How to properly assemble a Makita rotary hammer

Disassembly diagram

In the process of repairing the presented equipment, the user must be able to disassemble the tool. The assembly diagram of the “Makita 2450” hammer drill has many units and elements. To carry out repairs, you should not know all of them. Here are the most basic elements that the diagram represents (“Makita 2450” is a very complex device).

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The first is the retaining ring. It participates in the process of dismantling the cartridge cover. Next comes the annular closure. It holds the ball for fixing the drill. It is guided by a washer and a conical spring.

The gearbox is connected to the motor by 4 screws. There are many rubber parts in the circuit, which, when worn out, become a frequent cause of breakage.

This knowledge is enough to carry out repairs at home. Next, you should familiarize yourself with the technique of its implementation.

Makita HR 2450 schematic

The Makita-2450 hammer drill system consists of many complementary units and a list of spare parts. Among the most significant elements, the features of which should be taken into account during repair work, are the following:

  • Ring locking device. It is designed to hold the ball element holding the drill. Washer and spring guide it
  • Retaining ring. It is necessary for correct removal of the cartridge cover.
  • Four screws connect the gearbox to the motor, eliminating vibration. The circuit contains a large number of rubber components. They are often the cause of a malfunction.

The description of the mentioned units will be enough for a quality repair.

Why it is undesirable to hammer with a Makita hammer drill?

Often the equipment fails, and the drill flies out of the hammer drill. This happens for various reasons. Many users of Makita rotary hammers are faced with the fact that their device does not hit, but drills at the same time. You can fix the breakage yourself. The most common causes of malfunctions are listed below:

  • Intermediate shaft wear
  • Deformation of the clamping units
  • Broken connecting rod system
  • Lack of lubrication for correct operation
  • Breakage of shock components

Assembling the striking mechanism

And how to assemble the hammer mechanism of the Makita hammer drill?
The percussion mechanism is assembled from two assemblies: a barrel shaft with a spur gear and an intermediate shaft with a rolling bearing. A). A spur gear, pos. 19, is put on the barrel, pos. 21, and pressed by a compression spring, pos. 18.
To fix the spring, it is pressed with a washer 30 pos. 17 and secured with a retaining ring 28 pos.16.B). To assemble the striker, you need to put the ring 9, pos. 25 on the shaft of the striker, pull the rubber ring, pos. 26, press down with the metal ring, pos. 27.

Now we go to the opposite side of the barrel, pos. 21. On the other hand, the inner surface of the barrel must be lubricated with grease and the assembled striker, pos. 24, must be inserted inside.

Assembling the intermediate shaft and piston

Faults in the gearbox housing

The case of the HR 2450 model is characterized by high durability; breakdowns in this unit are quite rare. But it happens that certain troubles occur here too. If the housing came with the needle bearing, it means that its seat is badly worn out. When this part is very loose, the case should be replaced.

Sometimes the intermediate shaft seat is broken. Repairs are supposed to be similar to the first case.

The gear housing washer has an oil scraper ring. If it is damaged by construction dust (which happens extremely rarely) or careless actions of the repairman, it is changed along with the body.

The same procedure is carried out in the event of failure of the mode switch holes. The listed types of breakdowns are typical for fake copies.

Makita rotary hammers are rightfully one of the best on the market today. The 2470 is slightly improved, but that doesn’t make the devices durable. Timely repairs will maximize the term of correct operation. This article helps to understand the features of the main nodes. To eliminate the most common types of malfunctions, these materials are sufficient.

General characteristics

“Makita 2450” is known among builders and repairers as a fairly functional professional tool. It is simple and reliable to operate, lightweight and well balanced. Thanks to this “Makita 2450” will serve for a long time. It has a good dust protection system, which makes the operation of the equipment durable.

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Its popularity is explained by the possibility of repairing the Makita 2450 hammer drill at home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on its maintenance. However, before assembling the Makita 2450 perforator, you should familiarize yourself with the technology of its disassembly and repair.

Mode switch

For disassembly, the T-shaped latch on the switch handle is removed. Use a 2 mm screwdriver for this. Very carefully you need to tighten the latch legs. It is pulled outward. The red retainer must be held so that it does not fly out under the force of the spring.

How to repair Makita rotary hammer drill HR4013C dissasemble

After carrying out these actions, the switch handle should be turned to the extreme left position. So its protrusions will coincide with the grooves of the editor’s body. The switch can be easily removed. The latch is taken out together with the spring. The rubber ring on the handle of the switch should be pry off with a thin screwdriver and removed. It prevents grease from escaping from the housing.

The assembly diagram of the Makita 2450 rotary hammer in the area of ​​the switch assumes a certain sequence of carrying out. All parts and the seat are cleaned of old dirt. Two metal pins and a rubber ring are heavily greased. It is put on a switch. A spring is inserted into the handle, then a retainer. It should not pop out when the latch is installed in the case.

Then the switch is inserted into the gearbox. In this case, the pen is directed to the sector between the designation of the combined mode and the impact. At the same time, it will not be inserted completely. The switch should be turned to the drilling mode and a little further. In this case, do not forget to press the release button so that it does not interfere with the movement.

Then turn the switch clockwise and push the latch all the way.

Mechanical malfunctions of the Makita 2450 and Makita 2470 rotary hammers

Frequent mechanical failures of Makita rock drills include:

  • destruction of the quick-release chuck;
  • failure of bearings;
  • breakage of the striking mechanism;
  • drill barrel wear;
  • wear of striker and striker rubber bands;
  • breakage of gears.

The hammer drill chuck is repaired to replace the boot and rubber ring, as well as the conical spring and the steel ball, which secures the working tool (drill). This is indicated by what is a working tool? namely the drill, does not hold well in the chuck.

The main reason is the wear of the steel ball 7.0, item 20, art. 216022-2. Ball wear occurs from contamination of the bore of the cartridge due to the ingress of dust and dirt.

The general view and device of the Makita hammer drill chuck is shown in the photo below.

Do-it-yourself repair of the makita 2450 perforator cartridge is easy. The cartridge must be disassembled, freed from old grease, discarded rubber parts, replaced defective.

complex malfunctions require knowledge of the mechanical part of the Makita 2450 rotary hammer.

Having determined the nature of the malfunction of the Makita hammer drill, proceed to disassemble the mechanical part, called the gearbox.

Disassemble the mechanical part according to the attached video.
Free her from the old grease.
Carefully inspect all parts, their integrity, level of wear. All rubber products require replacement during any disassembly.

Consider repairing the barrel of a rock drill. Let’s analyze the mechanism completely.
Video of disassembly, lubrication and assembly of the Makita rotary hammer

Bulkhead rotary hammer Makita 2450

How to repair a Makita rotary hammer

Remove old grease from parts.

You will get such a mountain of clean details.

Now carefully look through the details, discard the rubber rings immediately after picking up new ones.
Replace defective parts with new ones.

Dismantling the intermediate shaft

To disassemble the intermediate shaft, use the diagram attached to this manual.

Photo of the intermediate shaft diagram showing the order of disassembly

Remove from the shaft pos. 40 in order:

  • and). bearing pos. 46 and ring pos. 47;
  • b). spur gear pos. 42;
  • in). rolling bearing pos. 41;

And on the other side of the shaft, remove:

  • d). flat washer 12 pos. 35;
  • e). bearing 606 pos. 36;
  • e). retaining ring S-7 pos. 37;
  • g). compression spring 7 pos. 38;
  • h). clutch, pos. 39.

Principle of operation

It can perform 3 functions: drilling, hammer drilling, chiselling.

Hammer drill Makita: DIY repair

Diagnostic technology and troubleshooting are identical to other devices. First, you need to disassemble the tool by removing the case, and then remove the obsolete grease and contamination.

It is recommended to replace the nodes that have stopped working. After that, all the components of the mechanism are set to their original position.

For correct operation, it is recommended to carefully study each point of the repair. To restore the functionality of the 2010 cartridge, the mode switch and the housing, the following steps should be performed:

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How to disassemble Makita HR2470 sds plus rotary hammer drill

  • Remove cartridge
  • Remove switch
  • Eliminate defects in the inner part of the case
  • Apply grease and replace worn parts


The Makita rotary hammer has a double protective motor insulation. Among the required structural elements are a release clutch, which prevents a jerk when the drill gets jammed, and an electronic speed control. Indicator of corporate identity. the tool is completed with a convenient case for storing the tool.

Most models are equipped with a dust extraction system and come with a soft rubber grip on the handle. The range includes Makita rotary hammers, both straight and vertical motor.

How to repair the Makita HR 2450 rotary hammer if the impact mode is gone

As a result, the drummer jammed in the fragments of the collapsed bushing.

The service center advised to replace the barrel completely. It turned out that the bushing is pressed into the barrel at the factory and is not supplied separately. Had to buy a whole new barrel.

In this article, the author will tell you how to bring the hammer drill into working order himself after this, in general, simple breakdown. If you have the skills to repair power tools and a desire not to pay someone your hard-earned money, then we take the tool and start disassembling the machine.

How to disassemble punch Makita 2450?

No one knows how to choose the right hammer drill so that it will serve for a long time without breakdowns. After all, they sometimes happen even with the tools of trusted brands. In the article. about the features of the Makita 2450 case.

  • Flat screwdriver up to 4 mm
  • Phillips screwdriver set

Experienced masters advise, after 350-500 hours of intensive work, to completely disassemble the gearboxes, wash them from contamination with gasoline and treat them with bearing greases. Better to take new, lithium ones. But, having taken up such work, many beginners come to a dead end, not knowing how to disassemble the Makita 2450 rotary hammer. This is one of the bestsellers among rotary hammers, but not every specialist is familiar with the mounting features on its body.

You should start disassembling the device by removing the rubber bands from the barrel of the puncher. Then detach the drill retainer. After that, you can remove the mode switch on the case. Sometimes this can only be done by prying the switch lever with a flat screwdriver. It rests on a rubber cuff. Try to do everything carefully, as choosing the right puncher is not enough. you also need to learn how to take care of him.

Further, to get to the gearbox, using Phillips screwdrivers, the plastic case is disassembled, all surfaces are cleaned (gasoline or white spirit) and the parts are lubricated. The assembly will also take not much time, because the plastic case has no peculiarities and tricks. The situation is more complicated if the question arises of how to disassemble the Makita brand perforator cartridge. This will also require a flat screwdriver.

After removing the rubber seal (pushing the sleeve aside). you need to pry it off with a screwdriver and remove the first retaining ring. Then the locking washer comes out. Pulling the clutch further, you can see and remove the second retaining ring by turning its break with a screwdriver. After that, the clutch is removed. The SDS clamp is exposed, consisting of washer, ball and spring. To remove it, you need to compress the spring. this is the same as inserting a drill into a hammer drill.

After the spring is compressed, the ball comes out by itself, followed by the washer and spring. The last to be removed is the massive steel spring from the plastic part of the cartridge. All parts are washed with oil and then lubricated. Assembly sometimes takes a little longer due to the installation of washers and rings that are slippery with grease. But everything can be solved. Here’s how to disassemble the Makita puncher correctly.

For many, taking care of the instrument turns into torment. But more often due to the fact that the master himself has no desire to do this. After all, there is nothing super complicated in the design of Makita power tools. But, on the other hand, it is better to solve the issues of disassembling an expensive tool, nevertheless, in specialized workshops.

Makita Rotary Hammer Assembly Procedure

The assembly of any mechanism should be started after careful preparation. It is necessary to prepare not only the parts, but also the tools, place, lubricant.

Of the tools, you can not do without pliers, screwdrivers, a hammer, a brush for applying lubricant.

And what is the assembly diagram of the Makita 2450 and 2470 rotary hammer?

Do-it-yourself assembly of a Makita rotary hammer can only be performed if the attached instructions are followed.

The task of the assembly process is to replace faulty parts with usable ones and ensure the interchangeability and operability of the tool.

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Assembling the striking mechanism

And how to assemble the hammer mechanism of the Makita hammer drill?
The percussion mechanism is assembled from two assemblies: a barrel shaft with a spur gear and an intermediate shaft with a rolling bearing. A). A spur gear, pos. 19, is put on the barrel, pos. 21, and pressed by a compression spring, pos. 18.
To fix the spring, it is pressed with a washer 30 pos. 17 and secured with a retaining ring 28 pos.16.B). To assemble the striker, you need to put the ring 9, pos. 25 on the shaft of the striker, pull the rubber ring, pos. 26, press down with the metal ring, pos. 27.

Now we go to the opposite side of the barrel, pos. 21. On the other hand, the inner surface of the barrel must be lubricated with grease and the assembled striker, pos. 24, must be inserted inside.

Assembling the intermediate shaft and piston

Assembling the hammer shaft

First, you need to lubricate the inside of the cylinder (pos. 32) and insert the striker (pos. 30) into it.

It remains in the inner case of pos. 49 to put the lubricated barrel assembly, pos. 21, in place, putting it on the lubricated cylinder, pos. 32.
As a lubricant, it is recommended to use a special grease developed for Makita rotary hammers.
Lubricants are available in several types: Makita P-08361 and Makita 183477-5 SDS-PLUS.
Makita Grease 183477-5 SDS-PLUS is recommended for the gearbox. Makita grease 196804-7 is used for drill shanks.

Lubricants vary in color, but have exactly the same characteristics.
And what other lubricants are used in the Makita 2450 and 2470 hammer drill?

And here we have an assembled mechanical block.

Now grease all parts of the mechanical block with the recommended grease. Here is an example of how to properly lubricate rotating surfaces and here is another example of generous lubrication of a mechanical block.

You can’t spoil porridge with butter

So it is also allowed to apply lubricant. You can’t spoil porridge with butter!

The lubricated mechanical block must be closed with a plastic housing, pos. 14, black.
Place the body on top of the assembly and press the body down until the assembly is fully seated in it.
Backwardness, insert four bolts (pos. 10) into the body and tighten. Now it is the turn of the connection to the mechanical part of the rotor of the electric motor.

Installing the rotor

The helical gear of the rotor is tightly inserted into the housing of the mechanical block and pressed.

It remains to insert four self-tapping screws m4 × 60 pos. 57. and screw them into the body of the electrical unit.

Assembling the intermediate shaft assembly

To assemble the intermediate shaft, it is necessary to put the rolling bearing, pos. 41, on the shaft, pos. 40, with the teeth to the shaft splines, and put the coupling, pos. 39, on the shaft splines.

Transfer of translational motion

On the opposite side of the shaft, put on helical gear 26 pos. 42, flat washer 8 pos. 45, bearing 608zz pos. 46 and retaining ring 8 pos. 47.
The intermediate shaft is assembled.

Setting the mode selector lever

The mode switch is designed to transfer the clutch, pos. 39, to various positions and transfer the translational motion to the percussion shaft through the rolling bearing, pos. 41, to the cylinder, pos. 32.

Makita 2450 Punch Mode Switch Lever Assembly

On the axis of the inner case it is necessary to put the mode switch lever pos.82, from above the pressure spring pos.88, crush it with a flat washer pos.87. Fit the circlip, pos. 86. and fix.
The retaining ring must be carefully fixed. Turning the intermediate shaft, it is necessary to carefully check the correct operation and free movement of the cylinder in the housing. This must be done now so that it does not become clear at the end of the assembly that the assembly is assembled incorrectly.

Assembling the reducer assembly

The assembly of the reducer block is carried out on the inner casing pos. 49.

Inner body

By the way, there are cases when the axles pop out of the inner aluminum housing. Both axles are pressed into the housing.

The assembled intermediate shaft is inserted into the housing of pos. 49, the rolling bearing lever of which must fall into the hole of the cylinder hinge. In this case, the rolling bearing lever pos. 41 of the intermediate shaft must fit into the cylinder hinge, pos. 32, and the lower intermediate shaft bearing into the housing in the housing. This procedure is usually performed by rocking the structure until the parts are completely in the indicated places.