How to put a fishing line on a lawn mower. Fuel filling method

How to wind a trimmer line on a trimmer reel

Head. Main detail of the trimmer. It is a basis with a reel on which the cord thread is wound. In total, 3 types of heads are distinguished:

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  • Manual. Allows you to lengthen the cord (trimmer line) manually after a complete stop of the engine.
  • Semi.Automatic. Using such a head is simplicity and convenience. It acts according to the following principle: waiting for the trimmer to reach the maximum revolutions, the user is slightly knocking the head of the device about the ground, due to which the locking of the fishing line is removed. Thus, the cord is put forward at the expense of centrifugal force, and the owner of the apparatus can only cut it with a knife.
  • Automatic. The trimmer line is supplied after the engine speed is reduced. Such a head is convenient in cases where there is a need to carry out long.Term work. The disadvantage of the device, in turn, is the Rapid wear of the cord.Free thread.

Now, to find out how to refuel the trimmer coil, you should pay attention to the choice of cord.

How to refuel a trimmer line in lawn mower: how to change and charge a coil, how to change and how much to wind in a trimmer

When spring comes, people often spend their free time in a summer cottage. They try to save their site from such a problem as weeds and grass with the onset of warm days. It is difficult to do this manually, especially if the territory is very large, so the lawn mower will help. Thanks to this technique, you can trim the grass and remove weeds. This is a suitable device to mow unnecessary plants near the fence, at home, between rows in the garden on a flower bed and so on. About how to choose lawn mower, which is suitable for your needs read here. The cutting element in this device is a trimmer line (strong polyethylene thread), which is wound on a special element. A reel. But over time, the trimmer line wears out and there is a need to replace it. The article will talk about how to refuel a fishing line in a lawn mower.

Replacement instructions. How to insert a trimmer line

It should be noted that the coils in mowers can be different:

  • For functioning with one osik;
  • For functioning with two antennae;
  • The trimmer line should be extended through the through hole, which is located inside the element.

And you should not confuse this part with an extension cord for a lawn mower on a coil, because despite the similar name these are two completely different elements.

In the first version, wound the cutting element is very simple:

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  • On the inside of the coil element there is a fixing ear.
  • One mustache is inserted into it.
  • Refuel the nylon thread in the direction of the reverse rotation of the coil element.
  • You will need only 2 to 4 meters of fishing line. When the winding process is completed, the small end of this cutting element is put out and fixed in the groove that is necessary to fix the fishing line so that it does not spin during the functioning of the mower.
  • If there is no special groove, then the end should be held with a hand so that the cutting element does not spin during the further collection of the element.
  • At the last stage, it is necessary to pass the outer end of the thread into a special hole located on the outer part of the element. After that, the coil can be inserted into a mower.

When the video works with two ends of the polyethylene thread, then you need to take the following steps to tie the trimmer line into the lawn mower:

  • Inside, the coil will see how many recesses for winding are available (two or one). If one deepening, then both ends of the threads will be laid on this recess. If there are two of them, then the antennae are laid out separately. Each in its own recess.
  • It is necessary to rewind from 2 to 4 meters of polyethylene thread and pass two ends into the hole.
  • Wind both threads in one direction, reverse the drum.
  • When the entire trimmer line is wound, the ends should be fixed in grooves or held with a hand.
  • Both ends are threaded in the ear from the outside of the clip body.
  • After that, the drum is assembled and inserted into a mower.

Coil element or video can have a completely different design, different from the previous two options. The trimmer line can last through the ear, which is through and is located inside the coil. In this case, you do not need to disassemble the roller drum and manually wrap the plastic thread.

fishing, line, lawn, mower

The polyethylene thread is threaded through the hole and rotates by pressing a special button. This The button is located on the case and is intended for the operation of the equipment, To be able to produce a trimmer line as it is worn out.

Failure adjustment

If the winding of the trimmer line on the coil is weakened, the productivity of the lawn mower is reduced. In such cases, you can increase efficiency by setting the thread on the unit.

On most tools there is a special button for optimal winding of the trimmer line on the reel of a lawn mower. But the adjustment may not work if the thread goes out more than 3 cm. In this case, too long ends are automatically cut by a special blade. But if the length is less than 3 cm, the setting must be done manually. To do this, you need to clamp the adjustment button and stretch the thread strongly on yourself.

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Preliminary preparation

First of all, to wind the trimmer line, it is required to remove the coil (bobbin, spool) from the trimmer. Specific actions will depend on the complexity of the configuration and the type of product itself:

  • Small electric trimmers with a working location of the engine and coils in the lower part, as a rule, have side keys on both sides of the bobbin. With the simultaneous press on them, the upper part of the coil, along with the internal contents for winding the trimmer line, is disconnected, while the lower remains on the trimmer. It is advisable to analyze the bobbing in an even smooth place, so that the spring does not jump out and not be lost;
  • Electric and gasoline trimmers with a curved rod without the ability to install a knife, as a rule, have coils with a special lamb: in such structures, you should hold the spool in a motionless position with one hand, and rotate the fixing bobbin on the bar with a barack’s bar with one hand. After disconnecting the nut, the whole bobin is removed.
  • Electric and gasoline trimmers with the ability to install a knife on a straight rod (for example, trimmers of calm) under the bobbin have a hole. For the immobility of the bar, a screwdriver or another suitable object is inserted into this hole and, with slow rotation, such a mutual arrangement is achieved when the screwdriver enters the hole and the bob is fixed. After that, the coil body is scrolled clockwise (with the left thread) and removed from the trimmer.

For the second and third cases, the coil, depending on the design, are versed in various ways. In the bobbins with a lamb, lamb is twisted, in the reels with latches, latches-fixers are pressed and one part of the coil is freed from the other. If the halves of the spool are connected by thread, then it is enough to turn them with your hands in the opposite directions until they are completely developed.

Your lawn mower will not start. What now?

Hot summer day; The grass is long and it’s time to mow. You fill fresh fuel into your reliable mowing, and nothing happens. You pull the cord again and again, but the lawn mower will not start. What now? While you can pull the cord, and the engine just won’t start, most likely this is something simple.Here are a few things that need to be checked so that the mitch caught fire.

In nine cases out of 10, the mower is not started, the problem is as simple as the clogged light of the ignition. Over time, when your engine works, it leaves deposits on the spark plug, covering it with burned fuel, oil and soil soot. Remove the spark plug and the candle and the candle for inspection, as well as to prevent random launch, while you find out what is happening. If the light of the ignition is all black, then it’s time to replace it. Be sure to buy a plug of the same size and set a gap in accordance with the technical characteristics. Most sparetails on the spark plug use a 0.025 inches gap, which can be measured and adjusted using a tool to measure a gap. You may have a temptation to just clean the old light of the ignition, but this can only extend your problems if the candle is worn out. Given that the service life of the lawn mowing fork is only about 50 hours of use, the new fork is cheap insurance.

If the cork is clean or you replaced it, and the mower still does not start, perhaps the problem is a lack of fuel.Either the carburetor is dirty and cannot spray fuel for mixing with incoming air, or gasoline does not come to it initially. Start by checking the fuel line to make sure that it is not blocked and that fuel enters the carburetor. If there is fuel, then the cup and the mechanism itself can be polluted and need to be cleaned. Cross the fuel line and remove the carburetor camera (usually only one bolt) and clean it thoroughly inside. Over time, water and dirt can glue the bottom of the bowl and cause problems.As soon as the bowl becomes clean, install it back and unlock the fuel chip. Then remove the air filter and spray a little carburetor cleaner to see if this will help. If not so, you may have to take a lawn mowing for cleaning and setting.

After you have determined that there is a spark in the engine and fuel is supplied, you need to look at the air filter. Along with gas, the carburetor should be able to obtain the required amount of air to create a mixture on which the engine can operate.If the air filter is old, most likely it is clogged with dust and even leaves, and it will need to be replaced with a new. You should not just knock down the filter on the road or blow it with an air hose, it must be replaced. It is as simple as to remove the old one, to install a new one and reinstall the dustproof cover that helps to protect it.

At this moment, the engine should start. If for some reason this is not so, there may be several technical problems, one of which is the adjustment of the carburetor needle.Needles should not be much adjusted, but over time they can get out of their position. In this case, you will need a store to configure them for you. There may also be an oil sensor. In newer engines, sometimes there is a sensor that determines when the level of motor oil is too low and turns off the ignition to protect the internal details.

Sometimes, when the lawn mower does not start, the cause may be a filter or plug. In some cases, however, this may be more involved.If your lawn mower does not start, study the basics of what makes it work. Spark, fuel and air. And see if you can solve the problem yourself before contacting the repair shop.

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Features of the use of trimmers

A trimmer mowing grass with a trimmer line can be used near: houses and other buildings, fences and hedges, trees and shrubs, beds and flower beds, a row in a garden plot.

Such a convenient, and most importantly, effective device, like a trimmer, exists in several variations:

As the names understands, the types of trimmer are noticeably different from one another. But regardless of the type of this tool, it a cutting element may be a trimmer line. Of course, the trimmer line tucked into the coil is not infinite. And sooner or later it will need to be replaced by a new.

Fishing consumption directly depends From the frequency of use devices and scale of work performed. The more herbs are brazen and the more often it is trimmed with a trimmer, the more actively the trimmer line is consumed in it. And, accordingly, the faster it will end. In this regard, the question arises: how to tuck a trimmer line into a trimmer coil?

Not everyone knows the answer to this question. But the winding of the trimmer line on the reel plays an important role In the work of the trimmer. To make the device normally, it is very important to correctly wind a new trimmer line on the reel. About how to change the trimmer line on the trimmer, and will be discussed in this article.

Which trimmer line to choose

Before you stock up on this material for refueling in a trimmer, you need to decide on the choice. After all, the usual so.Called round trimmer line is far from the only existing look. How to choose the most suitable? First you need to determine the working conditions.

Type choice. A line with a round section is the most common. It will suit any reels with the rarest exceptions. This type of consumable is suitable in order to mow fresh, juicy grass. But with the mowing of the so.Called dryness, this kind may not cope anymore. It is pointless to mention attempts to mow shrubs and mention.

In addition to the usual type, there are other, having sharp faces. Usually they are made by a “star” or “square”. The presence of sharp faces is the main feature and key difference between these threads.

It is thanks to this feature, the threads of such species are able to mow dry weeds. But the sprinkled threads are not devoid of disadvantages, the main of which can be called Quick wear and strength, noticeably inferior to the round type.

In addition to the already mentioned types of forests, there are still interesting and often encountered varieties. Especially among them we can note fishing lines, inside of which Metal wire is stretched. Threads of this type are often used in tools working on gasoline and having an engine more powerful than one and a half horsepower.

Threads with a metal core are like with a round section, and with sharp faces. Regardless of the type of cross section, such threads are the best suited to overcome hard.To.Stop plants. Threads related to this type easily mow not only dry grass, but even small shrubs.

The threads with wire inside are favorably different from other types of consumables of their Incredible wear resistance. But unfortunately, this feature has a more than noticeable effect on the price of this type. The cost of threads with a core significantly exceeds the cost of threads of other types.

Choice in thickness

In addition, special attention should be paid to the thickness of the consumption material. For mowing young grass, a thread is suitable with a diameter of one and a half millimeters. The larger the diameter of the thread, the more dry and rude weeds it can overpower.

When choosing a trimmer line in thickness, there is one “but”. It is important not only to evaluate the capabilities of the material, but also to take into account the features of the trimmer. It is necessary look into the user guide, which is attached to the tool, and find information about the requirements for the cutting element.

The use of unsuitable thread can lead to the failure of the tool. The use of too thick thread will entail the overload of the device engine. And the use of too thin thread will significantly increase the wear of the torque.

That is why it is necessary to approach the choice of consumables no less responsibly than to refuel in a trimmer. When a suitable trimmer line was found and purchased, you can begin to consider the ways to wind it on the coil.

Replacement rules

There are rules for replacing the cutting thread, observing which the work will be done quickly and correctly:

  • The turns should be wrapped in the direction indicated by the arrow on the coil.
  • Each turn tights tightly to the lower level and the neighboring round.
  • Slowing or tangling of trimmer line is not allowed. If this happens, a node will appear, which will block the supply of the cord. The engine will rotate the shaft of idle, which will lead to overheating or breakdown of the motor.
  • Before filling the trimmer line in a trimmer, calculate the length of the segment. Add 15 cm from each end to the resulting value. These tips will fix the trimmer line and special grooves.

The remaining ends of the cord are fixed on special grooves. The arrow indicates the direction of rotation of the coil on top

A detailed description of how to tuck a trimmer line in a trimmer reel on video

The process of winding the trimmer line on the coil of the trimmer is not complicated, but requires thoroughness. Any amateur gardener will cope with the task.

How to put a trimmer line on a lawn mower

The Huter GGT-1500TX trimmer belongs to the class of gasoline trimmers, optimally designed for operation on lawns and gardens. The GGT-1500TX model received a two-stroke engine that significantly expands the capabilities of the device, that is, for example, not tied a motorcycle to power sources, as is characteristic of trimmers with an electric drive. In this sense, the described model can also be used for the processing of large territories, since the main factors in this case will be: the presence of a sufficient amount of fuel and the optimal technical condition of the device. The power of the Huter GGT-1500TX is 1.5 kW, which, along with the features of the cutting tool (trimmer line/knife), attributes it to the semi-professional class of such devices. Therefore, the model can be used not only on dachas and suburban farms, but also in small farms. GGT-1500TX will perfectly cope with both grass mowing and putting in the order of plots with a small shrub. The weight of the trimmer is 6.78 kg, which makes the issue of transportation relatively simple, including in a regular passenger car.

Advantages of Huter GGT-1500TX

  • The presence of a gasoline two.Stroke engine makes the device more autonomous compared to electric types of motorcycle.
  • The engine is characterized by sufficiently to solve problems with power and high reliability. It is also equipped with an anti.Vibration system and is easily launched into operation.
  • The trimmer design provides a translucent fuel tank, which is convenient to fill with fuel and monitor its level.
  • A convenient and reliable trimmer control system is provided, located on the ergonomic handle.
  • The 1500TX bar has a detachable mechanism for light and convenient transportation.
  • The trimmer is easily disassembled and assembled, however, in the collected state, it differs in the reliability of all nodes and fasteners.
  • The model of the model receives a convenient paramedic type, glasses to protect the eyes during operation and a 40 TR dispery.

Work conveniently and safely

Of course, the operator must follow all the recommendations and safety requirements, comply with the rules of operation of the trimmer. However, in addition, the manufacturer took a number of measures regarding the design of the device in order to increase the level of security when working with a motorcycle. They, in particular, include the presence:

  • Protective casing to prevent bouncing stones and particles of garbage on the user,
  • A trigger blocking the gas so that the operator could not accidentally press the trigger and start rotation
  • Cutting tool when the engine is launched,
  • Anti.Vibrational system to prevent the harmful effects of the vibrating elements of the trimmer to the hands and other parts of the operator’s body.

Operational features of Huter GGT-1500TX

The operation of the trimmer is not very difficult and, after careful study of the instructions and assembling the resulting product, you can begin to prepare a trimmer for work. Consider briefly how to properly assemble the Huter GGT-1500TX and prepare it for operation. At the initial stage, we carry out the installation of control handles using a special key included in the delivery kit. When connecting the elements, always check if everything is done reliably. Now you can go to the next step: connecting the bar with the engine. Installation is performed using a standard set of bolts. After the bar is connected to the engine, you can install the casing and cutting elements. Read more about the step.By.Step assembly of the trimmer in the user guide. The assembled trimmer can now be prepared for upcoming work on the site. Preparation for operation begins with the preparation of the fuel mixture. At this stage, observe all the recommendations of the manufacturer according to the brands and the quality of the components of the fuel mixture, and also accurately perform the method of preparing the fuel mixture, which, in reality, is not very difficult.

Choose a trimmer line

The trimmer line should be strong, rigid and flexible. In the trimmer it serves as a working tool for cutting grass. Flacks of different thicknesses are made. From 1.2 mm to 4.0 mm. Most models are designed for the maximum thickness of the thread of 3 mm. What is the diameter of the trimmer line for a trimmer in one case or another depends on a number of factors.

Depending on the hardness of mowing vegetation:

It is important to consider, that too thin thread accelerates the wear of the motor, too rough. Will accelerate its overheating and premature failure.

fishing, line, lawn, mower

The structure of the cord of the trimmer line matters:

  • Round. Universal, most durable, for rough grass;
  • Curly. For soft plants;
  • Twisted with notch. For thin long stems.

Important! Choose a trimmer line of the type and parameters that the manufacturer Motokos recommends. Such material will work for a long time and efficiently with optimal loads on the product of the product.

fishing, line, lawn, mower

The shape of the handle

Manufacturers offer 2 pens options:

The handle in view of the letters “T” is installed on models with auto.Wrapping a fishing line. The work is carried out with 2 hands located on both sides of the bar. This situation is convenient for mowing large areas of vegetation. The cut is carried out according to the principle of braids. From one side to the other. This option is not maneuverability, it works poorly on a complex relief. Bicycle steering can be equipped with control buttons. In domestic types of trimmer, launch buttons are installed on the rod.

Classical model of a trimmer with a bilateral handle on which the control buttons are installed

Gasinosinotrimmer with a D-shaped handle is more maneuverable, it is convenient for them to mow grass in areas with a complex relief. In such a tool, the hands are located one above the other. The lack of a handle is difficult to hold, control of such a device is more complicated.

The handle in the form of the English letter “j” is the most uncomfortable, so it is rare.

All about the replacement of fishing line with a trimmer head

There are many types of heads that are designed for different types of trimmer line. The latter is also available in several diameters: from 1.0 mm to 3.2 mm. At the same time, its section is round (including with a special groove to reduce noise), square, twisted and in the shape of a star.

There are no clear preferences, and this explains the wide variety of forms and diameters in the market. The round shape is usually stronger, but has a worst cutting ability, in addition, when rotation, it makes a characteristic sound. Therefore, sometimes they make an acoustic groove, however, the use of this trimmer line makes sense only on battery trimmers, in machines with gasoline and network drive, the sound level of the drive itself practically drowses the sound from the trimmer line. The square has a good cutting ability, and despite the fact that such a fishing line is less durable than round, on average it is consumed less. The square trimmer line quite easily cuts out the shoot of the same Ivnyak up to 1 cm in diameter. The star has the maximum number of cutting faces, mows best and is the fastest consumed.

The next nuance when choosing is stiffness. The fact is that in the production of nylon, a modifier (often maleine anhydride) is added to it, which improves its strength and prevents gaps. However, modifiers are not the cheapest component, they are trying to save on it. Therefore, it seems to be a good trimmer line that remained for the winter, in the spring suddenly behaves completely differently. It breaks, stops going out normally from the reel. There is a recommendation to soak the trimmer line in the water before work, but I do not see much sense in this, maleine anhydride interacts with water, but if it is not enough in the nylon, then there will be nothing to interact. Therefore, it makes no sense to stock up on trimmer line for a long period of time, breaking or constantly torn fishing line, which also does not want to leave the coil itself, can significantly complicate the work.

Choosing trimmer line for a trimmer head

There are many types of heads that are designed for different types of trimmer line. The latter is also available in several diameters: from 1.0 mm to 3.2 mm. At the same time, its section is round (including with a special groove to reduce noise), square, twisted and in the shape of a star.

The device of the element on which the nylon thread is wound is very simple. This element is called a coil. It contains two “paths”. Upper and lower. Between these paths there is a special partition with a notch. A trimmer line is wound on these paths. Previously, it must be stretched through the recess.

The aforementioned unit can be made by your own efforts and

Tell you how to build a lawmaker from a trimmer with your own hands.

How to choose a fishing line for a trimmer

The trimmer purchased in the store is already ready for work. A standard nylon fishing forest is seasoned in it. She cuts the grass, but does not cope with work poorly. Only young, thin plants quickly fail and mows. She does not take old grass and weeds with stem stems or cuts off at all, wear out quickly. It grabs it for a short time, after which you need to replace the trimmer line in the trimmer.

It is not recommended to use a fishing trimmer line, it is better to take a special thread with a fiberglass core. It is sold in construction stores. Stop your choice on an option that has a square or triangle in a section. Their sharp edges will work like knives.

How to change Fuel Line on Lawnmower. Mountfield Petrol Lawn mower Fuel Line replacement

The consumption of trimmer line for a trimmer when using faceted and reinforced consumables will decrease by 2-3 times, by the same amount, performance will increase compared to the line of round section and trimmer line, not reinforced with fiberglass.

Purchase material with a diameter not less than recommended by the manufacturer. If the diameter is unknown, you need to look at the size of the holes on the outer body of the mowing head: the diameter of the working thread should be slightly smaller than the hole to pass through it freely.

Upon learning how much material is needed for one winding, FOCUS on the length of the forest during the next purchases, so that there are no too short for winding pieces.

fishing, line, lawn, mower

To replace the forest on a mechanical spit with your own hands, you need to disassemble the braid head and get the coil on which the working thread is wound.

How the head with a trimmer line on a motorcycle works why you need to know the principle of work

Depending on the manufacturer, the heads differ structurally not only externally, but also inside. Most drums have a clamping spring inside (semi.Automatic and automatic). The instruction is presented above how to disassemble the head of the trimmer without a spring, t.E. On a manual.Type head. The principle of dismantling a semi.Automatic head with a spring inside almost identical above described instructions.

The principle of operation of the semi.Automatic coil of the trimmer is as follows:

  • Inside the head is a coil, which is planted on slots that prevent its free movement
  • The coil is affected by a spring that presses it to the slots located in the design of the cover
  • The trimmer line, the length of which depends on the instrument itself. Usually this length is from 1 to 4 meters
  • During the work, if it is necessary to increase the length of the trimmer line, the protruding part of the drum occurs, through which it comes out of the hook with the slots. In this case, the trimmer line is wound from the drum, increasing in the length
  • Having released the required amount of fishing line, you should release the pressing, and continue to perform work on the injection of the grass

The advantage of the tool with a trimmer line is that this consumable does not require sharpening compared to metal disks. In addition, if a stone or tree comes across the way, then the trimmer line simply breaks down, without having a negative effect on the gearbox and the engine engine, as is the case in the case of metal cutting discs.

Knowing the design and device of the types of mowing or trimmer heads, it is necessary to proceed to the consideration of the process of refueling the trimmer line into the coil of the trimmer. After all, it is precisely this moment that most owners of the Special Instruction causes difficulties.

Block: 4/8 | Summer characters: 1779Source: https: // moiinstrumentu.Ru/uchimsja-pravilno-namatyvat-lesku-na-katushku-trimmera-i-benzokosy-instrukcija-po-ubanovke.HTML

Fishing winding

At the next stage, we wrap the trimmer line, making sure that each end is in our groove. When wound. The ends of the trimmer line must be temporarily inserted into the side grooves.

Then we insert the coil into the head, put the lid on top, straighten the ends of the trimmer line so that they leave the grooves, and then fix everything on the latches.

You can watch in detail about how to wind a trimmer line on the head of a trimmer in the author’s video. This review is prepared on the basis of video from the YouTube channel Hotsem.