July 23, 2019

How To Make A Warm Dog Box Size, Design

We have a boxer dog in our family. Actually, dog home content. The dog has short hair and no undercoat. In the summer, we take her out of the house and put it in the booth. There was a great desire to extend her period of residence in the booth until frost.
There were many pages on the Internet, with recommendations on how to make a warm booth. There is not only two types of booths here. The classic booth is a one-volume kennel and more advanced with a tambour.



How To Make A Warm Dog Box Size, Design

9. We sheathe bottom plywood.

Photo 14.


In the process of making a booth for my dog, I asked myself how to improve the booth so that the dog would be even warmer.
By itself, the booth with a vestibule and a curtain at the entrance is warm enough, but we will try to find additional ways to preserve heat.

How To Make A Warm Dog Box Size, Design

Consider the option of warming. The smaller the volume in which the dog is located, the easier it is to heat it with the heat of its body. In this regard, we will try to make changes in the design of the traditional booth and reduce the sleeper to a minimum.

Let’s take as a basis the warmed booth with the platform. In our booth the vestibule should be warm. The walls of the vestibule are insulated, as are the walls of the entire booth. The entrance to the vestibule is covered with a curtain.
The changes consist in increasing the width of the vestibule and reducing the bed. The booth according to the classical scheme would have a size: a vestibule is 50 cm, a berth is 90 cm.

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In our construction, the width of the vestibule is increased to 90 cm. It turns out a spacious berth with a size of 90×65 cm. In it the dog lies freely on its side, full length, without touching the walls. The booth is separated by a warmed partition with a curtain. Behind it is a sleeping place of square shape 65×65 cm. It is the warmest place in the booth.

What is new? Due to the fact that there were two beds, the dog itself will decide where it is in the spacious, but cooler vestibule-bedroom, or in a small bedroom-nest. In the bedroom-nest dog can be only curled up.
For the convenience you have to pay. Difference from a standard booth – increase in width by 30 cm, respectively, the consumption of materials increases by 20%.

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