How to make an emergency tree cut down

How to get a neighbor to cut down a tree that threatens to fall?

This is stated in point 6. Neighbors can plant trees, regarding it as a fence, which is what the author of vodka did, see his answer in this question. but, however, in point 6. If you plant a tree, the trees are too close to the neighbor’s plot to the fence of the neighboring plot. then the shadow from them can interfere with the development of various sun-loving plants.

Also, if you plant it close to a neighboring site, what kind. either a fruit tree, or the crown of such trees can litter the neighboring area with ripe apples, plums, etc. There are norms and recommendations that determine at what distance to plant trees from the fence of the neighboring area. Medium trees should be planted at a distance of 2 m from the borders of the neighboring plot.

These are trees up to 10 m high: As for shrubs, dwarf varieties of fruit trees, they can be planted 1 m from the neighbor’s fence. In theory, tall trees like hazel or cedar should be planted at least 4 meters from the fence or fence, trees of medium height, such as apple or cherry, should be planted 2 meters from the fence, and shrubs like felt cherry or honeysuckle at 1 meter.

In practice, it all depends on the relationship with the neighbors and on the habit. For example, no one here pays attention to the fact that the neighboring flock is built close to our site, being a kind of fence. Just behind it we planted apple and pear trees. It turns out that they do not interfere with the neighbors, and they leave us more space for other landings. And on the other hand, the plum grows almost close to the fence and by tacit agreement, we rob our side of the tree, and the neighbors the part that hangs over their site.

The tree seems to be common. In fact, all these conditions are not met. Especially if the plot is small, narrow, then if you step back at least 4 meters on each side, in order to plant large fruit trees, they will turn out almost in the middle of the plot, and no one is planting. Our neighbors have trees growing about half a meter from the fence. One tree is generally half with us. I don’t really like it, but what can you do. We planted about 2 meters from the fence, so that the trees are at least on our side and do not look out onto the neighboring plot, although as they grow there, they will grow.

Usually everyone is tolerant, and no one says any complaints. Although it all depends on what kind of people live next to you. So it’s best to ask if they mind. Of course, I would like the trees not to become a reason for discord for neighbors, but on the contrary, all together enjoy the beauty of flowering and the “deliciousness” of the fruits, but, unfortunately, as a rule, the opposite is true. Therefore, when planning a site, it is better to immediately comply with the established standards, which will help avoid trouble. It should be understood that if you decide to plant trees closer to the fence, then due to the slander of your neighbors, you may be forced to cut down the tree and pay a fine.

When landing, such parameters must be observed. It’s good if the neighbors are intelligent and you can negotiate with them. And if not, then you probably need to plant it like this: But here I have an open question, can anyone tell me in the comments, I can not understand how to be with such a plant as Jerusalem artichoke. this, it seems, does not apply to shrubs, but it grows tall. at what distance can it be legally planted from the fence-border, agreements with neighbors deviate?

So, when it comes to trees that have height. If the trees suggest a height of up to ten meters, then planting is allowed at a distance of two meters. But if we are talking generally about shrubs or very low trees, then they can be planted one meter from the neighbors’ fence. It all depends on your relationship with your neighbors.

But most importantly, there should be mutual respect and each of the neighbors should arrange their plot so as not to harm the neighbors, then they will treat you the same way. In general, if the trees I do not shade the neighboring area, then feel free to plant them. Just do not forget that the roots of tall trees, such as birch, grow very widely and often come to the surface, thereby sucking nutrients from the ground. And if the roots of your tree feed from a neighbor’s plot, then this is already a reason for claims.

And it is better to plant fruit trees no closer than two meters from the fence, because it will be inconvenient for you to harvest from the side of the fence. You cannot plant tall trees closer than 4 meters from the neighbors’ fence or the border separating your plots. Medium-sized trees or tall shrubs can be planted 2 meters away from the fence or border of neighbors. Small shrubs 1 meter high currants, gooseberries, etc.

I don’t remember exactly how tall the trees are, but the tall trees. four meters, medium. two, bushes. one meter. If the trees do not shade the neighboring area, then, probably, the norms are different. Live amicably with your neighbors and you can always agree on the distance. If you are here for the first time: About the project FAQ. How far from a neighbor’s plot can trees be planted? Irina1 [5. It is good when neighbors come across conscious, otherwise a conflict situation often arises. In addition, it will be difficult for you to care for and harvest from your trees.

Therefore, the question is very important. “At what distance should trees and shrubs be planted? Tall trees should be planted at a distance of 4 meters from the neighbor’s fence. These are such trees, the trunk height exceeds 15 m: Medium trees should be planted at a distance of 2 m from the borders of the neighboring plot. These are trees up to 10 m high. : As for shrubs, dwarf varieties of fruit trees, they can be planted 1 m from the neighbor’s fence.

So, the basis for solving the issue of the distance between trees and neighboring plots is laid down in Here it is clearly stated what and how to plant, we study a specific point: It is worth understanding that if you decide to plant trees closer to the fence, then by the slander of your neighbors you can be forced to cut down wood and pay the fine. New peace [7. You have asked an urgent question. And if not, then probably it is necessary to plant like this: nuts or similar tall trees at a distance of 4 m, medium trees, such as apricot, cherry, 5 m, currant bushes, gooseberries 1 m, But now I have an open question, can anyone tell me in comments I can not understand how to be with such a plant as Jerusalem artichoke. this, it seems, does not apply to shrubs, but it grows tall. at what distance can it be legally planted from the fence-border, agreements with neighbors deviate?

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How to get a neighbor to cut a tree on the site?

Created questions: Written answers: A very huge nut, located from the household. Due to the fact that the tree has grown very much on the site, nothing grows, and in the fall the tree sheds a huge amount of leaves, you cannot bury them, you cannot burn them, since it is known that the leaves of the walnut are poisonous and nothing grows in the soil because of this, you have to take them out. The neighbor does not agree to any conditions. Good day!

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Who should cut dry, emergency, obstructing trees, and who is responsible for cutting?

On our site, even at the time of buying a house, a walnut grew at a distance of 3.5 m from the neighbor’s fence. However, the tree stands in the corner, and starting from Should we cut a tree. it gives a lot of nuts, it is good to rest under it in the shade. The neighbors also have plants planted with violations.

The second is from top to bottom, at an angle of 45 degrees to the previous cut from the same side, cm higher than the previous one. It is made between the first and the second, at a height of about 60 cm. The third is straight, parallel to the ground on the opposite side of the previous two. Around it, various buildings at a distance of m.

At what distance from a neighboring plot can trees be planted?

Often tall and spreading trees, without which it is difficult to imagine a plot in a residential private sector, begin to bring inconvenience to neighbors. You need to listen to such complaints, but you should not rush and cut down all the plantings at the first request: first you need to understand what distances between sites and trees are allowed by law. I have a dacha, and next to it, on a plot next door, there is a tall apricot. The tree grew right on the border of two plots, and the neighbor flatly refused to cut the tree, although its branches shaded half of my garden.

over, in this issue we are talking not only about the performer of the work, but also about who is responsible for the consequences. resulting from cutting down or not cutting down a tree. That is, there is no clear concept of what a forest is and how many trees it begins with, therefore, theoretically, any group of trees can be recognized as a forest, and this immediately makes them the property of the state. The emergency tree is a serious hazard. therefore, it must be cut down in a timely manner. over, the responsibility for this lies primarily with the owner of the territory, because the article of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation says that the one who caused it should compensate for the harm caused, and not necessarily directly.

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How to get a neighbor to cut a tree

Shading a plot of trees on a neighboring plot

In places marked with stakes, planting holes are dug, in which tree seedlings are planted. For spring planting, pits are prepared in the fall, and for autumn planting. at the end of summer. The sizes of the planting holes are different for different breeds. So, for an apple tree and a pear, a hole is dug with a diameter of, 25 m and a depth of cm, and for cherries and plums, the depth is in cm, and the diameter in cm.In order not to bend the rows marked with stakes when digging holes and plant correctly, use the planting board. The length of such a board is 1.5 meters, the width is cm and the thickness is cm.In the center of the board and at its ends, make side cuts.

Cutting down trees in the local area You need to call Rospotrebnadzor to study the room. This commission will determine whether there is really a lack of lighting in the room or whether it is the paranoia of the resident. They will rely on clear regulations to make this conclusion.

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Some trees were cut down in our urban neighborhood. And I watched it from the window, as it was done skillfully. I wanted to go and scandal about the poplar planted with my own hand, but I found out from the Internet that its service life had expired.

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How to get neighbors to cut branches on a tree, according to the law?

CONFLICT. Valentina Gotovchits believes that her neighbors deserve criminal punishment for destroying trees. Law enforcers also recommend that she go to court with a civil claim. Olga Pazderina

The summer resident Valentina Gotovchits contacted the editorial office of Kur’era. The woman has a plot of land with a house in the village of Seryagi, where she periodically comes to visit her parents’ house. The owner said that for two years, neighbors cut down her fruit trees that grew on the border of the plots, mowed grass on her territory.
In September 2014, when Valentina arrived at her site, she found sawed trees. “I come and see. there is a bunch of my fruit trees. Shock shook me. And the neighbors were digging potatoes at that time. I asked them what they had done with my trees. They answered me: “They interfered with us, the tractor could not drive up, the branches overhang”. If the neighbors told me about this, I would put things in order myself. That’s what I said about it. And if they don’t want to talk to me personally, there is a district council, a village council, a regional executive committee, ”the woman says. I was insulted that I was so-and-so. I called the police, drew up a protocol. After 10 days, I received a reply that the administrative process was closed “.

The hostess claims that the next year in the spring the felled trees were cut by neighbors for firewood and taken away for themselves. “They ruled on my territory, on my land: they mowed the grass, dug metal poles,” says Valentina. According to the woman, neighbors continued to remove trees growing on the border, and in 2015.

CONFLICT. Valentina Gotovchits believes that her neighbors deserve criminal punishment for destroying trees. Law enforcers recommend that she go to court with a civil claim. Olga Pazderina Valentina repeatedly summoned the district police officer, appealed to the prosecutor’s office, the Slutsk district police department, the Slutsk regional executive committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Minsk regional executive committee with a demand to open a criminal case against the perpetrators. The woman estimated the damage from the loss of 62 trees through the Chamber of Commerce at 55 million non-denominated rubles. She is denied initiating a criminal case and is recommended to apply to the Slutsk District Court for damages.

Neighbors of Valentina Gotovchits’ claims do not recognize. According to them, they removed only a few old plums, which interfered with the housekeeping work on their site, and did this in agreement with Valentina Gotovchits’ son.

“We are not guilty of anything,” says the neighbor. Yes, three plums were cut down with the consent of the Gotovchits’ son. She cut the rest of the trees herself, but she wants to claim some kind of damage from us. Does he want money? Nobody ever saw the same stumps from 60 supposedly cut down trees. This story lasts two years. Nerves to the limit”.

The neighbors also point to the mismanagement of the Gotovchits site, which is why they have to mow the weeds and on its site in order to protect their crops from the spread of weeds.

A word to the lawyer. Both sides are wrong

“Kur’er” turned to lawyer Pavel Sapelko to help understand the situation, who is right and who is wrong.

The principle of the inviolability of property is that the right to property acquired legally is protected by law and protected by the state, its inviolability is guaranteed, and compulsory alienation is allowed only for reasons of social necessity, subject to the conditions and procedures specified by law, with timely and full compensation for the value of the alienated property or according to a court order.

The local executive authority or the court has the right to assess the conformity of the location of buildings and plantings on a neighboring plot. They also have the right to oblige the owner to eliminate all violations of the norms for the placement of buildings and plantings.

That is, if Valentina Gotovchits’s neighbors were not satisfied with planting on a neighboring plot, they first of all had to contact the local village executive committee. And already he would have made a decision. either ordered the citizen Gotovchits to cut down the plantings, or, if there are no violations, left the neighbors’ demands without consideration.

The unauthorized exercise of one’s actual or perceived right in violation of the law is arbitrariness, which is punished, depending on the consequences, in an administrative or criminal procedure. However, according to the existing legislation, damage caused by arbitrary actions should be in the amount of 250 basic values.

Infographics: Yulia Goncharenko It is worth paying attention to the plantings themselves. According to the Technical Code of TKP 45-3.01-117-2008 (2,250), green plantings should be placed at a distance from the borders of a neighboring (adjacent) plot: tall fruit trees (apple, pear, cherry, etc.). at least 3 m; medium-sized fruit trees (cherry, plum, cherry plum, sea buckthorn, viburnum, etc.), as well as dwarf fruit and ornamental trees. at least 2 m; berry (currants, raspberries, grapes, etc.) and ornamental shrubs. at least 1 m.

What should Valentina Gotovchits do now? Go to court for compensation for material damage. This was also recommended to her by law enforcement agencies. True, she will have to independently and with the help of witnesses prove that 60 trees really grew on her site.

Can a neighbor saw the branches of a Christmas tree that grows in my area? answers of experts

Good day. Can you please tell me if my neighbor can saw the branches of a Christmas tree that grows on my plot (private residential sector of the IZhS land), near the fence, when the branches of the tree cross the border of his plot along the fence? The tree is already about 25 years old. It was planted long before the construction of the fence, and the fence between the plots was erected when the tree was already mature. That is, when surveying my land plot (the neighboring plot is not delimited), it was clear that the tree branches (half a crown) were on the neighbor’s side. At the same time, the trees do not shade the area of ​​the neighbors, but only shade mine. The branches were cut down in winter and transferred to my site. How can this situation be resolved in the legal field? What should be guided by? The question is posted in sections: questions, legal issues, legislation, pruning, trees

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In 1996 we bought a house in the village. There is a pedestrian path 3 m along our fence and a small ravine behind it. For 20 years, huge birches have grown in this ravine, which shade most of the site. Raspberries died along the fence, they are bent and.

Good afternoon, dear summer residents. On Tuesday we pay a deposit for the dacha. Tell me, maybe someone came across how to write a receipt correctly. And what pitfalls can arise? What are the nuances in issuing a receipt? Otherwise, you will give the deposit and look for it later.

Hello! My question is for lawyers. Snow in winter rolls down from the roof of the garage to the neighbors. The distance to the border from the garage wall is less than a meter. Former neighbors were not against this arrangement. New neighbors who bought a dacha are suing us for.

A question from our subscriber Anatoly Vasilyevich: I bought land, 12 acres of agricultural land. They say you can’t build anything on it, dig a cellar, etc.? Is it so?

Is the city obliged to maintain the road to the collective gardens within the city (3 kilometers) in proper condition, such as: asphalt, cleaning, lighting, minibus (since the gardens represent a whole microdistrict where people live all year round in recent years.

Good afternoon, dear Summer residents! Advise what to do with your neighbor? The problem is as follows: on his site, starting right on the border with a common fence, birches grow (by the way: he is a big lover of the forest, he has both pines and spruces planted). Until his.

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How to get a neighbor to cut down trees

When settling a conflict out of court, a warning about responsibility can become an argument in order to induce neighbors to resolve the issue on their own. If a tree from a neighboring plot falls on your house or plot, then they will have to compensate for the losses. Of course, if the rules and regulations were really broken.

Spreading branches should be cleaned by yourself.

Do we have the right to cut down the branches that grow from the neighboring one to our site ourselves?

We figured out the norms. Now, specifically: what we have the right to do, and what we can be punished for, despite the fact that the neighbor’s tree “crossed the border”.

make, emergency, tree, down

Let’s start with a dialogue with a neighbor. In the case of normal good-neighborly relations, it seems that the reaction will be adequate, and the issue will be resolved with the help of an ordinary saw. This is if you are lucky and you have friendship with your neighbors.

The branches that are on your side can be safely removed. this is not prohibited by law. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license ©

But it also happens that the relationship did not work out, however, do not change the site because of this. Here the way out is this: we write a letter, only not to the Turkish sultan, but to our neighbor, and ask them to remove the branches. That’s right. we fix our request in writing, indicating the date by which the neighbor must remove the branches.

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If your appeal is ignored, then proceed to more drastic measures. the law is on your side.

Just remember: a tree is nothing, but the property of a neighbor. And for damaging it, the responsibility will fall on you. There is a corresponding article about this. 1064 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on damage to property.

But the branches that are on your side can be safely deleted. this is not prohibited by law.

As for the liability of a neighbor, it is also stipulated in article 19 of the Law “On horticultural, vegetable gardening and dacha non-profit associations of citizens.” Therefore, if the norms for planting trees and shrubs are violated, you can force a neighbor to transplant or cut them down. This can be done in a pre-trial or judicial order. how it goes.

In any case, it is better to start by notifying your neighbors of your intentions, even if you only want to remove the branches that are hanging along the border of your site. Perhaps the neighbor will ignore your request. Then do it yourself. you will not be punished for such actions on your territory.

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It is often enough to warn recalcitrant neighbors about responsibility by referring to laws. Illustration for the article is taken from open sources

How to get a neighbor to cut a tree on the site? Pravoved.RU

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I have a dacha of 6 acres: a house and a garden. Nearby, on a neighboring plot, a huge birch tree grew right next to the fence. The height is about 25 m. At the same time, it grows so much that half of the roots and crowns are on my site. Because of this, my fruit trees and bushes (apple trees and raspberry bushes) suffer. I had to cut down one apple tree, the second is already drying up.

But all this was not bought for a penny and years of growing effort were spent on it. For 10 years I have been fighting with my neighbor. He refuses to cut down the birch. The partnership offered free help with felling, but he still refuses. Everything says that this should be done only by specialists in their field who know how to cut a tree correctly.

Thus, he does not solve the question in any way.

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According to SNiP, Supplement to the rules of paragraph SNiP 30-02-97. Correct planning and development of territories of horticultural, summer cottage associations of citizens, as well as buildings and structures.

Clause 6.7. The rule for the location of sanitary and living conditions to the border of a neighboring site.

The distance from the fence to other buildings such as a barn must be at least one meter. The distance from the fence to tall trees is at least four meters, low trees at least two meters.


You can sue your neighbor for damages. But you need to carefully consider the legal position that you will defend when presenting your claims. Consider all the elements of the claim. The future success of the case and the execution of the judicial act depend on all this. And this is all the work of a lawyer.

  • respectfully
  • —————————————————————-
  • Norms of law

Article 1064. General grounds for liability for causing harm

Is it possible to cut down interfering tree branches from a neighboring site yourself

Plants on someone else’s plot are not your property, so you will have to answer for damage to property in accordance with Art. 1064 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. In this case, the branches that are spread out on the site are not prohibited to be cut.

The tree is the property of the neighbor, therefore he undertakes to bear responsibility for it, according to Art. 19 of the Law “On horticultural, vegetable gardening and dacha non-profit associations of citizens.” If the trees do not grow according to the rules, then you can force them to transplant or cut down through the court or in a pre-trial order.

You can only cut down interfering branches on your own territory. Some owners cut overhanging branches along the border of their plot and have the right to do so if the neighbor ignores legal requests.

In this case, you have to dispose of the cut branches yourself. However, it is recommended that you first notify your neighbors and give them time to resolve the issue.

If there is no reaction, you can do everything yourself or file a lawsuit.

On a city street

Getting rid of a tree on the street will be much more difficult. Any green space, in whatever condition it may be, is on the balance sheet of the city. Spontaneous removal of trees without the appropriate permission is subject to an administrative fine. The residents will not be able to issue a permit for sawing themselves.

Only the asset holder of the territory where the trees are located can receive a “felling ticket”. Therefore, in this case, the Tula people need to send a statement to the administration with a request to remove the tree and an explanation of the reason.

There can be several good reasons for removing green spaces in the city:

  • Danger of the tree to others (large cracks, damaged trunk, etc.).
  • The tree is very close to your home or fence. According to sanitary standards, large trees should not grow closer than five meters from buildings.
  • The tree blocks the access of light to your apartment.

A written application received by a state body or local self-government body is considered within 30 days.

How to cut an emergency tree

You can get rid of emergency trees in the yard, on the street or on the territory of a government institution in different ways. It all depends on where the tree is.

In the courtyard

To remove unwanted trees in the yard, residents need to make a decision by a majority vote at the general meeting. You can get rid of not only old and dangerous plantings. you can cut down any tree that interferes with residents.

The owners need to draw up an application to the management company. It is necessary to indicate the number and exact location of the trees that need to be cut down or booked.

An employee of the management company will go to the site, fix the amount of work, make an application for filing and send it to the district administration. Further, the application will go to the improvement committee, which will (or will not give) permission to cut. The decision will be made in accordance with the gardening rules. Most often, when it comes to old trees, there are no problems with coordinating work.

In case of a positive answer, the management company will put your application in the improvement plan.

The work itself must be performed by a specialized contractor.

make, emergency, tree, down

-, but sometimes can reach 10,000 rubles. said the specialist of the company “TulaSpetsTechnika” Evgeny Gennadievich.

The order is considered completed when the owners sign an act of completed work. Payment for the services of contractors, as a rule, is made from the item “housing”.

By the way, there are situations when the work can be accelerated and not wait for permission from the administration. The Criminal Code has the right to cut down a tree without permission from the authorities if it poses a threat to residents. For example, it cracked after a thunderstorm.

Near a school or hospital

The heads of organizations are responsible for the timely removal of dangerous trees on the territory of state institutions. For example, if you spot an old tree on school grounds, write a letter to the principal. After that, the head is obliged to transfer the complaint to the district administration.

Threat at the entrance

According to experts, there are more than 40 thousand emergency trees in Kursk

Three months ago, on Sadovaya Street, across the street from the DDD editorial office, a maple fell right onto the sidewalk, covering a sales stall and hitting parked cars. Miraculously, there were no casualties about Bosch. A large crack on the trunk of a tree was previously noticed by the sellers of the nearby kiosks and residents of neighboring houses, called various authorities, but no one came to help.

There is also a tree in the courtyard of 8 on Sumskaya Street, past which residents walk with caution. Pensioners are especially worried. Going out to sit on a bench at the entrance, every time they remember the story that happened in the Seimsky district two years ago. Then the giant who grew up in the yard fell on three women at once. One died and two ended up in the hospital.

There is an official conclusion that the pyramidal poplar at the entrance to the entrance of house 8 on Sumskaya Street, which suffered from a lightning strike three years ago, is in emergency. However, they are in no hurry to saw it. According to pensioner Galina Melnikova, who lives in this house and sounded the alarm in all instances, the City Management Company LLC answered her: in order for the tree to be demolished, tenants need to collect an additional 10 thousand rubles. They say that work on filing and demolition of trees at the entrance is not included in the article “repair and housing”.

“Why should we collect additional funds? After all, every month we pay considerable sums for repairs and housing stock. Isn’t it possible to allocate funds to cut down a single tree? I’m already afraid to leave the house. When the wind is strong, everyone looks at the windows. they wait for the poplar to fall, ”says Galina Petrovna.

Residents of house 4 on Oboyanskaya Street, in the courtyard of which until recently stood an old maple tree with a huge hollow, workers with saws did not wait. Although the management company LLC “Comfort Plus” promised to remove the dangerous plantation a year ago. Late in the evening of September 1, a tree collapsed, blocking the entrance to the entrance. Young people were resting on a bench next to a maple tree. The company left this place just a few minutes before the emergency. The tree, which fell by branches directly into the window of the third floor, lay like this for more than a week.

Who should cut emergency trees

Who will solve the problem?

So who should deal with the demolition of emergency plantings and where to go to solve such a problem? Most often, residents of Kursk call the Emergencies Ministry. Every year the governor signs a decree “On the organization of work to prevent emergencies caused by the fall of emergency trees.” According to this document, the work is being carried out by the emergency and rescue service of the Kursk region, according to the approved schedule. Over the years, its specialists in the region have already cut down more than 12 thousand dangerous trunks. Many are sure that applications for the demolition of plantings should also be accepted by the Ministry of Emergencies. But this is not the case. The order clearly states: the formation of applications is the responsibility of the heads of municipal districts. People should contact the administration of their settlement. village council, district. And already the heads submit the lists to the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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“As of today, the districts have submitted applications for cutting 2,500 emergency trees,” says Gennady Bakhtoyarov, head of the Kursk region’s ACC. However, it should be noted that before the specialists begin work, each application will be checked. From the experience of past years, I can say that some chapters, under the guise of emergency ones, inscribed those trees for demolition that either interfered with the improvement of the territory or the construction of new facilities. In accordance with the order, the heads of municipalities were recommended to inspect potentially dangerous trees and clearly determine the number to be demolished. There are certain criteria by which trees are recognized as emergency: completely dry, as well as having a lot of dry knots or with a rotten core. Unfortunately, chapters do not always approach this issue responsibly. And I can say that of those trees that we cut down over the years of our work, only 20 percent were really emergency.

Note that ACC specialists work exclusively in the field. They do not take money for their work. funding is made at the expense of the regional budget.

On the territory of Kursk, the Regulation on the procedure for the demolition of green spaces, compensation for damage caused by the demolition and their restoration has been in force for the 10th year. All related issues, as well as the assessment of the replacement value of green spaces, are decided by the Green Space Commission. The demolition of emergency and diseased trees on urban land is organized by the Committee for Environmental Safety of Natural Resources of Kursk within the framework of the concluded municipal contracts.

How To Cut Down a Tree With No Tools

The demolition of emergency and diseased trees, as well as the maintenance of green spaces located in the courtyards and adjoining territories of apartment buildings, must be carried out by management organizations. The issue of financing the work is decided by the tenants themselves at the meeting of the owners. Some UK and HOA include expenses under the item “repair and housing”. Where funding for the demolition of emergency trees is not provided in this article, residents have to collect additional money. On average, the demolition of one plantation costs 5-6 thousand rubles.

The city committee for environmental safety and nature management complains that some management companies are in no hurry to fulfill the wishes of residents about the demolition of emergency trees. An example of this is the already mentioned LLC “GUK”. In relation to this company, the committee sent a statement to the prosecutor’s office of the Seimsk district of Kursk about the failure to take measures to demolish emergency trees located in the served area.

To remove the dangerous “old-timer”, the residents of Kursk need to apply for permission with a written application directly to the city committee for environmental safety and nature management. Before specialists start cutting, each application will be checked by a commission, which includes representatives of the land committee, architecture committee, district administration and utilities. After the decision on demolition has been made, the liquidation works must be organized by the management company.

The demolition of green spaces, which pose a real threat to human life, can be carried out without issuing permits. It is enough to notify the committee, whose specialists will then check whether the tree was really emergency. By the way, this year more than 3,000 dangerous barrels have been demolished in Kursk.

In an apartment building

To cut down a tree in the courtyard of an apartment building will require not only desire, but also a good reason. This may be due to the following factors:

  • The tree is emergency, poses a threat to residents;
  • The tree has grown and poses a threat to communications;
  • The tree has grown and is too close to the house;
  • The tree closes the windows, which creates insufficient illumination in the room;
  • The tree spoils the view of the yard and most of the residents agree with you.

Location on

Sometimes it happens that on the acquired site there is a tree that interferes with construction or planning. In this case, the procedure is slightly different from the one described above. In order to knock down a tree during construction, you need to collect the following package of documents:

  • A statement to the authorities from the person who organizes the construction;
  • Work permit;
  • Land ownership document;
  • Site plan where trees will be marked;
  • Conclusion of ecologists about the project;
  • A copy of the felling agreement with a licensed organization;
  • Acts of replanting plantings and cutting down trees;
  • Landscaping or beautification project.

What to do in case of illegal logging

Now let’s look at the situation from the other side and answer the question “What to do if another tenant of the house or a neighbor on the plot conducts illegal felling of trees that creates a threat?” In such a situation, it is better to contact a neighbor and demand that he stop work until he receives a permit. this is often very useful, since often citizens simply do not know that a permit is needed. If he refused to do this, then you can turn to government services for help. To begin with, you can contact the house management with a statement, but, as a rule, this is very long and ineffective, since the issue will be resolved for too long.

In the event that it is difficult to stop the work, we recommend contacting the police. Remember that cutting down trees is only a seemingly minor offense. In fact, this is a serious crime, for which in some cases you can get a sentence. In addition, the police should be called even if you witness illegal harvesting of trees.

Where to go to cut down an emergency tree

In order to cut down a tree in the yard, you need to either ask the local authorities for help, or obtain the appropriate permission. over, for each situation requiring the removal of vegetation from the site, there is a procedure. And if in an apartment building a tree can be cut down for you, then you will have to cope with a tree in your personal plot on your own.

When you can cut it yourself

To begin with, let’s answer the question “When can you cut a tree yourself without asking permission?” This is only possible if you want to cut a tree in a private house. In this case, you can cut fruit trees almost without restrictions (the only remark is that cutting down should not interfere with other people). But if another tree is located on the territory of your site, which was located there even before the development of the site itself, in order to cut it down, you will need to ask permission.

Is it possible to cut a tree in the yard?

Quite often in the courtyards you can find old or overgrown trees that can threaten both the residents themselves or bystanders, and property. Because of this, residents often face the question “How to quickly and correctly cut down a tree in the yard?”.

Many citizens think that trees growing in yards do not belong to city property, but this is not true. They are part of the green space, and the residents of the house cannot cut them down on their own, even if they know how to do it correctly. In this article we will talk about how to properly cut down a tree that grows in the courtyard of an apartment or private house.

In a private house

Cutting a tree at a summer cottage is a little more difficult. The conditions for carrying out the work remain the same as the statement above, but you will have to contact the dacha cooperative to which the site is assigned. If the site is not part of a cooperative, the district government will accept your application. But the tree itself will have to be cut at your own expense. If you are granted permission, you can remove the tree yourself, but in most cases you will need to hire a specialist. Fortunately, it is not too expensive. about a thousand rubles will be charged from you for one tree.

Fines and other penalties

Let’s move on to the punishment that awaits those who illegally cut down trees. It can be either administrative or criminal. it all depends on the severity of the harm done to the environment.

Survival- Emergency Tree Resin Torch

Let’s start with an administrative fine, which is most often issued to citizens for “amateur performance”. In this case, it is difficult to give an exact figure, since its size can vary greatly from case to case. The following factors affect the total amount:

  • Regional legislation;
  • The amount of damage caused;
  • The severity of damage to the environment and the appearance of plantings.

Criminal liability for felling is stipulated by Article 260 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and, as a rule, ordinary citizens are not threatened with it. But it still needs to be mentioned, as it gives a more accurate picture of logging as an offense. It has three parts:

  • Part one of Article 260 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation considers the complete felling of trees or their damage up to the cessation of growth, committed on a large scale. For such a crime, a fine of up to 500,000 rubles is provided, up to 480 hours of compulsory labor, up to 2 years of correctional labor, up to the spirit of years of imprisonment;
  • Part two of Article 260 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation considers the same act committed by a group of persons, an official. The punishment will be a fine of up to 1,000,000 rubles, up to 4 years of forced labor, up to 4 years of imprisonment;
  • Part three of Article 260 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation considers the felling of trees on an especially large scale. The punishment is correspondingly severe. up to 3,000,000 rubles in a fine, up to 5 years of forced labor, up to seven years in prison.

Estimated cost of cutting fallen trees

Cut down a fallen tree using an aerial platform or crane

This dilemma always arises for those who are sensitive to all living things.

You can’t just destroy the tree, cut the tree down completely, or partially only because it blocks the sun on the site, or creates discomfort from fluff, crumbling needles, buds, foliage.
Trees are not only the most ancient organisms living on earth. They give us air, and we owe them our existence.

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