How to polish the concrete floor with a grinder. Modern effective methods of polishing concrete

Grinding concrete with a grinder with your own hands

Get a flat, with a decorative effect, polished flooring allows grinding concrete with special equipment. After the surface of the surface layer is removed, the structure of the filler from solid rocks of decorative stone appears.

Monolithic concrete surfaces without processing have an unsightly appearance, dusting with abrasion. Polished gender eliminates the shortcomings of a concrete screed, retains naturalness, gives new qualities:

  • Decorativeness, appearance of natural stone;
  • An increase in the strength of the floor surface by 2 to 3 times;
  • Resistance to abrasion, exposure to chemicals;
  • Lack of dust;
  • Environmental friendliness, security for humans;
  • Simplicity of maintenance, repair;
  • Increase in the life of the sexes.

Where grinding is used

Recently, such a procedure as grinding of a concrete floor has been gaining popularity.

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  • Eliminate the need for periodic surveillance restoration;
  • Makes gender resistant to moisture, aggressive chemical influences, intensive walking on it and moving heavy equipment.

If the grinding is made qualitatively, the surface becomes beautiful in appearance and does not require significant time and money to ensure special care for it.

One of the varieties of construction processing is the grinding of a concrete floor with a grinder, which is done in order to:

  • Remove the refined coating;
  • Achieve alignment of the base of the floor and screed before proceeding with its strengthening impregnations, decorative colors, bulk polymer coatings and protective varnishes.

Preliminary grinding is carried out 3-5 days after the base of the floor is flooded. The final grinding is done after the coating is completely hardened.

The main goal of the floor grinding is to bring the surface to the perfect state before applying the coating to it. This procedure is also performed when it is necessary to restore a worn.Out concrete floor, as it prevents the loss of strength.

During work, follow the safety rules

If the concrete is non.Gorged, it can greatly pull moisture, and in combination with the minus temperature, this leads to its freezing and the destruction of the material. This effect on the lower tiers is especially noticeable.

Remember that the grinding is performed by the movements of the grinder, which exactly repeat the surface relief. Therefore, it will not help get rid of the changes in the fill or the wrong floor slope.


A dry method of grinding or humid can be used. It all depends on the material that requires processing.

How to Polish Old Concrete Floors to a 1500 Grit High Gloss Shine With A Concrete Floor Grinder

The price of work does not change from the selected method of exposure.

  • If the floor is covered with marble chips or mosaic, wet grinding is used. This type of work requires the use of abrasive segments. This allows you to get the surface of the floor of almost perfect quality.
  • When you need to grind the concrete floor, it is better to resort to a dry method. True, this process takes more time than wet processing. The process is accompanied by the formation of a large amount of dust, but it is less dangerous in comparison with wet cement that strongly covers the eyes. Dust can be removed using industrial vacuum cleaners.

Choose a tool

Any construction store can offer a tool necessary for grinding concrete. These are mainly bells from American and European manufacturers. Her choice from the entire grinding tool means that it will be somewhat more difficult to work, but such repair with your own hands does not require the purchase of expensive equipment.

The plus of the grinder is that it is able to go through hard.To.Reach places, where there is no large grinding machine for concrete. The work will also require a diamond bowl and an abrasive disk.

Do not forget. The larger the size of the circle, the greater the load on the tool. Therefore, the cutting of reinforced concrete with diamond circles occurs using special professional equipment.

The use of diamond circles for cutting railway floor

Material for grinding

The performance of work is possible on any concrete, and their result is affected by the brand and age of the coating and fillers. The layer can be removed up to 30 mm, the presence of pits and tubercles is allowed, but the size of the difference between them cannot exceed 5 mm.

The choice of material depends on the purpose of the processed room and affects the cost of work. Grolling of a concrete screed is best performed using metamorphic rocks and small fractions as a filler.

When it is known that then polishing measures will be carried out, to create an original surface, gravel crushed stone or marble crumbs are chosen for concrete. Such materials are better suited in this case.

  • Ideal grinding is carried out using small fractions.
  • Easy to carry out processing using marble crumbs.
  • The most difficult work with granite and sedimentary gravel are.
  • The density of the filler must be normal to ensure sufficient floor quality.
polish, concrete, floor, grinder, modern, effective


Preliminary events

  • If coatings are applied to the concrete surface, it is advisable to eliminate them.
  • The plane must be made even, carry out the control of the three.Dimensional ruler.
  • Когда обнаружены выбоины, ямы или бугры, увеличьте количество алмазов.
  • It is necessary to check the floor for the presence of deformation and shrinking seams and cracks. If these defects are detected, they are confused and additional grinding of problem areas.
  • In order to check the stiffness of the floor, its small section is processed by a grinder.

Before the grinding of concrete, you should make sure that there is no reinforcement or metal reinforcing mesh in the upper layer. If this material is there, it needs to be removed.

Old foundation processing technology

In the case of repair work that does not involve a new screed, the surface of the floor is carried out in several stages. Of course, with a large amount of cover and pothole, the screed device is necessary. But in production or warehouse premises with a qualitatively made basic base, it makes no sense to weight the structure with an additional layer of concrete.

Preparation of the base

The first step is to remove the old flooring, various garbage and defects. With obvious destruction of the upper layer of concrete, it must be removed with special devices, for example, seam cutting machines.

With a small number of obvious defects, the depth of which exceeds 5. 7 mm, they must be recorded with special repair compositions. In this case, grinding of the base is possible only after the composites harden and reach about 50% of the design strength.

Removing the upper layer of concrete

The second stage of work is rough surface treatment. The grinding of the concrete floor in this case is carried out by means of discs with a granular abrasive of no more than 30 units. Depending on the actual strength of artificial stone, processing can be carried out by corundum or diamond discs.

It must be remembered that concrete is a material with high strength, therefore, with a design class of more than B15, it is necessary to use discs with diamond spraying. For screeds with less strength, less durable and cheaper corundum is suitable.

At this stage of the work, the largest amount of dust or sludge is formed, so you should take care in advance about ventilation of the room and removing the dirt from the floor surface. It should also be remembered that when removing the upper layer and cement milk, you should not shoot more than 5. 7 mm of the material. In fact, you only need to expose a large aggregate, but save the concrete layer of at least 1.5 cm above the reinforcement for the effective protection of the metal frame.

Finish processing

After the upper concrete layer is removed, the surface is strengthened by means of special mineral composites containing calcium silicates.

Polished Concrete Process

After removal of dust and sludge, mineral powder is applied to the processed surface and rubbed with a grinding circle with a grain of abrasive from 40 to 200. If only the floor surface is smoothed out, it is better to use discs with a diamond crumb 40. 60, and when applying a mineral composite. 80. 150 units.

Next, disks with granularity of diamond crumbs of 1500 or less are processed. Such a grout is actually polishing the surface. After such processing, the concrete floor acquires a mirror surface and no longer requires any finish.

Tool selection factors

You can’t do without a special tool for cutting. When choosing it, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors:

  • The location of the structure and its dimensions. For thick walls and concrete screed, different tools will be used even with the same properties and the composition of the stone.
  • The composition matters: the harder the filler, the more difficult the cutting. Granite crushed stone can be used as a large aggregate. One of the hardest, or chips of softer stones. The quality and size of the sand should be assessed. The smaller it is, the denser the concrete. A large non.Grounding creates a more loose stone structure.
  • Age and condition of structures. A feature of concrete is a set of strength over the years. Cement, which makes up the main share of the composition, when absorbing humidity, only adds in strength. In combination with small sands, such a stone becomes very solid. However, dilapidated constructions that the chemical environment affect, lose their former strength and hardness.

Grinding the concrete floor

We offer work on grinding (grinding) of concrete floors. Work is carried out by specialists with 15 years of experience. Modern building materials, impregnations and equipment of leading manufacturers. To calculate the cost, you need to leave the manager to the object for inspection, consultation and compilation of estimates. The floors are suitable for warehouses, industrial and industrial premises, wherever high patency and heavy load.

  • Preparatory, the flatness of the floor is checked, the presence of metal elements in it (they need to be removed), potholes and cracks are removed
  • Grinding the floor with an abrasive tool (diamond discs with a grain of 40 are used)
  • Paul polishing or installation of decorative coatings

Grinding can be performed with a dry or wet method, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

So, the dry method is more manufacturing, and after the end of the work, you can immediately apply impregnations or decorative coatings. The disadvantages of this method include the formation of a large amount of cement dust. But modern machines easily cope with her, with forced dust selection, as well as powerful vacuum cleaners. This method is best suited for grinding homogeneous concrete surfaces.

As for the humid method, it is more often used for grinding mosaic floors, for concrete with marble filling. When grinding on the floor, a special composition is applied, increasing the efficiency of work. The main disadvantage of the method is that the application of protective or decorative impregnations is possible only after the floor is completely dried. In addition, with wet grinding, a sludge is formed. Wet dust, which worsens visibility much stronger than dry, which somewhat difficult to carry out work. However, if professionals are engaged in grinding, this is not such a big problem.

Preparation is a very important stage of work, during which it is necessary to take into account the following points:

  • If you have some kind of coating on old concrete, you need to understand how difficult it will be to eliminate them. Often, in this case, damage to the floor is opened, for the removal of which serious efforts will be required
  • The floor before grinding must be checked for evenness. If high.Altitude changes are found, then the intensity of processing should be increased
  • You also need to pay attention to the deformation seams and check the surface for the presence of cracks. If there are any of them, you will have to add to the list of work and the sealing of problem areas with their subsequent grinding
  • The concrete floor before work should be tapping to determine how durable it is. Sometimes it sags, and as a result, the structure has to be equipped again
  • Immediately before work, you need to check the availability and quality of the voltage in the network. When interruptions with electricity or weak current, it is worth it to postpone with processing or take measures to stabilize power supply
  • If the joints are detected in concrete or gaps between the baseboard and the coating, it is necessary to close them. The construction standards prohibit grinding before such defects are eliminated
  • It is also advisable to check the floor for stiffness in advance, for which it is enough to walk along one section with a grinding machine

It is worth noting right away that the same equipment is used to grind concrete regardless of the type of processing. The fact is that the tool is suitable for both concrete and stone surface. There are two ways of polishing the floor:

  • Wet. This method is usually used if the floor has a mosaic coating or marble crumb. For the implementation of wet grinding, abrasive products are used to create a perfectly flat surface that visually does not have differences from polished
  • Dry. For the concrete floor it is better that this method of processing. To carry out dry grinding, it takes a lot of time, since a lot of dust rises in the process, and you need to wait every time it settles. If this is not done, then the probability of making an error will be too high, so you should not rush

The choice of a tool for grinding a concrete floor is an individual matter, and decide how to polish the concrete floor at home, you will have to independently. Today, all construction stores have various equipment for both home use and work at large facilities.

Concrete Pour and Polishing Concrete Floors, Incl. Full Time Lapse. Machine Shop Build Ep. 13

Of course, the best choice will be special equipment of a professional class. This device uses the planetary mechanism system: there is a large disk on which there are auxiliary wheels with diamond nozzles, moving synchronously. When the wheels rotate in the opposite direction, a complex trajectory of the movement of diamonds is obtained, and the processed surface becomes perfectly flat.

The advantages of professional machines include a number of qualities:

  • Adjustable rotation speed of working elements
  • The possibility of dosed water supply in the case of humid treatment
  • The presence of a vacuum cleaner
  • The quality of the grinding machine is directly dependent on its weight. Of course, the best devices are expensive, but if you wish, you can find a cheaper option

At home, floor grinding is usually performed using a grinder. This is much cheaper and somewhat more convenient, since such a tool allows you to process hard.To.Reach areas. For work, an abrasive disk will be required. With a large circle, it will be easier to work with serious loads. However, this option has its drawbacks. At least the fact that the disk with inaccurate handling of the tool may fly out.

Often it is implied when grinding, since it is poling that allows the floor to give the required appearance and significantly increase its operational characteristics. The use of special impregnations allows you to make any concrete floor:

Concrete Grinding and Polishing, Step by Step with LAVINA

  • Durable and durable
  • Wear.Resistant, resistant to the formation of scratches and potholes, abrasion
  • Resistant to oils, various chemicals, moisture

Equipment review: Professional grinding machines for concrete

In order to choose the necessary equipment, you need to take into account individual factors. These include the surface area that is subject to processing, as well as the fact, how often it will be necessary to use the device. Many construction stores offer a large selection of various devices that are used for professional grinding or processing concrete surfaces at home.

Grinding devices differ from each other in cost. Grinding the floor with a professional unit requires significant costs, since such equipment is more functionally and technologically advanced.

Devices of this level include a planetary mechanism. This is a special drive due to which special movements of several discs are made within the same geometric axis. Such a mechanism consists of the main and auxiliary nozzles. All of them are moving synchronously during work. Grinding efficiency is achieved due to the diamond spraying of the surface of the discs. Professionals use such machines everywhere to grind the floor. The price per square meter of processing with such an aggregate, as a rule, is higher when compared with less technological devices.

The design feature of the machine designed to grind the concrete surface is that it has a rotating node. On this element, abrasive discs are fixed, with which the upper layer of concrete is removed. Professional devices are used to work in large areas and have high efficiency. Washing machines for the concrete floor allow you to perform a wide range of tasks and are actively used in the construction sector.

Types of grinding

It is necessary to make a reservation right away that the grinding technology of floors is the same for everyone where the same tools and equipment are used. The approach to the implementation of the required operation is simply different. Therefore, we consider each view separately.

Dry technology

This is the most common type of grinding that is used more often than the rest. In fact, this is ordinary grinding without additional devices and materials. Its disadvantage is a large volume of dust that rises and fills the entire space of the object. Therefore, the manufacturer of work must provide its employees with means of protection. Namely, respirators, glasses, mittens, overalls and shoes.

On the other hand, cement dust settles quickly enough. And this makes it possible to immediately evaluate the results of labor, and accordingly quickly respond if the shortcomings have formed on the floor.

The thickness of the removed layer in this method is no more than 2 mm.

Wet technology

From the name itself it becomes clear that in the process of this operation, water is used. Therefore, some masters call this method worthless.

Immediately make a reservation that it is higher in terms of complexity and severity of the procedure, and it takes much more time. At the same time, a huge amount of dirty spray is formed in the process of grinding, which also makes it difficult to carry out work.

Maximum removed layer. 5 mm. Often this option is used if the concrete floor is covered with stone chips or mosaics.


This type of construction operation cannot be called grinding as such. But the technology itself is the same. Just for its implementation, more “thin” devices installed on a grinding machine are used.

After polishing, the concrete floor becomes glossy. Let’s just say, the pleasure is not cheap, but the final result of the coating is staggering. Polished concrete base in its aesthetic characteristics will not yield to the bulk floor. Therefore, polishing concrete is a very popular service today.

Stages of work

Regardless of the chosen grinding technology, first of all, it is necessary to prepare the surface. For this:

  • Remove the old coating (if any);
  • Remove sticking reinforcement;
  • Drill holes if they are provided for by the project (drilling after grinding will ruin the appearance of the finished floor);
  • Fill in potholes and cut the lifetime revealed when checking the smoothness of the surface using a three.Dimensional line;
  • At the fresh screed, stiffness is checked. Grinding works can only be done after a set of strength, otherwise the nozzle on the grinder will tease pieces of concrete, clinging to the filler.

Removing defects

Cracks in concrete are embroidered, cleaned of dust, treated with a primer. Then filled with a repair solution based on cement and smoothed with the rule. On the same principle, depressions, shells are removed. Irregularities above 5 mm are cut off with a diamond disk, dust is removed.

Grinding process

For diamond grinding of concrete, abrasive circles with a cat of different fractions are consistently used: 25-30 units at the initial stage and 40 for finish grinding. Polishing to give the surface of the gloss is carried out using discs with abrasive crumbs 1500-3000 units.

  • The prepared surface is impregnated with a special hardening solution.
  • Paul in several visits with a decrease in the size of abrasive particles is polished until smoothly dry or wet. In the second case, before processing it is abundantly watered with water.

Before using household or industrial grinders (they can be rented out), you should study the instructions in detail. In hard.To.Reach places, the floor is treated using Ushm.

At the final stage, the polished floor is cleaned of pollution and dried. Then it is covered with paint on concrete or polyurethane varnish in 2-3 layers with intermediate drying.