How to make a snowman for a walkbehind tractor. The type of installation relative to the walkbehind

How to make a snowboard for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands

DIY snowmaker for a walk.Behind tractor is easy to design at home is quite easy. The basis is the engine from the chainsaw. You will also need a metal case with runners, a screw mechanism and a pipe for snow removal.

DIY Shutter Snowman.# Upcycle #repurpose #diy

The device of the snowman for the walk.Behind tractor is quite simple, so it can be done yourself. The source of energy is a gasoline engine that rotates the screw. The mechanism breaks the snow mass, and the rotor blades rake it for themselves and pus it out through a special move. The pipe. Thanks to this, snow can be thrown away by several meters.

The operator holds the car by comfortable handles and pushes forward. The stroke of the stroke provides a pair of wheels on tires with a relief surface. Gradually promoting the snowman forward, the operator is cleaning the entire territory from snow.

The circuit diagram of the device can be presented in the form of a picture in which the numbers indicate:

  • Schnek drive.
  • Caterpillar drive.
  • Drive belt.
  • Parasitic video (to ensure the back of the car).
  • Intermediate shaft.
  • A roller pulling the belt (to move forward).

A homemade snow cleaning unit is in demand, t. To. In many regions of winter, there are enough snowy

In practice, four options for a snowman are used. All of them can be designed at home:

Motoblock with an adapter

A simple model for cleaning snow, which is based on an adapter and motoblock, will help to quickly remove the adjacent territory

A snow removal is mounted to the unit. It is pre.Designed with their own hands. For the manufacture of a knife, a metal sheet with sharp edges is used.

The main elements need to be cut out of steel, and then cook. A knife for snow is mounted from the bottom. The next stage is the installation of the dump to the main block. It should be fixed using rods and brackets. After that, the thrust is attached and they take them to the operator’s handle through the ears.

Snowman nozzle on a motor

Another simple version of the snowpock car is a block with a screw (rotor) mechanism. It consists of several main elements:

  • Screw;
  • Shaft;
  • Pipe (pipe) for the release of snow mass;
  • Open metal box;
  • Gearbox (optional);
  • Asterisk with a chain. Transmission mechanism.
make, snowman, tractor, type

This snowman is made independently on the basis of metal pipes and steel sheets. First they weld the box, its lower edges are bent to make smooth runners. In the middle of the shaft, they weld the seizure from the U-shaped bent plates, which should “look” in opposite directions at an angle of 180 degrees.

They are fixed to them, on each side of which two rings are coming. In this case, the end of one is welded with the beginning of the other. A hole is cut out from the back of the capture through which a pipe for snow is removed. It is also welded, and the upper head is bent to the side.

The scheme of the snowpock nozzle will help to deal with the installation of the structure

Fan (rotor) snowman

A fan snowbrush for a walk.Behind tractor can be made with your own hands from these elements:

  • Drum with a bearing;
  • The impeller with the blades (they go parallel to the axis of rotation);
  • A box of steel with runners (it is welded to the drum);
  • Guide dumps (they are pulled and also welded to the drum).

The axis protrudes outside the drum and, using the transmission mechanism, is in contact with the shaft of the gasoline engine. The snow goes along the guides, falls on the blades of the rotating impeller and is fond of in the pipe through which it is discarded to the side.

Using a fan structure, you can remove a small amount of loose snow

Screw-fan (combined) snowball player

This snowmaker for a walk.Behind tractor consists of the following elements:

  • Shnek. A pipe with two trunks.
  • Rotor with steel blades 3-4 mm.
  • The case is a metal box that you can cook with your own hands.
  • A pipe of emission from metal sheets with a curved head.

A combined unit helps to get rid of even cave.Like snow.

Homemade snowman to the walk.Behind tractor description and the principle of robot

Consider the characteristics and principles of the rotor snowman. After all, then we then do it! Why rotary? Because the rotary snowball players are the most powerful, if it comes to the snow removal range. Rotor snowball players discard loosened snow at a distance of 10-12 meters.

The snowman is a welded metal case, inside which a screw shaft is placed. The shaft is the main working body of this device. Also consider that you will need a control and clutch device, as well as the drive parts.

So, through the adapter system, the rotary snowball player for the walk.Behind tractor is set in motion using the rear shaft of the power of the walk.Behind engineer. When buying a snowman, adapters always come in the kit, but since you will make a snowman yourself, you need to buy them separately.

The principle of operation of the apparatus is to move the snow masses to the device cavity using a screw-roting mechanism. The work of this mechanism is carried out through the attachment of the snowman shaft to the motor block shaft using a belt. You will also need a impeller. The impeller is a mechanism inside the equipment that rotates and throws snow through a specially adapted cavity outward at a distance of 10 meters (at least).

Homemade snowman Principle of robot video

The shaft is a pipe around which a toothed spiral.Like mechanism rotates. A screw. Fix the shaft on the bearings to reduce losses with a twist on the shaft. Metal riveted screw must be made with multidirectional screw impeller for effective cleaning. In the bottom of the bucket is attached to the cutting plate for snow.

Standard “store” snowman with a screw, shaft and impeller below for your study:

Production of a home.Made snowman

For cleaning snow, you can not use the walk.Behind tractor itself, but only its engine. Roofing iron goes to the manufacture of the snow.Offer screw. Plywood 10 mm thick is suitable for creating sidewalls. The frame is welded from a metal corner. A half.Inch pipe is adapted under the handle, and the shaft of the screw is made from the pipe at three quarters of the inch. The through cut, made in the middle of the pipe, serves to fasten the metal plate (shoulder blades), which has dimensions of 120 by 270 mm. The shoulder blade is designed to throw snow back when rotating the shaft. To push the snow mass to the shoulder blade in this home.Made design of the snowman should be a two.Patch, for the manufacture of which a sidewall or a conveyor tape is taken with a thickness of 10 mm. One and a half meters of such a tape is enough to cut four rings with an electrician. The diameter of each of them should be 28 cm.

For the manufacture of a home.Made snowman, you will need roofing iron, plywood, conveyor tape, pipes of different diameters, metal corners, closed bearings

To fasten the platform of a fast.Removable engine borrowed from the walk.Behind tractor, metal corners are welded to the pipe perpendicular to the plate. For the free entry of the shaft into self.Entrusting closed bearings 205, it is necessary to make a couple of cuts at its ends and surround them. After this operation, the diameter of the shaft decreases. For a sprout, a groove is made on one side of the shaft.

The screw is driven by a circuit or belt if the pulley is installed on the engine from the walk.Behind tractor. All the necessary details (pulleys, belts, bearings) can be bought in auto stores

It is better to put the design not on wheels that will get stuck in the snow, but on skis. The bases of skis are pulled out of wooden bars, on which plastic overlays are attached for better sliding. As linings, you can use boxes used in the installation of electrical wiring.

Skiing snowman slides easier along the snow cover, so the person who controls them has to make less physical effort

The rotary groove required for discarding snow in the right direction is made of a large diameter plastic sewer (at least 160 mm). Fix it on the same pipe of the smaller diameter attached to the screw. A piece of the sewer pipe is attached to the rotary gutter, which will direct the snow emission. The diameter of the gutter must exceed the width of the screw’s scapula so as not to delay the advance of the snow mass, leaning back with its help.

Type of a home.Made snowman equipped with a engine from a walk.Behind tractor, in a collected state before checking its performance in a snowy courtyard of a private house

To give a homemade structure a presentable look, you need to paint all its details in a bright color. After completion of the work, the self.Propelled is tested, and then operated throughout the winter period. Some masters go even further, making a self.Propelled version of the snowman.

All the people living on Earth seek to mechanize manual work. After reading how to make a snowball player from the engine engine and other spare parts, some will not “invent a bicycle”, but decide to buy a factory model of a snowman. It will take about 20-30 thousand to buy a budget option. Rubles. The purchase of a factory nozzle for a walk-behind tractor will cost cheaper one and a half to two times. To assemble a home.Made design, you will have to spend only on the purchase of some spare parts, as well as highlight for the work for a couple of days. In any case, the problem of snow removal from the house territory will be solved.

How to make a snowpipe with your own hands for a walk.Behind tractor

To do this, we need an engine, let’s say from a walk.Behind tractor. Well, you must admit, not everyone has an extra couple of tens of thousands of rubles to purchase equipment, which will happen to use 5-10 times, and perhaps even less. The power of the engine of our snowpipe is described below. This is 6.5 l/s (4.8 kW), but sometimes it is not enough. But there is a similar design of the proprietary model, which is 3 l/s (2.2 kW), this is due to the smaller load on the screw. If you plan to use an air.Cooled electric motor, then you should provide for mandatory protection against snow (air intake), since during operation, there will be enough snow in the air.

The capture of our structure is 50 cm, this is quite enough to clean the paths of the garden and therefore the use of our snowpipe will be simple. If the overall width of the snow.Resistant machine is up to 65 cm, then it can be easily cleaned in the garage or in the barn straight through the door without opening the gate.

The design of the snowman

Let us consider in more detail the design of the snowman:

  • We make the screw of the screw from the roofing iron,
  • Sides. From plywood 10 mm thick,
  • Frame. From a corner of 5050mm metallic,
  • Hand-holder-from the pipe ½ inch,
  • Shaft of a screw. From the pipe ¾ inch,

In the middle of this pipe, a through cut is made, into which it is necessary to insert a metal plate (shoulder blade) in size. 120270 mm. When the shaft rotates, the shoulder blade throws down. Rubber rings. There are four of them, they are attached to special plates.

If the internal diameter is smaller than the external of the pipe, then we put the bearings directly onto the pipe, it can be slightly grinded. In the lower drawing we see how it is done on a lathe.

To make a screw, take a conveyor tape 1.5 with a length and 10 mm thick, cut out 4 rings from it, (diameter 28 cm). This can be done using two screws that are screwed into the board, rotate it in a circle or use an electrician.

In the self.Centering bearings of the closed, the screw rotates. A very important point so that snow does not fall into the bearings, they must be closed.

The screw of the screw is played by a chain or using a belt, if you use the engine from a walk.Behind tractor, then a pulley is installed on them. Also, all the pulleys you need, bearings, belts can be purchased in any car shop. At idle, the speed of rotation of the screw is approximately 800 rpm.

When using a homemade snowpipe, ice sometimes gets into the screw, then in this case it is necessary to make a safety pin, which is cut off at the time of the wedge.

If you use belt gear, due to slippage, it will play the role of the fuse.

The width of the case is more than the screw by 2 cm, this is so that the gap between the screw and the case is small so that the screw does not hurt the case. The mount to the walk.Behind tractor is made quickly, this is done for convenience, so that in a matter of minutes it can be rearranged from a snowpipper to any other equipment without using tools. Когда снегоуборщик снят с мотблока то гораздо проще очищать от снега, убирать его в гараж.

Ski. Their base is wooden bars. Plastic overlays are attached to them, in their quality, adapted boxes from electrical wiring.

A plastic sewer pipe with a diameter of 160 mm is the main detail of a rotary deepening for discarding snow. A gutter is attached to this pipe, which casts snow, and the pipe is put on the exactly the same pipe that is fixed on the screw. The gutter should be of greater diameter than the width of the screw’s scapula, with the help of it there is an emission of snow.

From metal corners measuring 50x50mm. A frame of a home.Made snow.Cleaning machine was made. The 25×25 corners are welded to the transverse corners, the engine platform is attached to them, which is quickly removed. Bolts m 8, transverse corners and pen are fixed on the longitudinal corners of our frame.

Recommendations for the manufacture of a snowman

Bulldozer type

This home.Made snowmaker, in addition to directly a walk.Behind tractor, consists of an adapter, to which the nozzle is attached. It resembles a bulldozer dump and is the easiest to manufacture. A metal sheet is used as a knife cutting the snow layer, which should be pre.Focused. Also from sheet metal Other parts of the prefix are made, after which they are welded.

The dump is installed on the main block by means of brackets and rods. The rod should be attached in the eye of the dump and bring to the control levers using rollers or metal tubes. This simple device will make a snowboard out of your walk.Behind tractor.

Rotor snowpipe

This type of snow cleaning equipment consists of several elements:

For the manufacture of the box, sheet iron and welding machine will be required. The lower ends of the box must be bent in the manner of skis. The shaft is made of a pipe with a diameter of at least 50 mm. It is also necessary to make two P-shaped plates for mounting the screw, which are welded in the middle of the shaft. It should be noted that they must be installed by deploying them at an angle of 180 degrees, relative to each other.

It should be remembered that the distance between the blades and the posterior wall of the box should be minimal. The shaft should be installed on the bearings so that one end of it protrudes from the box 50–100 mm. A sprocket of chain gear will be attached here. The nozzle made in this way the snowbruster on the walk.Behind tractor will perfectly cope with the task and will greatly facilitate the life of the owner of a country house in the winter.

Fan unit

This snow removal equipment contains the following elements:

Schneko-fan nozzle

The last view of the snowman is most difficult to manufacture. The composition of the unit is as follows:

  • Shnek. The shaft is made of a pipe and two trunks. 8 half.Disks made of steel with a thickness of 2 mm are welded on the pipe. They must be fixed so that the result is two intersecting spirals.
  • Rotor for snow cleaning. Blades are best made from three.Millimeter steel and bend their ends at right angles to increase the capture efficiency.
  • Corps. Welded from leaf iron and installed on two metal stripes with bent front ends, which will act as skis.
  • Pipe. Necessary for snow release.

DIY Snowman from a motor cultivator is not as difficult to make as it may seem. The use of improvised materials will save a significant amount, because similar finished equipment is expensive.

Home Made Snow plough, Plow for champion walk behind tractor мотоблок

How to make a snowman from a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands video

Homemade snowbrush to the Motoblock Favorite. DIY gasoline snowman from a chainsaw. Duration: 8:11. SLAVA.

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Snowman for a walk.Behind tractor: the principle of operation and the basis of independent assembly

Together with the onset of cold weather, the owners of country houses are forced to take snow again and again for cleaning. The article will tell you how to make a snowmaker for a walk.Behind tractor, principle of operation, characteristics and features with your own hands. As well as tips and recommendations for choosing the best option among the models proposed in the market.

Motoblock is often equipped with a special nozzle for snow cleaning

If we consider the models that are on sale, the principle of their operation will be approximately as follows: the device consists of an engine, front blades that select snow and rotary node inside the mechanism.

Due to the operation of the engine, the screw rotates, which breaks the layer of snow in front of itself and rakes its crushed parts.

The rotor blades, railing in the snow, serve it into the device, after which they pour out a few meters through the output pipe at a distance of a distance.

Such a two.Stage design is quite convenient in operation, however, it is more characteristic of ready.Made devices and with independent implementation it has some difficulties. Therefore, when it comes to the manufacture of a snowman for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands, it is better to use a simplified mechanism.

Motoblock with a two.Stage snowpipe

There are many options for independent manufacture of devices: someone uses shovels located on a screw to discard snow, and someone, on the contrary, prefers the use of the rotor, while simply raising the snow on their own with the help of a bucket. In any case, both of which option can significantly facilitate the process of snow cleaning.

Independently decide on the type of snowman from a walk.Behind tractor, which you want to do enough. There are only three main types of devices: screw, rotary and two.Stage. Considering this or that version of manufacture, you will understand what their differences can make the right choice for yourself.

Snowman for Neva

DIY Snowman for a walk.Behind tractor Neva, perhaps one of the most popular options today. This design will be quite easy in assembly, and most importantly. Very effective in work. It is enough to choose and install a snowpock on a doctoBlock.

The snowpock nozzle on the Neva walk.Behind tractor can be made independently or purchased already ready

However, it is the price of the snowpock nozzle for the Neva walk.Behind tractor that often becomes a stumbling block. Depending on the model, its cost can be from 16,000 rubles. For this reason, a fairly common phenomenon is homemade models. Consider the three most popular options:

  • Bulldozer nozzle for a snowman on the Neva walk.Behind. The price of this option in the finished form will be quite high, while making everything with your own hands is quite simple, and the result will not be inferior to the factory device. Using a special adapter, the nozzle is attached to the walk.Behind tractor like a bulldozer. In this case, a metal sheet with a pointed ending is used to break the snow cover, which is also called a knife. The snow cover is literally cut off by the device, after which it is simply assigned to the side;

The easiest option is to use the dump on a walk.Behind tractor to clean snow

  • The second option is more complicated in implementation, and it will require drawings. However, if you choose a suitable scheme, and have a welding machine at your disposal, you can make a very convenient and productive snow removal machine. The principle of operation of such a snowman for the Neva walk.Behind engineer is as follows: as in the finished rotor nozzle, there is a box, a screw and a pipe responsible for the release of snow. Such a two.Stage system allows you to ensure the maximum efficiency of the device, but its manufacture will require a little more time and effort;
  • The third option is a fan snowbrush. The mechanism of such a device is similar to the principle of operation of a conventional fan. Special blades rake snow, which is immediately thrown over a certain distance through the pipe. Despite the apparent simplicity, this option is quite complicated for independent implementation and requires certain skills. But if you have a sufficient amount of free time and desire, then it is quite possible to give preference to this method.

Drawer of the snowman for the Neva walk.Behind tractor

Definitely give an answer to the question of which is better to purchase a ready.Made snowman or make your own is difficult. On the one hand, the acquisition of a factory model is not cheap, and often it is not affordable for a simple user.

But on the other hand, making such a device is not always just for those who have not previously encountered a similar task. This requires certain skills and efforts.

So, before making a decision in favor of a particular option, it is better to sensibly evaluate your capabilities.

A device such as a hinged snowman for a walk.Behind tractor Neva requires care. Otherwise, its operational period will be short, regardless of whether you bought it or did it yourself.

How to Make a Snowman

First of all, conduct regular inspection of all fasteners, and if necessary, pull them up.

In addition, it will not prevent the condition of the bolts and belts regularly to avoid a breakdown during operation.

Ready.Made hinged snowman for Neva

Having a working walk.Behind tractor and drawings, a rotary snowman for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands is a completely feasible task. Using the assembly schemes, you can make the missing elements of the device and use the device as intended.

For work, you will need leaf steel, welding machine, as well as access to a lathe (or the opportunity to contact the master).

The main part of any snowman is a screw. For its manufacture, we use a pipe and half.Dogs made of sheet steel 2 mm thick. Discs are welded on the pipe, forming a bilateral spiral in the right and left parts. In order for the design to be strong, the welding places need to be paid special attention.

I continue to make a home.Made screw snowfire for a walk.Behind tractor.

Open a photo how to make a screw to the snowman in a large size. Open a photo snowbrush for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands in a large size. What motor unit you have (you would like to buy)? Neva. Bison. MTZ.

Types of snow removal equipment

In specialized stores today you can purchase various mechanisms that facilitate work on the field. Snow removal equipment is becoming increasingly popular. There are currently four The main types of snow):

If the snow cleaning equipment is purchased in the store, then all four types do a great job with the task. But if you are interested in the question of how to make a snowman with your own hands on a walk.Behind tractor, then you should pay attention only to the first three types. A powerful power plant will be required to manufacture an airborne snowbreaker and problems may arise with its search.

Make a snowman with your own hands. Models and options for building a home.Made machine for home or cottage (115 photos)

If there is a need to create a snow removal machine for giving with your own hands, you need to know the main differences in special equipment. This will help more accurately decide on a suitable home.Made model.

The main differences in snowmers are the following nodes:

  • Motor. Snow.Offs do not have their own engine. They get a drive from a walk-behind tractor, mini-tractor. Full.Fledged snowball players operate on a gasoline or electric motor.
  • Snow removal node. The mechanism for capturing snow is a screw or rotor. There are combined models. Screws.
  • Mechanism of the Motor Movement Node. Non.Self.Propelled models are installed on skis. Wheels may be present, but still, for movement, the unit must be pushed. Self.Propelled snowball players receive a wheel drive from the motor. The operator only controls the direction of movement. Factory self.Propelled guns are produced on wheeled and caterpillar.

For further study of the snowman, you should know its main device:

  • The unit receives the traction force from the motor. First of all, the engine drives the snow removal mechanism: a screw or rotor. In self.Propelled snowbrushes, the motor transfers torque to the node of movement: wheels or tracks.
  • Bucket is a casing of the snow removal mechanism. The working element is always located in front of the snowman. The width and height of the capture of the snow layer in one pass depending on the dimensions of the bucket.
  • The groove for the release of snow is equipped with a rotary visor setting the direction. Square or round sleeve made of metal, less often. Plastic. In the homemade, a piece of PVC of a sewer pipe with a diameter of 110 mm is used. The trump card is a knee.
  • Schnek or rotor. Working units designed to capture snow. The first version of the knife resembles a spiral and works on the principle of a meat grinder. The rotor is a kind of impeller with blades. The created vortex flow enhances snow release due to additional air flows. For the efficiency of work, snowboards can be equipped with combined nodes consisting of a screw and rotor.
  • Wheels for a snowman are used on a rubber move. It is important to install tires with a deep tread pattern to provide a good adhesion on a slippery surface.
  • Snow capabilities of factory manufacturing have a caterpillar move. Heavy self.Propelled units with a gasoline engine are characterized by improved cross.Country ability in complex areas.
  • Handles have even a self.Propelled snowman. They are needed to control the equipment. On the handles put the controls of clutch, gas, and starting engine.

An important component of the snowman is the control panel. It stands on self.Propelled factory units. All controls are displayed on the panel: buttons, toggle switch, levers.

How to make a snowman for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands drawings

To make it easier to cope with the snowman, the width of the capture of this design is 50 cm. Suitable size for cleaning garden paths in winter. In order for the snowman to be brought into a garage or a barn through the door, the overall width should be 60-65 cm.

For the manufacture of the snow.Offer screw, roofing iron was used. The sidewalls are made of plywood (10 mm). In the manufacture of the frame, metal corners were used (50×50). The pen was made from a pipe in half a inch. The shaft of the screw is made from the pipe (3/4 ″). In the pipe, in the middle, it was made through the drill, for the installation of a metal plate (120×270 mm). When the shaft rotates, this plate will begin to throw off snow.

Snow will shift to the plate thanks to a two.Mounted screw made of conveyor tape. Four rubber rings are also attached to special plates.

Bearings are dressed on a pipe. If the bearing has the inner diameter less than the external diameter of the pipe, then the pipe needs to be a little shake. The drawing shows that adapters are used for bearings.

To make a screw will need 1.5 m conveyor tape. Desired thickness 10 mm. 4 rings must be cut from it, the diameter of which should be 28 cm. To do this, you can use two screws screwed into the plank, and rotate the tape in a circle. Or use an electrician.

To rotate the screw, you need to use self.Centering closed bearings 205. Bearings must be closed to avoid snow hit.

If the design provides an engine from a walk.Behind tractor with an installed pulley, then the screw is driven by a belt or a chain. The pulleys necessary for this, belts and bearings are purchased in car shops. At idle, the speed of rotation of the screw reaches 800 revolutions per minute.

To prevent ice from entering the screw, the manufacture of a safety pin is provided. At the time of jamming the screw, it will be cut off. If the belt gear is used, the pin will be an additional fuse, allowing the belt to slip.

The width of the screw is 2 cm less than the size of the case. This is done so that the gap between the screw and the body is small, and also to avoid touching the hull with the screw. The design of the snowman provides for the possibility of rearranging the engine in just a couple of minutes to another equipment.

To do this, the engine mount is made quickly, which allows you not to use the tool when rearranging. The process of cleaning the snowman from snow will be much easier if you remove the engine. Because the main weight of the snowman is engine weight.

Types of snow removal equipment

In specialized stores today you can purchase various mechanisms that facilitate work on the field. Snow removal equipment is becoming increasingly popular. There are currently four The main types of snow):

  • Bulldozer type. Located in front of the walk.Behind engineer.
  • Screw. Snow is captured using a screw, which moves it to the opening of the pipe.
  • Fan-lobed-snowflakes with a fan are delivered to an inclined pipe, after which it is thrown out.
  • Airborne-snowflakes are drawn by a strong stream of air and removed in the opposite direction.

If the snow cleaning equipment is purchased in the store, then all four types do a great job with the task. But if you are interested in the question of how to make a snowman with your own hands on a walk.Behind tractor, then you should pay attention only to the first three types. A powerful power plant will be required to manufacture an airborne snowbreaker and problems may arise with its search.

Block: 2/3 | Summer characters: 1041Source: https: // sotka.Guru/Dachnye-Prisposobleniya/Motobloki/Kak-SDELAT-SNEGOUBORSHIK-Dlya-Motobloka-Svoimi-Rukami.HTML

Types of devices for mechanized snow cleaning

Mechanical homemade snowball players are equipped with internal combustion engines. Most often they are hinged (attached nozzles), they are mounted to motoblocks or tractors, including mini.Tractors. Differ in small mass and simple device.

Snow removal machines are divided into:

  • Screw-roting devices with two types of active organs: a screw or screw, which shift the snow to the input hole of the rotor, and the rotor itself, which casts snow in the right direction;
  • Dumpy grader or bulldozer type. Act according to the principle of mechanical movement of snow mass, more often such devices are used on self.Propelled equipment;
  • Light-off shovel used together with motoblocks to shift snow in limited space;
  • Airborne installations are applicable only on freshly fallen snow, they differ in very small sizes and an extremely simple device, snow removal occurs due to the created air flow.

The most widespread a screw-roting snowball players. They cope well with snow cover of different sizes. Sometimes there are problems with snowing snow, so in expensive installations there is also an auxiliary shaft with spikes that destroy compacted snow. In some devices, screws are equipped with additional removable gear nozzles, they cut a dense mass of snow.

Features of an airborne snowman

The easiest snowblower is based on airborne. This is usually a box that can be moved on small skis in the snow. There is a rotor inside. The drive to the rotor is carried out from an autonomous engine or from the power block selection shaft.

The receiving part of the box is made so that when the progressive movement forward, the snow arrives on the rotor blades. Further, the mass with rotating blades is thrown through the pipe located above. Its deflector can be directed in any direction. Therefore, snow is thrown left or right, where it is required in a particular case.

The peculiarity of the device is that in addition to snow, a sufficiently powerful air flow is formed. Therefore, at the exit, a snow-air mixture is formed, which can fly up to 5-6 m. This is enough to clean the passages.

The disadvantages of the airborne supply snowball players include a relatively narrow capture, as well as the impossibility of snow-streaming in the presence of a tied mass. When cleaning the aisles immediately after the snow falls out, a snow discarder of this type differs quite high performance. Ruchasters quite often take a similar design as a basis. The main thing is to create a high rotor rotation speed.

Lapata-Opel-the simplest snowman

In some cases, you do not need to have a complex unit from a walk.Behind tractor and support on wheels, equipped with a bulldozer shovel. It is enough to have a mechanical assistant. A dump that will move the mass of snow at a short distance.

A special shovel is clung to the walk.Behind tractor, in the future only due to the traction force created by the walk.Behind engineer, the snowball is shifted to the side. Using reversing transmission of the transmission, the snowman returns back. Consistent movements forward and backward are cleaning the territory from snow.

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Snowman for a walk.Behind tractor: the principle of operation and the basis of independent assembly

Together with the onset of cold weather, the owners of country houses are forced to take snow again and again for cleaning. The article will tell you how to make a snowmaker for a walk.Behind tractor, principle of operation, characteristics and features with your own hands. As well as tips and recommendations for choosing the best option among the models proposed in the market.

Motoblock is often equipped with a special nozzle for snow cleaning

Motoblock nozzle or a full.Fledged snowman

When choosing equipment, it is necessary to FOCUS on personal preferences and the specifics of a particular site. The nozzle, for example, the snowpock nozzle on the motorblock is a salute, is suitable for those who are already using a walk.Behind tractor and do not want to replenish their park with another device. For additional savings, you can develop a home.Made rotor snowman on a walk.Behind tractor, focusing on drawings.

The snowman is suitable for customers with a small territory. A summer cottage or a country house. The equipment power is enough to completely clean the yard from the thick layer of snow in 15-20 minutes. It is better to take a snowball player if the buyer does not have a free space for storing a walk.Behind tractor and a separate attachment equipment.

People who know how to make a snowmaker for a walk.Behind tractor can develop attachments right in the workshop. But this requires technical knowledge, an understanding of the specifics of the work of the walk.Behind tractor and the resource. For those owners who have a large territory or not time to clean snow, a wheeled self.Propelled snowmaker is best suited.

Snowman for a walk.Behind tractor. Mounting equipment that simplifies snow cleaning in winter. When buying, you need to make sure that there are technical documentation and warranty coupon. The choice in favor of a particular model is carried out depending on the alleged degree of snowiness of the site, such as the coating and the frequency of use.