How to Make a Trimmer From an Angle Grinder

Any household plot needs grass mowing. An electric or gas trimmer is expensive, and not every owner can afford it. Therefore, some craftsmen have learned how to make their own trimmer from an angle grinder.

How to Make a Trimmer From an Angle Grinder

From angle grinder

  1. First, prepare the bracket. It is designed to grip the body of an angle grinder. A metal plate is applied to the body and bent.
  2. On both sides of the case there are threaded holes in which a flip handle is attached. They attach the trimmer bracket to them.
  3. In the bracket, holes are drilled on both sides in such a way that they correspond to the openings located on the tool body. For accuracy, make notes on the part with a marker, clamp it with a vise and drill it.
  4. Then a guide is attached to the bracket. Its size should correspond to the length of the case or be a little shorter. The guide is attached with a welding machine, the remnants of the scale are knocked down. The item is ground with a brush for metal.
  5. A handle (bar) is made of a metal pipe. To fix the handle on a slope, the tip of the pipe is cut to bevel. The finished handle is welded to the structure, the scale is knocked down and the part is brushed.
  6. To attach the tool, you need to unscrew the protective disk of the angle grinder.
  7. Then homemade set on wheels. To do this, you can borrow wheels from a trolley or pram with brackets.
  8. First, an angle grinder is mounted, then a wheel with a bracket. All fasten with a bolt. On the other hand, they make the same fasteners.
  9. The cutting unit is made of a steel cable. A kapron wire designed for trimmers is suitable. It is threaded through the clamping nut and key hole according to the cross-on-cross method. Then tighten the nut along with the cables.
  10. The wire is fixed with electrical tape.

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For safety reasons, it is recommended to make a protective device for the device. The casing for the angle grinder is made of aluminum sheet or thin sheet metal.

Other options

There are many other units from which you can make a grass trimmer. As a basis, use a vacuum cleaner, drill or chainsaw.

From the vacuum cleaner

In the manufacture of a homemade trimmer from the engine of a vacuum cleaner, the latter is mounted on a bar. The knives are mounted on the motor shaft and covered with a protective cover. Instead of knives, you can use a metal disc with fishing line. The engine is also covered with a casing, this will protect it from dust and dirt. To create additional cooling, you need to install a cooling device. It is made of a disk with curved blades (fan) and mounted under the washer through which the fishing line for the trimmer passes. Inward air enters through the hose from above and cools the engine.

From the drill

If you need to quickly make a trimmer, then a drill will help. To do this, a knife is made from a metal plate and sharpened. Then a hole is made in the center, a bolt is inserted and fixed with a nut. The finished knife is inserted into the drill chuck and gently clamped.

This design is dangerous for the user, therefore, a protective cover is attached to the drill.

It is made of plastic pipe and put on the tool body.

From chainsaw

Since the engine of the chainsaw is heavy, you cannot make a trimmer with a lower drive from it, but you can make a lawn mower on wheels. Manufacturing process:

  1. First, a cart is made from a corner of 25 × 25 mm. Its dimensions are 500 × 600 mm.
  2. At the corners of the structure, wheels are installed.
  3. The gas cable and fuel hose lengthen.
  4. The tire and steering wheel are unscrewed. From the water pipe make a handle on which the helm is mounted.
  5. When installing the engine on the frame, the shaft should be located at the bottom of the structure. In this case, the gearbox is rotated at 90 ° C.
  6. Then, the cutting unit is mounted on the tool shaft.