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All my attempts to find out what kind of model it is and in what years it was produced have ended. to no avail (I will be VERY grateful if you will at least help me in this matter). However, I can tentatively assume that this is somewhere in the 60-70s of the last century. On the chainsaw is used CONTACT ignition from the company BOSCH.

A number is stamped on the crankcase. 21554. What is this number. For me a riddle.

There is a nameplate on the left side of the saw.

What kind of information is indicated on it for me as well. dark forest :-))).

I partially dismantled the chainsaw (for cleaning and assessing the condition of parts). Also, I replaced the tip of the spark plug (it was all cracked) and installed the ignition switch (it was absent at the time of purchase of the saw). These details, as you know, are not original :-))). And one more minus is this. there is no oil tank cap. (Everything is indicated by arrows in the photo).

Carburetor air damper drive.

There is a chain on the saw. TAKASAGO (I have never heard of such, but this is indicated by the inscription on the cutting tooth).

Tire length 620 mm.

Chainsaw DOLMAR. About three or four months ago, this instance was in my hands chainsaws Dolmar.

Disassembly. chainsaw assembly STIHL MS180. The degree of compliance with the request: 21.43%
Fragments of the text of the post. Disassembly. assembly chainsaws STIHL MS180. Disassembly chainsaws STIHL MS180. Assembly chainsaws STIHL MS180.

Chainsaw PARTNER 352.

How to tension a chain on a chainsaw

Regularly tension the chain on the chainsaw is necessary not only for efficiency, but also for the safety of the worker. On most devices (especially Stihl brands) on the side there is a special device, as in the photo, which helps bring the links to a normal position.

How to Put a Chain on a Saw

How to pull the chain?

How to install a chain on a chainsaw?

The chain can be installed and tensioned by loosening the main screw and putting the links on the drive sprocket and the saw bar. It is important to ensure that the tails fall into the groove so that they do not fly off again.

Before pulling the chain of the Husqvarna chainsaw, it is worth looking at its condition and, if necessary, replace it with another. After removing this part, you need to carefully inspect the guide groove along which the links go. It is there that dirt accumulates, absorbing oil and preventing it from pulling the cutting part. This place is cleaned with a thin metal object. If such actions are not performed, the oil may not fall onto the lower part of the tire, and after installing the chain the links will slip worse, which affects the cutting efficiency.

How to pull the chain?

To properly tighten the chain on the Husqvarna chainsaw with the engine idle, the screws securing the cover are first released. After that, the part correcting the tension is rotated. If the links sag from below (even a little), then you need to tighten them. Before you pull the chain on a chainsaw (Husqvarna, for example), you should read the attached documents. Indeed, the mechanisms of different companies have their own differences.

How should the chain be pulled on a chainsaw? This can be determined by lifting it up. Normally, the shank should be one-third immersed in the groove. If it came out completely, then the chain needs to be pulled, if it has got out less than 2 thirds. loosen. When scrolling, the links should pass freely along the bus. After movement with the hand, the links under normal tension pass a little more by inertia. If the chain instantly slows down, then this indicates a pull.

To quickly pull the chain on the Stihl chainsaw, there are special devices to help do this without keys. To use them, it is enough to release the sprocket cover, and then turn the adjustment wheel to the left to loosen, to the right to tighten. All this is done only when the links are cold.

Chain selection

The performance of the Husqvarna chainsaw and its service life depend not only on the ability to pull the links, but also on whether it is suitable for a particular brand of device. This part is distinguished by several criteria:

  • step;
  • thickness;
  • cut depth;
  • the length of the chain and the number of its teeth.

The step value is the main parameter for the chain, based on which this part is selected. Its value is determined by the gap between the tails. Common options: 0.325, 0.375, 0.404 inches. Find out what type a particular saw is needed by reading the instructions. The smaller the pitch, the less power should be at the mechanism on which it should be pulled.

A large step affects the “aggressiveness” of the tool, that is, the cutting links are more strongly included in the wood, and therefore the worker is required to hold the chainsaw Friendship tighter. The 0.325 chain is very common among domestic and semi-professional mechanisms. It can be pulled over Druzhba chainsaws with a power of 3 hp. For sawing small trees and construction work, this chain is best suited.

The designation of the figure 0.375 is rare, since the marking is replaced by the value 3/8 for the convenience of customers, because 75 and 25 are easy to confuse if the purchase is made by a layperson. The power of a Goodluck chainsaw, for example, should be 4 hp. Otherwise, the tool may deteriorate.

Links with a pitch of 0.404 can only be pulled onto professional mechanisms with a power of more than 5 hp.

Video: How to Put a Chain on a Saw

So, the main markings:

Thickness classification of chains

The groove on the saw bar on different units has its own thickness, so it is better to choose the optimal one for greater work efficiency. The minimum parameter is 1.1 mm. Such a part can only be installed on household appliances with low power. A chain with a link width of 1.3 mm is more popular. It is used both on cheap and semi-professional Goodluck chainsaws.

The remaining types are used on powerful tools: 1.5, 1.6 and 2 mm. The last 2 of the listed are only for professional Ural mechanisms. But before choosing a part by thickness, you need to find out which one can be installed on the saw bar of a particular tool.

How to lubricate the chain?

  • 1,1. the simplest saws;
  • 1.3 and 1.5 are semi-professional;
  • 1.6 and 2 mm are the most powerful.

Proper chain care and timely tensioning is the key to longevity. With due attention to a Ural or other brand chainsaw and the employee himself, it’s easier to deal with a well-tuned tool. The presented video helps to understand the principle of handling the mechanism.

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