

Some are afraid to take on such alterations, because they risk not only not getting a snowman, but also lose their working cultivator. And these are really the risks that should be considered in advance.

Make a snowball player or not, is a matter of everyone personally. There is always the opportunity to visit specialized stores and purchase one of the many factory snowmers from trusted and well.Established manufacturers there.

How do you like the idea of ​​a snowman from a cultivator? Does it make sense in such an alteration? Who modernized the cultivator? What the result turned out?

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