How to Make a Tiller from Champion 40 Engine

On the streets of modern cities you will not be surprised at the presence of various snow-removing equipment. Utilities use it to clear roads from a snow embankment, as well as to transport cleaned snow outside the city.

But there are other representatives of similar technology. household snow blowers. Of course, they have much less power compared to large equipment.

The main advantages are their mobility and simple operation, with which anyone can cope, even without the proper skills and technical education. Among such a technique, a snow blower can be distinguished self-propelled gasoline Champion 656, which will be discussed.

Application area

Champion 656 snow blower self-propelled units, working on a gasoline engine. This circumstance allows the use of this snow blower in many fields and areas:

  • Use for clearing the snow cover of the territory adjacent to the house, regardless of scale.
  • Snow removal in the most inaccessible places where larger snow-removing equipment cannot get into.
  • Cleaning specific surfaces (gravel, tile, etc.).
  • Snow removal from car parks.
  • Use for cleaning training complexes and sports facilities.
  • Use not only at the household level, but also in the utility sector.

This unit, as well as Husqvarna, forte qi jy 50, cmi 163, snow fox sf16353l, lux 163, Patriot, Champion, Honda, Foreman, mtd perfectly cope with small snow drifts and snowdrifts, but there may be certain difficulties in cleaning the thawed surface, or heavily compacted snow flooring.

In such cases, preliminary preparation of the surface, i.e. loosening with a handy tool, Kyle, so that the snow blower can freely process the snow cover.

For more information on the Champion 656 self-propelled petrol snow blower, see the video:

Technical specifications and prices

Snow Champion 656 is available AI-92 petrol engine. This is a fairly standard brand of fuel, which is always available at any gas station.

Specifications Champion 656:

  • type of motor used. 4-stroke, gasoline;
  • engine make. G160HK;
  • fuel tank capacity. 3.5 l;
  • width of the processed strip. 56 cm;
  • working height of snow cover. 42 cm;
  • power of the used motor. 5.5 hp;
  • type of system. two-stage;
  • self-propelledness. is;
  • total weight. 75 kg;
  • distance of ejected snow. up to 8 meters;
  • engine displacement. 163 cm3;
  • bucket height. 51 cm;
  • headlights. are absent;
  • unit length. 76 cm;
  • unit width. 88 cm;
  • unit height. 65 cm;
  • start type. manual;
  • country of origin. China.

The price of the Champion ST 656 snow blower is from 30 to 40 thousand rubles, depending on the region of sale.


  • Thanks to the use of a new engine, it became possible to use the unit for a long time without interruption.
  • The design has a 60 W generator, which allows you to install lights on the unit that allow you to work in the dark.
  • In official dealerships, you can replace the engine with a more powerful one.
How to Make a Tiller from Champion 40 Engine

User’s manual

The Champion 656 snow blower has similar operating rules with the Huter, craftsman, stiga, Tselin, Lynx snow blowers, as well as safety standards for work, with similar self-propelled units presented by other companies.

This device is a technically complex unit, therefore, compliance with these standards will not only increase the operating period, but will also protect you and others from possible harm.

The Champion 656 snow blower has following instruction:

  • It is strictly forbidden to immerse or keep close to those areas of the unit where there are rotating structural elements. Failure to follow this precaution could result in serious injury.
  • It is necessary to monitor the condition of individual parts of the structure. At the slightest hint of a malfunction, you should not start work until the problem is resolved.
  • It is necessary to start the snow blower motor exclusively on the street, in order to avoid poisoning by toxic exhausts.
  • Only persons who have read the instructions and are also familiar with basic safety precautions are allowed to operate the unit.
  • Persons under the age of majority, as well as citizens who are intoxicated and drug intoxicants, are not allowed to manage. Before starting work, you should avoid the use of potent drugs that affect the coordination and psyche of a person.
  • You do not need to touch the engine during operation, because it has the property of being very hot during operation.
  • Particular attention should be paid to those areas where there are various slopes and ascents. It is not recommended to clean in areas where significant surface slopes are visible.

Video: How to Make a Tiller from Champion 40 Engine

  • Make sure that the discharge chute is not directed to glass surfaces, as well as to other property of value.
  • During operation, make sure that there are no people or animals nearby. The normal distance to them is 10 meters.
  • Do not overload the engine severely for short breaks.
  • It is best to clean the snow in the daytime. With the onset of dusk, visibility sharply worsens, which can lead to the fact that you simply will not see a person standing nearby.
  • Work at minimum speeds.
  • Wear suitable clothing to work with the snow blower, i.e. warm and comfortable. Shoes should not be slippery, and use glasses to protect your eyes.
  • Learn how to quickly stop the machine so that during emergency situations you can quickly turn off the snow blower.
  • Before starting work, remove all excess from the surface that you want to clear of snow.
  • Items such as stones, small pieces of boards, when flying out of the gutter, can harm not only property, but also the health of others.

    Separate attention should be paid to the fuel used. Remember that it is not only flammable, but also toxic. In this case, the elementary safety rules are quite enough for the safe handling of fuel.

    Device and repair

    The Champion 656 snow blower has a similar design to the rest of the gasoline self-propelled snow blowers.

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    The difference between them is the use of various brands of engine, as well as materials for the manufacture of the body, gutter, etc.

    The Champion 656 snow blower device is as follows:

    • Gas engine. Depending on the configuration, various engine models can be used. It is launched manually using a cable, according to the principle of a manual chainsaw factory.
    • Snow rotor. Unlike single-stage snow blower types, the Champion 656 uses an extra rotor that pushes crushed snow out.
    • Auger mechanism. It consists of a shaft on which there are 4 blades made of metal. The ends of these blades have a gear structure that allows loosening the snow floor.
    • Ladle. Inside this bucket is a screw device. It performs not only a protective role for the auger, but also rakes the cut snow, which is then fed to the rotor mechanism.
    • Gutter. Shredded snow is thrown out on it. A sheet metal gutter is made, and the angle is adjusted on the device control panel.
    • Wheels. Winter tires are used to move around snow massifs, increasing traction.
    • Control Panel. Here are the main controls for the unit, various buttons, levers, etc.
    • Pens. Handles allow the operator to control the snow blower, guiding him along the desired path.

    During the operation of gasoline snow blowers, a number of malfunctions can arise, which will have to be addressed in a timely manner. Some of these problems cannot be repaired; the only way out is to replace the failed part with a new one. Most problems can be completely corrected without buying new parts.

    Manufacturer describes possible problems, as well as methods for resolving them at home:

    • There is a decrease in power. to eliminate this problem, you need to check the fuel system, if necessary, clean it. In addition, cleaning the muffler from accumulated soot may help.
    • Significant vibration. you should check the reliability of the fastening of the connecting elements. Tighten all bolts and nuts.
    • The screw mechanism does not rotate. if you have such a problem, then most likely the bolts were cut off, or the gearbox failed.

    By the way gearbox repair for Champion 656 snow blower can be done by replacing the gear, located inside the gearbox. It is made of bronze, so it can wear out pretty quickly.

    All repair work comes down to unscrewing the bolts on the gearbox, removing the old gear and installing a new one in its place.

    Useful Tips and Warnings

    The Champion 656 snow blower has its own characteristics, as well as small recommendations from the manufacturer aimed at improving the work, as well as increasing the life of the unit.

    Here key recommendations:

    • For greater cleaning efficiency, start work immediately after the snow cover.
    • To increase the efficiency of cleaning, you need to capture part of the area that you have already cleaned.
    • Try to ensure that the snow ejected from the gutter is in the direction of the wind. Otherwise, if the direction is reversed, all the snow will be inflated to the cleared areas.
  • If the surface to be cleaned is flat, then a slide can be installed 3 mm below the level of the screw mechanism. If the snow is already compacted, then these slides should be lifted in order to better clear the snow.
  • If the surface being cleaned is very specific (gravel or crushed stone), then the slide must be installed in the lowest position. This will prevent the capture of small particles from the surface.
  • After snow removal, do not turn off the engine immediately. It is necessary to let the unit work for some time without load, so that the heat from the working engine will melt the snow adhering to the motor. This is necessary in order to avoid freezing of the rotor mechanism.
  • Clean the unit after each operation.
  • It is necessary to ensure that there is no ice on the snow blower.
  • Before each use, check the oil level. Pour to the brim is not worth it, just one centimeter to the brim.
  • No need to pull the snow blower to the other side of its movement. This may harm the wheelbase.
  • Compliance with these recommendations will significantly increase the life of the device, without losing its performance.

    If you encounter problems that you cannot handle on your own, you need to contact the appropriate service center.

    Therefore, write down the exact serial number of the snow blower in order to immediately provide the specialists with all the information


    Snow Blower Champion 656 is a great solution to the eternal problem of snow removal, which is very urgent for many of our regions. Everyone knows that we have mild winters, so it is becoming increasingly difficult for owners of country houses to get along with a regular shovel.

    Snow blowers of this type are made specifically for this category of citizens.

    Given that the price of Champion 656 is quite acceptable, You can not be afraid that the purchase of a snow blower will hit the family budget hard. In the end, this is better than tearing your back while cleaning snowdrifts.