How to process the lawn mower so that the grass does not stick. The main equipment malfunctions

Is it possible to mow wet grass with an electric lawn

Increasingly, summer cottages are becoming not only a territory where you can grow fruits and vegetables, but also a place to relax. Are allocated zones on which arbors with barbecue are placed and flower beds and lawns are broken. To have such a lawn, not so much you need to make efforts: to pour it in time and cut it.

As soon as the seeds of lawn grass were sown, you immediately need to wonder what tools are needed to cut the lawn. A simple bracket to make an even haircut will not work. A large number of different tools have been released for this:

Trimmer for grass

It is a bar with handles, a special coil and an engine that can be electric and gasoline. The coil has a spool on which a special fishing line is wound for a trimmer or a knife is put on.

note! The electric trimmer for the grass simply includes in the outlet, and it is ready to work. It is light, shameful, but it requires long wiring and the presence of a socket, which is not always convenient. It will be difficult to get a large site.

  • Low.powerful. Comfortable, light, but do not cope with hard, wet grass and weeds.
  • Powerful. Are with the lower location of the motor and with the upper. You can install a special knife, which allows you to mow more rough grass. Models with the lower location of the motor cannot be mowed wet grass.
  • Batteries. light, mobile. The disadvantages include the fact that the battery is enough for an hour.

A trimmer for grass with a gasoline engine is heavier than an electric coser, but it differs from it with mobility. He has a forged shaft, there are shoulder belts and a powerful power drive. The device of the gearbox allows you to use not only a fishing line for a trimmer in operation, but also a knife and a toothed disk, which greatly improves the quality of the site processing. With the help of a benzo.cocus, you can mow very impressive areas.

A trimmer can be baked grass in places (under benches, near the pillars), as well as to bite the paths, despite their location.

Lawn mower

It is clear why this unit is called that is a technique for mowing grass on the lawn. It looks like a trolley on wheels with special knives and a device for collecting mowed grass. Lawn braids come in different models:

As in the case of trimmers, gasoline lawnmands are mobile, they can work far from the house. But they have great weight, more complex use, and besides, they make a lot of noise.

Lawn mowers with an electric motor are light, do not emit much noise, clean well, absolutely harmless to the environment. The disadvantages include the need for a nearby power grid.

The batteries are good for everyone: there is a little noise, the lawn is even, it’s easy to work, only the batteries are enough for a certain time.

Spindle is such mowers where there is no engine. The device is designed as if the lawn is cut with scissors. It turns out very beautiful and accurately, but the process is very laborious.

Lawn scissors

This tool is used where it is impossible to work either a lawn mower or a trimmer.

Is it possible to mow grass in the rain

Gardeners are very often incomprehensible whether it is possible to mow wet grass with an electric lawnical mower. Unlike manual braids for grass, mowing raw grass is not worth it with a gasoline lawn mower, and you can’t even electric. When working, at least an electrimmer, at least a similar lawn mower, moisture can get into an electric drive or wires, you get a short circuit, and at best the tool will burn, and the operator will also suffer at the worst.

Do not work after a rain and equipment with a gasoline drive. The grass becomes heavier, which leads to the premature failure of the tool. First of all, due to overheating, the piston steam and other moving nodes will break.

Important! If you cannot postpone the work, then it is necessary to take breaks every 10-15 minutes and let the tool work at idle.

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The lawn itself can also suffer. The soil will be wet, the furrows will turn out and the grass will be mowed with ugly stripes. Young plants can be pulled out with the roots, and in older grass the cut will be uneven, torn, which can lead to various diseases. It will also be uneven to scatter grass after a trimmer for grass, which can lead to bald patches on a flat surface of the lawn. It turns out that raw grass can be mowed with a gasoline mowing, but it is better to choose another time for mowing.

How to choose a machine for cutting grass in the country

The most important useful function of the lawn mower is, of course, in relief of labor. After all, the ideal beauty of the stalling French lawn or resistance to trampling the English launa can only be obtained by constant mowing. Some landscape designers consider this statement only by a historical stamp, others really recommend cutting grass with a frequency of several days. there may be a lot of disputes, the soil is blessed. But now it’s not about that, but about those useful functions that can make a haircut more pleasant. So, let’s begin.

one. Hanging height adjustment

“Why change the height of the spine of the grass at all?”. the first question that arises with the buyer who carefully studies the technical characteristics of his future assistant. But why lawns are of different types, for example, it is customary to cut sports very briefly (30 mm) so that they create a hard coating resistant to trampling. For a conventional summer lawn, the height of grass is preferred 40-50 mm. That is, if you have a playground on the site, sown with grass, and the lawn in front of the flower garden. the height adjustment function will definitely come in handy.

The most popular rotary lawnmands are considered to be the most popular (with knives/knife or fishing line rotating above the surface of the lawn). They are easiest to regulate the height of the haircut, and some models allow you to mow the grass quite high. it will be interesting to owners of the Moorish (meadow) lawn with flowering plants.

Moving height adjustment, depending on the model, can be carried out in two ways:


To do this, you will need to unscrew each wheel and reinstall it into another hole. This type of adjustment, as a rule, is done on affordable household models.

He requires stopping the car and turning it over.

Also, models with manual adjustment of the level of the wheeled axis limited choice of height options-most often there are less than 3 of them.

It is carried out by turning the lever. The position can be changed on all four wheels at once or on each individually. The operation does not take much time and can be performed without stopping the engine, literally on the move.

This function is equipped with professional devices and premium models. As a rule, units with this way of height adjustment have a larger number of haircut height variations. in the range from 20 to 120 mm. The Denzel electric gas mowed 1400 watts allows you to expose the height of the grass in five positions: 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm.

On drum braids, the height of the mowing is also regulated, but within smaller limits. They can cut grass below than rotary, and that is why they are used for sports lawns. there are “in fashion” very short haircuts (up to 30 mm). But such models are not suitable for those who cannot constantly control the height of the grass and periodically allows the lawn of “overgrowth”.

How to serve a lawn mower to extend her work

In order for your favorite lawn mower to correctly and regularly worked out the period specified in the technical documentation, it is necessary to periodically serve its blocks and nodes.

The frequency and procedure for maintenance is usually indicated by the manufacturer in the accompanying documents to the device. If they are lost, they can be downloaded electronically from the manufacturer’s website.

One can definitely say that general maintenance of the lawn mower should be carried out at the end of each working season, before its conservation for winter storage. But some actions should be carried out much more often.

Do not think that if you just put the lawn mower in the fall in an unheated barn, then in the spring it will start with a swing and begin to effectively mow grass. To do this, you need to regularly monitor the technical health of the device, as well as to serve it in time.

Tips for the maintenance of household lawners

  • Regularly clean the lawn mower from sticky grass. The juice of mowed grass is a fairly aggressive liquid, which quickly causes corrosion of metal parts of the lawn mower. Therefore, the lower and upper part of the deck of the device should be cleaned of grass sticking on them after each work cycle.
  • Try not to mow moist grass. In this case, it sticks to the deck much better, and it is much more complicated. Dry grass easily cleans with the deck with a strong jet of air. To do this, you can use the usual household blower, which is removed dry leaves from the lawns, or the compressor.
  • To remove wet grass, use a water hose. In some models of lawn mowers, special fittings are structurally provided for connecting such hoses and facilitating the washing of their important nodes.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the engine of the lawn mower. Domestic lawn engines are equipped with an air cooling system. Therefore, if you do not regularly clean the cooled ribs of adhering grass, heat transfer will be violated, and the unit will overheat over time and will fail. The surface of the engine is best blown up with a stream of air, but you can also effectively clean it with a fairly hard brush.
  • Do not exceed the terms of oil change specified in the technical documentation. A special drain hole is provided for removing the waste oil in the bottom of the lawn mower (in some models it is located on the side). It is best to do this operation after the end of work, when the engine is still hot. Warm oil has a smaller viscosity and easily follows, taking with it various garbage and dirt.
  • Check the oil level regularly and add it to the crankcase as necessary. Use special containers with a narrow nose to fill the oil and make sure that dirt and garbage do not get into the crankcase with the oil.
  • If indicated in the operating manual, then grease the axis and all the rotating details of your lawn mower in a timely manner. Some of the structures of lawn mowers provide for this special fittings for an accurate supply of lubrication.

Change the approach to the haircut of the lawn

String the lawn regularly. The less often the lawn cuts down, the more the grass is sticking to the lawn mower. Start cut the lawn more often and see if this will help reduce grass sticking.

Launch the lawn mower at full power. Most of modern lawn mowers initially work only in this mode. If you try to mow the lawn at reduced engine speeds, the haircut will be less of high quality, and the air flow is insufficient for effective throwing of grass trimming into the grass collector.

Running of new technology

Garden motor engineering, possessing an internal combustion engine, like a new car, requires, so that the engine parts are injured to each other: the durability of the device depends on this.

To run up a new engine, you need to start equipment and for some time let it work in idle mode. Then work in sparing conditions. at incomplete speeds and without load, that is, do not rush into the thickets of weeds with a trimmer at the ready, and cut the lawn in front of the house.

It is not for the first time and develop the entire temporary resource, which the manufacturer was counting on. After 10-15 minutes of work, drown out the engine and let the unit cool.

Take breaks

After you correctly put the new garden assistant into operation, you should still not sign up for the Stakhanov team and take increased obligations. Internal combustion engines of common models of garden equipment, unlike automobile, are equipped with an air cooling system.

It is less effective than water, so after continuous operation for some time (40-60 minutes), the engine takes time to cool down. Typically, manufacturers regulate the time of continuous operation of the volume of the tank: fuel dressing is just enough for the recommended operating time at the average load.

After the refined fuel is over, do not rush to fill in a new tank. let the engine cool for about 10 minutes, and preferably all 20. Do not forget about yourself to your beloved. rest, otherwise the next day after the shock work you will not be able to raise your hands. And regular engine cooling will protect it from premature wear on increased loads.

How to care for a lawn mower, recommendations for servicing lawn mowers

A good owner will always take care of garden tools because he remembers: they need to care for all year round. There are tools that you use only a few months a year. For example, a lawn mower. And so that she serves you as long as possible, you need to take care of it even in winter.

The story of how to care for a lawn mower is worth, perhaps, starting with what lawnmands are there. Modern units can be divided into two large groups. electric lawns and gasoline. First, consider the general recommendations that are suitable for both types of lawn mowers.

  • If you use the lawn mower more than 4 times a month, you need to drag the blade at least once a month. This is explained by many reasons: for example, a blunt blade mophes the lawn unevenly, and this is very harmful to plants. If your goal is to achieve a beautiful even lawn, you just need to monitor the sharpness of the blades. In addition, this is also important for considerations of savings: a lawn mower operating with a dumb blade will use fuel or electricity up to 20 % more than a lawn mower with a sharp blade. By the way, you will have to spend money not only on fuel, because with a blunt blade he will occupy more time and mowing itself.
  • If scratches and deformations appear on the blades, then buy a new one without putting it in a long box. The smoothness of the blades is no less important than. Knives for lawn mowers.
  • After sharpening, fix the blade as hard as possible. The same applies to the new blade. Please note: the ends of the blade should be turned down to the ground. If the shape of the blade is twisted, make sure that the acute side is turned down.
  • After each mowing, wait for the engine to cool, clean the lawn mower from plant residues. A vegetable garbage clings to the lower part of the lawn mower next to the blade, which must be removed. This is important, since the remains of grass under the body or on air intakes can become source of fire. Do not use chemicals for cleaning (in t. h. gasoline or solvents): they destroy the parts of the lawn mower.
  • If the lawn mower is working without a herbal collector, leave the valve ajar to avoid overheating of the motor.

Let’s talk more about gasoline lawners. They have a number of advantages: more mobile than electric, powerful, ideal for processing large areas.

Husqvarna gasoline law mmores have proven themselves perfectly, with a large haircut width and comfortable handles. A popular model of lawnmands of this company can be, for example, the Husqvarna LC140S model.

In general, it can be argued that gasoline lawn mowers are more whimsical than electric. This is due to the very specifics of the unit. Starting the new season, you need:

  • change oil in a mower (exception. two.tint engines);
  • change the spark plugs (as a rule, it is enough to do this exactly once a year);
  • Replace the fuel filter and air filter;
  • Before starting the engine running.

When cleaning the lawn mower for storage, drain the remaining fuel, after turning off the spark plugs. After the fuel is merged, turn on the lawn mower and work out the remaining fuel.

Let us now turn to electric lawnmands. They are lighter, but less mobile, it is convenient to use them in small areas where there is a close electrical network.

Here, care rules are also dictated by the very specifics of the device: caring for an electric lawn mower is mainly reduced to regularly checking the integrity of the cord and other details that can lead to injury with electric shock. It is also important that electric braids usually have a plastic decree. It needs to be cleaned after mowing especially carefully, the juice secreted by mowed grass can fall on the shaft of the knife drive. This leads to the formation of rust.

In general, electric lawns can be perfect assistants in the garden due to their low weight and maneuverability. So, the weight of the lawn mower Viking Me-235.0 is only 13 kg, and the universal lawn mower Gardena PowerMax 36 E, which can be used both for mowing and mulching, weighs 14 kg.

The most important thing is not to forget about compliance with the rules of operation, and your lawn mower will serve you for a long time!

Why and how often the lawn will cut

Typically, the lawns are planted with grasses of the cereal family, and the haircut prevents their flowering and fruiting. This simple technique prolongs the growing season of plants, promotes good rooting, growth of lateral green shoots and smoking. Regular haircut promotes the compaction of turf, and densely growing “cultural” grass prevents the growth and spread of weeds. Throughout the warm period as a result of timely mowing, the green lawn is preserved.

There is no certainty in the frequency of the lawn cutting. This parameter depends on several objective factors:

  • type of vegetation;
  • type of soil and top dressing;
  • weather;
  • seasonal features of plant growth;
  • The target purpose of the lawn.

The first measures for cutting lawns begin in the spring, after the grass on the planned sown lawn rises to a height of 12. 14 cm. Wintering the lawn is recommended to mow when the greens rise to 7-10 cm. Depending on the purpose of the green coating, the grass is mowed to the level of 4-7 cm. Subsequent mowing is recommended every time the grass pulled up to a height of 2-3 cm above the desired level.

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In the summer, it is not recommended to cut the lawn too short in order to avoid early drying of plants.

Hanging height adjustment on the lawn mower

The lawn mower constructively involves adjusting the height of the cut of grass. The range of different models may vary. Technology manufacturers indicate the minimum and maximum value of this parameter in the accompanying documentation. Inexpensive models of interchangeable positions of height are most often 3, more expensive and advanced can have 5-7 provisions of the regulator.

To care for tuberous lawns, a model with a wider range of height adjustment is usually chosen.

Different models may vary a technical solution for choosing a cut height. There are two types of regulation: manual and mechanical. The first involves stopping the engine and actions to change the position of the regulator manually. The mechanical method allows you to change the height of the mowing by pressing the button on the control lever, while interrupting the process is not required.

Useful tips for solving spring problems

From time to time it happens that on top of the surface of a fresh lawn there are places with noticeably thinned grass, called gardeners with bald spots. If they are small in size, the best solution would be to replace damaged areas with new turf fragments. They can be taken from any other places, for example, from the edge of your lawn or from a zone under the bushes. If these bald spots are too large. the grass in these places grass. To do this, first loosen the ground with a pitchfork, then trim the surface (if necessary, after filling the sand), and finally sow the seeds.

With propelled rods on the lawn you need to fight

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When the weather is wet in the yard. sometimes you can notice a white substance that glues the stalks of grass. It is called “snow mold”. This is a formidable, but, unfortunately, a very common disease. Fighting her is not easy. Therefore, as soon as you noticed the first signs of this disease. immediately begin to take actions to eliminate it. Sometimes at the initial stage it can be very briefly cut off the grass in the place at which the first traces of mold are concentrated. You can also spray the entire grass with a protective antifungal drug. But if the problem was manifested in the volumetric areas of the lawn, and the mold spread beyond measure. be prepared for new laying or sowing the lawn.

It happens that after winter, small recesses occur on the surface of the lawn, inside which the liquid accumulates. This indicates that the land in these zones is not dense enough. This problem can be solved by resorting to loosening the earth and filling out the detected areas of sand or toom. First you need to cut a layer of turf in the shape of a triangle, and then remove the resulting layer. Then loosen the ground and mix it with added up sand or toom. Follow the proportion of 1: 1. Remove the remnants of excess land, return the cut layer of the turf to its place, tightly pressing it to the ground. If the recess is large in size. the operation described above may not be enough. Then you have to cross the grass again, having previously prepared for this the earth.

Illusory and real problems

Often, the grass even under the snow remains green and fresh, but after the snow gathering it quickly drills and even covers with mold. This causes more anxiety in an inexperienced lawn.hop. In fact, this is absolutely normal: green grass dies after freezing, but the rhizomes, roots and knot do not die. New grass will soon grow.

And problems can arise in those places where water stagnates after the snow melts: in this case, both roots and rhizomes can die from suffocation. If there are such problem areas on the lawn, you need to take all measures in order to take water from the surface of the lawn as soon as possible, just dug up the drainage grooves. Quite often after winter, the surface of the lawn has bumps (the Earth will be “flooded”). In this case, immediately after thawing the soil, the lawn should be rolled with a special roller.

This happens infrequently-usually during frosty, but low-snow winters-but still it happens. The main reason is the wrong selection of herbs. Non.sophisticated types of herbs are often found on sale: rope pasture and multi.flowered, oatmeal of reed, etc They do not tolerate the winter months.

process, lawn, mower, grass, does

Unfortunately, in this case, the lawn has to be completely crossed.

Sometimes the lawn freezes from winter.hardy species if the sowing was carried out in the wrong time. Often for freezing, they take a breakdown/breakdown. in some years it can be very strong. The most susceptible to soak the oatmeal red (the rebel and the field is more stable).

In this case, hooking or replacement is not always required. if the damage is insignificant, then the recovery will not take much time. The proper aeration (piercing) of the lawn will help accelerate the process.

After the snow gathering, the old leaves are dying. The surface of the lawn is drilling, covered with dark spots, sometimes with mold-“spiderway”. This is alarming and questions: “What to do? How to process from mold?””

As a rule, mold processing in the spring does not give any effect. It is more correct to carry out preventive treatment in the fall.

It must be understood that damage to “snow mold” usually does not harm the lawn consisting of “correct” herbs, although it inhibits its development a little. The timely performance of the Scaring (Combing) and Aeration (Piercing) of the lawn will help to accelerate the growth of new grass on the lawn.

Flowing oil

This happens when the car spent a long time in an inverted form. For example, cleaned for the winter in a garage.In this case, the oil flows through the air filter. The main signs. the engine is difficult to start, works with jerks, unstable, and with an increase in revolutions desperately stalls.

To solve this problem, you will need first to drain the oil and, using an enema, to the maximum remove its remains. Then a small amount of gasoline is poured into the cylinder. Mandatory twist the candle and 10 times.15 stretch the starter to return the work of the mechanisms to the right direction.

Before starting the lawn mower, you need to completely replace gasoline, pour fresh oil and put a new candle. It is enough to rinse the air filter in gasoline and blow out the compressor.

Not only mows, but also digs

Frequent problem of powerful lawn mowers in a new place. The machine, along with the grass cut, rakes into the collection and clods of the earth, and those through small holes in the casing fly directly into your face. There is little pleasant.The problem is solved simply. reduce the number of engine speeds, your lawn mower works too retreat. And adjust the height of the cut so that the knife does not touch the soil.

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It happens that the lawn mower plows cheerfully, lively, without any failures and misunderstandings, and the clearing after her passage looks like “Tryn-grass hares in the field mowed”. The grass is cut unevenly, by shreds and bundles, vegetation islands are different, and the overall picture resembles not a neat English lawn, but a landing site of evil aliens.

Most often this happens when the knife is poorly sharpened and its installation is incorrect. Strive to find the instructions for the unit and check, corresponds to the position of the tool to the technical description. Keep in mind that there is a certain category of lawn mowing models in which the adapter is not provided. Therefore, do not rush to sound the alarm until you find the exact design scheme.The sharpening of the knife can be done manually. with a skin, sharpener or corner grinder, if you are confident in your abilities. You can give a knife to a grinding workshop or pay sharpening and editing in the service center. The balance is checked manually: set the knife with the central hole on the narrow ruler and take a closer look.