How to Properly Install a Chain on an Electric Saw

It is a common practice to change a saw chain when it is completely worn out and sharpening or repairing it is useless.

Going to the store for a new component, you need to arm yourself with the following recommendations:

  • When changing any part of an electric saw, it is desirable to buy a product of the same manufacturer as the tool itself. That ensures the best possible results.
  • It is important to consider the type of tasks to be performed. Chains with a pitch of 3/8 inch are designed for heavy loads. If the saw is rarely used, 0.325 inch will be enough.
  • Tooth rake angle is important: cutting big volumes of dry wood is best done with cutting edges that have a sharpening angle of 30 degrees. For wet or frozen material, a sharpening of 10 degrees is more appropriate. The same applies to longitudinal sawing. a small sharpening angle in such cases significantly reduces the degree of wear on the cutting attachment.
  • When selecting the length of the chain, you should be guided by the size of the bar.

How to tension a chain correctly on a chainsaw?

When buying a chainsaw be prepared to master not only the skill of sawing logs and chopping trees, but also the repairing of the tool. After studying the instructions, check the correctness of the work, in other words, test the tool. It is good if the work is straight and smooth, but it may be that the saw moves sideways, or it refuses to saw a log at all. The first thing the experienced specialists always pay attention to is the chain tension on the chainsaw.

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How to tension a chain on electric chainsaw. detailed algorithm

After choosing a sawing element for your tool, you’re probably wondering how to put the chain on your electric saw with your own hands. This is not really a big deal. All you need to do is carefully study the above algorithm and work accordingly.

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To install a chain on an electric saw, you need to proceed in this order:

  • You will first need to pull back the protective shield while lowering the brake lever;
  • Then use a screwdriver to turn the tensioner and unscrew the nut. This will loosen the tension of the old chain;
  • Remove the cover and separate the bar and chain from the sprocket;
  • Then remove the old chain and install a new saw element in its place;
  • Then place the bar on the electric saw, and adjust the chain tension with the screw. Try to tension the new chain gently, without jerking.

Some modern chain saws have special wing nuts for tensioning the chain quickly. To install a new chain on such an electric saw, you need to:

  • Lower the brake lever and unscrew the nut;
  • Remove the cover and push the bar back a little;
  • Remove the old chain and install a new saw element. In doing so, the new chain is mounted first on the dismantled sprocket and then along the entire length of the bar;
  • Put the sprocket back in its place and tighten the nut.

At the end, you just have to turn the idler wheel in the direction of the arrow on the body and tighten the thumbscrew all the way.

The Makita UC 3520A Electric Chainsaw Overview

I’m doing a review of my electric chainsawMacita UC 3520A. I partially disassemble the chain saw cover in the video,

The flap lever in front of the handle represents the chain brake. Man throws a punch, he rests his hand on the flap, the motor stops. This is a backstop.

The Makita electric chainsaw has a motor overheat lock, a power-on lock. A gradual increase in starting current allows you to gradually gain speed, extending the life of all components.

Experts advise against buying a saw if it is not locked. This is the first sign that the model is tampered with.

has shown that Makita saws are at the top of the Yandex Market, based on user surveys and product purchases.

How to correctly install the chain on a Makita electric saw

When carrying out an impressive amount of carpentry work, a reliable electric saw is essential, no matter where the wood is cut: in the house or outdoors. Quality and serviceability of the tool depends on the condition of its basic elements: chain and bar. Getting the chain right on the electric saw is a major challenge for the user and greatly facilitates subsequent operation. Practical hints can help even those who have never done this before.

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Chain tensioning

The chainsaw chain, together with the guide bar, is the part that is most stressed during cutting, unlike other chain saw parts. Over time, it lengthens in size due to the boring of the gaps in the connecting links. This process happens to all types of chainsaws, so you should periodically monitor the chain for proper tensioning and wear when operating a chainsaw.

If the chain is too tight, the cutting performance is reduced, the motor and transmission are exposed to increased loads. The guide bar gets very hot due to increased friction, the chainsaw mode of operation goes into overconsumption of fuel mixture.

How to sharpen the chain of an electric saw with your own hands?

Like any tool, an electric chainsaw can lose its life over time because working with wood dulls even the sharpest and most reliable materials. Depending on the degree of intensity, the time when you need to sharpen the chain of an electric saw with your own hands may be different. If you don’t sharpen the individual chain teeth in time, not only will they lose their original shape and become unusable, but you’ll need to replace the chain completely. As soon as you see signs of blunting, you need to take adequate measures. sharpen your electric saw chain.


Keep in mind that sharpening an electric saw chain should be done as carefully as possible, if you believe that a file and a couple of movements are enough to fix the cutting edge, they are not. You will need a set of at least four tools:

  • Caliber.
  • A flat file is used to change the depth stop parameters.
  • Circular file with reference lines.
  • Angle determination rim.

If you doubt how to sharpen the chain on your electric saw, leave it to professionals, but most users have no difficulty with this issue, because it is necessary to leave the chain on the bar, while the bar itself is fixed in a vice, for a reliable fixation and convenient access to the links. Note that the diameter of the file must match the teeth.

chain sharpening equipment

There are more efficient ways of sharpening a chainsaw chain with manual and electric machines. Power plants require access to a power source, but have a host of advantages, including:

  • Different chain options for electric chainsaws.
  • It is possible to adjust the depth and pitch of the cut.
  • Creation of a limiter is as accurate as possible.
  • It is possible to set the desired cutting angle.
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Required tools and equipment for tightening the chain on a chainsaw

In order to do the tensioning correctly, you will need to know some simple mechanisms and simple tools. With STIHL chain saws, tightening is easy with the integrated chain tensioner. This method is as simple as possible and is done very quickly. To tension or adjust the slack in the chain, the manufacturer recommends to do the following:

  • Using a wing nut, unscrew the sprocket cover;
  • by rotation of an adjusting wheel determine the necessary length of a chain, stretching it to the necessary degree;
  • the sprocket cover is closed again and the chain is firmly fixed to the bar.

If it is impossible to tension the chain of a chainsaw by the built-in mechanism, use such tools (by the example of an electric saw Sparky):

  • angle grinder with a disc for metal;
  • Hex. wrench, 5 mm diameter;
  • a piece of wire;
  • A wooden stick or sturdy chip;
  • flat screwdriver.

How To Put A Chain On A Chainsaw Properly

After the electric saw is de-energized unscrew the screws with an allen key, remove the housing cover, unscrew the tensioning screw with a screwdriver and remove the stem-nut. The side of the screw adjacent to the body of the saw is grinded with the disk. The saw is then reassembled in reverse order. A sawdust extractor is needed to clean sawdust from the body.

How to properly tighten the chain on a chainsaw:

The process of pulling the track on electric saws

Any chain on the appliance must necessarily be controlled. Tensioning is quite easy:

  • Examining the Fuel Crane. The system must be locked.
  • Removing the candle wires or opening the decompression bolt.
  • The fork of the saw is unplugged.
  • The row is turned according to its movement.

The bottom of the track is slack, so you can tell when the track is not properly tensioned. There should be a constant reserve at the top that occurs when the chainstay is tensioned. Tensioning too much causes the track to stop moving.

The chain must not be adjusted if it is in working order.

For convenience and safety of storage, electric saws are equipped with special covers.