How to Properly Adjust a Carburetor to a Huter Trimmer

A pretty attractive element of the site today is the lawn. However, it will look good if you look after it. To do this, you should regularly water the territory, feed with fertilizers and cut grass weekly. If we neglect the last condition, then quite quickly the territory will turn into dense thickets.

Trimmer need

How to Properly Adjust a Carburetor to a Huter Trimmer

GGT-1900T trimmer reviews

To increase the convenience of control, a bicycle handle is provided on which all the necessary control buttons are located. This equipment, according to customers, is used for cutting grass in household plots. The design is durable, it is designed for intensive and long-term operation.

Reviews of the main features and advantages of the model

  • vibration damping system;
  • structural strength;
  • long term of operation;
  • location of controls on the handle;
  • easy launch.

Huter 1900 trimmer has quite impressive power, which is 1.9 kW. A knife or fishing line is used as a cutting element. The capacity of the tank is 0.7 l, and the thickness of the fishing line is 2 mm. Before purchasing this equipment, you should consider that its weight is quite impressive. This is claimed by many novice users. The mass of the equipment is 7 kg.

Model Instruction Manual

The above-described petrol trimmer “Huter” must be used in accordance with the safety rules that are prescribed in the instructions. From them you can learn that it is unacceptable to use equipment to persons who are under the influence of AL-KOgol or are physically tired. Before starting work, it is necessary to arm yourself with special protective equipment, among them appropriate clothing, safety glasses, mittens or gloves, a helmet and headphones should be highlighted. Equipment should not be used near flammable or explosive substances. This also applies to conditions in which high humidity is maintained.

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Reviews on the electric trimmer brand GET 1200SL

If you want to purchase the Huter electric trimmer, you can pay attention to the model that was mentioned in the subtitle. Its cost is not so high and amounts to 5000 rubles. The equipment, according to customers, can be used to treat the lawn in a personal plot, as well as to process small areas. You can use the tool to mow grass even in hard-to-reach places, for example along the fence or under benches.

The power of the unit is sufficient to perform tasks in everyday life and is 1.2 kW. The bar is collapsible, which, as buyers emphasize, simplifies not only storage but also transportation. This example is an ideal solution for women and older people, because the equipment is lightweight. weight is 4.5 kg.

The cost of spare parts for trimmer

No matter how high-quality the tool may be, parts for the Huter trimmer may be needed. Some of them will be discussed below. For example, a drum for clutching the housing will cost the consumer 860 rubles, while a bolt for securing the clutch housing costs only 5 rubles. A flexible shaft for a trimmer costs 600 rubles, but a container for preparing a fuel mixture will cost a nominal amount of 50 rubles.

Trimmer repair: carb adjustment

You can repair the Huter trimmer when you need to adjust the carburetor. But first you need to perform maintenance of the equipment, for this it is washed, as for the engine, and then the spark plugs are changed, eliminating minor defects. It will be necessary to wash the foam element of the filter using warm soapy water. If the adjustment is carried out on a dirty filter, then after cleaning the fuel mixture will become poorer, which will lead to poor operation or engine damage. At the next stage, you should install a trimmer head with the largest possible cord, its length should be standard.

The tool starts up, warms up for 10 minutes, and then the left and right needles turn to the middle position and are installed between the twisted and turned off positions. There will be three adjusting screws: bottom, left and right. The right one will adjust the enrichment of the mixture at low speeds. It is important to find the maximum idle speed and turn the right screw. Then this screw rotates clockwise. The adjustment of idle speed will be considered correct if the cold engine is idling and the hot engine is not too high. The Huter trimmer carburetor is correctly tuned if the engine runs smoothly and quickly.