How to Put a Fishing Line On a Huter Trimmer

Increasingly, country houses, as well as summer cottages and household plots, from places of an additional source of food products turn into an oasis of prosperity and peace. And this is not surprising, because in an era of rapid human progress associated with environmental degradation and an increase in factors that negatively affect the nervous system, I want to find my own corner where you can achieve harmony with the soul and get away from worldly fuss. For this reason, most sites no longer look like plantations of collective farms, and are converted into places that are pleasant to the eye. A lawn, alpine slides and lovely gazebos. this is what is now most often found in yards. But in order for the aesthetic component to be constant and bring widespread pleasure, these elements require constant care and maintenance of a decent level. This is especially necessary for surfaces covered with lawn and various plantings in the form of bushes. Neatly trimmed grass and bushes are a determining factor in forming opinions about the owners of the house and the mood of not only its guests, but also people passing by.

Characteristics of gasoline models

For more convenient and successful maintenance of the necessary level of landscape design of your site, you need the appropriate equipment. Various lawn mowers, and especially braids, do not always cope with the required amount of tasks. The Stihl trimmer is a product that will satisfy the needs of any, even the most demanding, owners. Ease of handling, quality and guarantee of trouble-free operation, as well as the possibility of exposure not only to grass cover, but also to various plantings make this trimmer indispensable in any conditions. To ensure quality operation in gasoline models, the 4-MIX engine is used, which defines the product as more environmentally friendly and also reduces the noise and vibration emitted by the trimmer. The gasoline model has the following characteristics:

  • the power of the product is 1.4 kW / hp;
  • the working volume is 31.4 cm 3;
  • total length. 1.77 m;
  • cutting tool. fishing line or mowing head;
  • total weight. 5.8 kg.

In addition, this trimmer is equipped with automatic decompression and anti-vibration systems, which increases its service life and greatly facilitates the work.

How to Put a Fishing Line On a Huter Trimmer

Characteristics of electrical models

Stihl trimmer has the following characteristics:

  • weight is 4 kg;
  • the power consumed by the product is 540 V;
  • operating voltage is 230 V;
  • total length (excluding cutting product). 1.53 m;
  • cutting tool. mowing head.

It should be noted that this tool, both gasoline and electric, has many varieties with individual characteristics for each of them. For this reason, the above parameters are presented for the most common trimmers with average performance.

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The benefits of gasoline models

The petrol trimmer trigger system is simple and reliable. Thanks to the modification of the engine, the use of this product turns into a holiday, and the monotonous work of bringing the site into the necessary form will cause only pleasure. The low level of noise and vibration will ensure that there is no need to apply additional efforts to hold this tool. Additionally, this factor is enhanced by the shoulder strap provided in the design. The belt is double, and in places of contact with the body has additional soft linings. This is especially important, since this technique allows you to use the trimmer for a rather long time and process large areas. The gasoline trimmer “Stihl” has a convenient bicycle handle, which ensures the correct amplitude of movement and quality of the result. Thanks to the design, its position changes depending on the user’s desire. Almost all control systems, including fuel supply, are located on this structural element, which allows you to use a trimmer, without being distracted by unnecessary actions. The device of the cutting element contributes to mowing absolutely any length of grass and bushes. The glasses in the kit protect the organs of vision, and the shape of the product contributes to its convenient transfer and transportation.

The benefits of electric models

Electric models allow you to quickly eliminate the disadvantages associated with the landscape design of the site. The Stihl electric trimmer, thanks to the support wheel mounted on the cutting element, can easily remove vegetation near trees, bushes, flower beds and other plantings without the danger of harming them. The convenient handle dampens a significant part of fluctuations and contribute to a reliable process. The device device provides reliable fastening of the power source and prevents it from falling into the scope of the cutting element. An extended cable (15 m) makes it possible to carry out work on large areas without the use of additional equipment.

The electric model will effectively cope with the tasks, both in a complex of applications with gasoline counterparts, and independently.

Acquisition Methods

Stihl Trimmer Maintenance

Features of work

Before starting work on the site, it is necessary to assess the condition of the plant element. These steps will help to make the right choice of nozzle in cases when the cutting tool is interchangeable. It is more convenient to mow rare and soft grass with a fishing line, while at the same time, a knife is better for plentiful and dense grass. Before use, fill the tank with gasoline and added oil. If the tool is new, before the 3rd refueling it is not recommended to work at maximum speed, in order to prevent early breakdown and the need to rub parts for further high-quality interaction. It is necessary to choose the optimal position of the trimmer, and for the convenience and quality of the result, you need to divide the site into sectors. After work, the cutting tool must be cleaned of grass.

Security measures

Before starting work, you need to rid the area of ​​large elements, check the condition of the product and put on a protective mask. Do not use knives that are included with the trimmer of another brand, the cutting tool itself should not be parallel to the ground during operation. Do not use the mower, especially the electric one, in wet grass and damp weather. Pay attention to the length of the fishing line. The Stihl trimmer line should support the mowing process and not be harmful to parts of the human body, in particular to the legs. During operation, make sure that there are no other people on the site.