How to properly cut a tree with a chainsaw

Sawing branches and a trunk with a chainsaw

The branches need to be detached from the bottom of the tree, which is already on a flat surface. You should alternately finish the rows of branches, getting to the central ones, in order to gradually completely clear the trunk. All elements must be removed separately, it is advisable to transfer the sawn-off parts into a certain container during the work process.

Roll technology

Felling trees, especially large ones, requires certain knowledge and skills. Before performing work, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the safety precautions and some of the nuances that must be taken into account. We will tell you how to cut a tree correctly in this article.

Felling must be carried out in three steps. first, the tree is cut, and only then the main cut. The first stage is the upper cut, it is made at an angle of 45 degrees to a depth of ¼ of the trunk diameter, from the side of the planned fall of the tree.

The second stage is the bottom notch. It is cut along the horizontal mowing line until it is connected to the top notch. Thus, a 45 degree cut angle should be created in the barrel. Please note that it is not necessary to cut the tree completely, this is fraught with the fact that it will be impossible to predict the direction of the trunk fall.

And, finally, the final third stage is the main (felling) cut. Before starting it, make sure that there are no people or animals within a few meters (especially if you are going to cut a tree in the city, gardening and other crowded places). The main cut is made from the side opposite to the direction of the tree falling, parallel to the lower notch (at a distance of 5 cm from it).

It is very important to leave the so-called hinge (hinge) equal to about one tenth of the total diameter of the trunk. If it is less, or not at all, the trajectory of the fall of the tree may change, and not in the direction you want. During operation, the saw must be slowly immersed in the trunk, the engine speed must be maximum. Insert a wedge into the main cut before the tree starts to fall to prevent the tire from jamming in the trunk. Pay close attention to the direction of movement of the barrel in order to quickly take action when it deviates from the set course. When the trunk starts to fall, quickly remove the saw from the cut, turn it off and leave the working area. Please note that these actions must be performed as quickly as possible.

We hope this article helped you answer the question of how to cut down a large tree. Follow the instructions and your job will be easier.

How to properly saw a tree into chocks

Sawing the trunk of a felled tree is much easier than cutting down a tree at the root, but there is a certain risk here. For example, improper cutting of trees can lead to the fact that it squeezes into a tire in the trunk and then you have to use a jack or lift the trunk with crowbars, which will take a lot of time and effort. In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to assess the position of the trunk in advance and first saw it in those places where there is tension.

It is better to cut the trunk from the top of the head, gradually moving towards the butt.

The cut can be either upper or lower. The upper cut is performed until the trunk begins to lower and press the tire, after which, if possible, it is necessary to finish the trunk from the bottom. If there is no possibility, then a few more are made next to the first cut, until the tire stops pressing.

After the trunk is cut into several large pieces that can be rolled, they are sawn into chocks with an upper cut.

Recommendations from professional sawers

It is better to work out the primary skills of logging work on dry trees of small diameter, which can be easily found in the nearest forest. As a rule, confidence in your actions appears after practicing 3-5 attempts.

  • To prevent the headset from jamming in the cut, it is recommended to use wooden wedges. The use of metal analogs is undesirable because of the risk of damage to the chain when the saw kicks back.
  • When performing felling cuts, it is necessary to constantly monitor the vertical of the trunk; an unexpected gust of wind can make adjustments to the work process.
  • As a rule, the time for a large trunk to fall is sufficient to remove the saw headset from the cut, turn off the engine and quickly leave the work area.

It is strictly forbidden to be in the workplace at this time, since when it hits the ground, the lower part of the trunk jumps to a height of one and a half meters.

The initial stage of preparatory work

Self-felling trees with a chainsaw is performed in a specific sequence.

Preparation for the main work begins with a study of the safety requirements:

  • checking the correct sharpening of the saw chain and the health of the chainsaw as a whole;
  • selection of comfortable shoes, clothing and protective equipment, the minimum list of which includes glasses and mittens.

At the second stage, it is necessary to calculate different options for the trajectory of the trunk fall with minimal damage to the surrounding area.

The calculations should take into account the following mandatory factors:

  • bus length;
  • traction characteristics of the engine;
  • trunk thickness, wind strength and direction.

How to cut a tree with a chainsaw. preparation and step-by-step procedure

Sooner or later, the tree dies and then, in order to make room for planting new vegetation, the owner of the site is faced with the need to cut it down. To get rid of a dried tree and cut its trunk, you need to adhere to certain rules. This will not only simplify the work, but also make it safer for the operator and those around him.

properly, tree, chainsaw

Before starting the procedure, you need to remember that felling trees with a chainsaw necessarily requires careful preparation, both of the performer himself and his working tool. The chainsaw operator must protect himself as much as possible from possible wounds and bruises.

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To do this, you need to wear:

properly, tree, chainsaw
  • clothing that fits tightly to the body. The suit should not have laces, zippers, fasteners, and on the operator himself. bracelets, chains and other objects that can catch on a bush or branch;
  • durable protective gloves made of waterproof dense material. The chainsaw should not slip in them, otherwise the risk of the tool with the moving chain falling onto the operator’s feet will increase;
  • durable shoes with anti-slip soles and laces hidden inside;
  • protective glasses that prevent sawdust and glass from getting into the eyes;
  • safety helmet and ear muffs if the operator is using a powerful, noisy chainsaw.

When felling trees, do not leave the working tool unattended. When sawing the pillar, the handle of the garden tool must be held firmly and always with both hands, while standing, while on a hard, stable surface.

Before felling trees with a chainsaw, you need to carefully prepare your gardening tools. The first step is to sharpen the chain. The speed and performance of the chainsaw largely depends on its condition. The second important factor is the tension on the saw head. The chain should not be overtightened and, at the same time, not too loose. It is best that when you press the chain with your index finger, it sags by about 0.5 cm.Check the tension of the saw headset every time you refuel your garden tool.

To knock down a tree with a chainsaw, you need to adhere to the following procedure:

  • First of all, you need to take care of the personal safety of the operator. To shorten the time to move away from the falling trunk, you need to clear the place near the tree from bushes and other vegetation in advance. You also need to make sure that there are no strangers and animals near the tree;
  • Next, you need to start the chainsaw and, while its engine is warming up, determine the required direction of the tree falling;
  • Then you need to make the first 2 cuts, which will allow the operator to cut a piece of wood 1/4 of the total diameter of the trunk. The first cut must be made directly in the lower part of the tree on the side into which the trunk will fall. It should be located in the same part of the tree as the future felling cut, and reach almost half the diameter of the trunk. 5-10 cm higher than the first, you need to make a second cut, which will be located in relation to it at an angle of 45 ⁰. The second cut ends at the junction with the first cut line;
  • After that, you need to pull out the separated piece of wood and start making the felling cut. In this case, the chainsaw used must work at the maximum permissible speed;
  • Once the felling cut is complete, the tree will start to fall. At this time, the operator will need to group, determine the location of the trunk fall and quickly move in the opposite direction. When the operator is moving, the chainsaw must be turned off.

After cutting the tree, the operator must inspect the stump and cut the sharp remains of the trunk from it. This will help to avoid injury during the subsequent sawing of the tree into logs.

How to use a chainsaw correctly

A chainsaw is a technically complex and dangerous tool, for this reason, when working with a saw, certain rules must be followed. Inexperienced users often treat the work with a chainsaw with less attention and break the rules, this leads to injury to the operator or damage to the tool.

properly, tree, chainsaw

In this article, we will consider how to properly prepare a chainsaw for work, what are the rules and methods for felling and sawing trees, we will talk about how to saw correctly with a chainsaw, we will dwell separately on safety precautions.

How to cut a thick tree with a chainsaw

There are several ways to cut down a thick tree, and all of them require the use of special equipment. The first method is felling a tree in parts.This method is shown in the video below.

Cutting thick trees is more difficult, so you shouldn’t try and risk your health if you didn’t have to cut down trees before.

Another way is to fell the whole tree with the trunk stretching in the desired direction. The cable is fixed on the trunk at a height of at least 5-6 meters, after which a wedge is cut from the side of the planned fall of the trunk and the cable is stretched. You can pull the cable using a winch, a tractor or a car. Next, the feller cuts the trunk from the side opposite to the sawn wedge. If the length of the tire is not enough, then another cut is made at a height of at least 30 cm from the previous one, after which the wood between the cuts affects. This is necessary in order for the feller to be able to deepen the tire to a greater distance.

It is worth noting that the process of felling thick trees is purely individual and depends on many factors. It is for this reason that cutting down a large tree without experience is very difficult and dangerous.

Felling technique

The felling technique depends on the thickness of the trunk. For example, a young tree with a thin trunk is easy to cut, while coping with a thick trunk is sometimes quite problematic. And also the height of the tree matters. The lower it is, the easier it is to deal with.

On the side into which you plan to dump the tree, you need to make a cut with a depth of half the thickness of the trunk and at an angle of 45 degrees to its vertical mowing line. Then, when the trunk is more than 50 cm thick, a vertical cut is made from the oblique cut to the very bottom of the trunk, if it is relatively thin, a vertical cut is not needed.

After that, on the other hand, a horizontal cut is made just above the opposite bevel cut. While one person is sawing, the other person pushes the trunk in the desired direction with a stubborn pole. At this time, you can still drive a wedge into the cut to create additional pressure on the trunk, but often there is no need for a wedge.

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how to cut a tree down with a chainsaw

The above felling technique is used for straight stems that stand upright. If the tree is inclined, then it is almost impossible to dump it in the right direction. Especially if the slope is large. If it is small, then with the help of a stubborn pole, you can cope with it and dump it in the right direction.

As for this question, how to cut wood correctly, here the felling technique is not much different. The main thing is to observe safety precautions, since felling wood with a chainsaw, along with a useful context, can pose a direct threat to the life of a person who fells wood.

Each lumberjack has his own felling technique and his own answer to the question of how to saw with a chainsaw, but in any case, first you need to ensure the safety of the work.

Preparation for work

It is customary to use a chainsaw for felling trees. But not everyone can work with it. That is, not everyone will be able to answer the question of how to properly saw with a chainsaw. After all, this is a rather dangerous tool and to work with it, you need some experience.

You can, of course, cut down a tree with an ax, as in the good old days, but it is better to use professional equipment for this.

Before you start working with a chainsaw, you need to check it and understand whether it complies with safety regulations, whether it is in good working order. And also you need to pour the required amount of gasoline and oil into it.

After checking the saw, the trunk is subject to inspection, which must be dumped. Anything around it that might hinder free work should be removed. After that, the trunk must be cleaned to a height of one and a half meters from branches and young shoots. Then you need to choose the direction in which it is better to dump. Now you can start felling directly.

How to properly cut a tree with a chainsaw, especially saw cuts

Cutting trees is a question that often arises during the construction of reinforced concrete structures, structures, laying various communications, as well as in matters of ensuring the safety of passers-by.

Due to the fact that the dimensions of the tree can be different, the difficulties that can be encountered during felling are also different. For example, if it grows in the immediate vicinity of the mowing line of power transmission lines, in a residential area, in the territory of any parking lots or outbuildings, the question arises of how to cut trees correctly so that they fall in the right direction?

The question of felling itself does not cause problems, but when the trunk needs to be dumped in the right direction, this is a task that can cause serious problems and puzzle even professionals.

Required tools

In order to properly cut a tree with a chainsaw, you will need the following tools and devices:

  • Chainsaw (a saw will do).
  • Wedges (often one wedge is sufficient).
  • Ropes (may be needed in difficult felling conditions).
  • Thrust pole.
  • Ax.

Felling is done with a chainsaw. If you just need to thin out the garden at the summer cottage, a saw will do. But for felling wood, you should take only a chainsaw, since laying cables and wires in the forest is quite problematic and, as a rule, impractical. Plus it will take a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to fell trees with a chainsaw.

The wedges are used at the final stage of the felling. In most cases, one wedge is sufficient, but two or even three wedges may be needed to fell large trees.

Ropes may be needed in difficult felling conditions. For example, if you need to knock down a tree in a parking lot so as not to damage cars in the immediate vicinity, you can tie the sawn-off branches or a trunk to a lifting crane with ropes.

It is more correct, of course, to notify the drivers about the upcoming work and make sure that they park their vehicles in another place, but sometimes situations arise when you need to urgently free the area from unnecessary trees, and there is simply no time to wait for the driver of the vehicle interfering with the work.

Ropes may also be needed for climbing the trees themselves, if, for example, they do not fall in whole, but in parts. In this case, the branches are first cut down, then the trunk is cut down in parts.

At the final stage of the felling, as a rule, a thrust pole is used when it is necessary to apply additional pressure on the trunk in the desired direction. The ax is a necessary tool. No roll can do without it.

Safety engineering

Cutting trees must be carried out in a safe manner and the following must be observed:

To avoid injury and injury when working with a chainsaw during felling, the above rules must be strictly observed. Chainsaw operation is unsafe. The main thing in this matter is not to be overly self-confident, since over-self-confidence can play a cruel joke.

The main factors

Immediately, we note that the technique of felling large and small trees is different, and it is difficult not to notice this. The easiest way, as you might guess, is the case with “small things”. Therefore, we will start with her.

So, what do you need to do to see a sawn tree at your feet? There are several factors affecting proper cutting, of which the main ones can be distinguished:

  • felling technique;
  • the complexity of the work;
  • security.

These are the main three factors that affect the questions of how to cut a tree correctly, how to cut trees with a chainsaw. The felling technique depends on the complexity of the work. As already mentioned, one technique is used for thin barrels, another technique for thick ones.

Cutting trees of any complexity is a solvable matter, but not everyone can cope with it. Therefore, in this matter, along with other factors, experience is important. When the question arises of how to cut trees with a chainsaw correctly, there must be an answer to the question, is there any experience?

properly, tree, chainsaw

Ensuring safety is an important factor for a lumberjack in the question of how to cut a tree with a chainsaw. Before starting all work, you need to ensure safety in order to avoid injury and injury.

How to properly cut a tree with a chainsaw

Very often, when arranging a garden, building a house on your own or while caring for a park area, it becomes necessary to get rid of an old, ugly growing, or just an extra tree. Usually, it takes too long for the tree to succumb to the felling by itself, so people prefer to use technical tools for cutting work. In this article, we will study how to properly cut a tree, be it a strong, spreading or old tall plant.

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How to cut a tree with a chainsaw?

In this paragraph, we will list several rules and answer in detail the question of how to cut a tree correctly. Due to the fact that such a tool is affordable and widely used in the preparation of firewood and performing work in the garden, on the site and during construction, adjusting the design of the park, the chainsaw has become the most necessary item on the farm. To complete the assigned tasks, you will need the following inventory:

  • Garden saw or saw, chainsaw or saw: Any of the following items will work for cutting trees
  • Personal protective equipment: underwear, goggles or visor, leather gloves, hard hat, sturdy ankle boots
  • Rope with winch

Observe the following instructions:

  • When working with a chainsaw, first check its serviceability, it must contain the appropriate fuel, this is a mixture of gasoline with a specific oil. It is very important to keep the correct proportion of each substance. The chain also has a special reservoir where the chain oil is poured. This element of the tool must be taut, if you want to check it, you can put on a protective glove and scroll. The pulling force should be great at preventing scrolling, but at the same time, amenable to the process. Remember to check with the engine off. Also look into the tire, this hole should not be dusty.
  • Prepare the area around the tree considering its length, growth slope, and branch size. Apply the knowledge gained from the first list of rules for beginners. In this case, professional tree cutters can use a cable with a winch to create tension and correct the direction of the fall of the trunk. Thanks to the rotating handle in the winch, this can be done with ease.
  • Then start with the saw that it is working fine, the sound is smooth, the chain is tensioned correctly, watch it make the first cut. Do not continue working if the saw starts to brake and gets stuck in the trunk. The first cut is made horizontally, from the side of the expected fall of the tree. The size of the cut should be one third of the thickness of the entire trunk. The angle of the second cut to form the wedge is no more than 45 degrees.
  • Above the first cut, a second additional cut is made, the so-called horizontal felling cut. It should not come into contact with the wedge made in the trunk, it is best to form at least 5 cm between them. When tilting the tree and subsequent filling, stop sawing, push the trunk in the right direction and let it fall, moving a safe distance from the stump.

How to cut a tree correctly. practical advice

First, you need to clearly study the process of cutting trees, and then apply it in practice. Of course, the more experience you have, the better and faster all the work will happen.

For safety reasons, do not deviate from the work plan and follow the sequence of actions, do not rush.

  • Outline for yourself the approximate place where the felled tree will fall. This area is called dangerous. There should be no houses, no people or animals here. The area is expected to be twice as tall as the tree itself.
  • Once you have determined the direction you want the tree to fall, plan the side you will start sawing from, it may be better to start at the top, removing branchy branches and other parts. To orientate the fall, you can stretch a rope from the trunk to another object or plant. Sometimes you can ask a helper to pull the rope on their own while in a safe area.
  • Security starts with you. You must prepare your workwear in advance. A protective helmet is usually worn on the head, the shoes must be strong so that you stand firmly on your feet, it is advisable to purchase leather gloves on your hands so that the tool does not slip out of your hands.
  • Favorable weather conditions for tree cutting. it is the absence of any wind or rain.
  • If you are new to this business, then your cutting equipment is a bow saw or a special hacksaw for wood. Chainsaw is preferred only by professionals.
  • Then make a so-called notch by sawing out a piece in the form of a blade.
  • The final cut should be made on the other side of the first notch, leaving the fibers in the center.
  • If the tree does not fall immediately, step aside and ask a helper to pull on the rope.

Do not forget that not all seasons are suitable for cutting trees, you can find more about this here.

How to cut a large tree?

It is often required to find the answer how to cut down a tree, in this case the solution is very simple. It is necessary to correctly plan the course of actions during work and observe the proportionality of the cuts. In addition, tall plants often have to be worked in park areas. Therefore, another question arises, how to cut a tall tree? In these cases, you will be able to help rent an aerial platform for an hour from the company “Gorspetsremont”.

  • To cut a tall or large tree, you need to steer the bar at a 60-degree angle. This is done from the side on which the tree is planned to fall. The trunk is sawn to a quarter of the diameter.
  • The second slice is done below. A triangular layer is cut.
  • Then the transition to the other side is carried out and a small horizontal cut is made.
  • After the work done, a wedge is placed in the cut, an expander for the felling. Several blows to it with an ax or a sledgehammer and the tree should fall.

How to cut a large tree in pieces?

When cutting down a large tree in parts, it all starts with cutting off excess branches and crown of the tree. Their fall is insured. There should be no wires or areas with people, animals, houses in the environment.

Then, all of the above points of cutting large or tall trees are observed.

How to Fell a Tree with a Chainsaw

Always follow safety precautions, and then no trouble will happen.!