How To Properly Cut A Tile With A Tile Cutter

3 ways to cut tiles at home Ways and tools for cutting and adjusting tiles with your own hands to the required size. How to use a manual tile cutter and grinder to cut tiles.

Cutting tiles with a manual tile cutter

  • The tile is inserted into the tile cutter, and the markings on it are aligned with a special mark.
  • The handle is lowered and held away from you. It must be driven at the same speed and even pressure so that the roller cuts the glaze to the same depth. It will be enough to run the roller once. If you drive several times, the breakage can turn out to be of poor quality.
  • Next to the roller there are special paws that lower and break the tiles into 2 parts after a sharp push on the lever. Over, all tile cutters have a metal tubercle on their platform, and soft pads along the edges. When you press down on the edges of the tile with your paws, maximum tension will be created at the notch, if correctly aligned with the backing, and it will evenly break off.

It is difficult to explain this in words, so it is easier to look at which shows how to cut tiles correctly with a tile cutter:

High-quality tile cutters allow you to cut even 10 mm thick tiles without any problems. And it doesn’t matter at what angle you cut it: at least 45 degrees, at least 30.

How to cut a tile with the letter G

Since the tile cutter can only cut tiles straight, many have difficulty with L-shaped cutouts. The easiest option is to divide this tile into 2 rectangular elements, but then you get an extra ugly seam that will catch your eye.

But this can be avoided if the short side is cut with a grinder, and then the long one with a tile cutter.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make L-shaped cuts on tiles

The second method: by any method available to you, a cut is made on the glaze, and the excess is gradually broken off with pliers. Irregularities are sanded with sandpaper. This option will even allow you to get a rounded incision for abutting the risers.

3 ways to cut tile at home

Any process of laying ceramic tiles is not complete without cutting it. There will be a lot of it especially if you use some kind of non-standard layout, for example, diagonally. In the last article, we talked about which layout is better to choose in order to get uniform and beautiful cuts everywhere. Now we will talk about how to properly cut tiles at home.

As you know, tiles are made of baked clay, which is covered with glaze on top. It’s hard to break it with your hands, but if it lies on any unevenness, then it easily cracks from a small load. To simplify this process and make the required break line, you need to loosen the top layer of the glaze, that is, cut it, and therefore make efforts to break.

There are 3 main ways to do this:

  1. Special hand tool, electric tile cutter or special tongs.
  2. Bulgarian.
  3. Other handy sharp tools.

Let’s talk in more detail about each tile cutting method.

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How to cut tiles without a tile cutter

If you only need to cut a few tiles, it doesn’t have to be spent on a tile cutter. You can use the tools at hand:

  • Glass cutter.
  • Drill. It should preferably be with a victorious tip, as it will scratch the tile better.
  • Nail.
  • Construction knife.

Attach a metal ruler to the notch and draw once with a glass cutter or drill. A deep scratch should remain on the enamel. If you use a knife, but you will need to carry out several times.

Place the tile at the corner with the cut and press down on the edges with a sharp motion. The cut will not turn out perfectly flat, unlike the tile cutter, but you will not have to spend additional money.

How to cut porcelain stoneware

It is believed that porcelain stoneware is the hardest material from which floor tiles are made. You can trim it in the same way as a regular tile.

Sometimes simple floor tiles are more difficult to cut than porcelain stoneware. There is a hardened tile on which, after cutting with a tile cutter, almost no notch in the glaze is visible. And even the diamond disc on the grinder does not take it, the cut turns out to be torn, like after a tractor. In such cases, you need to use a grinder, and saw off a 23 mm groove on the back to mark the place of the break.

How to choose the right disc by tile

For cutting, metal discs are used with diamond plating along its edges. But they are different: for concrete, brick, stone. Tiled discs do not have any holes, the soldering on them is uniform and smooth. Discs for concrete have slots on the solder, and will chip when vibrated. If you cut ceramic tiles with them, then these chips can fly into your face.

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The nuances of processing tiles of different formats

When working with thin tiles about 8 mm thick, it is advisable to use manual tile cutters. The moment of cutting is felt more sharply in the hands, which allows you to more accurately control the process without harming the whole part of the material. As for stone and concrete tiles, as well as workpieces with a thickness of more than 20 mm, then it is better to work with this material immediately on electric machines, which will cut more accurately and more accurately than mechanical units. How to cut tiles correctly with a tile cutter with an electric motor? Soft bases crumble easily, so it is advisable to avoid excessive force. Power stations can be a useful solution to this problem only if the tile is securely and comprehensively fixed. However, workpieces with carbide chips are completely contraindicated for such machines, since the outer layer quickly destroys the tooling.

What can replace the tile cutter?

An angle grinder (angle grinder), that is, a grinder, may well cope with cutting tiles, moreover, solid porcelain stoneware, natural stone and concrete. But there are some peculiarities in handling this tool. If in the question of how to properly cut a tile with a tile cutter, the aspects of delicate adherence to the cutting technique come to the fore, then the angle grinder requires twice as much attention to safety. All the power in working with this tool rests not on the bed, as is the case with an electric tile cutter, but on the user. Therefore, sufficient force support is required in the process of physical control of the tool body, and also the abundant flight of the same crumb with dust from the workpiece is taken into account.

Compliance with safety rules during work

It is equally important to observe safety rules already in the process of work. How to properly cut tiles with a tile cutter so as not to harm your health? It should be borne in mind that during the processing with an electric tile cutter, small fragments and dust are discarded. Protect from such waste with complete covers, and even better use a branch pipe for a construction vacuum cleaner. Timely removal of slabs with dust will not only protect the operator, but also keep the room clean.

How to properly cut tiles with a tile cutter: tips and nuances

Tile is one of the most popular facing materials. It can be made from ceramics, cement, stone and even glass. And in each case, the material requires a special approach to processing. Of course, any master will plan in advance the work surface for finishing specifically for a specific number of solid elements, but sometimes it is simply impossible to nullify areas in which fragmentary laying will be required. For such a masonry, you must be ready at least to know how to properly cut tiles with a tile cutter without chips and cracks. This operation requires strength, attention and a quality tool.

Organization of the workplace

One of the main conditions for working with a tile cutter is sufficient lighting. The user should be able to clearly see the slightest cut on the tile surface from different sides. All working tools must be in place. Rigging and auxiliary accessories must be kept at hand, but so that they are fixed in place and do not accidentally fall out onto the working platform. Another question is also important: how to properly cut tiles with a tile cutter so that the workflow does not stop? If we are talking about a large batch, then the place for placing solid tiles is initially organized, as well as a niche to which ready-made fragments will be sent. The main thing is that these zones do not interfere with the operator, but at the same time be physically available to him.

Possible tool breakage

A problem that newbies do not always notice is the instability of the work equipment. This manifests itself in the vibration of the same disc, as a result of which more chips and debris are released from the material. The problem is fixed either by replacing the working body, or by its more reliable fixation. If there is a problem with the motor, the cable connection to the mains should be checked and the fuse revised. Not insured against technical problems and tile cutting with a manual tile cutter without an electric motor. When working with such a tool, there may be insufficient rigid attachment of the equipment, its wear or violation of the geometry of the structure. Accordingly, the solution to the problem will be a complete revision of the connecting nodes of the structure, as well as checking the service life of individual functional parts.

Preparatory work

Manual tile cutter an elementary, but at the same time, cutting tool that requires a certain preparation and sequence of actions to obtain an accurate result. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Before how to cut tiles with a manual tile cutter, it is necessary to carry out preliminary preparation:

  1. Inspect the tile cutter for visible damage and irregularities in the guides.
  2. Check the smooth movement of the carriage with the cutting roller along the tubular guides. It is important that they are free of any contamination that could become a hindrance. If you’ve just cleaned them, you can apply a small amount of machine oil to the surface to lubricate.
  3. Check the condition of the cutter wheel. It should rotate freely without unnecessary sounds such as creaking or jamming. If the surface of the cutter wheel is damaged (such as burrs or gouges), it should be replaced. Otherwise, irregularities or cracks will appear on the cut.

Before cutting the tiles with a tile cutter, you should also take care of your own safety. To prevent scratches, cuts and other troubles, it is worth using construction gloves. When cutting the tiles, never allow your fingers to get under the cutting roller. Also, the field of receipt of the notch, the tile must be broken along it, while small particles are formed that can get into the eyes, wear protective glasses.

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What is a manual tile cutter?

Tile cutter This is the joint name for a group of tools designed to obtain straight or shaped cuts on ceramic or tile. As for the design, then manual tile cutter consists of the following elements:

  1. The base, which is the supporting part for all other elements;
  2. Tubular guides designed for precise movement of the cutting element;
  3. Cutting element, which is a metal roller with a sharp edge mounted on an axis;
  4. A handle designed to move the carriage with a roller along the intended cut.

Years of experience in construction work shows that the use of manual table cutter in a domestic environment, this is the best option both in terms of performance and accuracy, as well as simplicity. Benefits of using a manual tile cutter:

  1. Ease of operation due to the elementary design of the device;
  2. The handle in the design plays the role of a lever that significantly reduces the effort with which it is necessary to cut the tiles;
  3. Quite accurate (in comparison with the more elementary method with a glass cutter) cut.

However, the use of this type of tile cutter imposes some restrictions on the processing of tiles. So, for example, you cannot get a cut at a distance of less than 5 millimeters from the edge of the tile. If you try to do this, then the edge is likely to break. Also, in addition, you can read the article on how to use the tile cutter.

Cutting tiles with a tile cutter: a general beginning

After preparing the tile cutter for use, you can start cutting the tiles. This will require accurate surface marking. So, for this you can use a regular construction pencil or, for example, a marker. We apply with its help the marking line. Before as cut floor tiles with a tile cutter or wall tiles, it must be clearly fixed in relation to the cutting roller. For this, in some designs of tile cutters, special clamps are used, which allow the tile to be completely stationary. If there is no such grip, then the tile must be held with one hand, and the handle with the cutter roller carriage with the other.

Immediately before making a cut, it is necessary to apply a drop of machine oil to the surface of the cutting roller, which will significantly reduce the friction of the surfaces of the roller and the tile, which, in turn, will increase the quality of the cut obtained.

How to cut tiles with a manual tile cutter. Instructions for using the tile cutter

A popular and practical finishing material for bathrooms, toilets and kitchens is ceramic tiles, which always require accurate marking and cutting to the required dimensions. If we talk about the industrial scale of construction, then most often professionals use a mechanized (electric) tile cutter, but the manual option is quite suitable for home conditions.

How to cut ceramic tiles with a tile cutter?

After the tile has been accurately aligned with the mowing line of the markings, lift the handle of the tile cutter so that the roller surface touches the face of the tile. Now you can move the handle towards you in a smooth motion. In this case, it is very important to control the pressure on the tile surface. If there is insufficient pressure, the notch will be small to successfully break the tile depth.

If you press the handle too hard, ugly cracks may appear on the decorative layer of the tile. If you are cutting the tile for the first time, it is best to take a piece that you can experiment on, as it is likely that a straight cut may not work.

Important: the cut must be made in one longitudinal movement of the carriage with the cutting roller, otherwise the repeated risks will not coincide with the first, so the cut will turn out to be inaccurate or excessively rough.

How To Properly Cut A Tile With A Tile Cutter

How to cut tiles with a tile cutter?

Tile the composition practically does not differ from ceramic. Only the color of the base is different, it is lighter. However, this practically does not affect the tile cutting process, therefore it is produced similarly to ceramic tiles.

So, the incision is made. Now we put the tiles on a flat horizontal surface and raise one of the edges, which is as far as possible from the cut mowing line. Now, carefully, but at the same time, press the tile sharply enough in the area of ​​the incision marks so that the tile breaks exactly along it.

If the cut is not accurate enough, then its edges can be trimmed with a grinding stone or sandpaper. Gentle longitudinal movements can be used to achieve a smooth cut edge. It is necessary if the tile will be butt-joined with the other. If it is placed in a corner, it is not necessary to sand the edge.

The tile has been cut, now you can start laying it.

It is also worth looking more clearly at how to cut tiles with a manual tile cutter.

How to cut tiles?

Cutting tools: A-tile cutter; B-crown carbide; S-grinder; D-manual tile cutter; E-pliers; F-glass cutter; G-hacksaw for metal.

On the market, manufacturers sell a variety of attachments and tools to accomplish this task.

Of all the proposed variety, you can use the following for independent work:

  • Manual slab cutter;
  • Its electrical counterpart;
  • Tile cutters;
  • Regular roller glass cutter;
  • The so-called grinder;
  • Metal pencil with a victorious tip.

How to use these tools when cutting tiles will be discussed below.

How can you cut tiles with wire cutters?

Nippers are used to break off tiles.

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This tool is used when it is necessary to cut tiles for holes in different places: for platbands, for water pipes, etc. Nippers do not cut in the literal sense of the word, but break off small pieces from the tiles along the cut line. The nippers themselves have 2 carbide-coated clamps, the upper one cuts the glazed layer on the tile, and the lower one serves as a support for the plate. Cutting pliers are used like this:

  • The contour of the recess is applied to the tile;
  • Insert the tile into the nippers so that the upper clamp is on the marked mowing line;
  • Squeeze both halves of the tool and break the tiles along the markings; you cannot bite off large pieces, the edges will turn out to be uneven or the tile itself will crack;
  • Having completely passed along the marking and removing unnecessary material, the cut on the tile is cleaned with a file or diamond sandpaper.

How to cut a tile with a glass cutter or grinder?

With a glass cutter, you can make a straight cut in the material quite quickly. To do this, perform the following operations:

  • Outline with a pencil (felt-tip pen) the line along which they are going to cut the tile;
  • Press a square of material to the table with one hand, and with the other, directing the glass cutter towards yourself and holding it at an angle of 90, hold the tool with pressure along the intended mowing line;
  • The cut plate is placed on a wooden block (or on the edge of the table) and with a blow of the palm, break the tile along the cut line.

Scheme for cutting tiles with a stele cutter.

In addition, difficulties arise in its application when performing a curly cut mowing line. Now let’s look at how to cut a tile with a grinder.

To use it in facing work, you need to purchase a diamond disc, which allows you to use this universal tool for cutting tiles both along straight and curly lines. Compared to an electric tile cutter, the grinder is more mobile, but in terms of cut quality it loses to it. After cutting the tile with this tool, you need to clean the sections with a file or sandpaper. Use the grinder like this:

  • A cut line is drawn on the plate;
  • The tile is fixed in wooden clamps, or it is pressed with a foot and a cut is made with a grinder;
  • The edges of the cut are cleaned with a file.

How to cut tiles at home?

The production of works on covering the walls and floors of different rooms with ceramic tiles is not complete without cutting the tiles, since usually it is not always possible to use only whole plates and some of them have to be cut. How to cut tiles with your own hands? What tools should be used for this? How can you cut the tile so that the tiles have smooth edges and the plate does not split?

When laying tiles, there is a need for cutting. Use special tools to keep the edges of the tiles even.

In order to cut high quality ceramic tiles, it is necessary to use special tools and devices. If the work performed is of a small volume, then hand tools are usually used. When covering large areas with tiles, professional equipment is used. Let’s take a look at various techniques and tools for cutting ceramic tiles.

The use of a manual machine at work

Tile cutting scheme with a manual machine.

Such a slab cutter is used to cut plates with a thickness of no more than 5-6 mm. The tool has a quite reasonable price and makes it possible to relatively easily and quickly cut the required number of tiles; it is well suited for doing cladding work with your own hands.

It is applied in the following order:

  • Mark the part to be cut with a pencil or felt-tip pen on the tile;
  • The material is installed on the base of the device so that the cutting line is under the impeller of the machine;
  • Using the handle of the tool, carefully cut the cut with the impeller along the marked mowing line;
  • The tile is fixed on both sides of the intended cut using the so-called wings;
  • Lightly hitting the handle of the machine, separate an unnecessary piece from the tile.

If after several such blows the tile remains intact, then try to cut the next plate.

Electric ceramic cutter

At the heart of the electric tile cutter is a diamond disc that allows you to make even and beautiful cuts.

This device has a diamond disc as a working tool and will cope with tiles of any thickness.

When working, you get smooth cuts with rounded smoothed edges.

Such a machine can be used for any amount of work, it is used when cutting various ceramic and stone slabs, with the exception of those coated with carbide chips, which can damage the diamond disc.

They work on this device like this:

  • The cut line is applied to the tile with a pencil;
  • The marked tile is placed on the working platform of the machine, and tightly holding the plate with both hands and pressing it to the base of the device, slowly move the material under the blade of the diamond disc;
  • When working, special glasses are used to protect the eyes and the level of cooling water in the machine pan is constantly monitored;
  • The liquid is periodically changed during operation; it becomes clogged with ceramic chips;
  • Do not try to increase the speed at which the tiles are fed under the disc; they may crack.