How to Muffle a Viking 248 T Lawn Mower

How to Muffle a Viking 248 T Lawn Mower

European manufacturers of small garden equipment, which are now represented on the market for this equipment, are quite a large number. But most of them provide low-power equipment, in particular lawn mowers belonging to the amateur class. But there are also brands that supply a very wide range of lawn mowers, from amateur to professional. One such brand is Viking. The Viking Garden company is part of the Stihl group, which is very famous and popular with us.

Viking gas mowers

Viking produces a wide variety of lawn mowers, but the largest number of models are gas lawn mowers. The Viking gas mower range is very extensive, including mowers for medium and large lawns, mulching, special, and professional lawn mowers. At the same time, almost every class includes several series of lawn mowers, with different performance and performance.


The design of the Viking self-propelled lawnmowers is a classic for this technique. It consists of a case, which plays the role of a frame. The case is made of metal, which ensures the reliability of the structure. There are 4 wheels in the corners of the frame. Depending on the version, the mower can be equipped with a rear axle drive, or can be without it.

At the bottom of the case is a grass cutting zone, with a two-blade knife installed in it. The design of the knife may also vary. So, mulching lawn mowers are equipped with a straight knife, and lawn mowers with a grass catcher are equipped with a knife with special bends at the edges, which are used to eject the grass into the container.

A power unit with a direct drive to the knife is mounted on top of the housing. There is no protective housing on top of the power unit, which provides excellent engine cooling.

Viking lawn mowers are controlled with a handle with the ability to adjust height or completely detach. It is possible to use a single handle, the fastening of which is carried out only on one side to the body, which somewhat facilitates maintenance.

All grass catchers are equipped with an indicator of occupancy, and their internal volumes may vary.

The lineup

For medium lawns

Next, we describe in more detail the characteristics of lawn mowers belonging to different classes. The first will be models designed for medium-sized lawns. This class at Viking is presented in three series, with several models in each series. In terms of power and equipment, lawn mowers of this class differ, but they have one productivity – they can process lawns with an area of ​​up to 1200 sq. M.

Technical characteristics of Viking lawnmowers for medium-sized lawns:

Models mv 248, mb 248 t mb 253, mb 253 t mb 443 mb 448 tx, mb 44 tc mb 545, mb 545 t, mb 545 v, mb 545 ve, mb 545 vr
Productivity, sq.M. Up to 1200 up to 1200 up to 1200 up to 1200 up to 1200
Working width mm 460 510 410 460 430
Cutting height mm 25-75 25-75 25-75 25-75 25-80
Grass catcher volume, l 55 55 55 55 60
Engine benz., 4-stroke benz., 4-stroke benz., 4-stroke benz., 4-stroke benz., 4-stroke
Optional equipment T – 1-speed drive unit; T – 1-speed drive unit; TX – 1-speed drive, economy execution; TS – 1-speed drive, comfort. Execution; T – 1-speed drive; V – variator drive; VE – variable speed drive, el. Starter; VR – CVT drive, lawn roller;

Video review of the Viking MB 448 TX gasoline mower:

For large lawns

For large lawn areas, Viking offers the 6 Series Lawn Mowers. These lawn mowers are more powerful and productive, but they are also larger. And in design they do not differ from the 2nd or 4th series.

Characteristics of Viking Lawnmowers for large lawns:

Photo lawn mowers Viking mb 650 v


Viking also offers three models of mulching lawn mowers, that is, not equipped with a grass catcher. This is their difference from the rest of the lawn mowers.

Features of Viking mulching lawn mowers:

Productivity, sq. M. 1500 2000 2500
Working width mm 460 480 530
Engine type Benz., 4-stroke. Benz., 4-stroke. Benz., 4-stroke.
Weight, kg 22-29 29-32 33-42
Optional equipment R – lawn roller; RT – lawn roller, 1-speed. Drive unit; RT – lawn roller, 1-speed drive; RTX– lawn roller, 1-speed drive, economy execution R – lawn roller; RT – lawn roller, 1-speed. Drive; RTP. Lawn roller, 1-speed drive, professional. Execution

Photo of the Viking MB 2 R mulching lawn mower

Special models

Produces Viking and a special lawn mower. A feature of this mower is the presence of three wheels. It is special because it is designed for mowing tall grass.

Video: How to Muffle a Viking 248 T Lawn Mower

Features of the Viking Special Self-Propelled Lawn Mower:

Characteristics Unit measuring MB6RH
Performance sq.M. Up to 2500
Working width mm 530
Cutting height mm 55-150
Travel speed km / h 2.7
Engine a type Benz., 4-stroke.
Optional equipment RH – lawn roller for mowing tall grass

Photo of the Viking MB6RH Special Lawn Mower


The latest in the Viking line of lawn mowers are professional models. At the moment, only one professional lawn mower is available, but in three different designs.

Features of the Viking Professional Lawn Mower:

Model MB756GS MB756YS MB756YC
Productivity, sq.M. Up to 3000
Working width mm 540
Cutting height mm 25-90
Grass catcher volume, l 80
Engine type petrol, 4 stroke
Optional equipment GS – 3-speed drive, knife clutch brake; YS – hydrostatic drive, knife clutch brake; YC – hydrostatic drive, comfortable equipment;

Photo of a professional lawn mower Viking MB 756 YC

The Viking 248T gasoline lawnmower is a model of the second series with a robust metal casing; it belongs to the lightweight group and is designed for mowing grass in small and medium areas up to 12 acres.

As standard, there is a fabric bag for collecting cut grass of 55 liters. Optional installation of a mulching system is provided.


engine’s type Petrol
Rated power 2.1 kW / 2.86 HP
Engine Loncin VIKING EVC 200, 139 cm3, 4-stroke
Launch Manual
Working width 46 cm
Mowing height 25-75 mm
Housing Metal
Recommended Lawn Area up to 1,200 m2
Drive unit No
Basket volume 55 l
additional characteristics Central height adjustment
Double Bearing Wheels,
Rigid frame design
Mulching No
Weight 25 kg
Guarantee 12 months
Country of Origin Austria
Equipment Plastic grass catcher

Description of the Viking MV 248-T mower

Two modifications of lawn mowers have been created: VIKING MB 248.3T – self-propelled model at the same speed with the Briggs engine & Stratton E-Series ™ OHV, 2.5 hp, with reduced exhaust emissions. The second version – the VIKING MB 248.4 lawn mower – a non-self-propelled modification with a 2.8 hp Loncin VIKING EVC 200 engine.

Both modifications have similar basic parameters. Version 248.3T is more improved, respectively, its cost is 30% higher than the standard model and amounts to approximately 27.0 thousand rubles.

The self-propelled model Viking MV 248.3T has a rear-wheel drive, one speed, a plastic case for collecting trimmed grass (the model MV 248.4 has a fabric bag). Of all the Viking lawnmower models, only this version has an eight-level adjustment for mowing the lawn.

Characteristics of the Viking MV 248T lawn mower:

  • A powerful gasoline engine provides good high-torque performance and reliable performance.
  • Due to the strong air flow from the steel aerodynamic knives with flaps, even laden grass is lifted, its cutting and effective blowing into the grass catcher.
  • Grass mowing is provided by a rotor-type system with a working width of 46 cm, with a cutting height range of 25-75 mm.
  • Thanks to the large wheels mounted on double bearings and the drive included, the VIKING lawnmower can be used even on uneven surfaces – the model perfectly copies uneven ground.
  • High maneuverability allows you to work in hard-to-reach areas.

Operational Features

The Viking MV 248-T Lawnmower is very ergonomic, easy to move to its transport state, and quickly rises to a vertical position to perform cleaning after work. The operating rules for the VIKING gasoline lawn mower are given in the manufacturer’s instructions, their observance will help ensure the efficient operation of the unit and the long service life without repairs:

  • For optimum fuel expansion, the tank should be filled to a level 4 cm below the edge of the filler pipe. The mower consumes branded unleaded gasoline with an octane rating higher than 77, VIKING HD 10 W-30 engine oil.
  • Before work, you should carefully inspect the site and remove foreign objects that may fall into the cutting zone. Imperceptible obstacles – tree roots, ledges, covered fences that cannot be removed from the territory, should be previously noted.
  • Do not use the mower on slopes with an angle of more than 25 °.
  • After work, the device must be thoroughly cleaned of residues of grass, debris, dirt, after waiting for the cooling of hot parts.
  • It is recommended that VIKING lawnmowers be inspected at a specialized service center annually.
  • Wearing parts – grass catcher, V-belts, knives, should be replaced with new ones in a timely manner.

You can familiarize yourself with the features of operation and maintenance of the Viking MV 248-T lawn mower in the instructions (Russian-language version, p. 213-232):

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

The maneuverable, reliable Viking MV 248-T petrol lawnmower will appeal to both a novice and an experienced user. The model is durable and durable thanks to a metal casing, a powerful engine, affordable. Among the shortcomings, the owners sometimes note a poor start, the possibility of corrosion of the case.

Video review of the Viking MV 248-T mower

Viking MB 248 T gasoline mower

Owner reviews


“Simple design, reliable. The engine is good, powerful, easy to start. The first time I mowed along an uneven area, it turned out to be very maneuverable. For a small area, the optimal model. The body is durable, steel, the mowing adjustment is central. The price is affordable. Recommend".