How to Make a Tile-Free Hole

How to make a hole in the tile? What tools and drills to use? Below we consider the most popular and effective answers to these questions.

Drill Bit

Carbide drill, or rather, with a victorious tip made specifically for drilling holes in concrete. But it is perfect for flashing through tiles, unless, of course, you follow some rules:

  1. Drill only at low speeds.
  2. Do not use hammer drill mechanism when drilling.
  3. It is recommended to drill a hole in the tile with a little pressure on the drill.

How to Make a Tile-Free Hole

When the drill passes the tile and stumbles on a concrete base, then it will be possible to turn on the percussion hammer mechanism and add speed. The holes in the tile are a simple matter, so any home craftsman who knows how to handle a drill can handle it.

Ceramic drilling with a drill for tile

A feature of this drill is a carbide spear tip, which makes the drilling process more accurate. Similar drills are used when drilling holes in glass, which, as you know, is quite fragile.

How to make a hole in a tile? The production process consists of several nuances. So that the sharp edge of the drill does not move to the side, it is recommended to stick the masking tape on the tile, and then mark the future hole on it with a pencil. Thanks to the tape, the drill will remain in the place where you put it, and there will be less chips in the tile.

It is not recommended to use adhesive tape, because it can leave glue, which will be difficult to wipe from the tile, especially if it has an uneven surface. In the future, a dark spot may appear on that spot.

Self-tapping screws with a tip LM. Klopiki

There is such a situation that it is necessary to make holes in the tile at the object or at home, but, as luck would have it, there is no crown or drill. How to cut a hole in this case? It does not matter if there are at least a few screws with a tip in the form of a drill, with which you can do your plan.

To do this, the diameter of the pipe is outlined and along the inner contour, the screws are screwed and unscrewed, thus, we cut a hole in the ceramic tile. The closer the holes are to each other, the easier it will be to squeeze out the center.

By all of the above methods, you can cut a round hole in almost any circumference.

Diamond Crown Crown

This product is a metal circle whose working edges are processed with diamond chips. The size of the crowns may have a different diameter, depending on the purpose. It is used for cutting outlets, pipes, faucets, and, of course, the hood is considered the main thing for the bathroom.

Readers are interested in how experts make a hole in a tile. The working process occurs during the rotation of the crown, worn on the center drill, which first enters the ceramics. Drilling takes place at medium speeds.

The quality of the cut hole will depend on the amount of diamond chips. Most often, such a device is used by professionals, since the price of this product is quite high for a one-time operation.

The diamond crown has a different configuration, which can include a guide drill for reliable fixation of the crown during cutting a hole in a ceramic tile. There are crowns without a drill, but it’s much more difficult to apply, a small displacement can turn into a marriage on the tile.

Видео: How to Make a Tile-Free Hole

If you suddenly had a crown without a center drill, then for a precise work you can use a pre-made template from OSB or plywood. To do this, cut a circle in plywood with a diamond crown. Then we lay the tiles under the template on an even place and you can confidently cut a hole in the tile.

Circular drill "ballerina"

The tool is a guide drill, on which is mounted a rod holding a movable cutter. During rotation, the drill and the cutter are simultaneously spinning, making the necessary hole in the tile.

This product is good for its versatility, thanks to a movable cutter that can be adjusted to any diameter. Accordingly, if you are faced with the task of cutting a hole in a tile for a wall outlet, take a look at this method.

Pros and cons of a circular drill:

  • This is a big plus. you don’t have to spend money on expensive diamond crowns, just buy a “ballerina” and you can cut any hole in the tile for outlets and not only.
  • But there is also a minus of this tool. it is not suitable for professional use, because after 30 working processes the cutter will become dull and will cease to perform its functions efficiently, because of this, ceramics will suffer greatly.

How to use the "ballerina"

All work consists of several stages:

  1. The hole for the outlet is marked.
  2. The movable cutter is adjusted to the required diameter.
  3. Glaze cuts through from the front.
  4. Then the tile is turned over and cut from the back, but not to the end.
  5. We finish the cut on the front side.

To avoid chips, it is recommended to carry out carving at low speeds.

We cut a hole using a jigsaw

Now we will figure out how to make a hole in a tile with an electric jigsaw. Such a tool will allow the master to easily make a beautiful and even cut. With it, you can cut through any circle and even shape, whether it is an oval, ellipse or triangle.

But to perform such work, you need to purchase a special canvas with a diamond coating or, as they call it, a diamond file. Thanks to what the cut out circle will be absolutely equal.

The process of using a jigsaw:

  1. On the front of the tile we outline the desired diameter.
  2. If the cut-off area is on the edge, then you can begin to work.
  3. And if the zone with the hole is in the center, then the hole is drilled first in order to insert the diamond blade. A sawing string is threaded into the finished hole and displayed in an inner circle.
  4. The main rule recommends. sawing tiles slowly.

Of course, all this can be done with a hand tool, only the quality will be much worse.

Cut the angle grinder circle

To make a hole in the ceramic tile for a socket without drills and crowns, you must have an angle grinder with a diamond wheel. With this tool, you can easily cut through the tiles and make curly cuts.

Figured execution an angular grinder on a tile under a pipe:

  1. As in the previous examples, first of all, a circle is drawn on the tile on the front side of the desired size.
  2. A cross is drawn exactly in the center, then we draw diagonal lines to get something like a star.
  3. We turn on the angle grinder and from the center we begin to cut these straight lines in order. It is necessary to heat the diamond wheel to the line of the drawn circle, so that subsequently the holes in the tile are even.
  4. When all the lines are cut, you can start cutting through the circle itself. Gently and slowly cut the circle.
  5. When the triangular pieces fall out of the circle, the angle grinder can easily trim the edges.
  6. During operation, it is not advisable to keep the tile on weight.

It is important to remember (so as not to spoil the corporate side of the tile). it is better to trim the front part, not the work area.

Glass cutting

Many home craftsmen often face the problem of trimming ceramic tiles. For one case, buying an additional instrument is irrational. Therefore, you can do with a good glass cutter.

The cut should pass along the front part, therefore, after measuring, the desired size is marked on the tile and is carried out continuously by a glass cutter until a well-cut train is displayed on the tile. The reverse side of the glass cutter you need to tap the cut line (seam).

After that, the cut piece is removed with a sharp plow down with pliers or pliers. It happens that if the job fails, there are notches that can be ironed out with sandpaper or stone.

To make the material more pliable, it is recommended to soak it in warm water. But just cut a hole in the tile under the socket with a glass cutter is unlikely to succeed.