How to make a threewheeled motorcycle block.

Powerful homemade tricycle all.Terrain vehicle for off.Road: photo and description of the structure

Agricultural work is underway in the summer season. In winter, the engine of the idle motoblock is suitable for the role of the power plant of the all.Terrain vehicle for driving through snowdrifts, which can be assembled by yourself. With the advent of spring, he returns to the place.

Welding apparatus, grinder and locksmith tools are used. To fix some nodes, bolts with nuts are used.

How can you make an ATV and a tricycle?

If we talk about ATV, it is important to know that this is a sufficiently powerful four.Wheeled motorcycle. He has high speed, and you can drive in such an unit anywhere. One of the most important details in it is the motor. That is why the ATVs and tricycles converted from the walk.Behind shoes have shown themselves perfectly. To do this, you can use any model, however, the motors from the “Neva” are best suited.

In order to make such devices with your own hands, you will not need to especially redo the walk.Behind tractor. The only thing to get or do it yourself is drawings. After that, you can proceed to the remake itself.

The work can be divided into several stages:

Since most of the wheel blocks are located directly under the engine, they must be slightly expanded. Inserts for this need to be machined on a special machine. If this is impossible to do this at home, then you just need to go to the store and buy adapters designed to expand the wheels of the walk.Behind tractor.

After that, you can start alteration of the frame. For ATV or tricycle, you can take a frame from a bicycle or motorcycle. If it is not, then any trimming from water pipes can come up. You can attach such a frame using two pins using a rotary hinge for this.

General technical characteristics

Homemade tricists are mainly made on the frames of motorcycles or structures, manually cooked from a metal profile. The wheels are encourages from trucks or tractors. Transmission, brakes, steering traction are formed from spare parts of domestic and foreign cars or motorcycles.

For comparison, the table contains parameters of 2 serial domestic tricycles.

Characteristic TMZ-5.971 ZID-200 (farmer)
Motor volume (cube.Cm) 199 196.9
Power (l.With.) 13.6 13.0
Dimensions (m) 2.3×1.35×1.25 2.2×1.5×1.2
Weight, kg) 250 210
Wheel base (m) 1.52 1.5
Road clearance (cm) 16.0 13.0
Speed ​​to the maximum (km/h) 70.0 50.0

Tricycle assembled from the details from ZAZ-968

This is my second attempt to build a tricycle with your own hands. Due to the fact that my tricycle, according to idea, was to answer the ideology of the classic chopper, I did its finish with particular thoroughness.

I must say right away that the front fork with a large angle of inclination negatively affected the controllability and maneuverability of the device. This is especially noticeable at speeds over 100 km/h. In addition, at such a speed when entering a serious road pothole there is a danger of destroying levers.

The basis of the machine is a spatial welded frame from tubular elements. The combination of curved spaces and transverse beams makes the structure quite strong. The lower and upper spar are in pairs interconnected in the rear.

Making Crazy Trike 250cc

The central beam is combined with the upper spar into one knot and reinforced with a special box, and in the rear is connected to the side spars through the struts.

Tecylic design

By vertically, the spaces are interconnected by means of the lower arc and internal eyebrows, in which the rear suspension levers are installed. All joints have an increase using scarves. The upper beam serves as a support for the rear shock absorbers, for which glasses are welded to it, the design of which is similar to automobile.

Front wheel; 2. Front wing (from the motorcycle “Yamaha”); 3. Front wheel suspension, lever; 4. Headlight; 5. Bracket headlights; 6. Speedometer case (steel ST3, chromium); 7. Fuel tank; 8. Gear lever; 9. Gearbox box; 10. Battery; 11. The back of the seat; 12. Block of the rear lights; 13. Air filter; 14. Engine; 15. Fan; 16-oil-air radiator; 17. Silencers (from the motorcycle “Yamaha”); 18. Rear wheel (295x50x15); 19. Elastic coupling; 20. Brake thrust (steel x18n9t, pipe 12 × 1); 21. Brake pedal; 22. Chats; 23. The back of the rear wing (steel ST3, pipe 15 × 1.5, chromium); 24-shock absorber (from the car ZAZ-968); 25. Frame of fastening of silencers and radiator (steel x18N9T, pipe 18 × 1.5); 26. Rear wing; 27. Wing fastening console (steel ST3, pipe 28 × 1.5); 28. Front console (steel x18n9t,pipe 12 × 1); 29. Wing bracket (steel x18N9T, sheet S1.5); 30-rear wheel suspension lever (from ZAZ-968); 31. Handle “Gas”; 32. Front brake lever; 33. The ignition body case (st3, chromium); 34. Clutch pedal; 35. Clutch thrust (steel x18n9t, pipe 12 × 1); 36. Speed switching mechanism; 37. Steering wheel (steel x18n9t, pipe 25 × 3)

Tubular frames are welded to the scarves and struts of the central beam. These nodes are sheathed on both sides with a steel sheet, and have several appointments. Firstly, they are installed on the passenger footboards similar to a motorcycle. Secondly, they serve as a support for the chipper of the suspension. Thirdly, the struts are attached to them, on which the rear plumage consoles rest.

The lower crossbar is attached to the frame using brackets and strut and serves as the basis for the pedal node. It includes an axis, levers, spaces and steps. The transverse frame attachment also serves as a support for the guide gear shift mechanism.

All details of the frame are made of steel st3. 1. Steering column; 2. Scarves (sheet S5); 3. The main, upper (pipe 60 × 3); 4. A subcase (pipe 34 × 2); 5. Amplifier box (sheet S3); 6. Bracket of the platform for the battery (corner 50 × 50); 7. Upper enerons (pipe 34 × 2); 8. Lower arc (pipe 34 × 2); 9. Passenger’s footboard frame (pipe 22 × 1.5); 10. Struts of the central beam (pipe 52 × 3); 11. Glasses of shock absorbers; 12. Arches of the passenger seat (pipe 28 × 1, chromium); 13. Eye.Mounting eyebrows (sheet S5); 14. Shelf for fastening the checkpoint (strip 80 × 5); 15. A scarf of installation of a hinge of the gear lever (sheet S3); 16. Pedal fastening (pipe 28 × 2, chromium); 17. Pedal lever (sheet S5, 2 pcs., chrome); 18. The main spar, lower (pipe 34 × 2); 19. Crackeson mounting (corner 50 × 50); 20. Central beam (pipe 60 × 3); 21. Upper beam (pipe 52 × 3); 22. Engine mounting node (sheet S5); 23. Jumper (corner 50 × 50); 24. Framing frame (sheet S3 on both sides); 25. Footboard (x18n9t, pipe 36 × 4); 26. Axis (x18n9t, rod 028); 27. Plug (x18n9t); 28. Bracket (sheet S3); 29. The cross.Line (pipe 34 × 2); 30. Guide shank of the gear shift mechanism (pipe 28 × 1.5); 31. The base of the passenger seat (pipe 20 × 1, chromium)

The layout of a homemade tricycle is significantly different from the motorcycle, primarily the location of the power unit. It is located outside the base of the rear axle axis, which does not affect the stability of the machine in the best way, but the experienced driver provides an additional opportunity for adrenaline production. With a sharp acceleration, the tricycle can easily be “put on its hinders”, which causes unforgettable sensations.


The power unit, including the gearbox, was taken from the Car “Zaporozhets”. No special improvements were made. It is worth noting only the installation of an oil radiator from a helicopter, the manufacture of a chrome air filter housing and mulisure from Honda, and a separate one is installed for each cylinder.

All other nodes from ZAZ-968. The fastening of the power unit also did not undergo any changes. Two fastening points are located in the corners of the arch, which is a place of connection of the upper beam and side spar. The third is between the lower spar at the same level with the front of the gearbox. The gear lever is on the left, since the driver’s right hand is busy managing the throttle. The thrust of the gear shift mechanism is attached to the shank of the box through the hinge, similar to the “Zhigulevsky”.


A separate description deserves the design of the front wheel suspension. It is made according to the lever scheme, which is rare quite rarely. The suspension of two pairs of consoles and two pairs of springs consists. The consoles are made of titanium and are interconnected by transverse levers. The front wheel axis passes through the transverse levers.

Step two

By the way, there is a simple way to check the performance of the power supply. To do this, it must be disconnected from the motherboard. The connectors of the wires leading from the block to the plateau are simply disconnected. The connectors can be 20 or 24 contact (4 or 6). To check whether the block works, it is necessary to shorten 14 or 15 contacts with each other (if the twenty.Pin connector) or 16 and 17 (if twenty.Four contact). That is, the wires of green (sometimes gray) color and black are interconnected. Then the unit itself is connected to the network via a socket. If the culler fan has earned, then everything is in order, the reason is not in it. We must look for other breakdowns.You can also sew a newborn envelope-deed. Compared to the previous option, it has a simple and easy to sew the pattern. This envelope is very easily transformed into a children’s blanket, then, if necessary, again going to the envelope. A small amount of time will take its sewing, and the convenience of this thing is undoubted.

Correctly performed installation of door loops provides the correct functioning of the door from the usual ponytail, fashionable tail in the 60s with the basis of the crown of the crown

Each of us is remembered by the celebration of the New Year, especially a beautiful Christmas tree with toys, garlands, confetti and candles. In order not to buy a real Christmas tree or make any addition to it, there is the possibility of creating a hand-made jewelry for the holiday from what is at hand. Such a craft will surely delight your loved ones and friends.

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A transparent glass container with a lid of puppets were very different, but they all had one common feature by the lack of face. It is easy to explain this: through the facial features of the doll, it can be exposed to dark forces and bring negative energy to the house.

Having mentioned warm beds, a few words about their device should be said. The warm bed consists of several layers. The lower layer thick branches, cardboard, etc. Organic residues with a low decomposition rate. The middle layer of foliage, tops, hay, straw, etc. Garden waste with an average decomposition rate. Upper layer compost and earth. The thickness of each layer is approximately 20 cm. The lower two layers gradually rot and release heat. Therefore, the bed after winter thaws much faster and you can plant seedlings in it before. Thus, an early crop is achieved.

Minitor from the walk.Behind tractor agro

This alteration of the walk.Behind tractor is similar and in the methods that are used for aggregates of other brands. At the same time, there are features that include the correct choice of brake equipment, hydraulics, steering system. No less necessary are high.Quality durable additional wheels.

When creating equipment with your own hands, it is necessary to use additional amplification for leading semi.Shafts. To do this, you can use wheel gearboxes. There is also the ability to install the engine on the back of the equipment, which allows us to equally distribute the load.

Mini-tractors are great for giving, processing small gardens, carriage of goods or garbage and snow removal. With proper assembly, the technique will last as long as possible and will delight with high performance. To create it, you need to hold certain rules and schemes that will allow you to correctly attach all the details. This allows you to easily remake a motor unit of any type, enhancing its power.

make, motorcycle, block

Where to begin?

First, make the drawings of the future tractor. You can find a ready.Made scheme in the public domain on the Internet. Then make a frame out of tubes and metal fasteners.

It is desirable that it contains a mobile part so that the trailer can turn. After that, make a body of their metal sheet.

Homemade ATV, Tricycle, Baggi, with your own hands, homemade, homemade

Many people ask how to independently make a karakat from a walk.Behind tractor. Now craftsmen are trying to modernize any equipment that falls under the arms and make something unusual. Every year there are more and more such people. Especially often, masters are trying to build all.Terrain vehicles, one of the species is a karakat, which is built from a conventional motoblock.

How to make a karakat from a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands

Even the easiest option for karakat is able to develop speeds up to 70 km/h and can easily pass any off.Road and withstand all the loads assigned to it. He can perform all these functions due to a strong suspension, which can easily be made from steel pipes connected by hinges and welding.

No expensive materials are needed to make such an unit. It remains only to tune slightly under the manner of driving this vehicle.

Consider how to make a karakat from a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands. In the process of creating karakat, the following stages can be distinguished:

  • Making a frame. It is advisable to use a medium or high gravity engine (using a Neva walk.Behind tractor is the best option for the manufacture of such a technique), with the use of such a good quality, an all.Terrain vehicle with three or four wheels will turn out to be good quality. Some designers use spare parts from the Ural or Izh motorcycle as a frame.
  • The creation of the suspension and rear axle. The suspension design consists of two parts interconnected by hinges. At the request of the developer, you can design the front and rear suspension, ensuring their high independence.
  • Production and installation of wheels. The most expensive and long.Gathering part of the karakat.
  • Most craftsmen do not buy ready.Made discs, but use homemans, which are tires and low.Pressure chambers (it is preferable to use these products from trucks: Ural, KamAZ or their trailers).
  • Installation of engine and systems (brake, clutch, withdrawal of burned fuel products).

Before its full use on off.Road, the manufactured device should be tested.

Homemade ATV made of motorcycle unit

In addition to karakat from a motor block, you can build a home.Made ATV from a motor block, which is a four.Wheeled safe and maneuverable motorcycle.

But it is worth remembering that a home.Made ATV will be quite maneuverable and hardy, like its original, but in speed it will be much concerned with him.

The process of transformation of the walk.Behind tractor into ATV is carried out in 3 sequential stages:

  • An increase in the wheelbase, the need for which occurs due to the location of the wheels on the walk-behind engineer under the engine. This process can be carried out by embedded inserts on the machine or by buying ready.Made options in the store.
  • Creating a frame, which can be taken as a bicycle or motorcycle as a basis. In their absence, you can use ordinary steel pipes that need to be welded to each other. The frame of the frame to the walk.Behind tractor is carried out for the rotary hinge 2 pins.
  • Selection and installation of wheels. Low.Profile rubber should be used. You can’t do without disks here. You can use cameras from trucks, which will avoid installing additional shock absorbers. In order for the rubber to serve on the ATV longer, you need to take a regular canvas watering hose and wrap the wheels of the made unit in several layers. So that it does not unwind, its ends are fixed with glue.

A tricycle from a walk.Behind tractor

Consider how to make a tricycle from a walk.Behind tractor. The creation of such transport will be very slightly different from the construction of the ATV. The only thing you can use a scooter or a motorcycle as a frame, and the walk.Behind tractor itself will be located under the driver’s seat or immediately after it. Similarly, the construction of the track.

A tricycle is any three.Wheeled vehicle from a bicycle to a car, and Trike is a three.Wheeled motorcycle. At the same time, some experts argue that Trike from American English translates as a “tricycle”.

There are also buggy with a motor block engine. DIY buggy is not created as often as the aggregates considered above.

  • Pipe;
  • Wheels from trailers, trolleys, scooters, motorcycles or ATVs;
  • Hubs of wheels, steering wheel, rear axle, brake disk;
  • Braking system;
  • Motoblock;
  • Seat.

The manufacturing process itself resembles previous homemade.

So you can use ordinary motor cultivators. Only a few additional spare parts, a little tricks, ingenuity and imagination, and you can make various kinds of motorized veins with your own hands, which are not afraid of ravines, nor hills or even swamps.

The cost of components for a three.Wheeled bike

In stores selling spare parts for bicycles, you can see a wide range of components. The price depends on the manufacturer and the material from which the tricycle is collected. The bridge for a home.Made three.Haired transport costs between 20,000-30000 rubles, the default kit includes:

Homemade tricycle with a motor block (20 photos)

Many villagers have a motoblock at the disposal. This is an excellent assistant when performing a variety of field and garden affairs. It allows you to significantly reduce the time and effort spent to work on Earth, make it possible to process a greater space.

But, the trolley for the walk.Behind tractor additionally expands its functions. Now every owner will be able to transport vegetables, soil, apples, or bags with another harvest on his own unit. In addition, it is easy to make it with your own hands if you have a minimum set of necessary tools.

Homemade carts have several advantages over sales copies, which include:

  • It is not always on sale that there is just such a trailer that is suitable for you both in size and in characteristics. But by making it with your own hands you can take into account the desired size, height, and functionality.
  • The quality of most products leaves much to be desired. But having made a trailer with your own hands, you will be sure that it will last a long time.
  • The price of a home.Made apparatus is much lower than that of the purchased sample.
  • Use those made with your own hands much more pleasant.

Before constructing your own cart, be sure to think about what goals you set for it, for which you will use. Based on these facts, it will become clear which parts of the cart will need to be given maximum attention.

Before proceeding to work, you need to draw up a project that you will adhere to when constructing. If it is difficult for you to do this yourself, or you are not confident in your own abilities, it makes sense to seek help from sensible mechanics.

On the schemes they try to display the cart in different positions and angles as accurately as possible. At this stage, all the parameters of the device are planned, joints and seams are especially clearly drawn. The essence of this stage is not only to draw an approximate scheme of work, but also to think through all the little things and important nuances that will arise during work.

  • How indiscriminate nodes and details will be interconnected. It can be ordinary welding, riveting or leading among themselves.
  • How the driving nodes will be connected, using hinges, axes or bearings.
  • What will be the nodes and how they will work
  • What will be the seat: simple or rotary
  • If you plan to make the body self.Discharge, you will need additional details, such as a mechanical body cap.
  • Legs that will play the role of the stop
  • Various additional nodes that depend on how you see the final result.

As soon as everything is ready, you can start collecting the structure using:

  • Holder (bracket) for hinged parts of the cart
  • Console
  • Driven
  • A footboard that is best made from the board
  • Driver’s seat, from the same board as a footboard
  • Frame
  • Boody Board S20
  • Three supporting beams made of timber 50×50
  • Bolt M8
  • Stubborn ring made of a metal pipe
  • Wheel from a motorcycle or old Moskvich

If you use such a clear drawing, then you will get a great trolley for a walk.Behind tractor.

Tools and materials

A good option would be the manufacture of an ALPHA moped vehicle. Instead of regular engines, it is recommended to use wheels from the IZH motorcycle. But you can get a good device from the Dnieper. Even models of completely old series are suitable, including in extremely worn out.

For the rear, take car wheels. A VAZ VAZ machine of any model will be an ideal donor of the wheels and the axis.

Sometimes a tricycle is obtained from the Voskhod motorcycle. The basic mechanism has excellent speed characteristics, which increases the significance of this option. Reducer is taken from any cargo scooter. The body is made with their own hands. It is advisable to put compulsory cooling and change the transfer number.

When they say that the three.Wheeled vehicle is made of a chainsaw, it implies that the engine is taken from there. Of course, the basis will be possible to take motors only from the most powerful saws. The rest of the components are as follows:

Led star and chain taken from the bicycle;

Wings made by artisanal.

If it is decided to make a three.Wheeler from the “ant”, then additional components are usually taken from the IZH motorcycles. The motor and variator can be any, even made somewhere in Asia in semi-underground conditions. Rama, gearbox, hubs and shock.Absorbing units are removed from the “ant”. Half.Shafts borrow from the VAZ.

Hydraulic components and brakes can be taken from the Minsk motorcycle. But experienced experimenters sometimes even make them on their own.

One original and quite convenient variation. Three.Wheeled transport from Pitbike. Despite the “childhood” purpose of the source vehicle, a real all.Terrain vehicle may turn out to be excessively overcoming off.Road. Part of the stationary bridge is cut out on the ATV, leaving the factory brake and the main star. You can add a differential, but then you will have to engage in a scrupulous visionary. For note: an excellent trimmer trimmer can be created on the basis of Champion.

It is appropriate to complete the analysis of possible options on the example of three.Wheeled vehicles from the Oka. It is rarely used in its pure form, it is much more correct to create “hybrids” with motorcycles of the Ural type. For the work itself, you will need:

Welding machine (you can inverter, although not necessary);

A grinder (for cutting and grinding metal, removal of burrs);

Other tools and components. At personal discretion.

Scooter and tricycle from chainsaw

Chainsaws, as mentioned above, are very popular among home craftsmen. They are distinguished by small weight and dimensions, and in terms of power they are what you need. Today on the Web you can watch many video guidelines on how to make a tricycle, scooter or moped from a chainsaw. Often made mopeds and scooters from the Gazette “Friendship”. An old bicycle is also taken, on which all parts are installed, including a silencer of a direct flow.

An example of a homemade tricycle scooter


It is the muffler that the direct.Flower becomes, almost the main feature of the manufacture of a home.Made scooter, because you need to know some secrets of its installation. The silencer of the Echo was originally invented for sports cars. Direct muffler. In itself an increase in the power of the scooter engine.

Air filter

Air filter for a home.Made moped or tricycle is also done with your own hands. First of all, the filter should be reliable. It is recommended to use an oil filter from a Muscovite, a washbasin siphon, a metal hairpin, silicone and self.Adhesive microport for the manufacture of such an element.

  • The filter is clamped between the siphon throat and its rest;
  • The whole thing is tightened with a metal hairpin, the length of which is selected in place;
  • Put a cork on a metal hairpin;
  • We collect everything, and treat the cracks with silicone;
  • We glue microport on the siphon’s throat flanet.

Homemade air filter

make, motorcycle, block

As a result, it turns out quite attractive in appearance, and a very functional filter for any home.Made, including a moped or tricycle.

In conclusion, I would like to recall that during the manufacture of a home.Made, it will be useful to watch a video that gives a practical understanding.

Three.Wheeled bicycles for adults: types, pros and cons of

Adult three.Wheeled bicycles are a very useful invention and allow you to solve many problems. The tricycle, unlike its two.Wheeled counterpart, does not require special driving skills and is perfect for both mom with a child and a pensioner.


Three.Wheeled bicycles for adults are quite popular in Europe and Asia. In our country, consumers are just starting to look closely at these universal models. At the same time, Europeans consider 3-wheeled bikes as walking bicycles, and residents of Asian countries transport various cargoes or use as a cycle.

But perhaps, The most important scope of the use of three.Wheeled bikes is their use as specialized transport for older people who have difficulty retaining equilibrium, as well as for people with disabilities and persons suffering from a violation of the function of the vestibular apparatus.

Advantages and disadvantages

The growing popularity of three.Wheeled models is due to a number of undeniable advantages, thanks to which more and more people discover this convenient and safe type of transport for themselves.

  • The presence of the third wheel provides a stability bicycle and does not require preservation of equilibrium when driving. This is very convenient for the elderly who can stop at any time and relax without going down to the ground.
  • Most models have a low frame, ensuring the simplicity of landing on the bike. This design makes 3-wheeled bicycles a real find for people with disabilities and violations of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Many models have a large carrying capacity and are equipped with spacious baskets. This allows not only to go to the store, but also to transport small animals and poultry.
  • Daily bicycle walks provide older people with sparing physical activity, extending life and has a beneficial effect on health.
  • Most road and freight models have a short frame, which provides direct landing. In this position, the load on the back and hands is minimal, so that a person does not feel fatigue and can ride an arbitrarily long time.
  • The use of 3-wheeled bikes as a summer transport can save on fuel and lubricants and maintenance, how favorably distinguishes them from scooters. Over, the bicycle does not create noise and does not pollute the environment by harmful exhausts.

Despite a large number of advantages, the disadvantages of three.Wheeled bicycles still have. These include Combinthment of the structure, because of which problems often arise with transportation and storage of such bikes. Models are not placed in passenger elevators and are not included in the passenger car interior. In addition, bicycles with a vertical landing have an inflated center of gravity, which is why on steep turns are easy to fall to one side.

Tales with a horizontal landing, on the contrary, are able to accelerate well, but due to the low location of the rider are poorly noticeable to other road users. This requires a cyclist of increased attentiveness and accuracy, and also seriously limits the movement of such models on lively roads. And the most significant disadvantage of 3-wheeled bikes call their meager assortment or complete absence in bicycle stores.

However, this trend is characteristic only for Russia, and European and Asian markets are full of similar models of any structure. Our compatriots have to order stories in online stores and bear additional costs for the delivery of goods.

Classification of 3-wheeled bikes is carried out according to such features as Bicycle configuration, cyclist’s landing, control type, model purpose, type of drive, frame design and number of seats.

make, motorcycle, block

Making of futuristic motorcycle. I Modified Scooter to the two-wheeled vehicle

The lineup

The first MTZ-05 motoblock weighing 135 kg was produced from the 78th to the 92nd years and became the basis for further developments of small agricultural machinery. The model was intended for the processing of small land plots: gardens, garden and personalities and other individual and municipal lands. The device was equipped with a domestic one-cylinder gasoline engine OD-15.

make, motorcycle, block

MTZ-06 is one of the most common motoblocks used in personal utility farms and small farm farmers. Thanks to adopted improvements, the unit has found widespread use in all climatic zones of agriculture. A new closed disc transmission and the presence of differentials on autonomous wheels allow us to conveniently conduct pre.Sowing soil processing and other seasonal field work.

In 1992, models of MTZ “08N” and “09N”, similar in production parameters and differing only in engine power, were received in production. They are a heavy direction of small special equipment with advanced functionality:

  • Agricultural purpose. Plowing, harrowing, hilling, haymaking;
  • Communal use. Snow cleaning, fencing of lawns, sweeping paths;
  • Transport functions. Movement of goods, trawling logs.

Thanks to the wide line of additional equipment and the possibility of moving the power shaft to the front position, the MTZ Belarus 09N model has become one of the most popular heavy motoblocks in the post.Soviet market of small agricultural machinery.

The most powerful modification of the MTZ-12 is designed to work on heavy and virgin soils. The large mass of the same.Axle machine does not allow this model to compete with modern double.Axle mini.Tractors, more convenient to operate.

How to construct a mini-tractor correctly?

A fracture of the walk-behind tractor is carried out in several stages. First you need to do a frame. It is made of durable metal, which is cut into pieces of the required length, and then welded to each other. When the frame is ready, you can assemble the assembly of the chassis.

If the motor is placed in the front, then the width for the wheels can be left as in the walk.Behind tractor. In order to attach the wheels behind, you will need an additional axis. It is made the desired length, a regular piece of the pipe is suitable for this, the main thing is that the width is suitable. At the ends of the pipe, you need to install bushings and bearings. Then it will be possible to install the wheels on them.

If the motor is decided to arrange from behind, then the width of the wheels must be increased, otherwise the mini.Tractor will not have the right balancing. So, you need to remove its wheels from the walk.Behind tractor, after which you need to make the bridge a little wider.

To control the mini.Tractor, you can take the handles from the walk.Behind tractor. However, this will make a converted tractor like a motorcycle, and it will be a little inconvenient to control it. For convenience, it is better to install a regular steering column.

The driver’s seat can be made from the frame of the sled, which must be welded. In addition, you need not to forget to put the headlights, as well as dimensions. After the full assembly of the mini.Tractor, you must definitely make lubrication of all parts, as well as run into it.

From all this it follows that almost every person will be able to remake a motor block into a mini.Tractor, at least a little acquainted with the technique.

Other options for alterations

In addition, another technique will also be made from the walk.Behind tract. For example, it may turn out dumpper, pneumatic vehicle or vibration plate. Also, some craftsmen make a loader or aerial from the walk.Behind tractor. Many use motor blocks to clean corn.

Making of futuristic Three-Wheeler Vehicle. I Modified Scooter to the three wheeled vehicle


This design serves so that you can conveniently move around the snow. For this you will need quite wide wheels. The caterpillar can be obtained from the old snowmobile. She will be able to go under the wheel of a walk.Behind tractor. The snowmobile itself is made of a frame, caterpillars, some elements of pendants. Fastening can be used from the walk.Behind tractor. After remaking, a great snowmobile is obtained, which is also suitable for hunting in the swamps. Therefore, as a result, both the swamp and snowmobile is obtained.


Sometimes, when buying a factory motorcycle worker, you have to face many shortcomings. Therefore, they are most often done with their own hands. They turn out strong enough, if you use a walk.Behind tractor for this. This design will perfectly cope with its task, as well as save fuel. In addition, this design will be able to attach the department to add the necessary tools.


Such a technique as a result of the alteration will turn out to be quite compact and convenient. However, in order to cope with this work, first you need to make drawings. All work with drawings must be done in very detail. This will largely facilitate further work. After that, you can do the design itself. First you need to make a frame, you can use a channel. After that, you need to attach the beam (up to 11 meters in size) to the frame. Springs and springs will not be needed. For a simpler option, you can use a home.Made axis on which the wheels are planted. The result is a chassis. Further, using a special machine, it is necessary to grind all the mechanisms that will be needed for movement, as well as brackets and mounts for hydraulic cylinders.

How to make an unit with your own hands. Step.By.Step instructions

Motoblocks diesel on 4 wheels are the dream of many landowners. And more owners of ordinary two.Wheeled units are conceived about their independent manufacturing. In addition, it is not as difficult to redo the structure as it seems.

This will need to act according to this algorithm:

  • Boil a frame from a rolling slope in the form of a trapezoid. After that, take turns trying on the main nodes of the walk.Behind tractor and make holes for them;
  • Weld the corners to the corners of the frame. They will serve as a persistent and subframe;
  • Install the rear bridge on the frame;
  • Install and fix the engine of your walk.Behind tractor;
  • Rein the gearbox so that it is directed to the driver;
  • Install the steering;
  • Weld the towbar;
  • Rein the tank, electric system and brake system.

Having made an unit with four wheels, it must be tested. It is best to ride a walk.Behind tractor in the garden to find out if it has defects. If everything is regular. You can continue to work in the garden already in the new unit.