How to properly start the Stihl trimmer

Tips for starting a saw MS 180 C

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This device, in comparison with the previous one, has some differences in the trigger mechanism. However, there will be no changes in the startup algorithm. The equipment described has a system that uses a spring in the saw starter to reduce the resistance of the motor.

Stihl 180 saw setting algorithm

If you are faced with the question of how to start a Stihl chainsaw, then this process can be considered using the model 180 as an example. In order to carry out work on a cold one, you must turn on the ignition and set the engine control lever to the lower position. In this case, the carburetor flap will block the air from the filter, and the throttle will be open, so the fuel mixture will be enriched.

The starter handle must be pulled several times until the first flash occurs. This will indicate that the mixture has entered the cylinder and the equipment is ready for institution. Before starting the Stihl chainsaw, you must set the control lever one position up. In this case, the air damper will open, while the throttle will remain in the same position.

The starter must be pulled and started. The tool will run at increased speed and the throttle valve will be open. To set the latter to idle, you must pull the gas trigger and release it. In this case, the tool should start working normally. On the described model of the chainsaw there are no additional devices that would make it easier to start.

Chainsaw MC 180 review

This model of equipment costs 11,490 rubles. It is a household tool that will help you cope with work at a summer cottage. With the help of the machine, you can get rid of unnecessary twigs and cut down small trees. The control is single-lever, and due to its low weight, it is very comfortable to work with the unit.

The consumer should be aware not only of how to start the Stihl ms 180 chainsaw, but also of the technical characteristics. Among others, the 35-cm tire should be distinguished, as well as the engine, the volume of which is 31.8 cm 3. The volume of the oil tank is 0.15 liters. The equipment weighs 3.9 kg. The power of the model is 2 liters. from. Fuel tank capacity is 0.25 l.

How to start a Stihl chainsaw: starting process and overview

All chainsaws from the manufacturer “Stihl” have two-stroke engines. Their cold start is carried out according to a similar algorithm. However, on sale you can find models on which there is additional equipment, with its help you can start the saw without much effort. For this reason, the starting method may differ.

Saw installation with decompression valve

Users sometimes ask how to launch if the instrument has a decompression valve. There is none on the 250. As soon as the first flash occurs, the valve will be in normal operation. The engine control lever will be set when the choke is open. Start-up will continue and the decompression valve must be pressed again. It does not make the launch quick, but it simplifies the process and makes it comfortable, because during the launch the operator will have to put less effort.

If you are not entirely sure that you know how to start a Stihl 180 chainsaw, then remember that equipment with a valve, regardless of whether it has a hot or cold engine, must be started using the valve. This will help ease the effort to crank the engine. So you can extend the life of the starter and reduce the number of torn laces, because these chainsaws have a larger cylinder volume and compression.

Stihl 250 chainsaw review

You can buy the 250 model at a price of 29,542 rubles. This equipment is a semi-professional model with a 40cm tire. Power is 3.1 liters. from. or 2.3 kW. Fuel tank capacity is 0.47 l.

Quite often, consumers before buying are wondering how to start a Stihl 250 chainsaw. This was discussed above. However, this information is not the only one that should be read before using the model. Among other features, it should be highlighted:

  • single-lever control;
  • the presence of a compensator;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • side chain tensioner.

By purchasing this model, you will be able to carry out its quick refueling. This feature is realized by the lid, which has a patented design. The operator, when working with the equipment, will have reliable hand protection. Consumers especially highlight the spike bumper, as well as the chain, which guarantees high-quality and fast cutting of wood.

Setting up the saw after winter

Before storing it, you should drain the fuel, and then start the engine and burn off the fuel that remains in the system. Preparation is necessary so that the membranes do not stick together during storage. This simple operation will allow you to start the saw after winter. If you still do not know how to properly start the Stihl 180 chainsaw, then you should know that it will be easier to do this if you add 2 ml of fuel mixture to the cylinder through the spark plug hole before starting. This can be done with a syringe.

We start Stihl MS 211 C-BE

The fuel supply system in the Stihl MS 211 C-BE chainsaw is additionally equipped with a manual fuel pump, which makes it easier to start the chainsaw on a cold.

The instruction for starting this model of the Stihl chainsaw contains one additional point, which is that before starting the chainsaw on a cold one, it is necessary to pump fuel into the carburetor using a pump. Further, the instruction does not differ from starting Stihl 180 and follows the same algorithm.

Tips for starting a saw MS 180 C

This device, in comparison with the previous one, has some differences in the trigger mechanism. But there will be no configurations in the start method. The described version of the equipment has a system that, using a spring in the saw starter, reduces the resistance of the motor.

All Stihl chainsaws are equipped with two-stroke engines, the cold start of which has a similar algorithm. But there are models on which additional equipment is installed that allows you to start the saw without excessive efforts. For this reason, the algorithm for starting them may differ slightly.

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Let’s take a look at how to start a regular saw and how the process differs from starting a modified model.

What happens when the primer is pumped up, and how it helps to start the saw more efficiently?

At the moment of starting the saw without a primer, several movements of the starter are carried out only so that the gas pump, under the action of an impulse from the saw crankcase, pumped fuel into the carburetor.

The pump installed in the fuel line allows in manual mode, without unnecessary movements with the starter, to pump gasoline into the carburetor. The effect of this action is obvious, the saw will start much faster.

Many owners of gasoline-powered tools mistakenly believe that a hand pump can overly pump fuel into the carburetor and, for this reason, will flood the candle. This is fundamentally wrong, since the system is capable of circulating around. Excess gasoline from the carburetor will be directed, through a dedicated hose, back to the tank.

There is no need to use a primer on a hot chainsaw, since there is enough fuel in the carburetor to start.

Malfunctions of the Stihl MC 180 chainsaw and their elimination

The Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is in operation. How to start the Stihl 180 chainsaw correctly. A problem later. Before conservation for the winter, on the advice of mechanics, I dripped 4 drops of engine oil (Stihl) into the hole of the spark plug. twirled the candle. At the moment I was going to go to the dacha, I decided to take a look at the saw. How to start a chainsaw in the most that after a long downtime of the saw, start it with. I pulled the starter, but it does not turn! I turned out the candle, it was in oil, I wiped it back. same. He turned it out, turned the starter without a candle. everything is completely spinning. Spinned back. the starter does not turn. What could be?

Rinse the saw with clean, undiluted gasoline, pour directly through the plug hole and slowly turn the starter. Later, drain the fuel and use the newest. After all these manipulations, dry the saw and the candle and only then try to start it. Once you have learned to preserve, then learn and re-preserve, and not just pulled and drove.

Tell me, what is the reason for the starter to jam? Stihl 180 chain saw brand new.

You will not make out you will not know. Maybe the starting cord does not fit well, or maybe somewhere the ebb tide interferes. Shtilev starters are quite reliable and durable. No diseases of a constructive plan are observed, in the main either mud or saturated operation. Once the chainsaw is brand new, bring it to the service under warranty will be repaired.

I saw one peculiarity at my own Stihl MS 180 chainsaw: when the gasoline in the tank runs out, the idle speed increases and the chain starts spinning even when the trigger is released. When you press the gas, the chainsaw stalls. This continues for a couple of 10 seconds, later the chain saw stops. On automobiles, I did not observe such a phenomenon, so that when there was a shortage of fuel in the carburetor, the engine speed would increase. Why is this happening?

Stihl FS 85 weedeater startup

This is a common occurrence for two-stroke engines. With a decrease in the supply of gasoline to the carburetor, a lean consistency occurs. Consequently. increase in revs, deterioration of acceleration. This is accompanied by short-term overheating of the CPG. The engine will not disable it, but it will not add health. Avoid running out of fuel from the tank to the end.

There is a Stihl MS180 chainsaw, it is used in the summer season for the preparation of firewood. In the near future, the reaction of the chain began to disappear when the gas was pressed, the chain does not turn at all, or in jerks. to cut is unrealistic. How to start a husqvarna chainsaw. What could be the breakdown?

For a completely new chain and sprocket, the tension should be exactly according to the annotation. so that the lower branch does not sag. and the upper fingers could be removed to the height of the driving link. Then the chain will move fairly freely on the bus. But, the gradual wear of the teeth of the sprocket decreases its pitch. And the gradual stretching of the chain increases its step. and the time comes when the steps of the same sprockets and chains no longer coincide to such an extent that the recommended tension already causes a difficult movement of the chain. In this case, we recommend reducing the tension a little. Right before the appearance of a certain sag of the lower branch. By the way, for the same reason, it is recommended to use a pair or even three chains on one sprocket. In this case, the wear is moderate and there will be no accelerated wear of the newest chain on an old, partly worn out sprocket.

Chainsaw Stihl 180 after starting, when you press the gas, “bungs” and if you start sawing, it stalls. But if you torment with gas for 30-40 seconds, it starts working normally. produced 3 liters of gasoline, the filter is spotless, the oil from the dealer.

If it started not so long ago, then, most likely, something got into the carburetor with bad fuel. Needs to be cleaned.

I would like to purchase this unit. What you need to pay attention to when examining?

Not to mention the engine itself, since it is better to diagnose it in the service, you can look at the rest and get a lot of information. Significant mileage will be evidenced by: Dangling latch of the top cover. (Should lock tightly and not rotate from vibration). A brand new sprocket on a battered chainsaw. When the cover is removed, the movement of the motor relative to the body. Sheared chain catcher and chain damage on the sprocket cover. You can also take a close look at the carburetor from the left side along the way. where the wire rod enters the choke axle arm. With a slightly worked chain saw, it will be flat, oblong. The longer the saw has worked, the more this hole will be worked out. From time to time it is rubbed through. Under no circumstances should you take a saw that has at least a small free play of the right end of the crankshaft relative to the motor. This is a sign of imminent renovation.

How many seconds should the Stihl chainsaw engine run at idle speed 180 ms before turning it off?

Let it work for about 20-30 seconds and then muffle. Their cold start is a review of the chainsaw ms 180. How to start a chainsaw «Stihl ms 180.. there is no point.

The idle speed began to disappear, at first I did not understand what was the matter, and later I remembered that it was necessary to add a lot of idle speed, I added it on a hot engine, it seemed to work out. I come to the dacha in a week, I need to cut a couple of logs, start a saw and at first on a cool motor the chain spins later, everything goes away, I stood for about 10 minutes I start everything normally only on a cool motor. This is normal?

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If the chain turns, it means that the speed is too high. It should be understood that a normally adjusted and serviceable motor is completely likely to have a slightly overestimated idle speed immediately after starting before warming up. And he can be promoted decently. before the chain rotates. With the engine warming up, the idle speed is gradually lowered. For this reason, it is recommended to adjust the idle speed only when the engine is warm.

Is it possible to put a clutch drum with a removable ring on the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw (“modernization” of the drum is allowed), for example, from the 250th.

How to start a chainsaws with a decompression valve

Before starting a Stihl chainsaw on which a decompression valve is installed, you must turn it on. It should be noted that there is no decompression valve on the Stihl 250 saw.

After the first flash has passed, the valve will be set to normal operation, respectively, after the engine control lever is set to the open air damper position and starting continues, the decompression valve must be pressed again.

The valve operation is schematically shown in the figure below.

In fact, the valve does not make starting faster, it just simplifies the process and makes it more comfortable, because for during launch, a person will have to apply significantly less effort.

A saw with a decompression valve, whether the engine is cold or hot, must be started using the valve to relieve the cranking force of the engine. This will significantly increase the service life of the starter and reduce the number of torn laces, since it is installed on chainsaws with a large cylinder volume and, accordingly, compression.

Can. Everything fits perfectly. Just do not run over to, 325 “. It’s hard for the motor. But you should mean a couple of aspects. How to start a husqvarna chainsaw. Nevsky method. On such a set (with a removable), the sprocket is a little larger in diameter and one tooth more. The speed of the chain will increase in proportion 6: 7, accordingly, the load on the engine will also increase. But practice has shown that this is not critical with normally sharpened chains. And the second, a completely new chain of 50 links on such an asterisk is difficult to put on. (In general, 51 links are recommended, but they occasionally happen). The first time you have to suffer so that she stood on the sprocket and the tire. And later, when it stretches a little, everything will be fine to dress.

I bought a Stihl 180 chainsaw. I filled in oil, benzyl. Started up and gave it to work without load at idle speed. Burned a tank of gasoline, at times pressed the gas a little. For some reason, the oil for lubricating the chain did not arrive, the oil hole remained dry. Or it will begin to flow when the revolutions are higher and the chain spins longer?

We start Stihl 180

In order to start a Stihl 180 chainsaw on a cold one, you must follow the algorithm specified by the manufacturer in the instructions for the Stihl 180 chainsaw, namely:

  • Turn on the ignition and set the engine control lever to the lowest position (in this position, the air damper of the Stihl 180 carburetor blocks the air from the air filter, and the throttle valve is fully open, thus the fuel mixture is enriched);
  • Pull the starter handle several times until the first flash passes (the flash signals that the fuel mixture has entered the cylinder and the saw is ready to start);
  • Set the control lever one position up from fully lowered (in this position, the air damper opens, and the throttle remains in the same position as before);
  • Pull starter and start. The saw will start and run at higher revs because the throttle valve is open as much as possible. To set the damper to idle, you must press the gas trigger and immediately release, the tool immediately normalizes the speed.

The Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, as standard, does not have any additional devices that can facilitate starting.

Below you can see how to start a Stihl 180. The video reflects in detail all the main points, and the author’s comments allow you to understand the whole process to the smallest detail.

Features of the STIHL FS 38 lawn mower:

The STIHL FS 38 lawn mower is equipped with two handles, one is integrated into the body of the unit and it contains the controls. the ignition on / off button and the gas trigger, and the other, height-adjustable circular handle, is mounted on a curved bar. The compact circular handle and curved shaft provide the user with maneuverability when working. The STIH FS 38 lawn mowers do not have a gearbox, as a result of which this model is more budgetary. The STIHL FS 38 lawn mower is equipped with a comfortable mowing head as standard. To thread the line, you do not need to remove and disassemble the mowing head. The STIHL FS 38 lawnmower can be retrofitted with a mowing head with polymer blades for faster work with tough grass, as well as a reinforced DuroCut mowing head. Safety glasses are included with this lawn mower.


»How to charge correctly

How to choose the right mower for you

Amateur lawn mowers STIHL FS 38 and STIHL FS 55.

The STIHL FS 38 and STIHL FS 55 hobby lawn mowers are designed for the maintenance of small garden areas for private users. Such lawn mowers become indispensable helpers if you need to tidy up an area where it is impossible to use a wheeled lawn mower, for example, places under trees and bushes, near flower beds and fences.

STIHL lawn mowers FS 38 and FS 55 offer the same benefits as all STIHL lawn mowers.
They are covered in the video Features and benefits of all STIHL lawn mowers.

Trimmer petrol / lawnmower Stihl FS 55. Technical description of the model

  • Total weight 5 kg.
  • Power 1.1 HP.
  • Straight boom design.
  • T-shaped handle design.
  • Cutting tools fishing line, metal disc.
  • Maximum permissible cutting area up to 1000 m2.

How to replace the line on a Stihl lawn mower

About a year ago, the author of these lines bought a STIHL lawn mower (Stihl, as they say in common people) FS 38.

The line that was in the grass trimmer when buying was enough for about a year, the last remnants were torn out when a dry branch of a tree was not noticed in the grass. This is not the point.

A replacement line was also purchased, along with a lawn mower (trimmer). But when the question arose how to replace it, it caused difficulties. Internet searches for how to replace stihl line; did not lead to an instant result. Or rather, the author of these lines came across a question about replacing a fishing line, asked by a user to a specialist and the answer: this is impossible to explain, contact the dealer, he will show .

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Well, I went to the dealer, the dealer showed it, and he (the author of this recording), having arrived home, pulled out the line and put it back in front of the camera. So that you yourself, if you need to remember, and show others. For those who are worried about the beauty of their home or garden.

So see How to replace the line on a Stihl lawn mower.

New video

Old video (not necessary to watch, unless out of curiosity)

fine. Thank you so much.

Irina, I’m glad it helped. Success!

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Fills the spark plug

In this case, the spark is not able to ignite the fuel, which enters the furnace in large quantities to burn the combustible mixture. If it floods a candle, then the carburetor is faulty or a cold engine does not start correctly. The engine is purged, the procedure is performed with the ignition off and away from an open flame. To ensure that the fuel ignites at the time of start-up, the mechanism is cleaned:

  • unscrew the candle, wipe it dry, dry it for half an hour;
  • a large layer of carbon is removed with a file;
  • adjust the gap between the contacts;
  • the tool is turned upside down and the gasoline is drained;
  • in this position, pull the starter several times (to remove fuel residues);
  • reassemble in reverse order.

What to do

The power tool is operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Only after checking the chain tension does the unit start. At the same time, the filling of the tanks with a combustible mixture and oil is controlled, the device is securely fixed in the hands. If, when all the rules are followed, the mechanism refuses to work, then the Stihl chainsaw is repaired.

When you hit the gas

Sawing units are idling, but the saw stalls when the gas is pressed, as the load increases. Before use, the tool is warmed up by running the engine at idle for a minute. If this is neglected, the motor will stop after pressing the pedal. Other reasons could be:

  • clogged or unregulated combustible fuel mixing unit;
  • a clogged air filter does not provide the required air flow when the load increases;
  • a dirty gasoline filter does not pass the required amount of the mixture;
  • rubs the wall of the cylinder and piston.

Low octane number of fuel causes brakes, since this circumstance does not allow the engine to reach the required power when the load is increased.

Ignition coil defective

The module or coil cannot be disassembled and its suitability is difficult to determine without testing devices. Modern ignition systems are durable, lightweight and small in size. They are characterized by nearly fail-safe functionality. Problems with chainsaw malfunction due to the ignition coil can be eliminated by yourself.

The outlet wires are tested for damage (including internal ones) that arise from vibration, leading to friction. If no cracks are found, then replacement of the ignition coil is required. Sometimes a weak, subtle flash when the saw heats up indicates a malfunction of the module. This is due to an increase in the coil temperature, which leads to an increase in the resistance of the transistor.

The peculiarity is that at the beginning of work, a spark may appear, but after prolonged use it becomes dull and disappears. Modern ignition coils in a home workshop are not repaired, therefore they are replaced with suitable elements.

Ignition setting

Gasoline engines are equipped with an ignition system that ignites the fuel. The timing of the flash will affect the performance of the motor. In mass production at the factory, the ignition of the chainsaw is not adjusted. Marks are placed on the corresponding rotating elements, which are aligned during adjustment. Incorrect adjustment leads to the fact that the mechanism starts and stalls.

Before adjusting, check the dryness of the spark plug and the performance of the ignition circuit. The voltage supply cable to the candle is brought to the cylinder with a small gap and the starter is started. If there is no flash, test the cable with a probe. Then check the serviceability of the wire to the disconnecting button.

If the cables are intact, then check the ignition coil. This is done with a special tester to ring the device. In this case, the indicators on the device must coincide with the technical characteristics of the coil, which are prescribed in the instructions for use. If inconsistencies are found, then the ignition unit changes to a workable device.

The video shows how to quickly set the gap between the ignition coil and the magnet using a piece of plastic cut from a bottle as a probe. You can also use a four-fold A4 sheet or a piece of cardboard from a cigarette pack.

The coil can be damaged by vibration if dropped or bumped, so work with caution.

Idle speed adjustment

Before commissioning, the tool is maintained. In order for the idle speed adjustment to be effective, prevention is done:

  • cleaning the carburetor;
  • flushing the engine;
  • cleaning the air filter;
  • warming up the engine.

To adjust the operation of the mechanism at idle speed, an appropriate adjusting screw is used. Its rotation depends on the required setting:

  • With standard adjustment, the screw is turned against the clock hand to the point where it will turn tightly. After that, make 2 circles in the direction of the arrow.
  • If the saw is running at low speed, turn the screw clockwise until the chain starts moving. Then make half a circle in the opposite direction.
  • At high frequency, the regulator is turned against the clock hand until the circuit stops. After that, the rotation is continued for another half turn in the same direction.

It will not work to adjust idle operation if there is air suction into the engine through a gasket, acceleration pump, oil seals, or for another reason.

At full speed

Sometimes the engine will stall after normal operation. To establish the cause, pay attention to the accompanying circumstances:

  • The motor stalls in the middle of operation for no apparent reason. The starter is stationary and does not turn. It means that the tool is jammed and requires urgent repair.
  • During normal operation, the power is reduced in a short time and the engine stops, the cylinders are overheated. The situation indicates the occurrence of air suction under the rubber pipe between the carburetor cylinder, possibly due to a rupture. Air depletes fuel, nozzle replacement required.