How to put a belt on a lawn mower

How to replace the belt on the Indesit washing machine

The user will understand that the drive belt is out of order by certain signs: the appearance of an error code on the display, extraneous noise emitted by the machine, etc. To eliminate this kind of malfunction, it is not at all necessary to contact the service center, you can replace the belt on the Indesit washing machine yourself. We will figure out how to diagnose this breakdown, by what signs to do it and how to repair the washing machine with our own hands.

We localize the breakdown

There are a lot of signs indicating that the drive element of the automatic machine has failed. Firstly, this is the error code displayed by the unit, which is shown on the electronic display, and if it is absent, it is highlighted by certain indicators.

The next clear sign indicating a breakdown of this kind will be a drum that does not rotate during the washing process, or a situation when its rotation is very slow and is accompanied by scratching sounds.

Important! This breakdown is quite serious, since at the time of a belt break, power wires may be broken or any sensors may be damaged.

Why does the belt of the Indesit washing machine break? There can be quite a few reasons.

  • Drum pulley defective. This is caused by incorrect loading of laundry, exceeding the permissible weight of things placed in the machine, the occurrence of an imbalance, etc. Under the influence of these factors, the belt can come off, break, loosen.
  • Natural wear and tear. Any thing can wear out over time, and, often, only a few parts function properly throughout the entire service life. Premature wear of the drive belt can be caused by the daily operation of the machine, as well as by its design (in narrow SMA, the belt wears out faster than in standard models).
  • Incorrect loading of laundry. Exceeding the weight of the loaded laundry allowed by the manufacturer leads to an imbalance in the drum. things shift to one side. During the spinning process, which occurs at high speeds, the drum can accidentally hit the tank, this will lead to the drive belt slipping off.
  • Defective bearings required for uniform, correct rotation of the drum. Bearing problems will lead to increased vibration of the pulley, which can cause the drive element to tear or fly off.
  • Very rare use of the washing machine. It would seem that the less you use the machine, the more integral it will be. This is not entirely true. As for the belt, with occasional use, sections of it shrink. In subsequent wash cycles, they are erased, this entails stretching and breaking of the drive element.

If the root cause of the breakdown still cannot be prevented, the problem should be eliminated as soon as possible. Let’s talk how to replace the drive element in Indesit washing machines.

Acquiring the “correct” belt

  • MEGADYNE EL 1187 H7;
  • MEGADYNE EL 1195 H7;
  • CONTITECH EL 1195 H7 etc.

When choosing a replacement part, be sure to study the length and type of belt. In Indesit machines there are two types of drive elements: wedge and semi-wedge. The first option is found in washing machines equipped with an asynchronous motor, the cross-section of the V-belt is similar to a triangle or a trapezoid. A distinctive feature of this type of product is a strong tension and a small deflection in the center.

Semi-V-belts are used in machines with collector motors. The element is presented in the form of a small number of serrated wedges. Unlike the V-belt, it should be tightened a little lighter. Please note, nevertheless, in some narrow models, the half-V-belt must be tightened very tightly.

Work instructions

To put on a drive belt that just fell off, or put a new one instead of a torn one, you need to carry out a simple algorithm of actions. Step-by-step instructions for performing the work will be as follows.

  • Disconnect the clipper from the power supply.
  • Close the valve that regulates the water intake into the tank.
  • Drain off the remaining water, for this take a container of suitable volume, unscrew the intake hose from the body, pour the liquid from it into the prepared container.
  • Remove the back cover of the washer body by unscrewing the fastening bolts located around its perimeter.
  • Inspect the drive belt, wires and sensors located next to it for any damage.
When the reason for the failure of the automatic machine is determined, proceed to its elimination. If the belt is intact and just fell off, pull it back. If it is torn, install a new one.

Put the belt in place in this way: carefully pull the element onto the motor shaft, then onto the drum pulley. When carrying out these manipulations, it is necessary to tighten the belt with one hand, and slightly turn the pulley with the other. Please note that the drive belt must be located directly in the special groove.

After the defective part has been replaced, it is necessary to screw in place the rear cover of the unit housing. Do not forget to fix it with the bolts you removed at the beginning of the work. Next, the washing machine is connected to utilities and included in the network.

You can fix a breakdown caused by a belt malfunction on an Indesit machine with your own hands, without asking for help from a repairman. Note, however, that there are very tight drive elements and may require the help of a family member to tighten them.

We wear belts correctly and beautifully

Many people wonder how to wear a belt correctly in order to comply with the rules of fashion and good manners. To make a belt matched to the dress an ideal accessory, fashion designers are advised to follow several rules.

  • Women’s and men’s belts made of genuine leather for trousers are externally similar. The difference is on which side the belt is worn. In the women’s version, the free end of the strap points to the left, leaving the buckle on the right.
  • When choosing a suitable belt width, it should be borne in mind that a wide belt visually shortens the figure, and a thin one visually enlarges the legs. The lower the height, the narrower the belt should be worn. The most neutral width is five to ten centimeters.
  • The belt, worn just below the waist, lengthens the legs as much as possible. To keep it in place, it is better to secure it by threading it into the belt loops.
  • The belt should not be tightened too tight, it should only fit the waist. Otherwise, the folds from under the tight belt will add a few unnecessary kilograms to the owner’s appearance.
  • The dimensions of the belt must be chosen so that the free end does not dangle. For a long thin belt, a creative solution is possible: beautifully twist and tie an extra part with a bow.

Experiments with belts are not to be feared. It is the belt that can make a woman’s outfit individual: from emphatically business-like to extravagant.

Fashion trends of women’s belts of 2018

For any woman who is interested in fashion and wants to look spectacular, a belt is needed, with the help of which her unique image will look complete. Therefore, it is important for every fashionista to know how to wear belts stylishly for women.

But sometimes it is quite difficult to choose this accessory, because it is necessary that both the width and the color, and even the buckle ideally fit the chosen outfit. Let’s look at which women’s belts are in fashion in 2018:

  • to match the clothes;
  • velvet;
  • medium thickness;
  • thin.

Fashionable women’s belts in 2018 should match the chosen outfit in some way. For example, in color or shade. Of course, if the color of the accessory does not match the color of the jeans, then this is not critical, but if you take a dress, then it is best that this accessory matches the dress.

Most velvet fashion belts 2018 fit the dress. At the same time, the dress does not have to be velvet, it is even better if it is made of a different material. But for velvet dresses it is best to choose a non-velvet belt.

Also among the trend for women’s belts 2018 are medium thick belts that are best worn with jeans, shorts or a skirt. It is important that this accessory be monochromatic and without any rhinestones or sparkles, because it has long been out of fashion.

How to replace a belt on a electric Qualcast lawn mower

But the most stylish belts for women of 2018 are the thin belts. In fact, you can wear them with anything. They are especially suitable for trousers, dresses and coats. All colors are welcome except very bright.
Well, now you know which women’s belts are in fashion and how to wear them in 2018, let’s move on.!

Fashion belts 2018

True trendsetters and fashion lovers believe that belts should never be ignored. Such an accessory can significantly transform any outfit, add zest to it.

The main trend of fashionable belts is, perhaps, that they should not look somehow gaudy, lurid or too bright. That is, the belt should fully match the image, complement it, but not look superfluous.

Many fashion brands offer their own belts. All brands are countless, but some are still worth highlighting. For example, belts of the Hermes brand can be of different colors and shades: beige, navy blue, lilac, peach, pink, green, etc., and the buckle is made in the shape of “H”. Belts of this brand are available for both women and men.

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Belts from Nina Ricci are suitable for the most feminine and elegant ladies. They are slim, graceful, suitable for thin waists. Gucci belts are also popular. Thanks to the double G buckle, this brand’s belt can be easily distinguished from other brands.

In addition, you should pay attention to other brands of fashionable belts of 2018 for men and women. For example, you should pay attention to belts from Balenciaga, Chanel, Elie Saab, Max Mara, Christian Dior, Michael Kors and others.

How to put on a belt


How to put on a belt to look fashionable and stylish, with what outfits to combine it and how to emphasize the dignity of the figure with it, many ask these questions, and this is a topic that we will consider today in our article.

Nowadays, a belt is not just a means of keeping trousers or skirts in their rightful places, it is an attractive accessory that emphasizes your uniqueness and style. Read more: How to put a harness on a cat.

There are many options for how to wear a belt and also its different styles, ranging from romantic ties on bows to belts made of rough leather with metal rivets.

How fashionable to wear women’s belts in 2018

As mentioned above, it is impossible for this accessory to seem superfluous in the image. Therefore, it should be worn either at the waist or at the hips.

It should accentuate your figure and be a good addition to your outfit. If the outfit is very good without a belt, then most likely you should not wear it.

Fashion trends for men’s belts 2018

Men should pay attention to their appearance sometimes no less than women. But men often wear it not as an accessory, but for a purely practical purpose. it’s more comfortable this way.

Nevertheless, every fashionable man should know how fashionable it is to wear men’s belts. It is best for men to wear this accessory with trousers or jeans. The main trend among fashionable men’s belts 2018 is braided or plain leather belts.

Both natural and artificial materials are in fashion. They can be of different colors: classic black, brown, beige, dark blue, dark green, white and others.

Fashion belts 2018

Belts have not lost their relevance for a very long time and have been considered a stylish accessory for a long time. The difference between a belt and a belt is that this accessory is usually made of a softer material than a belt, and, moreover, there is usually no buckle on the belt. First, let’s take a look at which belts are fashionable in 2018.

Fashionable types of belts in 2018 are:

  • with a metallic effect;
  • to match the clothes;
  • soft long belts;
  • broad.

Metallic belts can be of both silver and gold shades, but in 2018 it is silver belts of this type that are in trend. Such an accessory can be used to decorate an evening outfit and to be worn as a daily accessory. Metallic belt will go well with dresses and skirts.

Among the fashionable types of belts 2018 for women, it is also worth highlighting belts to match the clothes. If you think that due to the fact that the color of the belt matches the color of the clothes, the accessory will be lost, then this is not so. On the contrary, if it matches, for example, the color of the dress, your image will look more original.

Soft long belts are also popular now. For an evening out or a special occasion, this will be the perfect option for your elegant look! Such belts can be worn in different ways: you can tie it in a bow, or leave the ends free to hang.

The new trend of fashionable belts in 2018 is wide belts. They focus on the woman’s waist and emphasize it well. You should also pay attention to the wide belt in the form of a corset. Read more: What clothes to wear, with a photo.

If you think that your waist is not perfect, then such a wide corset-shaped belt will definitely help you out. Quite different colors are welcome, but especially beige, brown, red and all shades of pastel colors.

Women’s belts are best worn with dresses, skirts and sometimes coats. Such an accessory is able to significantly diversify any image, add zest to it. Therefore, many designers have added belts to their new collections and strongly recommend wearing them.

Replacement algorithm (general recommendation)

Any replacement of an automobile assembly, and indeed work with a machine, requires the preparation of tools. In this case, we need a set of standard motorist keys, a special tool for adjusting the tension roller, screwdrivers and new parts.

Then we act like this.

  • We find the timing belt. He’s near the engine, on the side.
  • Disconnect the mass from the battery.
  • We unscrew the upper fixing bolt of the generator, and then move the generator towards the power plant.
  • We put the gearbox lever at the highest speed, and begin to turn the crankshaft flywheel. Gear risks should match the pointer on the clutch fuselage or the bar on the motor.
  • Weaken the tension roller.
  • We take out the belt, fixing the risks of the crankshaft from turning (you can insert a screwdriver between the teeth).

In the process of changing the belt, it is advisable to install a new roller as well. If the crankshaft pulley lacks teeth, the wheel must also be replaced with a new one.

Now we put on a new belt.

  • We unfold the new rubber part with the outside towards us.
  • We cling it first to the lower pulley.
  • Holding the tension so that the belt does not come off, you need to hook it to the upper wheel and to the pulley from the water pump.
  • Tighten the video well.

Now all that remains is to check the tension. It is considered that the maximum angle of rotation of the belt should not exceed ninety degrees.

Algorithm for replacing the domestic “top ten” (8 valves)

Below is the detailed replacement instructions.

  • The battery is de-energized without fail.
  • Cover bolts are removed.
  • The right wheel of “tens” is removed.
  • The mudguard and protection are dismantled.
  • Now you should grab the flywheel of the generator and turn it clockwise until the marks on the cover and pulley match.
  • You should also remove the protective plug from the checkpoint in order to diagnose the coincidence of the control risks.
  • The flywheel is locked with a pry bar.
  • Removable by unscrewing the generator wheel.
  • You should now find the nut that fixes the tension roller, and then remove it.
  • The belt is loose and can be removed.

Note. At this stage of work, it is recommended to take a rag, moisten it with a degreaser, and then go through all the parts. Thus, the liberated areas should be cleaned of dirt and traces of oil after removing the belt and roller. At the final stage, it is necessary to go through the processed parts with a dry cloth.

  • The roller is new and the belt is installed according to the marked marks.

Attention. It happens that there are no marks on the belt. As a rule, this is additional evidence of a non-original part. If such a belt is available, it will have to be installed so that the inscription is normally read from left to right.

  • The belt is fixed by tensioning the roller.
  • At this stage, the coincidence of the marks is diagnosed, as well as the level of tension.

Note. It is recommended to check the tension level for a cold one. In other words, the car should not run for at least 3 hours, and the temperature in the garage should not exceed 15 degrees Celsius.

  • After that, the correctness of the labels is also diagnosed on the operating power unit “tens”.
  • The protection is put into place only after making sure that a normal sound is coming from a working belt, nothing and no noise anywhere.

Video on how to change the belt

How to put the timing belt correctly

The rubber element of the gas distribution mechanism performs an essential function, synchronizing the operation of both shafts of an automobile engine. Periodic diagnostics of the timing belt and its timely replacement are the key to the normal functioning of the motor. Find out how you can put on a belt with your own hands, thereby saving a decent amount of money.

In fact, every car owner is capable of replacing this unit if he has at least some knowledge in the field of repair.

The frequency of belt replacement depends on the specific vehicle manufacturer. For example, domestic manufacturers of VAZ recommend in the manual to change the belt every 60 thousand kilometers. Some exceptions apply to 1.5-liter powertrains. They are endowed with pistons, on which zinc are made, which significantly increases engine protection in the event of a belt break. On other versions, if the belt breaks, an obligatory and immediate replacement is required. Otherwise, this is already a direct road to overhaul.

Algorithm for replacing the “top ten” (16 valves)

Many experts and experienced motorists believe that it is better not to take on a 16-valve engine for a person who is little knowledgeable in repairs. 8-valve, that yes, the timing belt can be removed and installed easily, but on the 16-valve it is much more difficult to manipulate.

Nevertheless, if there is a great desire, you can get down to business. So, you need to arm yourself with the same tools as always.

  • The protective cover locks are turned out (there are also 6 of them), the casing is removed.
  • Dismantle the crankshaft regulator (sensor).
  • The piston of the 1st cylinder is installed at the dead center.

Note. You need to navigate by the missing tooth on the pulley. It is designed just for determining TDC.

  • Next, you need to lock the flywheel, unscrew it and remove.

The subsequent steps are the same as for removing the belt on an 8-valve engine.


You should know that the belt is a rubber-metal part with teeth. On some car models, there is just a metal chain. The task of the belt is to synchronize the operation of the shafts, in other words, to regulate the fuel intake and exhaust gas exhaust. Without a normally installed belt, the timing mechanism will not be able to cope with this matter.

It was written above that the belt should be checked regularly in order to detect signs of wear in time. To correctly diagnose the condition of the part, it is recommended to do the following.

  • On many vehicles, the belt is protected by a special cover. It has a cover that must be removed.
  • It is also recommended to remove the alternator belt so that it does not interfere with.
  • The front protective cover is fixed with six screws. They must be turned out, and then the cover must be removed.
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Thus, we get access to the belt. It should not show cuts or bulges, and there should be no traces of delamination or torn threads. The belt is carefully checked for cracks, severe abrasions and oil stains. If any of this is present on the belt, it should be replaced immediately.

In conclusion, we will say that before replacing the belt, you need to try to make the most correct choice. In the modern market, there are a lot of parts that are not original production or are simply fakes. Probably not worth mentioning the shortcomings of a timing belt of poor quality, they are already known. Further operation of such a belt will only be an extra reason for stress.

When to change the alternator belt?

The frequency of replacing the generator drive belt is indicated in the vehicle’s service manual. Please be aware that the period for one machine supplied to different markets may differ. This is due to different climatic conditions and dustiness of the air, which additionally destroy the material of the product.

For example, Volvo recommends making an initial replacement after 80 thousand kilometers, and each subsequent change is performed after 60 thousand kilometers. At the same time, on a car from the European market, the belt changes every 180 thousand km. On VAZ cars, the product rarely serves more than 30 thousand km of run.

A typical sign of a stretched belt is the whistle that occurs when the engine is started or after driving through a puddle. The source of the sound is the strap material slipping over the surface of the pulley. Usually, the whistle quickly disappears and appears again when the engine is started or after another puddle. In this case, the owner needs to check the belt tension and try to bring it to standard.

Worn belt (right)

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

An example of replacing a belt on a Volkswagen Polo Sedan engine equipped with an automatic tensioner:

belt, lawn, mower
  • Loosen the belt tension by loosening the tension roller fixing bolt. Nut size 16 mm.
  • Turn the roller mounting bracket counterclockwise. The turn is made with force because the tension spring is compressed.
  • Carefully remove the belt from the crankshaft pulleys and drive units.
  • Dismantle the roller with a 16 mm head inserted into the recess under the generator. If the tension roller does not change, then it is fixed in the wringing position using a metal rod inserted into the housing hole.
  • Put the belt on the pulleys, then carefully release the tension roller. The tensioner automatically adjusts the tension level of the product.

What you need to replace?

Before changing the alternator belt, you will need to prepare a set of tools and materials (the maximum list is given):

  • wrenches and heads;
  • new belt and tensioner pulley;
  • rod for fixing the roller;
  • mounting paddle for belt removal;
  • knife;
  • protective gloves;
  • a sheet of paper and a pencil for drawing the installation diagram.

A new non-original drive belt can be several millimeters longer than the original product. The difference in length will be compensated by the tensioner.

Drive Belt Replacement Instructions

Replacing the alternator drive belt does not cause problems for most motorists. After removing the worn strap, it is recommended to inspect the wear pattern. If it has damage to the edges and the contact part, then this may indicate a misalignment of the pulleys. In this case, you need to find the damaged element and replace it. Installing a new belt on a damaged pulley is pointless, as the rubber will quickly wear out on the sharp edges. When changing the strap, follow the sequence of steps recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

When replacing the alternator drive belt, it may be necessary to install a new idler pulley and associated fasteners. Information on the list of parts to be replaced can be obtained in the instructions for repair and operation of the car.


Installing a belt on engines with two or three pulleys is straightforward. The situation changes when the belt is installed on a motor equipped with a large number of pulleys. In this case, it is recommended to draw a diagram of the installation of the product. Such an event will speed up the installation process and avoid mistakes.

An example of a belt pad on a Chevrolet Cobalt

  • 1. crankshaft pulley;
  • 2. alternator pulley;
  • 3. guide roller;
  • 4. air conditioner compressor clutch;
  • 5. a pump pulley and an additional booster pump drive pulley;
  • 6. belt;
  • 7. tension roller.

Detailed instructions on how to properly change the alternator belt

The car engine is equipped with attachments (generator, air conditioning compressor) driven by a poly V-belt. Over time, the product wears out and cracks, which can lead to rupture. The need to change the alternator belt on your own may arise if the trouble happened on the road and away from the service.

belt, lawn, mower

Algorithm of actions

The procedure differs depending on the engine design and the number of attachments. Below are step-by-step instructions for replacing belts on common vehicles. On other vehicles, the operation takes place using a similar technology.

Rules for wearing a women’s belt (with photo)

It is a stylish accessory that completes the image, makes the ensemble more effective and emphasizes the feminine curves of its owner. Women’s outfit, elegantly intercepted at the waist with a beautiful belt, looks austere and stylish. Belts are indispensable when wearing trousers and jeans with a low line. they do not allow them to slip when walking. How women wear a belt, and which suit accessory is better to choose, is described on this page.

Belts and belts in a women’s business wardrobe are not the main accessory, but suits look better when accentuated by a good belt. A high-quality belt adds completeness and polish to the appearance and can balance the proportions of the figure.

Belts are often sold with a skirt or trousers, made from the same material as the clothing. Such belts are less showy than leather belts, in addition, they are often “decorated” with gold buckles. It is better to replace these belts immediately with a leather or suede belt about 2.5 cm wide in the same range as your business shoes.

How to wear a women’s belt fashionably and correctly

The main rule of wearing a belt is the convenience of its fit and the reliability of fastening. When deciding how to wear a belt, remember that it should be fastened with a second or third hole.

If the belt is too long or short, then you can shorten it or make another hole in it in the workshop. If you want to shorten it yourself, then remember: this is done from the end where the buckle is.

The buckle is the brightest and most visible part of the belt. Its color matches the jewelry you wear most often.

As you can see in the photo, women’s belts with small, elegant and restrained buckles design look strict but impressive:

Remembering how to wear a belt correctly, avoid intricate ornaments, as well as logos of famous fashion designers. such buckles quickly become outdated.

Belts with flashy buckles or other embellishments should only be worn if you have a slim waist to look out for. Otherwise, simple belts that are in harmony with the color of the clothes are better.

In a business wardrobe, you must have at least two belts. One is approximately 2 cm wide. ideal for trousers with a narrow waistband and narrow belt loops. The second belt, up to 4 cm wide, is designed for jeans and summer trousers.

Remember 10 basic rules of how to wear a women’s belt. this will help you always look stylish and elegant:

Most women can wear belts. it just depends on the color, width and how the belt is worn.

The belt should be in harmony with the costume as a whole. You don’t have to wear a belt just because your clothes have belt loops for it. If you look better without a belt, the belt loops should simply be unscrewed.

A lucky belt can work wonders, an unsuccessful one can ruin your entire outfit. Saving in this matter is more expensive for yourself.

Several quality belts in neutral color and classic style can last you for years.

Wear textile and braided belts only with casual clothing.

To visually lengthen your legs, match the color of the belt to match your skirt or trousers.

How fashionable is it to wear a belt to emphasize the waist? Choose a belt color that contrasts with your clothing or matches your shoes.

The buckle always attracts attention. She should look expensive and elegant.

The fuller the waist, the narrower the belt should be.

The belt adds extra pounds more than any other accessory. Tightened too tight, the belt emphasizes fullness and creates unwanted bulges above and below the waist.

Lawn mower belt: aspects of selection and replacement

Today, most of the population uses such an irreplaceable and practical agricultural device as a lawn mower. Naturally, this tool has not only a high level of functionality, but also quite productive.

belt, lawn, mower

And it is affordable, at least for most models. Well, it happened, you became the owner of this unique technique, you even had time to enjoy its work, but something went wrong and the lawn mower simply went out of order? For example, you can find out about the proper repair of Honda lawn mowers by following the link.

The problem may lie in the belt that is part of her device. It can fail or break, or, as the people say, “relax”. Therefore, if you are faced with a similar situation, then you just need to read this article.

Here you can find out what the belt consists of, how it works, and you will also be provided with information on how you can change it yourself and actually what to start from when choosing this type of purchase. So let’s get started.

How does it work

First of all, it is worth noting that a kind of transmission, which has gears in the gear direction, directly ensures a certain change in the gearbox, which has gear steps. The same applies to the continuously variable transmission, which in turn is responsible for the direct variation of the gear ratio.

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It is these features that are available as a kind of transmission, designed specifically for the return of power, which is produced between certain rotating elements.

It is important that when the belt itself rotates the driving pulley, and which at this moment, let’s say, is applied to the driving and driven pulleys, then this becomes the cause of the occurrence of a certain friction force, which is observed precisely between the driving pulley and special element.

At the same time, a so-called “compression” force arises, which in turn applies directly to the elements themselves in exactly the direction in which they are located, that is, in the direction where the greatest coefficient of their thickness, relative to the torque of the driving pulley.

At a time when the force of a certain compression is already “sent” to a special element, which actually fully maintains contact with the driven pulley, then the force of a kind of friction produces a formulation precisely in the part where the pulley, driven and the element are in contact.

Consequently, through this kind of mutual transmission of force, a torque is produced intended for the movement of the follower pulley. Actually, in this way, its operating power is transmitted to the belt itself. You can find out exactly where the belt is located in such units on the example of the device of the Polish rotary mower.

Choice aspects

First of all, it is worth noting that the high-quality work of a lawn mower directly depends on how much its owner looks after it, as well as how often it carries out the necessary diagnostic and repair work. over, timely replacement of consumable materials is also important, in fact, which also include belts designed for this kind of technology. So, it will not be superfluous to find out, for example, about the necessary spare parts for the mtd lawn mower.

It is worth noting that it is this important and irreplaceable element of the device that most of all requires attention and is most often replaced with a new belt. It is important that each product of this kind necessarily undergoes a kind of certification, which is what you should pay due attention to when buying a belt.

Considering the fact that lawn mowers today occupy a leading position among agricultural technology, it can be unconditionally concluded that the demand for this additional element will never fall, at least until humanity so rapidly acquires this kind of equipment for its lawn.

Actually, let’s now figure out what kind of belt you need to buy for your “iron pet”, as well as what you should pay due attention to in the first place in order to make a correct and practical purchase. Perhaps, while reading this article, you are in some bewilderment, supposedly, what is difficult in choosing a belt, for technology, given that this is a fairly simple mechanism?

The official website of the Oleo Mac chainsaw will provide you with reliable and comprehensive information about the device.

If your car is picked up by a tow truck and you do not know who to contact and what to do, then you just need to read this article.

Front-end loaders of Russian production are no worse than foreign ones, and maybe even better given the ratio of price and quality. See for yourself here //

But everything is not as simple as we would like, since it is important to pay attention to certain aspects of the choice, which, in fact, will be presented to you now. so.

To begin with, you must have an idea of ​​the differences between belts designed for industrial and agricultural technology. The difference is as follows:

  • in the very construction of the belt;
  • in braiding and cord materials.

In the process of choosing a belt you need, you should start from the following:

  • the brand of the belt itself;
  • its immediate dimensions.

In most cases, the greatest demand is for the original kind of wine code, but if such belt size indicators are not available, then in this case you will need to personally measure your belt.

To do this, it is necessary to measure both the height and length and the width. Therefore, you can easily find the best option for your lawnmower. And this article will tell you how to choose a lawn mower.

What does it consist of

Let’s consider this issue using the example of the principle of operation of the belt for the vega x pj457 180j lawn mower. And so, from two rows of rings of infinite direction, which are located parallel to each other directly in the region of the groove of the multiple so-called “elements”. They, in turn, are attached to each other in the form of a kind of ring. This installation is made in such a way that the groove itself has the opportunity, let’s say, to open precisely to the peripheral outer side.

It is important that this very element has a surface of a part of a protruding guiding character. This is necessary in order to hold a kind of ring in such a way that the special rings included in its devices simply do not separate from each other and from the groove itself.

It is worth noting that the surface called “guide” makes the formulation of a kind of pushing force in the direction of the inner side of the belt, thereby allegedly pushing one specific ring to one of the special end surfaces. This pushing component itself, which is directed to the inner region, produces a kind of attachment precisely to the lateral outer side of the ring, which is currently being pushed.

Device and principle of operation

How to replace the belt

In fact, a lawn mower is a fairly simple tool, on which the replacement or installation of certain elements can be done by you yourself and you do not have to contact the professionals. In addition, if you have at least minimal skills in the field of mechanics, then this kind of process will go smoothly and without any problems. For example, repairing Stihl mowers can be done with your own hands using seemingly ordinary things that can be found in any home.

Probably, it is not worth reminding that the drive belt is simply an indispensable and important element of the lawn mower mechanism, namely the drive area. It is important that the belt can undergo any breakdowns, let’s say, it can be stretching of its base, or it even broke, then naturally in this case you will not be able to use your technique, at least until you replace the old belt with a new one.

How to do it? Everything is very simple and you will see for yourself. Let’s take a look at the example of changing the belt for a bosch rotak 34 lawn mower. In turn, you can find out about how the repair of a bosch rotak 32 lawn mower, an earlier model, is going on here.

First of all, you must, from cover to cover, as they say, read the instructions for your device. Since, despite the general direct similarity between lawn mowers, the differences between them can also be quite significant, so you should not risk it, but you need to be as ready as possible for the process of replacing the belt.

After the necessary element is purchased, you can actually prepare for the replacement process. To do this, prepare a place where the “update” will take place. Since a clean surface and organization will positively affect the work itself.

It is also important to have all the tools you need to replace the belt ready, and be sure to cover the tarp, especially if you are doing indoor repairs. This simple manipulation can at least protect the floor of your house from oil and gas spills.

So, the replacement process has begun. To begin with, using a wrench, unscrew the spring, coil, support element, actually remove the entire assembly.

After that, it is necessary to remove the belt itself, which is damaged, as well as its direct guides. It is important to note that in most cases they are made from clamps of the metal direction. You will need this information in the process of selecting the necessary components for replacement.

You must remember that you need to hold the belt while removing this type of addition. And only after they are removed, you can remove the belt itself. It is worth noting that it is much easier to remove these guides by using an adjustable wrench in the process.

Remove them together with the bolts themselves. In addition, pay due attention to their condition, since if they are rusted, then it is more expedient to simply replace.

The next step in our work is direct replacement. To do this, you need to get the purchased belt itself from the package, as well as a kind of sub-belt. After that, install a new belt and its own guides and, using an adjustable wrench, simply tighten them.

Then try starting the engine of your lawn mower and observe how the belt behaves. You must remember that the belt must not catch on other elements, and also pay due attention to whether it rubs against any surface. If the process goes, say, so correctly, in this case, you can safely collect the “node” back. All replacement is completed, and you can get to work!

I would like, I hope that this article will become for you a kind of guide regarding the operation and replacement of the belt. Here you could familiarize yourself with the main aspects of the belt device and its choice, because this unit is an indispensable assistant in large and small areas. Find out more about the mower for tall grass and uneven terrain here.

Undoubtedly, starting from the above instructions, you will be able to repair your lawn mower yourself without any problems and difficulties. Which will delight you with its work and productivity for many years.

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