How to make a wheel trimmer for grass with your own hands. Grass -based

What can be done from a trimmer for grass

What can be done from a trimmer for grass yourself to facilitate everyday work or for entertainment? This question arises if there is an old unnecessary device, or a equipment is required for operation, which, with factory manufacture, costs much more than a gasoline or electric braid for grass. In practice, many options have been implemented by the craftsmen. The main of them are a motorcycle bike, a snowball player, an ice ax, devices for the cultivation of a land plot and the mowing of lawns, saw, snowmobile equipment. To bring the idea to life, in each case you will need to apply a certain set of tools and additional materials.

If there is a cottage or just a land plot, then the cultivator will help facilitate soil processing. Traditionally, a chopper is used for these purposes, but working with it takes a lot of time and effort. The use of the cultivator will reduce labor costs, and the whole process will take a smaller time period. Factory.made equipment is expensive, therefore, with limited funds, the question arises about the independent assembly of the cultivator. For this, both gasoline trimmers for grass and electric cos are suitable for this.

To create a simple sample of technology, you should stock up on such tools and materials:

  • corner grinder with a set of disks (suitable diameter. 125 mm) for metal;
  • drill with drills of various diameters;
  • welding apparatus;
  • electrodes;
  • an electrician or a hacksaw for metal;
  • An emery machine with two abrasive circles of different granularity;
  • functioning gasoline trimmer;
  • forks;
  • pipe made of steel suitable in diameter for the shaft of motorcycles;
  • manual tools: keys, hammer, pliers, core, roulette and marker;
  • a sheet of metal with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm and a minimum of 1010 cm.

The manufacturing process begins with the working part. For this purpose, the curved rods of garden foriles will serve. Their recommended length is from 10 to 15 cm. this is enough to carry out loosening the soil.

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The working nozzle is made in the following sequence:

  • The teeth of the forks are flattened to a width of 1 cm;
  • on the sandpaper, using a circle with a small abrasive, cutting cutters;
  • Using an electrician, a circle with a diameter of 10 cm is cut out of the metal;
  • process it on the emery machine until it reaches an almost perfect form;
  • At equal intervals, prepared mills are welded to the metal circle (recommended quantity. 3).

With more than 3 pieces, the number of mills, the load on the equipment increases greatly.

The recommended power of the gasoline engine should be two horsepower (about 1.5 kW) or more.

At the next stage, it is necessary to attach the cutter for weeding for a trimmer for grass. The process is greatly simplified in the presence of a reverse thread located at the end of the shaft of the motorcycles, on which the manufactured working part is simply wound. To do this, a pipe with a nut is pre.welded to the cutter.

In the presence of locksmith experience and welder skills, redoing a trimmer for grass in a cultivator is quite simple. Financial costs at the same time insignificant. If the work is used in an electric hood, then you will need to think about the extension cord so that it takes out throughout the processed area.

DIY lawn mower

The lawn mower facilitates the process of leaving decorative herbaceous plantations, and also accelerates the work in the presence of large areas that need to be processed. On the market of such equipment, many ready.made, convenient models are presented, but they are expensive, so not everyone is available. They also quickly fail in the conditions of large weeds and stones on the site. Humes are much cheaper than factory analogues, moreover, they are more practical in work.

The components of the structure of the lawn mower are:

  • engine (gasoline or electric), which is the basis of the created mechanism;
  • a frame designed to fix on it all parts of the device;
  • casing for protection;
  • knives;
  • handles and wheels;
  • control system of the controlled unit.

The recommended power of the engine used in operation is from 0.5 kW (slightly less than 1 horsepower), and the ideal is 1 kW or more.

People’s craftsmen invented many different ways to remake a trimmer for grass in a lawn mower. The simplest option is presented at

The frame version of a home.made device is very common in practice. Tools and materials for the independent implementation of the project will be required the same as in the previous case. Plus will still need:

The manufacturing process is as follows:

  • A rectangular frame 50×60 cm is welded from the corner;
  • Wheels of the desired size are installed in the corners, which can be taken even from old toys;
  • A plywood carved in its size is fixed on top of the frame or metal is welded;
  • In the center of the trolley, a hole is made for a trimmer bar for grass and fastening for it;
  • make a knife or choose a suitable finished version;
  • Then fix the motorcycle on the cart;
  • install a knife;
  • Mounted for protection against a casing from behind on a cart flying out in different directions;
  • start testing the device.

Important! The diameter of the wheels is selected so that the knives are not reached to the soil of 5 centimeters.

There are many methods of manufacturing knives, and their shape (design) is also radically varied. At the same time, various materials and old tools are used (for example, old wood saw). The main principle is that the knives are well sharpened and balanced. this is necessary to prevent the vibrations of technology during operation.

It is often found that they are not used by an old motorcycle, but only an engine from a trimmer for grass and a control unit. In this case, you will need to make handles for the cart and fix all the details of the structure on the frame.

When assembling a lawn mower and while working with it, you should adhere to safety precautions in order to avoid injuries. To collect mowing grass, you can also attach a bag to the unit.

Trimmer nozzles for grass: 15 types

What nozzles for a trimmer for grass are considered in this review (nozzles for lawn mowers and electric cosmos are the same)

  • Nozzle drill for a gasoline trimmer for grass (works without electricity).
  • Nozzle of running wheels to work conveniently work with a brush.
  • Suchkoreza nozzle working on the principle of hacksaw.
  • Nozzle garden scissors for haircuts of hedge and bushes.

This is, in addition to the trimmer head for caring for a personal plot and a bed, various metal and plastic knives for the mowing of natural and seeded herbs and weeds, as well as a sawn disk for cutting young trees, bushes and branches with a trimmer.

The nozzles for a trimmer for grass (also nozzles for lawn mowers) are attached to a trimmer in one of three ways:

The engine of the trimmer for grass can operate in any position and has a high specific power (power relative to the mass), it is also compact and reliable, which allows you to use it with any mounting equipment that is presented below. Let’s look at the nozzles for the grass in more detail. Nozzles for the lawn mower the same.

Nazadka for a trimmer for grass drill

Drill nozzle is a nozzle for a gasoline trimmer for grass, t.e. Electricity is not necessary for the operation of such a drill. In addition, such a gasoline drill is characterized by high power, reliability and durability (compared to an electric drill). Huge torque at the drill provides a lowering gearbox with a gear ratio of 17: 1. 3-sized cartridges are available. With a trimmer echo technical characteristics:

Nazadka for a trimmer for grass running wheels

It is used with air vents or other nozzles if necessary. It is especially convenient to use running wheels for a trimmer for grass along with a sweeping brush or roller. you can raise the working body and, accordingly, reduce friction about the surface (it is easier to work, less wear, better result and pleasure from work). Cm. also: Raiffeisen Bank Aval in Kremenchug.

Trimmer nozzle for tender

The nozzle nozzle is designed to cut knots and branches at a height of up to 4.5 m. The appointment is also that the nozzle has altitude, but if the altitude works according to the principle of the chainsaw, then we work as a brushwood on the principle of a hacksaw.

Garden scissors

Garden scissors nozzle is designed to haircut hedges and curly bushes (nozzle for the lawn mower is the same). two modifications with different lengths of the bar for different situations.

Nazadka for a trimmer for grass aerator lawn

The nozzle is designed for aeration, t.e. saturation of the upper soil with air by piercing it (this is especially true for lawns over 5 years with a thickened root system), as well as for the destruction of the crust on the surface of the soil of the lawn after rain, watering or trampling to restore the breathability of the soil. Processing width. 20 cm.

Nazadka for a trimmer for grass cultivator

The cultivator nozzle is designed for loosening the soil on flower beds, flower beds, in greenhouses, small beds, around trees and bushes.

  • Diameter cutter. 20 cm.
  • Tree of cutters. 180 rpm.
  • Processing width-12-24 cm (depending on the power of the engine of the trimmer for grass).
  • Weight. 5 kg.

The disadvantage of such a cultivator (in the form of a nozzle for a lawn mower) is its low weight. it processes the upper layer well, especially in a freshly sprinkled place, but on hard ground it scratches at the top, and does not climb into the soil.

The cultivator’s nozzle for a trimmer for grass does not allow the milling cutters to the ground. the rod is spring, which causes strong wear of the guide shaft of the plastic sleeve and a strong pressure can lead to the bend of the bar and breakdown of braids for grass or nozzle cultivator.

Highway grass trimmer

The high.rise nozzle is designed for drilling branches and bushes up to 15 cm thick and thinning the crown of trees at an altitude of 4.5 m from the ground. It is a gearbox in a case with an oil tank with a connecting hole on a trimmer for grass and a chain tire. Tire length. 21 cm. When choosing a nozzle of altitude, it is necessary to check whether the size and shape of the teeth on the slotted part of the drive shaft coincide in the nozzle and on the trimmer.

Nazadka for a trimmer for grass gearbox

A gear nozzle can be used as a motor for a bicycle, moped, picture, ATV, snowmobile, etc.D. The gearbox drops 5 times. You can change the leading star. put an asterisk with any number of teeth, thereby select the required gear ratio. The nozzles for the lawn mower are identical.

Grace from an old trimmer for grass with your own hands

One of the problems accompanying gardeners and gardeners throughout life is the need for the disposal of grass, weeds, as well as falling foliage. It has long been the owners of land plots have learned to receive a wonderful fertilizer from plant residues. compost. At the same time, to improve its quality, it is desirable that the starting raw materials have a small fraction. To do this, we propose to make a simple device with our own hands. a chopper for the grass. It can be useful to those who are engaged in breeding poultry.

The basis of the design of the chopper is an ordinary trimmer for grass, which today available in almost many garden areas. But unlike its traditional position, in the device this tool works from the bottom up.

Basic materials

As can be seen from the given photo, you should prepare: for working on the chopper:

  • a metal container or plastic volume of at least 50 liters;
  • several metal tubes with a diameter of at least 1/2 inch;
  • about 1 sq. m strong steel mesh with small cells;
  • a piece of a board of sufficient width. Instead of it, moisture-resistant plywood or wood-based slab, followed by moisture-proof processing, will suit it.
  • Prepare durable clamps for attaching the structure to the base;
  • several scraps of wooden bars, screws;
  • Trammer for grass of any manufacturer with interchangeable working nozzles.
  • Electric with a file for metal;
  • electric screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • electric drill;
  • a locksmith hammer with a boy from 0.5 kg;
  • small anvil or correct plate.

Preparation of the grinder capacity

We begin work on the device by finalizing the chopper capacity. To do this, at the bottom, it is necessary to mark four holes in the form of quadrangular trapezes with rounded corners located around the perimeter.

Having drilled in each of the segments a hole with a diameter of 10 mm, cut the necessary elements with an electrician. For cutting plastic and metal, we recommend using special files with a small frequent tooth.

After that, treat the edges of the holes with sandpaper, gluing it on a wooden block of suitable shape and size.

For the operation of the device, it is necessary to securely fix the grid at the bottom. For this purpose, use four scraps of coniferous boards and several screws with wide hats. Put the boards on the jumpers between the segments and plunge the screws into the bottom of the tank from the inside. Thus, the lumber attracted to the container will reliably fix the mesh membrane.

In order to optimize the work of the chopper for the grass, the convenience of maintaining it, the working tank is better to place at a small height relative to the base of the device. For this purpose, we will use tubular supports that are easy to make on our own.

To do this, you will need two one and a half meter scraps of a durable steel or aluminum pipe. Bend them with a pipe bend or locksmith. Flatten the ends of the tubes with a hammer on the anvil so that the planes are located at a slight angle to each other.

In each obtained site, drill a pair of holes with a diameter of 6.5 or 8.5 millimeters. Attach the pipe pipe to the chopper capacity, mark and drill the coaxial openings of the corresponding diameter in the necessary places.

After that, connect the tank with the legs using bolts with nuts and washers.

Trammer refinement for grass

To reduce the dimensions of the device and the convenience of its operation, you will have to slightly finalize it and its.

Disconnect the main parts of the tool from the body and cut the cable along with a tubular bar with a few tens of centimeters so that the cutting device of the braid is located at a short distance from the bottom of the chopper container. After that, collect a trimmer for the grass and make sure that the changes did not affect its performance.

Installation of the device

On a strong base from a wooden board, fix the trimmer engine for grass with clamps. Adjust its position so that it is convenient to serve this node, control and add fuel, start the engine and adjust the speed of the cutting device.

We also strictly fix the base of the mowing bar on the base. To do this, you can use its handle, securely fixed in the desired place and pulling steel clamps to the board.

Construct the quality of the attachment of all nodes and carry out a trial launch of a home.made chopper. Depending on the thickness of the stems of crushed raw materials, it is possible to use a cutting nozzle with fishing line or knives. If necessary, to work with gross vegetable waste, you can use the engine of greater power.

For ease of work, it is better to perform raw materials together together. The first employee carries out periodic loading of plants, and the second regulates the number of revolutions of the cutting head of the trimmer for grass.

Dear readers, if you have questions, ask them using the form below. We will be glad to communicate with you

How to make a rotary mower

Useful in a summer house, a rotary mower with your own hands is performed so. Homemade rotary rotary rotational operating room is made from the rear axle of the VAZ. For work we need:

Inexpensive homemade rotary mowel is made like this. It is necessary to perform holes on the disks. Then attach the shoe to the bedroom, and the knives. to Shinka. Knife and shinka should be from each other at a distance of the thickness of the first. The cutting element should rotate by 360º. Carbon steel with a diameter of 8 mm is needed to create the axes of attaching knives. It is necessary to bring the axis to the stop by means of the disk. So the rotary mowers are made for the tractor or for the walk.behind tractor with your own hands. We proceed to the next homework.

How to make a mechanical mower with your own hands

Inexpensive, useful mechanical lawn mowing with manual controls, you can make it yourself. 2 types of knives should be made: the former spin and collect grass, the latter are motionless and planted plants. Using the transmission from gears and wheels, it is necessary to create the necessary speed of rotation of the knives. It is necessary that the grass is cut off by the scissors method. Then you need to fulfill the conditions for the operation of the knives, between which the grass is located. Elements should be given a curved shape for continuous cutting of grass.

A grass collector is a container of plastic, metal or fabric in which mowed grass is assembled. Attached behind the lawn mower and does not interfere with work.

To equip a home.made lawn mower, a finished container or material for it with your own hands will be needed. Can be used:

Hall.collector from the canister: choose a canister suitable for the dimensions of your mowing. Put it to one side, cut the side and end wall with a knife. Attach the resulting container to the frame using a thick wire, tie it with a rope or a chain to the handle of a lawn mower.

The grass collector from the box is a more durable design. At the box, one side wall is cut off from the side where the collection will be attached to the mower. To give rigidity, it is necessary to fix the walls of the box in a chain. Fasteners for the grass collector can be made of wire or nails in the form of hooks, or use carbines.

A trawler from a tarpaulin can be made in the form of a bag or box with soft walls. For the second option, you first need to make a frame of wooden bars, metal.plastic or aluminum pipes. From the pieces of tarpaulin, make the walls and fix the fabric on the frame with rivets, a stapler, or sew with a needle and a thread. Attach with latches to the lawn mower.

Metal grass collector is perfect for a home.made mower with a steel frame. It can be made from the same sheet metal, according to individually selected parameters. On the sides of the container, make holes or slots for ventilation. Without them, the power of the air flow will decrease, and there will be problems with the release of mowed grass into the grass collector.

And you have already figured out what you are constructed from the lawn mower? Share your ideas and tips.

Other options

There are many other units from which you can make a trimmer for grass for grass. As a basis, a vacuum cleaner, drill or chainsaw is used as the basis.

From the vacuum cleaner

In the manufacture of a homemade trimmer for grass from the vacuum cleaner engine, the latter is mounted on the bar. The knives are installed on the engine shaft and covered with a protective casing. Instead of knives, you can use a metal disk with a fishing line. The engine is also covered with a casing, it will protect it from dust and dirt. To create additional cooling, you need to install a cooling device. It is made from a disk with curved blades (fan) and mounted under the puck through which a fishing line for a trimmer for grass passes. The air enters from above through the hose and cools the engine.

From a drill

If you need to quickly make a trimmer for grass, then the drill will help in this. To do this, make a knife from a metal plate and pull it. Then a hole is made in the center, a bolt is inserted and fixed with a nut. The finished knife is inserted into the drill cartridge and neatly clamp.

This design is dangerous for the user, so a protective casing is attached to the drill. It is made of a plastic pipe and put on the tool case.

From a chainsaw

Since the chainsaw engine is heavy, it is impossible to make a trimmer for grass with a lower drive, but you can make a lawn mower on wheels. Production process:

  • First, a cart is made from a 25 × 25 mm corner. Its dimensions are 500 × 600 mm.
  • Wheels are installed in the corners of the structure.
  • The gas cable and the fuel hose are lengthened.
  • The tire and the helm are unscrewed. A handle on which the helm is mounted is made from the water pipe.
  • When installing the engine on the frame, the shaft should be located at the bottom of the structure. In this case, the gearbox is located with a turn of 90 ° C.
  • Then a cutting knot is mounted on the tool shaft.

The tool is ready. To make it easier to work with it, you can purchase a shoulder or a parameter for a trimmer for grass in a shoulder store.

Share your offices options. What power tools used and by whose inventions were inspired?

trimmer for grass from corner grinder

Another simple and convenient option is to make an electric garden trimmer for grass from a corner grinder. In general, the assembly scheme is similar to the previous method, but with the difference that it is even easier to fix the power tool for the holder. If you remove the protective casing available in the configuration from the corner grinder, then in this thread you can fasten the P-shaped fastener, welded independently. You can fix it on the holder by means of bolts or welding, if in the future it is not planned to disassemble a home.made trimmer for grass. Some craftsmen immediately weld the protective casing to the fasteners.

On a note! The convenience of using a corner grinder as a basis for a trimmer for grass is that the knife to it is attached very easily on an existing mechanism. The cutting element itself can be made of an old disk knife from a circular saw. In the absence of one, you can use fishing line or wire.

Homemade protective casing

If a homemade mower is made by you, then you will definitely need a protective casing. He will protect your eyes, body and legs from injury with small pebbles and fragments of knives if they break.

A trimmer for grass can be made from a sheet of aluminum or thin tin.

In this way, you can make and install a protective casing and on a trimmer purchased in a store if the shield has split for some reason. The shields in the factory devices are made of plastic and often break if you unsuccessfully hit the head of the trimmer for grass on the ground for lengthening the fishing line.

Homemade protective casing

If a homemade mower is made by you, then you will definitely need a protective casing. He will protect your eyes, body and legs from injury with small pebbles and fragments of knives if they break.

A trimmer for grass can be made from a sheet of aluminum or thin tin.

  • At first, in the corner of the square of the metal it is necessary to drill the hole of the desired diameter (depending on the type of drive of your unit) using the crown.
  • Then you need to make markings for fasteners. As a basis to which homemade protection will be screwed, you can use a standard casing from corner grinding, if you make a trimmer for grass from it.
  • Close the workpiece with a clamp and using a tape measure and a pencil, draw the first circle with a radius of about 270 mm. The center of the circumference will serve as the corner angle. It is impossible to give accurate recommendations about the radius, since it will depend on the diameter of the cutting tool that you will use with the unit. Therefore, first decide which knives you will use, and which fishing line will be optimal.
  • Next, conduct a second arc (this will be a bend), slightly retreating from the first. In this case, 5 centimeters. Thus, you measured the height of the future shield. In general, the height of the casing is recommended to be done so that when you put it exactly on the ground, the cutting tool does not reach it about 2 cm.
  • After marking the second line, it is necessary to cut the workpiece along it, using a hacksaw for metal or an electrician with a file on metal.
  • In addition, it is necessary to make radial cuts (to the first arc) and bend the resulting parts with pliers at an angle of 90 °.
  • Further, the shield is attached to the protective casing of the corner grinding, the cutting tool is installed, and the unit is ready to work.

In this way, you can make and install a protective casing and on a trimmer purchased in a store if the shield has split for some reason. The shields in the factory devices are made of plastic and often break if you unsuccessfully hit the head of the trimmer for grass on the ground for lengthening the fishing line.

Power for a trimmer for grass

For more comfortable work with a trimmer, if it is understood to process a large area overgrown with grass, it is advisable to use a special belt. This device relieves fatigue from the hands and back of the mowing operator and greatly facilitates the process when compared with the same work, but without a belt.

Belts are shoulder and ranger. The shoulder belt is the simplest device and consists of a loop with two or one latch (carabiner), with which it is attached to a mowing unit. A plastic plate is usually attached to the second carbine, which protects the side of the operator from pressure with a bar trimmer for grass.

Shoulder belt is usually used with light trimmers weighing 3-4 kg. For heavier units, it is more convenient to use a parapier belt.

A belt for a trimmer for grass can be easily ordered via the Internet or buy in a specialized store where these devices and components are sold to them.

and higher.

If there is a desire to do it with her own hands, then any mistress, looking at this device, can easily sew it from improvised means (old belts and belts). You may have to buy buckles and carbines. But still, we recommend buying a ready.made ran.out suspension and not waste time and money to make the worst quality than ready.made devices.

About the lawnmands with your own hands: from corner grinder, trimmer for grass, vacuum cleaner, chainsaw

If a beautiful green area is arranged near the house, it is involved in creating a harmonious design of the territory.

A neatly trimmed lawn with emerald grass is able to create a feeling of comfort from the owners and guests of this house. In order to maintain its appearance, it is necessary to regularly cut the grass.

The ability to use a grass grinder for this purpose turns a long and tiring work into a miserable duty.

The device of homemade lawn mowers

For haircuts of lawns, you can buy a lawn mower of a well.known brand. However, this will require significant costs. Another way to use this device is to make it yourself.

An alternative to the use of a lawn mower is the use of braids for grass. Not everyone can use this opportunity. The ability to use a scythe must be learned. In addition, it must be borne in mind that with the inept use of this tool, it is easy to injure yourself or surrounding people.

The lawn mower is deprived of such shortcomings. In return, she has the following advantages:

  • The grass is cut at the same height.
  • Work using a lawn mower requires much less effort than when using braids for grass.
  • Relatively high speed.
  • Most of the models used have a grass collector. In this case, the need is excluded after the end of the haircut of the lawn to collect mowed grass. In the process, it automatically enters the grass collector.

Note. When planning the design of the site, the role of a beautiful background is usually assigned the lawn. It shakes the beauty of brighter elements of garden or park design.

A homemade lawn mower should have nodes in its composition:

  • The rotation of the knives that cut the grass is carried out by a motor, which is installed in such a way that its axis is located vertically. The circuit provides that it can be a gasoline or electric motor.
  • Knives in the process rotate in a horizontal plane, cutting off grass. They move at a high speed corresponding to the speed of rotation of the motor. In practice, they can be several types: metal or in the form of fishing line. The latter work no less efficiently than metal ones, but if they enter stones or other obstacles, they only bend without damage.
  • The metal frame is the basis on which all the details of the device in question are attached. In particular, a hole for fixing the motor is drilled here.
  • Wheels should be attached to the frame. Designs are possible that move on two or four wheels.
  • When using an electric motor, various controls must be used: a supply cable, switch and others.
  • The control handle is needed so that the employee directs the lawn mower in the direction he needs.

Two in one grass cutter.

Self.manufacture options

As a basis by which the lawn mower with your own hands will be made, you can take the chassis from the old stroller, the basis from the car or a similar node of a different kind. It will be enough if the width of the working strip is 50 cm.

Note. Wheels not only provide a method for moving the device during operation, but also regulate the height at which the knives will rotate. It is usually assumed that for this it is enough to install knives at a height of 6 cm.

If you install a lawn mower on two wheels, it will make it more maneuverable and will allow you to change the angle of inclination of the device during operation. This will help when carrying out work on complex surfaces or in the presence of a large number of obstacles.

If you use a four.wheeled lawn mower, this will make its movement more even and stable. There are also options that provide for the installation of three wheels.

Titantec gasoline Wheeled grass trimmer 52CC 50.8CC 62CC

Autonomous devices with a gasoline engine

The device of the lawn mower provides that the wheels can be taken those used in a stroller, on a wheelbarrow or other similar devices. They can be made independently. To do this, you can cut the wheels from the thick plywood and install them on the bearings.

Sometimes they make a travic breeder for the lawn mower with your own hands.

It is important to consider! The most autonomous are devices with a gasoline engine. However, they are heavy and clumsy. Typically, they make a four.wheeled metal base for them. They are difficult to use to cut lawns with a complex surface.

The most maneuverable are devices that work from an electric motor that has a power supply from the battery. Typically, such gas mowers use a two.wheel basis. This makes it possible to work in areas with pits or hills, as well as in narrow aisles or where there are many trees or other similar obstacles.

Independent assembly of the lawn mower

Various types of lawn mowers with independent manufacture are made in a similar way. Usually used a motor that is taken from old and non.working structures. There are several popular options for independent manufacture of this device.

From the old washing machine

Note. electric municipal mower can be made with a motor from a washing machine.

make, wheel, trimmer, grass, your

As a motor, you can use the one that was taken from the old washing machine. It is quite heavy, so it is installed on a steel sheet, drilling a hole in it for transmitting rotation to knives.

For the operation of the electric motor, it is necessary to make a cylindrical steel casing.

Friendship and Urals from a chainsaw

Important! The rotation of the lawn mower can be provided not only with electricity, but also by using a gasoline engine. One of the possible functional options is the use of the one that is in a firmica Friendship or the Urals.

Here’s how to assemble a lawn mower of this type: one of the options for such a self.propelled home structure provides for the use of a steel rectangular frame. It is made from segments of a metal profile. Since the design is relatively heavy, it is recommended to use four wheels to move it.

How to make a trimmer for grass from corner grinders

Now on the market we find different options for trimmers working both from electricity and from gasoline. But you can not often purchase a trimmer for the grass, but in the main part, the case is not at all so necessary.

The advantages of a home.made trimmer for grass from a drill or corner grinder will be that when it is necessary to shake the lawn near the house, the trimmer for grass is easy. With unnecessary, the drill or corner grinder from the trimmer for the grass is removed and used according to their own direct purpose.

How to make a trimmer for grass from a drill and corner grind

If you set a goal to make a trimmer for grass from a drill a lot of materials and tools will not come in handy. It is also not necessary to disassemble the drill if you set the goal of making it a hand trimmer for grass with your own hands.

In addition, the substitution of the drill is a battery screwdriver, which and possibly connected to an auto battery in order to increase the duration of the trimmer for grass.

Making a trimmer for grass from a drill with your own hands

The main requirements for a homemade trimmer are first presented to its safety. The knife of a homemade trimmer for the grass is very acute, because the presence of a protective casing on a trimmer is an unstable condition.

The same is to the handle of a trimmer for grass, the drill will be recorded on the busy. The handle is made of strong materials, it is possible naturally from wood, but it is better to use such purposes a duralumin pipe.

Angular grinder from corner grinder. it’s simple

I tried to repeat this unit on what I saw from completely extensive things. What remains to do our client, I am very.

Homemade trimmer for grass from corner grinder

For a number of days, I tried to make a homemade trimmer for grass from corner grind. I was surprised by the incredible production.

In addition, working with a trimmer after its assembly should not only be as safe as possible, but also conveniently. Therefore, the holder of the trimmer for the grass should be adjusted to their height, maybe install an additional handle on it from the side, etc. D.

First, the handle of a trimmer for the grass is prepared, on which the drill should be fixed. For fixing the drill will need long bolts and metal clamps. Must necessarily be a drill power supply should be wrapped in a trimmer handle for grass. It is impossible for the wire to dangle and is a danger when it falls under the cutting element of the trimmer for the grass.

How to make a knife for a trimmer for grass: Materials

A homemade trimmer knife for grass is attached to the drill with a nut and a bolt, which is clamped in the cartridge. Be sure to not forget before this and install a protective casing on a trimmer for grass to ensure your own safety while mowing grass.

A trimmer knife for grass can be made of instrumental steel or other very durable material. You should know that the smaller the thickness of the trimmer for the grass is the thickness, the better it will cope with the harsh grass. The length of the trimmer knife for the grass depends primarily on the protective casing and the width of the capture of mowing grass. Most often the length of the trimmer knife for grass does not exceed 30 centimeters.

Trimmer for grass from corner grinder with your own hands

The question of how to make a trimmer for grass from a corner grinder with your own hands is solved in approximately the same way as the above manufacturing a trimmer for grass from a drill.

There is only a small difference in the mounting of the corner grinder to the holder.

A metal pipe can be selected as a handle for a trimmer for grass, to which you need to weld a plate with a hole for fixing the corner grinder with a bolt at the end.

Small changes touched a makeshift trimmer knife for grass. In the case of a corner grinder, here a knife is not in the form of a long rectangle. A homemade trimmer knife for grass from a corner grinder is made of concrete disk, with pre.cut sharp faces, which are just designed for mowing grass.

The question of how to make a trimmer for grass from a drill or corner grinder is completely solved and the main thing is not to forget about safety precautions and carefully study this issue.

Only after that, you can safely take up the manufacture of a trimmer for the grass with your own hands.

Based on a chainsaw

A frame of pieces of pipe is cooked here. The engine from the chainsaw is focused on it. Due to its power, the lawn mower will overcome even a small shrub. The use of such an engine does not imply the presence of additional defense. He already has powerful protection against moisture and dust. And his air filters are cluttered less often.

Suitable wheeled nodes have a turnover on a hinge. A separate functional node is connected by belts with an independent chainsaw drive. The torque follows the discs. There the cutting tool is metal circuits. Their length is 25 cm.

  • The tire and the “helm” are unscrewed from the unnecessary chainsaw.
  • The handle is prepared from water pipes with the possibility of their height regulation.
  • “Star” is taken from the chainsaw.
  • In the right position, a piece of 8 cm in length and with a diameter of 5 cm is placed in the right position. This segment is processed on a lathe.
  • You will need another piece of such a pipe. The length is the same. Diameter = 5.8 cm. It is put on the previous piece. So it turns out a trumpet telescopic shaft.
  • For fastening pipes, special M6 bolts are needed, equipped with counter.players. Correct positions of bolts are diametrically parallel to each other.
  • You make several holes. It is easier to adjust the height of the cut of grass. Pipes will move relative to each other. And this movement a little compensates for the imbalance.

After these operations, the knife base is prepared. A steel disk is welded to another pipe (steel. leaf). Its diameter 18 cm.

Lawn mower or lawn mower from Yuri Leskov

  • A platform is cut out of these sheets. It will place the engine from the old vacuum cleaner. The engine will concentrate its shaft in the lower area. The engine also needs a defensive casing. The thickness of the casing is 1.2 mm. It makes holes 4 mm more than a shaft in it. The engine is positioned from the Earth by 3-4 cm, otherwise the unit is broken during operation.
  • A metal disk is placed on the motor shaft.
  • The knife is prepared in several copies. A disk of 3.8. 4 cm with a diameter of 3.8. 4 cm is cut out of a metal sheet. The disk is put on the gross disk ending and welded to it.

The indicated disadvantages are not difficult to eliminate. It is important to have the necessary skills here.

How to repair an electric trimmer with your own hands?

The use of various electrical appliances greatly simplifies the implementation of many types of work, but unfortunately, all complex products will sooner or later break. The failure of the electric trimmer for the grass

will lead not only to the inability to carry out work in the garden, but also to significant financial embezzlement for repair.

Significantly save money and increase your own knowledge in the device of this technique is possible if the repair of a trimmer for the grass is performed with your own hands.

Before proceeding with this type of work, you should carefully study the principle of operation of this type of household appliances.

Electric trimmer for grass: device and principle of operation

  • Corps with an electric engine.
  • Connective rod.
  • Trimmer coil with a protective casing.
  • Riveting for the shoulder belt.

A power cable with a fork is connected to the trimmer body for grass, through which electric current is transmitted. In the cavity of the detachable bar is a flexible shaft, thanks to which the torque is transmitted to the trimmer coil. The device is turned on by pressing the button located on the device handle.

This design of a trimmer for grass is the most common, but

If desired, you can find products working from the battery, as well as with the lower location of the electric engine.

Trimmer repair for grass for grass with your own hands: Frequent causes of breakdowns

A trimmer for grass may fail when working in conditions of increased loads. This situation may arise when the processed area is overgrown with high grass.

When working in such areas, the engine may fail, a breakdown of bearings occur, as well as the coil of the electric ships to collapse. When working in rainy weather or in a strongly fog conditions, a trimmer for grass can “burn” as a result of a short circuit formation.

Damage to this electrical device can occur as a result of frequent use. If the household appliance is used in this mode, then after the development of a certain number of motorcycles, it will be necessary to carry out mandatory repair and preventive setting of many parts of the electrical device.

Repair of the launch button

If the electric coser does not show signs of life, then perhaps there was a break in the electric cable inside the handle of the case, or the button for turning on the electric motor is faulty.

In order to diagnose electricians, you need to disassemble the electrical appliance handle. The work is performed in the following sequence:

When access to the inner part of the electric ships is provided, using the multimeter, measurements of the resistance button for turning on the electrimmer are made. If there is no resistance after pressing, then this

The detail is subject to mandatory replacement. It is also necessary to check the locations of the power cable with the internal electrician located in the handle

device. Contacts should be checked “for a cliff” using a multimeter. Often such a malfunction can be determined “by eye”. After detecting the contact of the contact, it is enough to solder the damaged place to restore the operation of the electrimmer.

In the absence of a multimeter, diagnostic work can be done with an indicator screwdriver. For this purpose, you should include a fork in an electrical network and using this diagnostic tool

Find the “phase wire” and thus check the presence of electric current to the power button and after. If the phase current is detected in another electric circuit, then it is enough to install an electric fork on the contrary in the outlet so that the correct diagnosis can be carried out

trimmer malfunctions for grass. The second diagnostic option should be done with great care, t. to. There is a danger of electric shock while checking the integrity of the wiring.

Checking the electric motor

If the button for turning on the device and the sections of the internal wiring turn out to be intact, then you should proceed to check the electric engine. For this purpose, it is necessary to remove the cover cover, having previously unscrewed a few screws with a screwdriver.

The first thing to do after access to the electric engine is to check the operability of the brush unit.

If the brushes are worn out over the maximum permissible value, then the electric motor can completely stop or work unstable.

In the case when the brushes and the collector are in perfect order, you should proceed to “call” the engine winding. In order to exclude the likelihood of a breakdown in both contours, one should alternate

Checking the stator and engine rotor. To perform this operation, it is necessary:

  • Remove the engine from the electric ships.
  • Turn on the multimeter in the resistance measurement mode and check all the collector plates for the break. When checking, there should also be no significant deviations in the testimony of the diagnostic device.
  • Check for a breakdown of the rotor winding per mass. For this purpose, you should connect one multimeter probe to the “mass” of the rotor, and the other to any collector plate. The multimeter should be installed in the resistance measurement mode of more than 1 MOM. The resistance of the working engine between the winding and the “mass” should be very large.
  • Measure the stator winding resistance indicator. If the resistance is absent, then in this case its malfunction can be stated in this case.
  • If the stator wiring is in perfect order, then it is checked by a possible breakdown on the case, in the same way as in the diagnosis of the stator.

When checking in this way, it is possible to establish the cause of the malfunction of the electric motor in 90% of cases. Carry out a check for an interval circuit, which can only manifest itself in the process of engine operation, in this way it will not work, but you can diagnose such a malfunction

According to indirect signs, which are manifested in reducing the power of the electric motor and overheating.

If the electric motor is equipped with a thermorele, then such an electric cos, with an inter.flip circuit, will work for a short time, after which the trimmer will automatically turn off the grass.

In some cases, the thermorelele can cause a malfunction of the trimmer electric motor for the grass, therefore, in the complex of verification

How to pick up a trimmer for grass: motorized car

October 14, 2011 Mountinbike with a motor. the topic is worn in the air. However, in the metal it is embodied either in the form of concepts, or built by enthusiasts (the French are especially successful in this).Mountainbike with a motor. the topic is worn in the air. However, in the metal it is embodied either in the form of concepts, or built by enthusiasts (the French are especially successful in this).

Like many, I started the path with the legendary “cheap”, which I put on teenage “Tisa”. The device turned out to be funny, but a gasoline stink in an apartment, dirty hands and a shamanic tambourine for the expelled evil spirits from a carburetor and ignition were attached to it. The device did not perform utilitarian functions in any way.

But once I was lucky to ride a mountain bike with a motor from a trimmer for grass (lawn mowing) and belt drive. Although it was in winter and I did not ride for long, I experienced a cultural shock! In the frost, the motor started perfectly both cold and heated, pulled perfectly, was perfectly clean and did not stink at all. And the “maximum speed” is 55 km/h with such a craving “cheap” and did not dream!

make, wheel, trimmer, grass, your

In general, a belt set with a two.stroke engine from a trimmer for a grass with a capacity of 1.5 liters was soon purchased.With. plus a mountain bike stronger.

There was no limit to happiness, but only to the first rain it turned out that the drive belt from getting wet loses its strength and breaks, it is not very convenient to change it on the road, and the cost of the new bites. And the rain is not rare.

But I was already used to traveling on such a convenient Moticalel and did not want to give up the idea, I decided. the chain and only the chain will save the “father of Russian democracy”!

The required gear ratio forced the use of a driven star with almost the wheel of the bicycle, but, fortunately, there was a gearbox from the Chinese minibaik, which perfectly stood on a trimmer motor and allowed the use of stars of the usual size. The components of the drive are public bicycle: a single.speed wide chain, a star from a XVZ bicycle for 51 tooths and Friville (overturning coupling with an asterisk) from VMX, as well as a bike brake handle as a gas trigger in the role of a gas trigger.

In addition to purchased details in the design, there are many original components. These are steel racks, which are attached to the frame of the bicycle, motorema (holds a gearbox with a motor), a chain tensioner with kapolon rollers, fastening the driven star on the wheel, adapter from the gearbox shaft to Frivil. He designed the details himself, and made them at the neighboring defense plant.

Of course, the first time I could not collect the perfect design, I treated children’s sores for another year. He selected optimal materials and constructive solutions, tried a different layout, and rode, rode, rode.

What happened in the end? Super light light (equipped weight. 25 kg) Motor transport at a maximum speed of 55 km/h, dynamics at the level of simple Chinese scooters, fuel consumption of 2 liters per 100 km (stroke on one tank 50 km), which does not stain with oil and does not smell like gasoline. The lack of smell and dirt helps me save on a garage or parking lot, the one is in the apartment and does not bring discomfort at all at all. The fact that all the “pedal” functions are completely preserved are fully preserved. It remains both the gear shift and the light pedal move (thanks to “Friville”), with a lack of traction, the motor can always help pedal and call on any hill. The chassis of modern Mountinbayka is very strong and reliable, disc brakes provide very confident braking, and large wheels help to more easily overcome our “directions”.

After the finalization of the design, I traveled more than 4000 km and during this time I only once changed the drive chain, twice. the spark plug, and since I cleaned the fuel system. a good indicator of reliability and unpretentiousness.

For lightness and removal agility, I called my motorcycle bike “hare”. Now I go to the “hare” every day to work, and he has no equal in traffic jams.

He is so narrow and maneuverable that at the peak hour I get home faster than earlier on a motorcycle, while traveling costs are simply funny. There were small trips, trips outside the city, even from Yaroslavl.

But the motorcycle bike, of course, is not for the highway. it is not comfortable to “interpret” on it, but in the city and summer trips of the best transport for myself I can’t imagine!

Building Damn Ilya
Name “Hare”
Power unit Engine from benzotrimmer (33 cm³, 1.5 liters.With. at 7400 rpm), transmission: gear gear with a gear ratio 5, bicycle, bicycle stars 13 and 51 tooth, overtaking coupling on the gear shaft (Freewheel)
Chassis Mountain bike Stels Navigator 700 episodes
Other “Comfortable” saddle adjustable ruling of the steering wheel

The frictional (with a clamp roller) did not justify the main gear to the chain, for which I had to put an intermediate gearbox from the Chinese minibate.The frictional (with a clamp roller) did not justify the main gear to the chain, for which I had to put an intermediate gearbox from the Chinese minibate.25-kilogram apparatus like no other is suitable for short marching through traffic jams.25-kilogram apparatus like no other is suitable for short marching through traffic jams.How to pick up a trimmer for grass: Motovelobikak to pick up a trimmer for grass: Motovylsidkak pick up a trimmer for grass: Motovydkidkak to pick up a trimmer for grass: in the text? Highlight it with the mouse! And click: Ctrl Enter