How to Make a Trimmer Do It Yourself

How is the trimmer

To make a trimmer at home, you must first understand the principle of its operation and design. In the general case, all manual mowers are classified into gasoline and electric. The first option is more convenient, because the user is not tied to a power outlet, but electric motors from household appliances or tools are more often taken to make a home-made device.

How to Make a Trimmer Do It Yourself

The design of both types of manual lawn mowers includes:

  • engine (electric or gasoline). suitable for household tools (screwdriver, drill, grinder), a washing machine, as well as a chainsaw;
  • tank. for a gasoline engine;
  • starter. it is best to use a simple button with a return mechanism;
  • the rod is a one-piece one made of wood or a metal pipe (an aluminum pipe is perfect, since it is lighter), you can also make a sectional design that will allow the holder to fit the growth of different people;
  • a handle for the convenience of work, on which the button is placed. it should have a comfortable grip and be made of non-slip material;
  • knife or fishing line. it is better to use knives, as the fishing line breaks faster;
  • protective casing. powerfully weld from thin metal, cut from a large plastic bottle or use an old frying pan.

Advice! It is better to make a knife from tool steel, an old disk from a circular saw or a hacksaw. It can be solid or with a removable blade. The second option is more convenient, since in case of damage it will be enough just to change the edge.

Self-made production of a trimmer from a drill

One of the easiest ways to make a trimmer is to use an old drill or cordless screwdriver. The second option is slightly worse, since the battery will significantly limit the operating time. But you can increase autonomy by installing a 12 volt car battery in the design. However, given the large size of this battery, you will either have to take care of long wires, or make the entire device wheeled.

So, to make a trimmer from a drill, you will need a strong holder, directly a power tool and a homemade knife. The process involves several steps.

  1. The manufacture of the holder. It can be wooden or metal, but many recommend finding an aluminum pipe that is light and weight and at the same time high reliability. In addition, it can be easily drilled if the trimmer is not to be dismantled in the future and the drill is fastened tightly.
  2. Fastening to the holder of a drill (or screwdriver). This is done with metal staples or clamps. Some home craftsmen claim that you can fix the tool with ordinary tape, but there are several nuances. Firstly, it is not safe. Secondly, it is impossible to give the desired angle between the holder and the working mechanism with adhesive tape, which means it will be extremely inconvenient to use such an assembly.
  3. Mounting to the power cable holder. This is done with tape so that the wire does not hang and does not interfere with work.
  4. Another important design point is the knife. It can be made of steel. For ease of use, it should be thin. And if the trimmer is assembled from a screwdriver on the battery, then the material should be chosen lightweight. this will allow you to “squeeze” the maximum operating time out of the battery. Next, the selected metal strip, sharpened on both sides, is drilled in the middle and is tightly fixed from both edges on the bolt, which in turn will be fixed in the drill chuck.
  5. For safety during work, you should take care of the protective cover, which can be made of plastic. A great option is to use the top of a 19 liter plastic bottle.

Grinder trimmer

Another simple and convenient option is to make an electric garden trimmer from a grinder. In general, the assembly diagram is similar to the previous method, but with the difference that it is even easier to attach the power tool to the holder. If you remove the protective cover included in the configuration from the grinder, then you can screw the U-shaped fasteners welded on your own into this thread. You can fix it on the holder by means of bolts or by welding, if it is not planned to disassemble a home-made trimmer in the future. Some craftsmen immediately attach a protective casing to the fasteners.

On a note! The convenience of using the grinder as the basis for the trimmer is that the knife is attached to it very easily on an existing mechanism. The cutting element itself can be made from an old circular knife from a circular saw. In the absence of such, you can use the fishing line or wire.

Video: How to Make a Trimmer Do It Yourself

Production of manual mowers from a vacuum cleaner

It is quite possible to make a trimmer from an old vacuum cleaner. In this case, the engine will have to be removed from the housing and in this form attached to the holder in one of two possible ways. The first option is described in the previous paragraph. fasteners are welded from metal to the size of the motor. The protective cover can again be made from a plastic bottle.

But there is a second way to mount the motor. Due to the fact that the engine is larger and heavier, it is convenient to place it on a structure with wheels, for example, from an old stroller. As practice shows, keeping a trimmer made from a vacuum cleaner on the weight due to muscle strength is extremely tiring and uncomfortable. A homemade head for attaching a knife in this case is not needed. The motor in the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a fan, removing which frees up space for the installation of the cutting element. The latter is done by analogy with the description for a trimmer from a drill.

Chainsaw-based lawn mower

A chainsaw is a tool popular among the people. A huge number of removable units were created for her. from the cultivator nozzle to the drill. There are other options for its use. One of them may be a trimmer, or rather, a lawn mower on wheels, since the heavy weight will not allow holding such an assembly in your hands.


Mowing mechanism

The biggest difficulty in making a lawn mower from a chainsaw is the mowing mechanism. To make it, you need to weld a special nozzle. To do this, take two metal pipes with a length of 40 cm and a diameter of 50 and 58 mm. A tube of a smaller diameter is welded to the engine sprocket. After that, it is inserted inside the larger diameter pipe and is bolted with locknuts. This is done in order to be able to adjust the height of the knives. If this option is not required, you can do with one pipe.

A knife is welded to the second part of the pipe. Due to the high engine performance, a cutting disc made of metal with a thickness of 4 mm and a diameter of up to 180 mm can be made. Knives 120 mm long and 30 mm wide are bolted to the disk. An excellent material for their manufacture is the old two-handed hacksaw. Such a cutting unit is suitable for tall and thick grass. the engine power is enough to cope with it, and the knives will not quickly blunt and become unusable.

Reinforced design with two knives

To increase the width of the treated area in one pass, you can make a design with two knives. In this case, a pulley or sprocket is attached to the crankshaft. Using a backpack belt or bicycle chain, torque is transmitted to the knife shaft. In this case, the cutting parts are spread in front on the sides. And the frame in this case is made so that the cutting elements do not reach the front wheels. They are mounted with bearings and also have a pulley or sprocket.

The sprocket and pulley are selected so that the rotation of the knives is carried out at a speed of 500 rpm. this ensures an even cut. The angle of knife sharpening is optimal to do 60 degrees, otherwise it will often need to be re-sharpened again. The length of the knives is selected based on the width of the supporting structure, so that when rotating between them there is a minimum clearance. The part opposite the tip is bent at a slight angle, which makes it a kind of blade. This gives airflow. the grass will not stick. The knife should not be fastened tightly so that when stones hit it changes its position, since it is easier to return it to its place than to repair the engine or shaft.

Advice! To properly assemble the mower from a chainsaw, it is recommended to watch thematic videos, since the design is more complicated here than with previous models.

Making electric braids from a do-it-yourself washing machine

You can also make an electric braid based on the engine from the washing machine. It is asynchronous and is enabled via a button. The winder can be made from a return button, for example, from measuring devices. The sufficiently compact size of the motor allows you to not make a large trolley, as in the previous version.

On a note! Ease of use of such an engine is that it already has a pulley, and replacing the piston with a more convenient one is not needed here. The belt and the second pulley are right there. in the washer.

Knives are made by analogy with the descriptions above. But there is one important point. in order to prepare the engine from the washing machine for work as a trimmer, you should not forget to make a protective casing for it. He will save the drive from the grass. But at the same time, it is necessary to take care of protection against overheating, that is. the casing should be larger in size and have openings for ventilation. For this purpose, an old bucket or a plastic bottle of large capacity is suitable. Do not forget to take breaks. such a motor is not designed for long-term operation.


So, to make a trimmer with your own hand is quite real. If you have all the necessary elements, this will not require any costs and will take a minimum of time. However, when assembling it is extremely important to think about your own safety. It is recommended to use existing manufacturing schemes or watch a video on the topic, rather than inventing your own design, which may not take into account some nuances and become not only ineffective, but also dangerous.

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