How to mow a lawn with a trimmer correctly. Adviсe

How to mow grass with a trimmer correctly?

In the midst of the summer season, people with their sites have a problem. It consists in the fact that after winter and spring, grass and other vegetation grow very quickly in these areas. Today we consider options for mowing grass. For example, it is better to disassemble ordinary trimmers, as they provide a person with greater space for action due to direct movement with this technique, and they are relatively inexpensive.

General rules of use should be reminded to those who first think about how to remove grass with a trimmer and still does not know how to use it. It is such foundations that will help to start to remove your site qualitatively.

Among summer residents, there is more and more a tendency to use precisely trimmers, because Unlike lawnmands, they allow you to remove grass in hard.To.Reach places, and professional models can even help process trees branches. Another plus of the trimmer is the ability to work on top and sawing branches, which can also help hard in cleaning on its territory.

Another important point is security. Since motorcycles have a high speed of rotation (they reach several thousand revolutions per minute), even a small stone can fly out at high speed and harm a working person.

All parts of the trimmer Check and view before starting work. Provide the work of the trimmer. Since they are electric and gasoline, you will need to organize their work depending on the type of technique. The electric one should be included in the power supply and charge if it is not charged, and season gasoline if it is required.

At the first launch, give the trimmer to “work”. If you bought a new device, you must let it work for a few minutes without a load so that the motor, knives, fishing lines, rotational elements start. This can be called some warm.Up for technology, moreover, this can help prevent some troubles before direct work, because the assembly and quality of garden equipment are different.

lawn, trimmer, correctly

Playing an electric trinemmer includes several stages.

  • First, start and work with a trimmer for long, literally 5 minutes.
  • Then you can increase the working hours to 10 minutes, but you need to monitor the engine so that it does not overheat.
  • After several samples of the electric trimmer, it will be possible to work on it on an ongoing basis. Do not forget about the engine cooling system, which is available as an additional function in some models.

If you do not know what kind of mowing it is better to start, then Better try to cut a low lawn with trimmer line. This will allow the engine to smoothly enter the work. No need to immediately load it with a large volume of work.

Varieties of trimmers for lawns

There are trimmers that have engines from above and below. Where the engine is located below, is called a lower.Engine trimmer. On uneven surfaces it is best to use trimmers with the upper location of the motor. There will never be a short circuit from moisture if the motor is in the upper part of the device.

It is very convenient to use a trimmer. However, there are still some rules for using this country equipment, which must always be observed in work. Before you start using a trimmer, you need to check if there are stones, glass and other items on the site. When working, they can bounce and injure the operator.

The second rule is the installation of the cutting system. There are trimmers that are not very powerful. The grass is mowed in them with a trimmer line. But there are also such models whose engine power reaches one kilowatt. There are already installed knives. If large weeds are visible on the site, then you need to unscrew the nut on the mount and install a knife instead of a trimmer line.

Ozito PXC 18V Grass Trimmer Edging Trimming Tips [PXCLTS-018]

Starting work, you need to protect the chapter with glasses, since even the absence of foreign objects does not guarantee security. Shards of grass may fly into the eyes. If the trimmer works from the network, then we include it in the outlet. Battery devices require battery charging. If there is a fastening on the shoulders, then we dress them.

The cutting mechanism on the trimmer rotates counterclockwise. Mowing grass is very simple: you need to move the device from right to left. If you mow a lot, then it is necessary to divide conditionally the area with squares and walk “on squares”. If the site has a slope, then you need to mow from below, moving up parallel to the slope.

Choice recommendations

Let’s summarize. Correctly chosen trimmer can be used for many years. But for this it is necessary to decide what tasks the device will solve (with what vegetation do you plan to fight), and what characteristics it should have.

For moderate periodic use, models with a built.In batter and stainless steel blades are suitable.

In this case, it is not necessary to be puzzled by the need for additional functions. Such trimmers can be purchased in a fairly wide price range, which depends on the tasks solved by the device, the fame of the manufacturer and the potential reliability of the structure. Choose under your budget. You should not save excessively. Remember the saying about those who pay twice.

Mowing Tips For Beginners

If you plan to use a trimmer in the shower or wash it under water, pay attention to the moisture protection function. In this case, such models will suit you, for example,

You need an “advanced” uncompromising device, as you are used to the best? Your choice. Flagship in the world of trimmers.

lawn, trimmer, correctly


Gasoline gas station refueling with butter

Before mowing grass with a benzo.Leggos, it is necessary to season the tool with fuel. As fuel, gasoline with butter is used. However, take into account that mixing gasoline with oil is needed only for two.Stroke engines. Four.Stroke engines operate on pure gasoline, since their design has a separate container. Oil crankcase. There are no 2-stroke gas crankcases in the design of the 2-stroke gasolimers, so you need to pour exclusively gasoline with oil into the tank.

As gasoline, it is recommended to use AI-92 brand fuel. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, you need to read the instructions offered by the manufacturer. Often, most manufacturers recommend using the AI-92 brand fuel, and only some recommend filling AI-95.

Gasoline must be diluted with a small one in a proportion of 1 to 25. This means that 40 ml of two.Stroke oil must be added per 1 liter of gasoline. However, not everything is so unambiguous here. The proportion 1 to 25 is universal, but each tool model has its own values. These values ​​are also indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions. Details about how to properly dilute gasoline with butter into a benzoocos is described here. After breeding gasoline with butter, pour a full tank, and start work.

It is interesting! If a four.Stroke gasokos is refueling, then pure gasoline must be poured into the tank, and motor oil is added to the oil container to the maximum level.

Before using the technique, it will be advisable for you to read the instructions from the manufacturer himself and get acquainted with the general functions and the structure of the trimmer. The functions should be located on the control handle. Understanding the components and components is useful in the sense that you will know how and you need to handle it. Choose a load for a motor, work for cutting elements. All this will come in handy during operation.

Pay attention to the following points.

  • First of all, this is a technique. She has malfunctions and breakdowns. Before work, carefully check all the components of your equipment, because the cutting of the lawn with such tools is an important thing. You need to check filters (cleaned up), fuel level, cutting elements (knives with a malfunction is better to take the master), motor and other parts. This can be done after work, but some manufacturers recommend before it.
  • On some trimmers there is a system of cooling the motor and extinguishing vibration, but they are not present everywhere. Therefore, follow the heating of the motor during operation, because its overheating can lead to problems. Sometimes draw your attention to bolts and other elements. Although the dumping system can work, but at some representatives of the garden assistants, the seats are still gradually spinning, as a result, this will bring to breakdown.
  • Sometimes it happens that there are speeds. In this case, first check all the filters, and then try to work. Check the equipment is much better before the direct action.
  • When breaking the parts, it is better to contact the Technical Center. Do not try to fix the technique on your own, because it can only accelerate the breakdown. Mechanics have a complete picture of such a technique, better trust them.

About how to work with a trimmer correctly, see further.

At each The lawn haircut Change the mowing direction of movement (Drive one haircut along the lawn, the other is across), hang the lawn mower gently, moderately pushing it forward. No need to often move the mitch back. On this lawn “worked” the moles of

As grass on the lawn begins to grow intensively, it is necessary to start a haircut.

Than cut the lawn? The question is completely not idle. At the current time a lot of equipment and devices for this operation appeared on sale, and the novice gardener faces a choice: what to purchase?

The most ordinary device for cutting the lawn is lawn scissors. They are used to cut the grass at the edges of the lawn and in inaccessible places. Near fences, benches, shrubs, etc.D. You can cut a small lawn with them, but this work is quite long and laborious.

A more difficult and effective tool. Trimmer It is a disc with a long handle and a small motor that twisting a nylon trimmer line. There are a lot of modifications of trimmers, but all of them can be detected into two groups according to the power method: electronic and gasoline. Electronic trimmers are lighter, small.Sized, even children and the most luxurious ladies can work without effort. Such trimmers are optimal in small areas. The shortcomings of them are dependence on stationary power (there should be existing electronic outlets on the site) and the presence of a long wire, which in areas with a complex configuration can be confused between bushes, trees, crush plants on flower beds, etc.D.

Gasoline trimmers are more mobile, do not depend on stationary power sources, but they are usually more booming, languid, complex in operation. Apart from that, their price is significantly higher than that of electronic the same class.

They use trimmers to trim the grass along the edge of the lawn and mowing it in places that are inaccessible to the mower. In the absence of a mower with trimmers, you can mow the entire lawn. True, labor and time will have to spend much more for you than when working as a mowing, and the quality of such a haircut will be lower, but for a summer cottage with a small lawn of a conventional style. A fully applicable.

Lawn braids. Their choice at the current time is very large. From the most ordinary and relatively cheap to complex and expensive. The most ordinary are manual mechanical braids. They consist of a drum with cutting sectors, wheels, devices for regulating the height of the cut and handle. Their indisputable advantage is noiselessness and low comparison price with other types of mowers. The quality of the haircut in a well.Adjusted mechanical mowing with sharply sharpened knives can be even higher than that of other types of mowers. But it is very difficult to work with such a mower, although some lovers find their own plus in this, using it in small areas as a simulator. Electronic mowers have the same advantages and flaws as electronic trimmers. They can be optimal in small summer cottages in which electricity. A variety of electronic lawn mowers are battery mowers, but they are not widely distributed and are practically not found on sale.

Gasoline lawn mowers languid, complex, echoing and expensive, but their indisputable advantage is the independence of the external power source and the absence of a long, forever confused wire. That’s why such mowers are not mentioned in huge areas, also for kosba lawns in public places. In squares, parks, near high.Rise buildings, etc.D. For the same purposes, there are self-propelled lawn mowers manufactured on the basis of motoblocks and mini-tractors.

Powder lawns trimmer

The technique of mowing lawns trimmer lawn29.RF.

Glass haircut with a trimmer

A haircut lawn trimmer Near the Mogilev Regional Drama and Comedy Theater. AT.Dunina-Marcinkevich.

The first mowing of grass. Smotrate lawmer to a trimmer

Lawn haircut: how to mow lawn and what tool

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When to start mowing lawn grass

Thin.Leafy herbs are exhausted, and propharyns may appear on the lawn, which over time will be filled with weeds. Leave at least 5 cm, then the height of the kosba depends on the composition of the herbs of your lawn.

Powers lawn grass in dry weather, but the surface of the Earth should be moistened in order to prevent pulling out that have not yet been strengthened by young shoots. Wething of grass can lead to clogging the lawn mower, and with excessive soil moisture, there is a great risk of damaging herbal coating.

Basic rules for cutting the lawn

Owners of advanced lawns are interested in whether it is correct mow high grass a lawn mower. Judging by the reviews, a high.Quality gasoline wheel unit with a spacious bunker for collecting beveled greens can cope with such a task in several visits. But the work is unpleasant: heavy noise and harmful emissions.

Hence the conclusion: owners of lawn mowers should not allow high growth of grass.

lawn, trimmer, correctly

The question is also often raised whether it is possible mow wet grass gasoline lawn mower. The rules say: it is not recommended to work with a lawn mower in the rain or after watering, since such mowing is not distinguished by quality, and there is a risk of receiving ugly stripes

In addition, there are other rules that must be observed when cutting the lawn.

  • Sultry summer day is not the best time to mow grass. Fresh sections quickly dry out, and their yellowness spoils the appearance of the lawn.
  • It is recommended to cut the lawn cut in the morning or evening in dry weather, a day after rain or watering, when the soil and grass dry out.
  • It is necessary to ensure that The lamp of the lawn mower was sharpened. Work with stupid knives is fraught with troubles in the form of foliage jamming and tearing grass with the root.
  • Before the start of mowing, it is necessary to collect fallen foliage, branches of trees and other garbage, to level the earthen mounds that formed as a result of the vital activity of rainworms, ants and other insects.
  • You should decide with The direction of the haircut, so that it was at an angle to the previous. Otherwise, the appearance of the lawn will be associated with the washing board.
  • When cutting, it is necessary to observe the parallelism and do not leave the narrow stripes, paying attention to the grass under the wheels.

Trimmer care after work finishes

As soon as you finish cutting the grass, you will need to put the trimmer in order. First of all, cleaning along the lawn may be required. To do this, use a broom or broom, collect all the garbage and cut grass. If the area is very large, it is better to use a blower for leaves. This will greatly facilitate the work.

After that, you will need to put the trimmer in order. Remove all the grass that could get stuck in the casing, wipe all the cutting parts with a soft cloth. The battery trimmer is placed for charging, gasoline is additionally seasoned. Storage is carried out in a dry room.

Glass haircut with a trimmer

The height and frequency of mowing is dependent on the type of lawn, season and climate. Lawns of the ground are mowed at a level of 4-5 cm during the first two years, evenly lowering to 3-4 cm. The best height for garden and park lawns is 4.5-5 cm. Meadow lawns are mowed twice a season, thereby giving the opportunity to ripen seeds. The frequency of the mowing. Once a week, in damp weather. Every 5 days. In the dry period, the height of the haircut increases to 5-6 cm, and the interval between the haircuts. Up to 7-8 days. The lawn mowing is often carried out in coordination with the growth of herbs.

Lawn braids

Now there are a huge number of gas mowers models that differ not only in the price of the cutting element and the type of motor, and the presence of auxiliary options. Therefore, choosing a lawn mower, you should take into account the power of the motor, the area and shape of the lawn, also a number of other technical features.

The introduction of a hand lawn mower will allow you to not depend on the availability of energy sources and perform an ideal lawn mower without harm to nature. Sharp knives provide high quality of the mowing, although work for her is quite difficult.

Electronic mowers are ordinary in operation, ordinary in cleaning, quiet, relatively non.Hazardous for the natural environment, are great for medium.Sized lawns. In fact, the only inconvenience when using this type of mowal is the need to connect to a power source. Beautiful solution for small equal lawns.

Basin lawn mowers are completely suitable for mowing huge lawns at least some form, not being independent of external power sources. But gasoline mowers are harder, more difficult to use and give out a lot of noise.

For huge areas, there is a more difficult and large lawn processing technique. Usually, such machines are equipped not only by blades for trimming the grass, and also with tools for aeration and scoring. Some of them include the function of a garden vacuum cleaner for collecting leaves, sawdust and garbage cuttings. Large lawners are called garden tractors.

How to use mowed lawn grass

Take your time to get rid of cropped grass, this can and must be used. Let’s see how you can use cuttings for the lawn. For example, for mulching (in order to improve air and water access to plant roots), composting or feeding plants on the site.

Cut grass, which will be used for mulching, must be perfectly dried, after which it is laid out in flower beds, beds, at the foot of fruit trees and shrubs. Do not forget to update the mulching layer in time so that it does not melt, and the parasites do not start in it.

It is quite easy to feed the lawn with a mowed grass, it’s enough to throw it on the lawn (this is not acceptable for all types of lawn) and nutrients will fall into the soil when decomposed. Also, many gardeners prepare compost pits and moisturize them. When the grass rotates, mix it with manure, dissolve it in water and use it to power plants.

The correct haircut of the lawn

A few useful tips on how to mow grass correctly:

  • Make sure that the same height is exhibited from all sides of the mowing;
  • Before cutting, remove everything superfluous from the lawn. It can be branches, apples that have fallen from trees and other objects;
  • If the day before it was rain, or the grass settled from strong dew, comb it and let it dry;
  • Fans of striped lawns should know that the stripes appear when changing the direction of the haircut, or from changing the speed of the mowing, if we are talking about a mowing of a cylindrical type;
  • For homogeneous mowing, you need to move in a spiral, starting with a large radius. First mow the perimeter, then the spiral begins to converge to the center;
  • Never run into the wire with a mowing;
  • Hearing the strange sound of the mowing job, stop working immediately, and make sure that solid objects did not get into the mower;
  • If during a haircut with a rotary mowing the grass remains on the lawn and does not get into the grass collector. This can happen for two reasons: wet grass is lost in someone and clogs access to the grass collector or the grass collector is crowded;
  • Bugs and bumps inevitably occur on each lawn. In order not to leave proplesh on them after a haircut, you can just raise a mowing a little by the handle;
  • The torn edges of the herbal is a reminder that it is time to sharpen the knives of the mowing;
  • The appearance of the lawn will be better if you alternate the direction of the haircut. For example, today they mowed the lawn clock, and the next time counterclockwise.

It is impossible to cut the lawn evenly to cut a regular oblique for grass, so the gas mower is the main tool for even mowing. Lawn mowers are different: self.Propelled, with steering control, with a handle for control. The principle of operation of the lawn mowers is also different: cylindrical, rotary, riders, robots-mosquillers, aircraft pillow lawn mowers, hand-bored-mushrooms (trimmer). Not only the principles of work are different, but also methods of power supply: electricity, batteries, gasoline.

Rule No. 3. Frequent haircut injures plants, do not abuse

Question, how often should Cut lawn, is individual. Depending on what kind of cultures are growing on the site and how quickly they are able to grow again, you can mow the lawn and once a week, or 2-3 can be mowed. If the soil is quite fertile, plus you regularly apply additional fertilizers, then the grass will grow actively in summer and autumn. The average frequency value Haircuts are:

  • 1-2 times a week in the spring, when the grass is in the phase of active growth;
  • 1 time in 7-10 days in summer in warm weather;
  • 1 time in 2 weeks in the autumn period, when during the day the temperature does not rise above 10 ° C.

If adhering to the above frequency, you see that the grass manages to grow over 10 cm, then the haircut frequency follows increase. Another very important rule that should be followed under any circumstances. Do not cut over 1/3 of the total stem length. If the moment is missed and the grass has reached a height of 10-15 cm, the haircut should be made in several visits, gradually achieving the necessary height. With such a competent approach, it will be easier for plants to cope with the load, they will develop correctly, and will not fade.

Carry out every time the height of the grass becomes 1.5-2 cm higher than the lawn recommended for your type and you will understand which frequency is optimal for your lawn.

Correct care behind the lawn, this is when its height is about the same for all the season. An exception may be too hot summer months in which it is permissible to cut off a little less to protect the lawn from drought. Some types of lawns, namely meadow or Moorish, should be trimmed no more than 1 time in several months. This is due to the fact that most colors that grow on it propagate by a vegetative way. When interfering with this process too often, you can interrupt the flowering process and the growth of its inhabitants.

How to mow lawn grass

Before cutting the lawn, make sure that the lawn mower is in good condition and check if the knives are well healed. The use of poorly sharpened blades can damage grass, and young shoots can be torn from the roots. Inspect the surface of the lawn, remove construction garbage, pebbles, tree branches.

If you mow the grass with a trimmer, the direction of movement is not so important. But when using a lawn mower, start a haircut on the narrow sides of the lawn. Then cut the grass along the long sides, moving in the direct and reverse direction. Drive the lawn mower gently, without sudden movements. Follow the content of the container for the grass, it is important that it does not clog.

Lawn haircut according to the rules

How to mow the lawn correctly? How often does it need to be done?

Here, it would seem, what kind of wisdom can be here? Kosy and squint your lawn. And there is nothing complicated here. In fact, there really is nothing complicated, you just need to know some moments and nuances.

  • You need to cut or mow the lawn regularly! The regularity of the lawn haircut depends on many factors, such as watering, type and variety of cereals, weather conditions, etc.P. Start cut the lawn from the moment of active growth. As a rule, this is the period from March to October (maybe from April to September). It all depends on specific weather conditions. Mow the lawn when the height of the grass on it reached 10-15 cm., not higher. Highly outgrown grass (above15-20 cm.) It is recommended to mow twice, first at a height of 10 cm., and then the second time to the desired height. So you need to mow the lawn correctly and when you, for example, returned from vacation, and the grass has grown out. Mow the lawn at least once a week. If the grass grows slowly, FOCUS on its growth, and then mow it once every 2 weeks. Clover lawn can be mowed 1-2 times a month. Mauritan lawn mowns 1 time for the whole season. The stalling lawn is squinting every 3-4 days.
  • The height of the mowing is a very important factor that directly affects the good health of the lawn. In the first spring haircuts, do not try to mow the lawn too low, the best height will be 5-6 cm. In the last autumn haircut, when the grass slowed its height, mow it at a level not higher than 3-4 cm. If suddenly, after the last mowing, the grass has grown yet, do not be lazy and ripe again to the desired height. Do not allow the grass to leave for the winter above 3-4 cm. If the summer turned out to be hot and arid, do not mow the lawn too low, best of all to a height of 5-6 cm. The lawn with longer grass evaporates less moisture. The same goes for the moment when you leave, and there will be no one to mow and water the lawn. By the way, if you are going on a trip, and the weather promises to be hot and without rains, bargain the lawn “for ejection”, that is, do not collect the grass in the grass collector, but leave it on the lawn. This will protect the lawn from burnout and excessive evaporation of moisture. If there is a function on the lawn in the “mulch” mode (finely grind the grass and throw it on the lawn), then this is even better. Please note that it is possible to mulch the lawn when it looks regularly and the mass of mowing grass is not large. Only in this case, the mulch will benefit, not harm. If your lawn is just sown, the first mowing should always be at an altitude of at least 8-10 cm, that is, you need to mow the very tips so that the grass grown from seeds began to gnaw and grow. If you have auto polins on your site, then even on the hottest days, feel free to mow your lawn to a height of 3-4 cm. If you want to start repairing the lawn, then the best mowing height will be 2-2.5 cm. The same height is necessary both before the Scaring and before combing the lawn.
  • There are rules for cutting the lawn on certain lines and directions. But usually they cut the lawn as it is convenient or like the owners themselves. Some want and mow so that the stripes are along, and some only need to be across. Astetes completely pump out concentric circles, Christmas tree and different figures. In my opinion, you need to do exactly as you like. Just using lines on the lawn, it can be visually lengthened, or vice versa, expand. In general, it is still recommended to periodically change the direction of mowing in order to improve the quality of work. But still, such lines and drawings, such as in European football fields, can only be obtained using high.Quality equipment with a moving roller spine on the back. The cardinal points do not affect the quality of grass growth, and therefore, it does not matter at all how the grass will lie. Unless of course you have a “stall”. It is certainly recommended to cut it, observing all lines and directions.
  • What weather is the best to mow the lawn? Better haircut is possible only in dry weather when the grass is dry. And you will spend much less time.
  • Lawn mower. There are a great many. The best gas mower for a large lawn is a self.Propelled machine operating from a gasoline engine. It does not need to be pushed forward or pull along, both a teenager and an age will cope with her. She does not have an electric wire in which you can get confused. Such lawnmands from high.Quality manufacturers will work for more than a dozen years. It is better to choose a mower with the rear.Wheel drive, they are more convenient, since the rear wheels are most loaded in the process of work (grass collector). Your material investments will justify yourself. You will enjoy mowing. And if your lawn is small, only a few acres, then it is quite possible to get by with a good electric lawn mower from the same good manufacturer.
  • Trimmer. It is used for mowing areas that are inaccessible to the wide “muzzle” of lawn mowers (borders, corners, areas of irregular and narrow shapes, zones near plants and under trees, places at fences and fences). They are also different, both electric, and gasoline, and short on batteries, which are convenient to mow with one hand. If you have many hard.To.Reach places for the lawn mower, and you do not like to cut the grass with hand scissors, then you need such a tool. Such a braid is also useful if you have not mowed the grass for some time, and your grass is no longer amenable to the lawnical mower. As a rule, they first pass with a trimmer, crowding out difficult places, and then a lawn mower, so that at the same time it is already collected and assembled a mowing trimmer. If you mow very tall grass, and then you want to trim it with a lawn mower, mow it at an altitude of at least 10 cm so as not to mow the lawn to the ground, collect the mowed grass with a rake, and walk the lawn mower at the desired height. If you have no experience with such a tool, you should be very careful. You can damage the leaves and trunks of plants with a trimmer line, which when working at high speeds can cut or damage the tree with a barrel thickness of 1 cm, not to mention the rest of the plants. And without fail, you need to strictly observe everything. Safety rules that are described in detail in the instructions for using such a scythe.
  • Periodically pay attention to the ends of mowed grass. If they are “shaggy”, bonded and dried up some time after mowing, this means that it is time to sharpen the lanes of the lawn mower. Mow the lawn must be well sharpened knives.

Why should you cut the lawn

The state of the lawn depends on how this procedure is carried out. The systematic haircut gives the following advantages:

  • Absence of weeds;
  • Uniform growth of grass;
  • The emergence of new shoots;
  • The formation of a reliable base;
  • Normal density of landings.

Before the haircut, it is necessary to decide on the level of herbal coating.

The first sign of the problem will be the appearance of characteristic spots.

At a time you need to remove no more than 1.5 cm.

Particular attention should be paid to the frequency of the procedure. If meadet cultures are planted in the personal territory, the lawn will have to be cut at least 2 times a month. Otherwise, the greens will have time to grow up and end your life cycle.

A systematic haircut is beneficial for a green lawn. Dernina, formed as a result of such processing, prevents the germination of weeds and evaporation of moisture. The lawn that is regularly cut, more resistant to mechanical exposure and sharp temperature differences than the site in a neglected state.

Which is better: trimmer or lawn mower

Each device for cutting grass has its advantages and disadvantages. Based on the needs, you should choose the one whose advantages will be large in this situation.

The advantages and disadvantages of the lawn trimmer:

  • Compactness. Compared to the lawn mower has a much smaller size.
  • Mobility. Trimmer is easy to use and can be used on small lawns.
  • Is indispensable in hard.To.Reach places.
  • Can be used in areas with uneven relief.
  • Does not require special care after work. It is enough to clean the device from the remnants of the grass and check the trimmer line.
  • Convenient during transportation.
  • Pricing attractiveness. Trimmer is cheaper than a lawn mower.
  • The device has small power.
  • When cutting, the grass is scattered along the lawn. After work, it is necessary to collect mowed grass.
  • Can pull out poorly rooted blades with roots.
  • There is a ban on mowing wet grass.
  • Work is accompanied by great noise.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the lawn mower:

  • The quality of the haircut is even and neat, 30–40 cm wide.
  • Does not pull the grass with the root.
  • The operation of the device is practically celebrated.
  • Equipped with a grass collector, so there is no need to collect mowed grass after work after work.
  • The use of the device does not require special skills and large physical exertion.
  • Suitable for work only on medium and large lawns.
  • Used on a young lawn with not very high grass.
  • Productive in even areas and on slopes of not more than 10 ° degrees.

It is better to buy a gasoline trimmer to care for a lawn at a summer cottage. It will allow a haircut of vegetation with different thickness of the stem. If the lawn is uniform in the country, then the purchase of an electric braid with a capacity of 1 kW will be sufficient. Before acquisition, the conditions for storing the device and its transportation should be considered.

Did you know? The first invented garden trimmer was designed to remove weeds around the trees. His uniqueness was that as a result of work, the trees bark was not damaged.

For sites with wild vegetation, it is better to use a metal knife as a cutting tool. It is necessary to select the device based on the work that it will regularly perform. Excess power significantly increases the weight of the trimmer and fuel consumption. Disadvantage. Leads to poorly performed work and even a breakdown of the tool.