How to make a tiller mower

How to make a rotary mower with your own hands

The rotary mower is selected taking into account the characteristics of the cultivated land. Models for tiller and mini tractor differ in transportation methods, dimensions, functionality. Any rotary lawn mower is designed for mowing grass.

Homemade devices

If necessary, you can make a rotary mower for a tiller and a mini tractor with your own hands. To make equipment for a tiller, you will need a welding machine, fittings, tape measure, metal corners.

The frame of a homemade rotary mower for a tiller is made of metal corners (4×4 cm). Then the bearings are installed. The next step is to manufacture the working part of the apparatus.

The resulting structure will chop small grass and mow tall weeds. Do-it-yourself Neva rotary mower for a tiller is made of 2 discs taken from a seeder, a gearbox and a chain from a chainsaw.

Each disc will require 4 knives. Cutting elements are made of hardened metal. To install them, drill holes with a diameter of 6 mm. The cutting elements are fixed to the tiller with a shank. At the same time, the gap between these elements is maintained (1-2 mm).

This design ensures fast mowing of grass.

In the photo, a Simple rotary mower for a tractor with your own hands

During the work of the tiller with a rotary mower, it is possible to rotate the knives by 360 degrees.

The axis of the apparatus is made of carbon steel, with a diameter of more than 8 mm. In order for the knives to move freely, the axle is tightened with a disc. The discs are mounted on the frame, linking them to the drive. The discs must rotate opposite each other (to ensure that they are folded into rows of cut grass).

Model range of units

Rotary tiller mower can be presented in the form of the following models:

  • Zarya. installed using a gearbox and additional brackets. The device is used for mowing grass, small shrubs and grain. The width of the structure is 70-80 cm. If necessary, the device is used when processing stony soil;
  • “Dawn 1”. used for soil cultivation in a hard-to-reach place;
  • “KNS-0.8 Strizh”. allows you to mow grass 2 m high;
  • “KM-0.5”. compact model with a cutting width of 50 cm.

Models of rotary mowers for mini tractors:

  • Z083 MINI. designed for mowing grass in a large area. This model is not used on mountainous terrain;
  • DM 135. Mows and mows the grass. The model is equipped with 8 knives;
  • “KP-2.1M”. a mounted rotary mower for mini tractors allows you to work the land with solid objects;
  • Z-069 Wirax. Polish model, with which you can process a large area. The grass is mowed and laid in swaths;
  • KRN-2.1B. mows the grass in a difficult area;
  • SB-1200. semi-mounted model of Czech production. With this mobile structure, you can repeat the topography of the soil.

Pictured Mower for tractor Z-069 Wirax

Rotary Mower Specifications

Experts classify the units under consideration into the following types:

  • devices that mow and lay grass in swaths;
  • devices that mow and lay grass in windrows;
  • rotary mowers for tiller, which mow and chop the grass.

Some models submerge, flatten the grass while mowing and laying in the swath. Taking into account the method of installation, experts distinguish such devices as trailed, semi-mounted and rotary mounted mower.

The device in question consists of a rear, front and side cutting system. Apparatus with 1, 2, 3 or 5 bars are installed on the tractor. The rotor scythe is launched by the action of the shaft or the wheels of the tractor.

In the photo Rotary mower for a mini tractor

The considered units are installed on the tractor and the trailer in a horizontal position. The knife and connecting rod must move in the same plane. For work on a small plot of land, a Polish tractor mower is used. Front mounted model divides the land into corrals.

Before buying a rotary mower for a tiller, the principle of its operation is studied. If it is necessary to mow sown high-yielding and lodged grasses, weeds, then a rotary apparatus is used. Such a mower fixes itself to the tiller or tractor. The equipment consists of a bar to which the knives are attached.

The device with a grinder consists of a rotor, frame, drive mechanism, pipeline. The principle of operation of a rotary mower on a tiller: when the machinery moves, the vegetation is tilted with a shield, then mowed with a knife. The grass rises, is crushed, falling into the container.

If it is necessary to quickly cultivate the land, then a Polish mower for a tractor or tiller with several cutting elements is used. Experts recommend buying such devices taking into account the following criteria:

  • cutting height of the grass;
  • performance;
  • knife speed.

Plus a rotary mower for a mini tractor. the presence of a damping device that protects the knife from various obstacles. Experts refer to the additional advantages of the device:

  • easy to operate;
  • high security;
  • saving time.

Additional work

To improve the tiller, you can make an adapter yourself. This small trailer functions as a cab with the option to mount a mounted rotary mower. the tiller is controlled by turning the knobs. The handlebar length is taken into account before the adapter is manufactured. The axle of the trailer is made of suspension elements of a sidecar from a motorcycle. Experts recommend making an axle from a steel angle 40x40x2. Square pipes are welded to reinforce the adapter.

A homemade rotary mower for a mini tractor is made by hand using old iron batteries and a barrel. The device consists of cutting elements, a casing and a frame. The rotary mower slides on the ground with the lower discs.

In the photo, a mower for a tiller with your own hands

To make a frame, 40 cm corners are used. The unit is equipped with knives from an old rotary mower. If a Polish model is used, then it is necessary to shorten it by 3 cm.Otherwise, there will not be enough traction for the mini tractor.

2 discs with a diameter of 39 cm are cut out of a metal sheet 4 mm thick. Knives are fixed to them (they must rotate freely). In the process of movement, under the influence of centrifugal force, the cutting elements will mow the grass.

For the manufacture of the lower supports, discs from a cultivator (diameter 45 cm) are used. The shafts can be made from a metal tube with a diameter of 30 mm. The device is equipped with 2 bearings:

  • the first is installed in the pipe;
  • second. in welded pulley.
make, tiller, mower

A disc and knives are put on the shaft. The pulleys are welded to the pipe. The resulting structure allows you to capture an area 110-115 cm wide. The shaft turnover is 1400. A casing is mounted on the apparatus. At the junction of the mower with a mini tractor, it is recommended to install a bearing to extend the life of the belt.
To simplify the design, experts advise welding the lower disc to the frame. Unit speed. 10 km / h At the same time, grass is cut with a height of 5 cm.The resulting rotary mower is used for harvesting corn.

Rotary mounted mower for tiller

An important role in choosing a mower is played by the relief, size and vegetation of your site. If low grasses or cereals grow on it, then the Zarya rotary mower will do. For a tiller, it is the best budget option. Such a mower mows well on a flat area or with a deviation of no more than 20 degrees. The principle of operation is to rotate discs mounted on rotors.

Pluses of a rotary mower:

  • the cut grass is laid in swaths;
  • simple disc design;
  • easy to repair.
  • traumatic in operation;
  • when working, you must always be on the lookout so as not to damage the knives with stones.

Many landowners buy a rotary mower due to the fact that the knives can be installed in different ways (front or rear).

Tiller mower segment

The design of this model is somewhat reminiscent of a hand saw. The knives here move back and forth due to the motor shaft. Such a mower can work on a large area and any relief. It features good performance and an extended working width of up to 1,100 millimeters.

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The advantages of the segment mower:

  • cuts the grass almost at the very root;
  • equipped with a manual emergency shutdown mechanism;
  • creates a minimum of vibration in the knife blade;
  • the inclination of the web is regulated.

Disadvantages of the segment model:

  • difficulty in servicing the mechanism;
  • quite high price;
  • large dimensions and weight.

Tiller Lawn Mowers

What if you need to mow the lawn around your home? Due to its size, neither a rotary nor a segment mower for a tiller can cope with this task. For this, there are mechanical or gasoline lawn mowers, which are purchased as attachments to the tiller. They are easy to operate and have proven to be reliable helpers in small work areas.

Mower models are different

Tiller mower: choose wisely

Tiller owners are always faced with a choice when purchasing attachments for their helper. It is not cheap, so you need to approach its acquisition responsibly.

The choice is made

Whatever tiller mower you have, it requires proper use. When starting the mower for the first time, stop the tiller after half an hour of operation and check all fasteners. If the scythe vibrates strongly, then it is necessary to stop working and eliminate possible malfunctions (fix or replace the knives). If unmown areas of grass appear, check the sharpening of the blades and the tension of the drive belt. Also, before work, the oil in the gearboxes is checked.

Making a rotary mower: step by step instructions

To make a rotary mower for a tiller with your own hands, drawings, tools and materials are required. Drawings are available on the Internet, you just need to select the desired design. The following details will be required from the materials:

  • 2 discs from a grain seeder;
  • chain from the chainsaw reducer;
  • 8 knives made of hardened steel;
  • shank;
  • opener.

In addition, you will need corners, profiles or pipes for the manufacture of a frame, fasteners.

You will also need tools:

After all the materials and tools are ready, proceed with the assembly. Drill a 6 mm hole in the center of each disc. Fix the splint on the opener, and then fix the knives on it. Provide the knives with a 360-degree rotation, this is necessary so that in the event of a collision with stones and hard objects, the knives will rotate and not break.

The axis of fasteners for a rotary home-made mower for a tiller with their own hands is made of carbon steel with a thickness of 8 mm or more. The axle must be tightened all the way.


Equipment of this type is usually aggregated with heavy tillers equipped with water cooling systems. Mower-carts are intended for large-scale work. cutting in large quantities of tall and thick weeds and bushes, large hay harvests. Sometimes the structure is equipped with a rake, which greatly simplifies the collection of the cut grass. As with other types of structures, there is a slide for adjusting the cutting height.

make, tiller, mower


Note that various types of structures are known, and their list is not limited to the listed three. However, it is the mowers of the rotary and segment type, as well as of the “cart” type that are not only the most popular, but are also easily accessible for assembly at home. Each type of construction has its own characteristics and its own advantages and disadvantages, significant in some working conditions and insignificant in others.

Device and principle of operation

There are several types of mowing equipment. The most popular and at the same time the most often made on their own are frontal ones. providing for the installation of the mower on the tiller from the front. Three types of structures can be distinguished:

  • rotary (disk);
  • segment;
  • “Carriage”.

These types of equipment differ not only in appearance, but also in the principle of operation. It is necessary to understand it, since the technical capabilities of the device must fully meet the expectations of its owner. Let’s take a closer look at each type separately.

How to make a segment mower with your own hands

To assemble a segment mower, you need the following parts:

  • metal bar with parameters 15 × 50 × 120 mm;
  • knives;
  • disks;
  • wheel;
  • fasteners (bolts, nuts).

The variability of mowers will allow you to create the cheapest and highest quality option for you.

The toolbox is identical to all those listed for the previous design. To build, you need to follow these steps:

  • drill holes in the timber for M8 bolts;
  • make sure each knife has a segment on the back and a clip for the drive arm;
  • fasten the knives to the bar on both sides;
  • fix the clamps and sleds to the bar;
  • install the wheel.

The mechanism is driven by a shaft, which causes the knives to rotate and back and forth, allowing the mechanism to easily cut thick weeds.


The construction of the segment mower is extremely simple. It includes a frame and bars fixed on it (as a rule, there are two of them). Knives are placed between the bars, making back-and-forth movements according to the scissor principle. over, the work of the segments alternates. while one is in motion, the other is motionless. The grass is mowed quickly and evenly, and the design features of the device allow it to be successfully used for mowing on surfaces with difficult terrain.

The frame is positioned on support wheels, which allows both frontal placement and attachment behind the tiller. As in the rotary version, the design includes a slide that allows you to adjust the cutting height of the grass. Due to the peculiarities of the principle of operation, devices of this type cope well with weeds with thick stems, successfully mow dry plants and are very effective in harvesting green forage.

One of the main advantages that users note is the availability, ease of use of this type of device and rather rare breakdowns. However, segment mowers have disadvantages. These include low productivity, in addition, equipment of this type is not very suitable for mowing low plants.

DIY carriage mower

In order to assemble a mower of this type, you will need the following materials:

make, tiller, mower
  • metal corners for frame assembly;
  • four wheels (the larger they are, the less damage they will cause to the lawn);
  • sheet (metal or plywood) 80 × 40;
  • two cans (cans);
  • 8 metal discs;
  • 4 knives;
  • sleeve;
  • drum;
  • transport tape;
  • fasteners.

The set of tools required is the same as for assembling other types of mowers. Next, you need to do the following:

  • Assemble the frame from the corners and fix a sheet of metal on it.
  • Remove the covers and bottoms from the cans and secure to the frame. Place discs in place of the bottom on each jar: on the outside with a diameter of 20 cm, on the inside. 17 cm.
  • Bolt the discs in pairs.
  • Place the knives on the discs at the same distance so that they can rotate freely.
  • Install the bushing into the drum and secure to the frame.
  • Connect the drums with a conveyor belt.
  • Secure the lower drum bushing.
  • Attach the corners to the drum.
  • Make sure the knives are secured.
  • Install the device on the tiller.

How to choose a mower

When choosing any agricultural machinery, land owners are guided by several principles:

  • front of work;
  • technical characteristics of the tiller;
  • availability.

Naturally, one should take into account both the area of ​​the site, and the characteristics of the plants for which the mower is intended to be mowed, and the mode of loading the equipment. The availability of a homemade mower is understood as the simplicity of its manufacture. The design issue is also important. different types of mowers work according to different principles.

In this video, we will consider a do-it-yourself mower for a tiller:

How to make a mower for a tiller with your own hands?

It often happens that for some reason the manufacturer does not have a special mower on sale, specifically for this model, or that it does not suit its characteristics. In this case, it is not difficult to work on a homemade option. Full production based on own farm will be demonstrated using the example of segment variation.

Of the spare parts, first of all, you need to take a 5×1.5 rectangular pipe with a length of 120 cm.A regular piece of an old braid is also suitable. About 12 centimeter holes are drilled on the pipe at equal distances, as the drawings show.

A frame should be prepared from welded corners and pipes, the frame can be covered with plywood and wheels can be attached to it. The tape is made of rubber ring-shaped. It is convenient to fix it with duralumin plates. Clamps are also welded onto the frame to install the cutting strip. For the latter, a strip with metal blades is attached to a pre-prepared pipe with holes with M8 bolts.

Why do you need a segment mower for a tiller?

This option of attachments is chosen when it comes to very large areas, while there are no problems with changes in soil level and there is no need for accurate maneuverability. Segment mowers, in turn, are also divided into two types:

  • finger;
  • fingerless.

The main difference from rotary counterparts is the shearing of the plant at the very root, and not its gradual crushing. In this case, the knives are launched parallel to the ground so that the cut is as low as possible. Equipped with damping contours that protect the blades of the knife cutting edge from any adverse external factors. True, a front-mounted mower for a tiller can only be installed from the side, connecting it to the motor pulley of the unit, which somewhat increases the processing time (passage. maximum 2 m / s). But, greater weight and dimensions allow to cover larger areas and make the mechanism more durable. Here the grass is dumped in one row, and its collection can be organized simultaneously by connecting a special baler. Or, just later, by starting a mulcher on the trail of the mower.

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Tiller Mower

A mower to a tiller is a fairly versatile and affordable solution that eliminates the need to purchase separate equipment. The tasks facing this attachment include lawn mowing, harvesting forage, harvesting a number of crops, clearing weeds and preparing the site for further processing.

At the same time, the addition to the tiller in the form of it is easily removable, conveniently maintained and quite productive. It is also convenient that most modern models can not only cut vegetation, but also lay it in neat rows or collect it in containers.

Competent installation of the mower on the tiller

The newly purchased product must be correctly installed on the equipment in order to ensure the required performance and quality of work. Let’s consider an approximate order of assembly and installation using the rotary version as an example:

  • We check the delivery package (from model to model, the set may differ, but, as a rule, it is a drive belt, frame, fitting, fasteners, rotor cover, hydraulic hose, support skids, hydraulic cylinder, drive belt tension system, rotors with knives, spare parts);

We mount the frame to the tiller mounts in such a way that it is 45 degrees with a vertical plane and so that the spline parts look up;

We install the rotors on the frame so that their knives are located at the bottom. It is important that they fit completely onto the slot;

We attach the rotary cover to the same slot;

We fix with the attached cotter pins and nuts;

We mount the tensioning system by pulling out the cotter pin and unscrewing the lock nut on the pulley. The next step is to carefully knock out the pulley so that the key is not lost. With a properly installed system, its handle will be directed upwards and fixed with bolts from the spare parts;

Next, on the frame with bolts from the spare parts and accessories, we fix the slide so that their concave part looks inward;

We spread the frame rings. they should be located outside the tiller frame. After that, we finally connect to the second mower;

We throw the drive belt onto the pulley in the direction of travel. It is important that the tiller and mower remain aligned;

We mount the hydraulic cylinder. hydraulic hose system (if the connection is provided on the tiller).

At the end of the assembly, the product must be prepared for work:

  • activate reverse on motor vehicles;
  • remove weights from the wheels (if any);
  • put the motor at low speed;
  • make a test run on a level area without interference, checking the quality of the result and, if necessary, adjusting the blades and speed.

Rotary mower for a tiller: principle of operation and features

This modification is designed to work, including on uneven ground. It can be single-disk (with the cutting edge of the knives of a single rotor disk) and double-disk (respectively, with two rotors, the knives of which rotate, as a rule, towards each other).

Among the advantages of a rotary mower are the following:

  • Increased maneuverability due to compactness and light weight for perfect maneuverability between bushes and trees;
  • Suitable for both water and air cooled tillers;
  • Depending on the model, the mowing width can be in the range of 52-80 cm, and the height of the sprout fence. 5-14 cm. All this, of course, is regulated when the tiller is working with the mower;
  • You can change the angle of the knives to improve their efficiency in hard-to-reach places. Also, for the same purpose, you can equip the product with additional skis;
  • The presence of special drums, the task of which is to push the plants, so that the instrument does not clog even with thick and hard varieties.

Scope: haymaking, weed removal from the roadside, pruning of small bushes. After beveling, the waste is placed in the so-called. windrows, which is convenient for its subsequent harvesting or disposal. At the exit, the mass is sufficiently crushed to be immediately used in soil fertilization, covering plants, preparing humus without using an additional mulchator.

Types of mowers to tiller

Mowers existing in everyday life are usually divided according to the classification according to the principle of operation into:

  • Rotary (disk);
  • segmental (frontal).

Each type meets specific requirements for working conditions, as well as expected functionality.

Depending on the model of the tiller, the mower can be attached only from the front or rear, or also from the side, and one of the following mounting methods is available:

  • hinged. single-beam canopy is designed for use in small areas;
  • trailed. working surfaces can be attached even from three sides of the tiller at the same time, which increases productivity on large areas;
  • semi-mounted. double-deck version for large areas.

The option of a mounted mower for a tiller is averaged in its characteristics and is considered quite economical.

According to the method of obtaining the torque, the models connected to the power take-off shaft or to the wheels are distinguished.

Tiller Mower Tips

  • During work, it is imperative to take technical breaks to inspect the condition of the fasteners and the correct position of the belt tension;
  • If it is necessary to replace the working tool, it must first be de-energized;
  • Be sure to use protective clothing and goggles;
  • It is possible to bypass a working mower only from the rear;
  • You should strictly adhere to the recommendations for working speed, otherwise you can forget about the quality;
  • Avoid touching the cutting edges even in the switched off state;
  • It is important to transport and store the product always when the power is disconnected.

A hand-made mower will go well with any brands of tillers, in particular with the Neva, MTZ, Salyut, Zarya and MB 2. Similar devices, only of the rotary type, can be installed not only on the mentioned models, but also on Agat, Oka, Agro, Zubr, Centaur, Ural and Patriot.

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Rotary and segment mowers for tillers: comparison and detailed analysis, and characteristics

There are two types of mowers that can be mounted on a tiller. rotary and segment. They differ only in the principle of operation. Both have their own merits, it cannot be said unequivocally that it is better. It all depends on the goals and characteristics of your site.

Rotary and segment mowers for tillers: comparison and detailed analysis, and characteristics

There are two types of mowers that can be mounted on a tiller. rotary and segment. They differ only in the principle of operation. Both have their own merits, it cannot be said unequivocally that it is better. It all depends on the goals and characteristics of your site.


It consists of a frame on which discs with cutting elements are installed, the number of discs is different, usually there are two or three. On the side of the frame there is a slide, by means of which the cutting height of the grass is regulated. The operation of the rotary mower is provided by a tiller with the help of a transmission while driving.

The number of knives determines the performance, the more there are, the higher the speed, but when choosing, you need to start from the characteristics of your motor-cultivator, namely its power.

According to the methods of aggregation with the tiller, the mowers are divided into groups:

  • trailed, or frontal, it is located in front of the tiller;
  • hinged, or rear, it is attached from the back;
  • semi-trailed, it is installed on the side.

The main advantage of a rotary mower for a tiller is its ease of operation, almost anyone can operate it, while ensuring complete safety.

Such mowers are made mainly in Russia and China, they are almost identical, although the reliability of domestic products is higher, they require less care and maintenance.

Segment mower KN 1.1

It is used on all types of sites, including overgrown and hard-to-reach. It also showed itself well in humid areas, therefore it is purchased by farms for the preparation of fodder for livestock.

Its high productivity, up to 0.2 hectares per hour, makes it very popular. Ease of connection and operation, minimum maintenance and low price are the main advantages. Can work with any type of cultivator MB-1 and MB-2.


  • Production: Russia;
  • Bevel width: 1100 mm;
  • Number of snare drums: 1 piece;
  • Number of knives in a circle: 4 pcs.;
  • Maximum cutting height: from 40 to 1500 mm;
  • Maximum PTO rotational speed: 2500 rpm;
  • Working speed 2-4 km / h;
  • Weight 45 kg.
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, depending on the seller

How to do it yourself

Retail chains offer a large selection of a wide variety of models, both rotary and segment mowers for tillers, with starting at 10 thousand rubles, which is affordable for most people.

However, someone may have specific requirements, or a suitable unit was lying around as a basis, so you can try to make the mower yourself. Drawings are not difficult to find on the Internet, but a frame from a corner or from a metal profile will serve as the basis for a rotary mower. Or take the rotor from the tractor, reducing it based on the power of your tiller.

Home built pull behind rototiller

Working elements are knives that are mounted on discs cut from a metal sheet. The fastening takes place as follows: an axial shaft (pipe) is welded in the center of the circles, a bearing is installed on it, another bearing is attached to a pulley.

Working units with knives are put on the axle, ease of rotation due to bearings, grass grip varies up to a meter, approximately. The finished structure is mounted on a welded chassis with wheels, and closes with a casing on top. Homemade moto scythe can be either single-disc or double-disc.

This is in a nutshell, you can see in more detail on the video, for example, this

If you need a wider grip, then there are two circles, like here

The segment mower is a little more difficult to manufacture and will require more skill and time. For its basis, a pipe of a small section will serve, in which sockets for fastening bolts are made. A strip of metal with teeth and knives is installed on them, the knives are equipped with clips for the drive, and clamps and sliders for movement are attached to the pipe. The work is provided by the drive from the tiller.

Rotary mower “Zarya”

Refers to attachments designed for mowing grass and small bushes up to 1.2 cm in diameter. It can be used not only on flat areas, but also on slopes, roadsides, easily bypasses obstacles. Farmers in small farms use it for mowing grain and forage crops, followed by laying in rows. Light weight, ease of installation and high maneuverability with sufficient power make this mower popular. Produced in Kaluga.

The Zarya lawn mower has two modifications, Zarya and Zarya-1, they are in many ways similar. Both models are connected to the tiller gearbox through a splined connection, or through a belt drive to a pulley. the lawn mower is front mounted.

Motorized cultivators that work with these mowers

  • Ugra: NMB-1, MB-1D;
  • Oka: MB-1D1, Oka MB-1D1 (2) M;
  • Kadvi MB-90M;
  • Neva MB-1 and MB-2;
  • Cascade, Luch, Agro and others.



Zarya. 1



Bevel width

Number of snare drums

Number of knives in each circle

Maximum cutting height

PTO rotation speed rpm

Working speed

The weight

, depending on the seller


Very useful equipment in the village. But I have a Mole cultivator. I can’t find a mower for it. Maybe someone has experience with a mower that can be adapted as much as a Mole? Please tell me

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Homemade mower for tiller (rotary, segment)

To facilitate the physical labor of a person on a personal plot, more than a hundred different sheds to the tiller are offered. But not everyone can afford to buy such equipment, because its cost is not cheap. The article describes a homemade mower for a tiller, the pros and cons of popular designs.

When assembling such a mower, the most important thing is to get a safe and high-quality model. To make a mower for a tiller with their own hands, they usually use improvised units from agricultural machinery. After all, the main goal pursued by the creators of a homemade mower is to save money and achieve maximum results. Some models that ordinary gardeners come up with often surprise professionals with their idea and simplicity of design.

Homemade segment mower for tiller

Such a segmented mower for a tiller is made of metal beams 15x50x120. They need to be drilled 12 holes so that their dimensions fit the M8 bolts. In the future, a guide rail (89 cm) with teeth and knives will be attached to these bolts. Knives are installed on both sides of the timber.

Runners and clamps are attached from both ends of the timber. A wheel is attached to the main frame, which can be removed from an unnecessary stroller. Under the influence of the PTO of the tiller, the cutting part of the mower starts to work. This can be seen in more detail in the figure:

main welded frame (1), braces (2), gear wheel (3), fixing and adjustment of the braking system (4), pawl for fixing the brake (5), main arches (6 and 8), articulated body (7), leg (9), fuel line (10), regulator valve (11), container for gasoline (12), handle (13), levers (14 and 17), latching mechanism (15), fastening bolt (16), throttle control lever ( 18), clamp (19), engine muffler (20), engine (21), fixing hardware (22), fairing (23), cutting knives (24 and 25), cover (26), slide (27), element fixation (28), knife frame (29), rod (30), pin (31), plates for holding the lower and upper parts (32 and 33).

The mower, assembled according to this drawing, easily mows the grass. This homemade mower can be seen in action in the video.

Homemade mower for tiller, characteristics and description

Usually, home-made mowers for a tiller, construct a frontal type: a rotary mower, a segment mower and a carriage mower.

The welded frame is the basis for the segment and rotary mowers. It is made from metal corners, 4×4 cm in size. For the wheel axle, the bearing housings are mounted on the frame. Then the working part of the mower of the selected type is made.

Homemade rotary mower for tiller

A home-made rotary mower on a tiller is used for mowing grass for hay and for mowing a lawn. If the grass is small, then the mower will simply chop it up, and the tall grass will be cut.

Consider a model made for the Neva Tiller and similar models. We use two discs from the grain seeder, and from the chainsaw. a chain and a gearbox. One disc requires four knives. They are made of hardened metal. To install them, holes with a diameter of six millimeters are drilled on each disc with a carbide drill. Using a shredder, we attach the knives to the discs. We also keep the gap between the knife and the shank, which is 1-2 mm larger than the thickness of the knife itself.

Due to this, the centrifugal force, when rotating, will straighten the knives from the disc, and they will mow the grass. At the same time, it should be possible to rotate the knives 360 degrees, which is done for greater safety of the knives when they collide with something solid.
Strong carbon steel is used to make the axle to which the knives will be mounted. The diameter of the axle must be at least eight millimeters. In order for the knives to have free movement, you need to tighten the axle with a disc until it stops.

These two discs are mounted on a welded frame and communicate with the PTO drive. The rotation of the discs should occur towards each other, which will allow the mowed grass to be folded into rows.

How to connect a homemade mower to a tiller

A manually assembled mower will not produce the desired result if it is not correctly attached to the tiller. There are certain rules to follow when installing the mower.

First of all, you need to put the tiller in reverse mode. Before attaching to the PTO shaft, a connecting unit is placed in the hitch socket. Using a king pin with a spring, you need to lock the connection. The lack of a spring will lead to a malfunction of the towing mechanism.

For greater safety, cover the mower blades with a protective cover. Tiller wheels contain weights to aid in tillage. Since they are not necessary when mowing grass, they should be removed. Cutting grass with the mower should be started at the lowest speed. No need to rush when cornering and make them smoothly.
If you assembled a mower for a tiller with your own hands, first of all, its work should be safe.

When a home-made mower is connected to the tiller and it works, then quite high revolutions of the discs with knives are achieved. In the event of a breakdown of the mount, you or people around you may be injured. Therefore, first think about whether you have enough skill to make such a device. After all, it will be much cheaper to purchase a ready-made mower for a tiller than medicines and treatment of crippled organs or nerves.