How to mount the tines on a single axle tractor correctly


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What do you need the tines for a power tiller for??

Hoes are special devices that look like regular metal wheels, complemented by studded pads. The name itself indicates their main functional purpose. to guarantee perfect traction between cultivator and underlying surface. the soil. Thanks to these devices a singleaxle tractor can move freely on any terrain regardless of weather conditions.

Besides this, the chainrings for a power tiller have other functions:

  • contribute to a better soil treatment;
  • They simplify transport of the power tiller and coupled with a loaded trailer off-the-road or on soft ground;
  • Increasing the weight of the machine provides it good balance and stability in space;
  • allow the use of other attachments, e.g. for seedbed preparation.

How to choose the right trailing shoes for your power tiller?

It is worth with all the responsibility to choose a prime movers. Correctly selected products allow you to use them as effectively as possible and make your crawler move easily.

When buying, it is important to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Dimensions. The class of agricultural machinery is taken into account. Heavy models have a trailing arm diameter of about 70 cm. On medium and light models. products with a diameter of 25-40 centimeters;
  • The type of soil to be cultivated. Universal model. with welded arrow-shaped spikes. Due to the peculiar structure (the grip part in the form of corners), these grousers perfectly grip even the most loose soil;
  • Installing the weights. Some manufacturers have provided the possibility to install weighting elements, which makes even the lightest models of power tillers more effective. Most weighting devices are solid metal containers that are filled with weight before installation.

If you take into account the facts listed above when searching for a grousers, the choice of suitable devices will become much easier.

Technically, it is a wheel with spikes or blades that dig into the ground. To understand which ones are good for your power tiller, homemade or purchased, you should choose one of two options: universal or for a certain model.

In the first case, it is sufficient only to match the size, in the second case, it is necessary to match the characteristics to a specific brand.

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Dirt hooks for power tillers

Gruntozatels for a power tiller with their own hands are made everywhere, it is a much less expensive option. over, they are practically never made for heavy equipment; they can only be built by hand or to order.

  • improvement of traction with the ground;
  • Making it easier to move uphill and on soft ground;
  • Providing additional loosening;
  • increased weight, so more equipment can be mounted on a singleaxle tractor, and for the sake of stability.

Tines for the most common brands of power tillers

The following power tillers are common throughout Russia, and equipment for them can be obtained from manufacturers:

The most common machine on Russian farmland is the Neva. The same factories are producing tractors for the singleaxle tractor. F340×110 design, where the rim height is 340 and width is 110 mm.

Models for the Neva with dimensions of 560 × 130 mm are also suitable for power tillers Favorit and Salyut. This size can be called a universal size. On the Salut, it is possible to put the wheels of much larger size. 700×100 mm, they are delivered from Poltava.

For power tillers Mole, Dachnik, Master, there are small soil traps in 280 mm in diameter and 90 mm thick. For power tillers heavier, Kentavr and Zubr, the equipment is made with size 450 mm diameter and width 110-120 mm for the first and 700×200 for the second.

On the Kadvi fit from 350 to 500 mm in diameter, with a width of 100 mm or more. Oka. 425×130 mm, the peculiarity of the design is that it is necessary to hang them on the hub extensions.

Homemade trailing arms for the Salyut 100 power tiller

When choosing, you should also take into account how much weight the device will have to hold. The higher it is (including attachments, plows, and so on), the bigger and stronger the hitch should be.

What sizes to get

You can find a lot of drawings and diagrams on the Internet for independent production of grousers. But what sizes correspond to a particular brand? Sometimes it is not specified in the drawings.

So, the most common power tillers are: Neva, Mole, Salyut, Oka, Zubr, Kentavr. Consider the Neva motoblocks.

Hoes for Neva power tillers will fit perfectly to Salyut and Favorit power tillers. Dimensions for homemade tools for power tiller: height. 34 cm, width. 11 cm. These dimensions are shown on the drawing, and all the fine details that need to be respected for good work with the ground are also indicated. By the way, homemade version grousers make slightly larger than the factory ones, t.к. It is difficult to choose the right size. Dimensions for power tillers of other brands range from 34 cm to 70 cm and above.

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mount, tines, single, axle, tractor

Let’s look at the main functions of the grousers on the singleaxle tractor Neva:

  • Better plowing of land.
  • The installed toolkit makes the singleaxle tractor heavier and better to use, which improves the work with the soil and allows you to work with heavy attachments.
  • This product helps to climb uphill with a full trailer in a fairly short time.
  • The tines snag small and large plant roots, pulling them out.

Dirt shoes for the power tiller: what to pay attention to?

The main factor influencing the choice of a versatile object is size. If a person wants to buy the grototsebs for a particular model of the machine, he should read the wishes of the manufacturer and follow them.

Since among farmers and agronomists the Neva and Neva MB power tillers are particularly popular, it is necessary to outline the features of universal ground wheels by their example. For the products of these manufacturers, versions with a diameter of 43 cm are suitable, because they are embedded in the soil to a depth of 15tisantimetres Such dimensions will provide maximum traction with the ground and trouble-free movement.

The important point: the heavy class machines do not need such additions, because its weight is already a guarantee of stability on almost any ground.

How to choose the right trailing shoes for your power tiller?

It is worth with all the responsibility in the choice of the grousers. Correctly selected products allow you to use them as effectively as possible and make the power tillers move easily.

When buying it is important to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Size. Agricultural machine class to be taken into account. The heavy models are fitted with trailing shoes measuring about 70 cm in diameter. Medium and light. products with a diameter of 25-40 centimeters;
  • Type of cultivated soil. Universal model. with welded arrow-shaped spikes. Due to their unique construction (grip part in the form of corners) these grousers perfectly grip even the loosest of soils;
  • Mounting the weights. Some manufacturers have made it possible to install weights, which makes even the lightest models of power tillers more effective. Most weighted regulators are solid metal vessels that are filled for weighting before installation.

If you take into account these facts when searching for grousers, the choice of appropriate devices will be much easier.

What equipment is suitable for power tillers “Neva”?

There is a large selection of models of inventory, which differ from each other by size and the material of which they are made. Depending on the model, the devices may also differ from each other in the way they are installed on a singleaxle tractor. In any case the construction should not touch the equipment, and the bends of the metal plates should be directed towards the movement of the unit. Often some models of equipment are additionally weighted in order to better grip the power tiller with the soil. Not knowing what kind of grousers are better for power tillers “Neva”, many beginners make mistakes. In practice, the most effective proved to be the use of equipment from the company “KMS”.

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Each such product weighs about 12 kg. The diameter of the tines from this manufacturer is 46 cm, which makes it possible to efficiently plow any type of soil. In addition to them, the inventory of “KUM” company is also popular. They are ideal for tilling and deep ploughing. The weight of these “wheels” is 15 kg.

How to choose a grouser for a power tiller

When choosing a product, you need to consider how you plan to use it. If we are talking about the processing of virgin land, it is recommended to choose models with spikes. For the cultivation of already cultivated soil, you need plates.

Considering that the soil becomes hard after winter, it is recommended to have two types of tines. This will ensure comfortable work, regardless of external factors. However, it is necessary to choose models based on the weight of the power tiller. If it is small and does not weigh much, then it is better to buy additional weighting elements to loosen the soil better.

Buying the abovementioned trailing arms, you can not worry about quality. It has already been tested by many users. They write that the machines are durable when operated correctly, require very little maintenance and are efficient. New models periodically appear on the market. Thus, if there are doubts about what to choose, it is worth to study the proposals and reviews on moderated sites to buy a suitable soil.

The wheel width should be 110 mm, as you would do for a Neva. These riders are suitable for Pentavr 2060, Pentavr 2090 and similar models. If you want the factory version, the purchased soil hooks will cost you somewhere around 30.