How to Put a Disc on a Patriot Video Trimmer

Lawn mowing ground Patriot 3355 is used for mowing unwanted vegetation near fences, trees or shrubs, as well as on rough terrain.

For the convenience of transportation and storage, this model is equipped with a split bar. A two-shoulder belt provides an even load on both shoulders and back.

The Patriot PT3355 trimmer is equipped with a primer for pumping fuel.

How to Put a Disc on a Patriot Video Trimmer

Basic equipment

The scope of supply for gasoline lawn mowers includes:

  1. Belt equipment;
  2. Semi-automatic trimmer coil;
  3. Knife for cutting rough grass;
  4. Protective cover;
  5. User’s manual.



Ease of control is provided by a convenient steering rod with a gas trigger position lock, which is capable of fixing the rotation speed of the trimmer coil.

Many owners note the compactness of the Patriot 3355 Garden lawn mowers, thanks to the collapsible steering rod.

A protective cover protects the operator from flying weeds, stones and other objects.

A special knife is located on the casing, which automatically cuts off excess fishing line in automatic mode.

Video: How to Put a Disc on a Patriot Video Trimmer


The length of the handle of the Patriot PT3355 Imperial petrol trimmer can be adjusted to the specific height of the operator to ensure a grass cut parallel to the ground level.

Before starting work on a gas mower, you should check the bolted connections, they must be tightened.

During operation, owners should wear protective clothing: glasses, gloves, boots, a suit and headphones.


Trimmer Patriot 3355 runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil in a ratio of 32: 1. The manufacturer recommends using branded lubricant.

It was specially developed by the company’s specialists in order to reduce the amount of soot on spark plugs and carefully lubricate all parts of the device.

User’s manual

Before starting operation, new owners should definitely study the user manual in order to understand how the device works, starts, stops and services.

An electronic version of this document is here—>.

Advantages and disadvantages

The gasoline lawn mowing Patriot 3355 Imperial differs in the following positive moments:

  • Low price;
  • High technical characteristics;
  • Ease;
  • Easy to run.

And here are the negative points that many trimmer owners note:

  • Weak plastic casing;
  • Not too convenient belt equipment;
  • Small capture of the cultivated area (only 25 cm).

Video review

This video review demonstrates the launch and operation of the Patriot PT3355 Garden:

Owner reviews

“A very good lawn mower. Easy to start and mow perfectly. Slightly inconvenient adjustment of the handles, but over time you can get used to it. Fuel consumption of 15 acres about 3 liters of the mixture. The power of lawn mowers is enough to lope even thick grass. Native fishing line is used very quickly. I want to put a knife in the future "