How to Put a Chain on Stihl

The chain is an important element in the design of the chainsaw. It is it that accounts for the greatest load during operation, therefore, high-quality and systemic care is required. When using any model, it is important to know how to properly wear the chain, monitor its tension. If you fix it incorrectly, there is a risk of stretching and getting out of the grooves. The saw’s productivity is reduced, and the risk of injury at high power is also increased.

Why did the chain fly off?

There are several reasons why the chain may fly off during operation. This may be due to improper operation of the tire or insufficient stretch. The problem sometimes appears with insufficiently fixed leading and driven sprockets. Determining the cause allows you to accurately select the required repairs, tools.

Tire weak

When the chain tension is reduced, the problem is often accompanied by a weakening of the tire itself. To check its condition, you need to examine the place between the top plate on the headset cover and the inner surface on the case. When the fixing bolts are loosened, the tire begins to move, which can be seen from the characteristic vibration during sawing. For frequent use, it is recommended that bolts be clamped regularly.

Figure 1. The tire has weakened

If you yourself decide to tighten the tire, then you need to find and lower the chain brake. Turn the tension screw so that the chain fits snugly into the grooves. After that, pull the chain in the direction of travel, if it is too tight, loosen the screw.

Important! Tire weakening is observed in both professional and household chainsaw models. When using the tool extensively, check the tension before each start.

Stretched chain

Any functional changes in the chain lead to a decrease in the productivity of the tool, injuries during operation.

How to Put a Chain on Stihl

It should be regularly monitored so that there is no deformation of the metal and stretching more than 1 cm.

If such a problem still arises, you need to purchase a new circuit or adjust the old one.

Separate the chain links on the machine or fix it in a vice, grind the rivets with a file and knock them out with a beard (it is not recommended to use an angle grinder).

Remove 1-2 links depending on the degree of chain stretching. After that, put all the elements in place, insert the rivet and hit it with a hammer, use a special rivet tool. For reliability, it is recommended to use a welding machine. At the end of the work, grind the excess and burrs with a thin file.

Leading Star Issues

Sometimes chain slack is due to problems with the drive sprocket. The most common situation is when it is poorly fixed. Step-by-step algorithm to tighten an asterisk:

  1. Remove engine cover.
  2. Remove the air filter and unscrew the candle, putting in its place a special stopper for fixing the piston in a stationary position.
  3. Use the angle grinder key to turn the clutch disc clockwise to the maximum upper position. Check the sprocket’s tightness, adjust its position. Figure 3. Leading star on a chainsaw

Video: How to Put a Chain on Stihl

After clamping, assemble the chainsaw back, be sure to put on the protective cover. When assembling, check that the chain fits snugly on the bar.

How to put a chain on a chainsaw?

In most chainsaw models, it is easy to put the chain on the tire by unscrewing the main screw, then the links must be placed on the drive sprocket. Before starting work, the general condition of all cutting surfaces and the guide groove and the setting wheel should be inspected. Often dirt and small chips accumulate in it, which subsequently lead to a scheduled repair, deterioration of the slip. Step-by-step algorithm of work:

  1. Loosen the screws securing the sprocket protection cover; it is usually tightened with the wing nut.
  2. Turn the tension sprocket to the right until it stops.
  3. Place links on the headset starting at the top. Finish, so that they fall into the corresponding grooves.
  4. Reattach chain sprocket mount, tighten nut. The guides must fall into a special groove.
  5. Release the chain brake, pull the chain along the travel line to check the tension. If necessary, tighten the tensioner lever. Figure 4. Installing the chain on a chainsaw

The adjusting wheel should spin freely after installing the chainsaw chain. At the end of the work, be sure to lubricate all moving parts of the tool to avoid rapid wear.

Important! The headset should only be fitted with tight protective gloves. This will protect you from injuries and cuts by the sharp edges of the cutting edges of the teeth.

How to install a tire with a chain on a chainsaw?

Often problems in the operation of chainsaws arise when the tire is improperly installed. This can be determined by the characteristic rattling, vibration and low productivity of the saw during operation. The tire is fastened to the housing between the outer plate, fixing is carried out with a special bolt.

The people call this part the “engine assembly”, it consists of a drive sprocket and locking bolts. Installing the tire together with the saw is not difficult. you need to remove all the protective covers, unscrew the fixing bolts a third of the length and put the headset on. Then tighten all the nuts tightly, twist the tensioner with a special lever.

Tire installation on Stihl and Husqvarna

Chainsaw models from the manufacturer Stihl may vary during the assembly process. Walkthrough:

  1. Open wing nut, remove cover for chain sprocket. Turn it on the tire all the way to the right.
  2. Put the chain on the tire, starting from the top, the cutting tooth on the upper side should look straight ahead.
  3. Attach the assembled tire to the chainsaw, pull the structure onto the sprocket. Slide guide onto collar bolt. Close the cover with the pins in the holes provided by the manufacturer.
  4. Rotate the wing nut until the sprocket cover touches the engine housing.
  5. Turn the clamping bolt forward, the drive links should fall into the grooves of the tire. Tighten the wing nut fully.

At the end of work, check the tension, if the headset does not move well, adjust the tension with a nut. Before starting, apply the chain brake.

The Husqvarna chain saw chain mounting algorithm is almost identical. The main difference is that for most models, the tension and adjustment of the headset to the body is controlled not by one, but by two wing nuts. A separate adjusting lever is rarely found on the protective housing of an external sprocket; therefore, tension adjustment should only be carried out with bolts.

Important! Before you start working with a chainsaw, you should carefully study the user manual. It describes in detail all the steps of tuning and assembling the tool.

Chain tension

To check the tension, you must first turn off the brake. Then pull the chain in the middle of the headset, normally the shanks should not go out more than 2/3 of the height. It is recommended to scroll it manually. jamming and gliding too quickly are not allowed. If necessary, tighten with the nut on the protective cover.

Figure 5. Checking the chain tension

Installing and checking the chain tension on the tire is an important operation process for any chainsaw. The work is easy to do on your own. Regular maintenance of the tool allows you to avoid injuries and reduce productivity even when working with dense wood.