How to Mount a Disc on a Huter Trimmer

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The Huter GGT-1500SX trimmer belongs to the class of petrol trimmers optimally designed for work on lawns and gardens. The GGT-1500SX model received a two-stroke engine, significantly expanding the capabilities of the device, that is, for example, not tying the lawn mowing to power sources, as is characteristic of electric trimmers. In this sense, the described model can also be used for processing large areas, since the main factors in this case will be: the presence of a sufficient amount of fuel and the optimal technical condition of the device.

The power of the Huter GGT-1500SX is 1.5 kW, which, along with the features of the cutting tool (fishing line / knife), classifies it as a semi-professional class of similar devices. Therefore, the model can be used not only in cottages and suburban farms, but also in small farms. GGT-1500SX perfectly copes with both mowing the grass, and with putting in order plots with a small shrub. The weight of the trimmer is 6 kg, which, given the presence of a detachable type rod, makes the issue of transportation relatively simple, including in a regular passenger car.

Advantages of Huter GGT-1500SX

  • The presence of a gasoline two-stroke engine makes the device more autonomous in comparison with electric types of lawn mowers.
  • The engine is distinguished by sufficient power and high reliability to solve problems. It is also equipped with an anti-vibration system and is easy to get started.
  • The trimmer design provides a translucent fuel tank, which is convenient to fill with fuel and monitor its level.
  • A convenient and reliable trimmer control system located on the ergonomic handle is provided.
  • The 1500SX boom has a split mechanism for easy and convenient transport.
  • The trimmer is easily disassembled and assembled, however, in the assembled state, it is distinguished by the reliability of all nodes and fixtures.
  • In the package of delivery of the model, the buyer receives a convenient belt-type belt, eye protection glasses during operation and a 40 TP disk.

Work conveniently and safely

Of course, the operator must follow all recommendations and safety requirements, follow the rules of operation of the trimmer. However, in addition to this, the manufacturer took a number of measures regarding the design of the device in order to increase the level of safety when working with the lawn mowing. They include, but are not limited to:

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  • a protective casing to prevent bouncing stones and debris from entering the user,
  • throttle trigger so that the operator cannot accidentally pull the trigger and start rotation
  • cutting tool when the engine is started,
  • anti-vibration system to prevent the harmful effects of vibrating trimmer elements on the hands and other parts of the operator’s body.

Huter GGT-1500SX Operation Features

The operation of the trimmer is not very difficult, and after carefully studying the instructions and assembling the resulting product, you can begin to prepare the trimmer for work. Let us briefly consider how to assemble the Huter GGT-1500SX and prepare it for operation. Since the GGT-1500SX is equipped with a split bar, you first need to connect the two elements of this part using the coupling that you need to lock. Before proceeding to the next step, you need to check whether all the components are connected securely. Then you can proceed to fastening the control levers with the help of a special key included in the delivery. When connecting the elements, always check whether everything is done reliably. Now you can go to the next step: connecting the rod to the engine. Installation is carried out using a standard set of bolts. After the rod is connected to the engine, you can install the casing and cutting elements. Read more about step-by-step trimmer assembly in the User Guide.

The assembled trimmer can now be prepared for upcoming work on the site. Preparation for operation begins with the preparation of the fuel mixture. At this stage, follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations on the brands and quality of the components of the fuel mixture, and also accurately follow the methodology for preparing the fuel mixture, which, in reality, is not very difficult.

Since the Huter GGT-1500SX is equipped with an air-cooled two-stroke engine, to prepare the fuel mixture, high-quality oil is needed, specially produced for the mentioned type of engines. According to the classification, this oil is API TV / API TS, JASO FB / JASO FC. It is recommended that you fill in the oil that Huter produces under the Huter 2T mark. The second component of the mixture should be high-quality gasoline, whose octane rating is not lower than 92. It is strictly forbidden to use oils in the fuel mixture that are produced for water-cooled engines. The fuel mixture is prepared in a ratio of 1:40 (1. oil, 40. gasoline) or according to the recommendations of the oil manufacturer.

For the preparation of the mixture, use a special measuring container. The amount of the mixture should be calculated only for one cycle, so that after completion of work in the tank there are no residues of the fuel mixture (it must not be left in the tank until the next cycle of work). Also, never use the tank itself to prepare the mixture, and also do not carry out operations with the components of the fuel mixture near the fire and do not smoke during fuel preparation.

After the correctly composed fuel mixture is poured into the tank, you can proceed to the direct preparation of the trimmer for work. To do this, the user must first put on a backpack-type belt and securely, but conveniently for himself, fasten it. After that, using a special carabiner, the trimmer is fixed to the belt and is adjusted if necessary. For details on preparing the trimmer for use, see the User Guide.