August 17, 2019

How To Make Your Own Hands A Solid Dog Box

Before you build a booth with your own hands, you need to determine its parameters, which depend on the size of the dog.

How To Make Your Own Hands A Solid Dog Box

In a too spacious booth in the winter it will not be warm enough, so the size of the dog’s booth should be chosen to fit the size of the pet.

The scheme for determining the size of the booth is as follows:

  1. The length of the booth L is equal to the length of the dog from the nose to the tip of the tail plus 50-60 mm.
  2. The height of the box H is equal to the height of the dog at the withers, plus 100-120 mm.
  3. The width of the booth W is equal to its height N.
  4. The height of the entrance h is equal to the height of the dog at the withers minus 50 mm.
  5. The width of the entrance Wd is equal to the width of the chest of the dog plus 50-70 mm.

When building a booth with a vestibule, the required width or length of the booth is doubled.

The average size of a doghouse without a tambour for a dachshund: length 700 mm, width 550 mm, height 600 mm. For the German Shepherd Dog – 1200х750х800 mm, for the Caucasian Shepherd Dog – 1400х1100х1000 mm.

The scheme for calculating the size of the booth.

The size of the booth must be chosen for a specific dog. If the animal is much smaller than the booth, in the winter the latter will not warm up sufficiently.

The size of the booth should provide comfort for the dog: the animal should be able to unfold freely inside the kennel and be able to lie with legs extended both in the “bedroom” and in the vestibule. If necessary, the entire structure can be made collapsible – to quickly replace the "worn" elements.

After determining the size of the kennel and the type of roof, a scheme is drawn up.

In drawing up the scheme for the kennel, remember:

  1. The roof should be removable for cleaning, impregnation with antibacterial solutions, etc. For convenience, you can provide handles on the roof.
  2. When choosing a shed roof should be remembered: the back side below the front, respectively, the boards and support bars from the back side should be lower.

Necessary tools and materials

Tools for making a doghouse.

  1. Pencil (marker).
  2. Roulette (ruler).
  3. Hacksaw (saw).
  4. Hammer.
  5. Screwdriver (screwdriver).
  1. The frame of the booth is made of timber 40×40 (or 50×50) and 100×100.
  2. Sheathe booth better boards from coniferous wood (pine or spruce), clapboard. Do not use metal as a covering or floor.
  3. It is possible to warm the box with the help of polyfoam, polyurethane foam, glass mat, rags. Minwatu is not recommended to use – it can cause itching in the dog.
  4. For floor and ceiling it is better to use plywood, laminate, boards.
  5. The roof can be made of slate, roofing material, metal tiles.
  6. Consumables: nails, screws, glue, metal corners.
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Construction assembly

Before you make a booth, absolutely all the structural elements must be soaked with antiseptics and waterproofing agents.

According to the scheme is made frame booth of timber. The frame assembly should be started from the bottom of the booth: sawing two 40×40 (50×50) bars across the width of the booth, a sheet of plywood is attached to the bars (the dimensions of the sheet are equal to the size of the floor). After this, the treatment is performed with an antiseptic impregnation, the plywood is covered with roofing felt, on top of which additional bars are nailed, which are also impregnated with an antiseptic.

Turning over the structure, install 4 bars 100×100 in the corners of the height of the booth plus the size of the floor bars. At the entrance to the kennel, bars 40×40 (50×50) are installed with a length equal to the height of the entrance plus the size of the sex bars. Laz in the kennel is done immediately, including its decorative framing.

The assembly scheme of the doghouse.

Along the perimeter are installed intermediate bars 100×100. The number of intermediate bars is chosen based on the fact that the structure must withstand the weight of the roof, and with it the weight of the dog and the snow.

To enhance and prevent sagging of the floor, stiffening ribs are laid from 40×40 (50×50) bars. The cells between the stiffeners are filled with insulation (foam, polyurethane foam). The floor must be warmed. The second flooring sheet of plywood is fastened to the obtained construction (its dimensions are specified after the installation of all racks).

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When designing a booth with a vestibule, space should be provided for the installation of bowls of food and water. For the flooring of the floor of the vestibule it is impossible to use plywood, the floor is made of boards or laminate. The floor of the vestibule is not insulated, but at the same time it should be brought to the same level as the floor in the kennel room. Plywood flooring and walls for longer service life should be plastered with some soft materials (for example, rags).

When using boards as a floor covering, you must carefully seal the seams. For hardening the structure and speeding up the assembly, it is recommended to use metal corners during the construction of the frame.

Covering and warming

The internal covering is carried out by plywood. Insulation is attached to the inner lining, after which the outer lining is made of boards.

Tambour booths should be sheathed with wood from three sides to protect the dog from the wind in cold climatic zones (it is not necessary to insulate the sheathing of the vestibule) or make decorative sheathing in warm climatic zones.

Tip: for a longer service booth and to decorate the landscape of the board should be varnished or painted. They should be fixed after complete drying and the disappearance of the smell of varnish / paint.

Roof installation

The scheme of the booth with a hinged roof.

The roof of the booth must be removable or opening. Under the shed roof make a frame, which is sheathed with plywood from the inside. From the outside, the frame is sheathed with boards. Before fastening the outer skin, the inner space is filled with insulation. The roof frame is attached to the frame with hinges for easy access to the kennel (cleaning and disinfection of the booth). Having established a roof, it should be blocked with slate or other waterproof material. We should not forget that the slope of the roof should provide water flow, and the roof covering should withstand the scratching of the dog.

The gable roof is removable. Under the gable roof also make the frame. The frame is sheathed from the inside with plywood. The fad is made of timber 100×100. The crate is made in place, for this pre-vertically exhibited gables, after which the crate is mounted. The outer side is desirable to sheathe boards (optional), after covering the roof is covered with slate, roofing material, etc.

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Tambour kennels should also be covered with a roof or awning to protect the animal from the sun.

The roof of the booth must withstand the weight of the dog. For a stronger fit of the roof, you must drive the pins inside the kennel on which the roof will rest. Thick nails (8-10 mm in diameter) or thin reinforcement can be used as pins.

Tip: for decorating the site on the roofing material, you can put flexible tiles. In building supermarkets, it can be taken from old purchases at discounted prices. You can fill the tiles on any material. Under the lining carpet, you can take any bitumen roll material (roofing material). It is necessary to remove the edges of the corners so that the dog does not hurt.

Site selection, installation and care of a kennel

The installation site of the booth should be dry, spacious, provide a good view of the dog, within the reach of the dog should be no objects that can injure the animal.

The booth should be installed on logs or bricks to prevent wood decay and extend the life of the kennel. After installing the booth, you should check the quality: the absence of distortions, backlash as an empty kennel, and after the settlement of the dog.

Should provide comfortable conditions for the dog. The inside of the need to soak in an antiseptic against fleas and ticks. In the booth, you should put a soft mat, hang the entrance curtain and, if necessary, attach a carabiner for the chain to the wall. Above the entrance to the vestibule you can hang a flashlight or its imitation to decorate the kennel. Once a month it is necessary to do cleaning in the kennel: clean up leftovers, remnants of bones, various items brought by the dog. Disinfection is carried out in the period from October to May every 2-3 months, from May to September – every month.

Do not let the dog in the kennel until then, until the solutions dry.

Every 8-10 years, the entire structure should be tested for strength and replaced with rotten elements.

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