How to Put Coil On Hitachi Trimmer

How to Put Coil On Hitachi Trimmer

Hitachi gasoline saws, a wide assortment of which are presented in the domestic market of construction tools, have long been well-deserved fame and in great demand. However, like any tool, they have their own characteristics and requirements. They should be carefully studied before buying the right model.

Producing country

The company is headquartered in Hitachi, Japan. All Hitachi production is also concentrated in this country. The company’s management has repeatedly spoken out against the general trend of moving assembly plants to China, which has cheaper labor.

Hitachi chainsaws: proven for centuries

Hitachi was established at the beginning of the last century, or rather, in 1910 in the small Japanese town of Hitachi. It was founded by the engineer Namikhei Odair, who is considered the designer of the first Japanese electric motor. Until 1932, the young company was engaged in the development and production of electric motors and various electrical appliances: voltmeters, transformers, galvanometers, as well as fans and water turbines. In 1932, Hitachi launched a refrigerator on the market.

Despite the worldwide fame and high quality products, the concern pursues a balanced pricing policy. Today, prices for Hitachi chainsaws depend on a specific model and range from 13,000 to 24,000 rubles.

Features of Hitachi chainsaws:

  • Russian-language manual;
  • Stylish design, ergonomic balanced body;
  • The presence of an "easy start" system and a primer for pumping fuel into the carburetor;
  • High build quality and components at a reasonable price;
  • Effective vibration protection and protection of the operator from an open circuit and rebounds.

About Hitachi Brand

Hitachi, which recently celebrated its centenary, started with innovative projects for the coal industry. Currently, the brand unites about 950 subsidiaries. The scope of their interests includes not only construction tools of a professional and household level, but also modern medical, military, computer and educational technologies.

In the early 2000s, the company began developing environmentally friendly gasoline engines with reduced fuel consumption. Using original New PureFire technologies, Hitachi engineers were able to significantly reduce the weight and dimensions of their chainsaws. The debut HITACHI CS33EB model, which brought the brand recognition in the market for hand-held gasoline saws, weighs only about 3.5 kg.

Then the company concentrated on the production of more powerful gasoline saws of professional and semi-professional classes (HITACHI CS38EK, CS45EM), trying to maximize their service life, reliability and safety. Now Hitachi boldly provides a lifetime warranty on many components and parts of its chainsaws.

Hitachi range of chainsaws

Hitachi produces a lot of chainsaws, but we will consider the most popular six models that break all sales records among the lineup. All of them differ in parameters, technical characteristics, type and cost.

Hitachi CS33EB chainsaw

High-quality spare parts and materials guarantee reliable and long work. To increase the service life, it is important to regularly carry out maintenance and check its serviceability using the Hitachi CS22EB chainsaw manual.

Hitachi CS33EB chainsaw

The Hitachi household chainsaw has an engine with a power of 1.68 horsepower and a cylinder volume of 32.2 cm3, which is optimal for simple tasks. The comfortable weight and tire length of 35 cm makes it easy to saw wood up to 30 cm in diameter without the operator applying special efforts.

Hitachi CS30EH chainsaw

Hitachi mainly produce compact chainsaws with light weight and tire length. The Hitachi CS30EH model is no exception, for which it becomes another favorite when performing household tasks.

Hitachi CS30EH chainsaw

The engine power of 1.8 horsepower allows you to cut dead wood up to 30 cm in diameter in a matter of seconds. And the system of noise and vibration absorption makes working with the instrument even more comfortable.

Hitachi CS38EK chainsaw

This model of a chainsaw deservedly can be called semi-professional in view of its improved technical characteristics and indicators. 2.4 horsepower, 38 engine cubes and 4 kg. The weights make the chainsaw very fast, powerful and productive.

Hitachi CS38EK chainsaw

The tool is also equipped with automatic chain lubrication, noise and vibration damping systems. A powerful engine allows the operator to cut long and long, occasionally making small pauses for refueling.

Hitachi CS40EL chainsaw

A fully professional Hitachi chainsaw, which has an incredibly powerful 2.86 horsepower engine and 43 cubic centimeters. High traction, load compensation and torque make the tool even more productive.

Hitachi CS40EL chainsaw

Even at maximum performance, the operator will be protected from excessive vibration and noise thanks to an even more advanced damping system. Smooth start-up, a 40 cm long tire with a mode switch between summer and winter operation will make the use of the Hitachi chainsaw comfortable and long.

Hitachi CS40EA chainsaw

Hitachi CS40EA was created on the basis and configuration of the previous model, but only with some modifications, so it can also be attributed to Hitachi professional chainsaws.

Hitachi CS40EA chainsaw

An engine upgrade to 40 cubic meters and a vibration damping system, the tire is now 16 inches long and an easy start is installed using S-Start technology.

Hitachi CS51EA chainsaw

Another addition to Hitachi semi-professional chainsaws, which was created for use in construction and logging. The 2500 W and 50 cm3 engine with installed easy-start technology consumes fuel and oil very economically.

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Hitachi CS51EA chainsaw

Thanks to the new Japanese automatic oil supply system, the fluid flow rate for Hitachi saw operation was reduced by 30%, while reducing the level of emission of harmful exhausts. compact dimensions and light weight make the use of chainsaws easy and comfortable.

Maintenance, basic troubleshooting

For the longest possible life without frequent and serious breakdowns, it is important to follow the usage rules and technical features of each Hitachi model. For this reason, before use it is necessary to carefully study the instruction manual.

In the manual you will find any nuances that affect the quality of the tool. It is also recommended that you regularly carry out a technical inspection of the saw equipment yourself or at a service center.

Oil and fuel for Hitachi

The right choice of oil is the key to good work and a long tool life. The chainsaw is equipped with a two-stroke engine, so it requires special Hitachi branded oil. If it is not possible to fill in brand name, it is recommended to resort to high-quality oil for two-stroke engines with anticorrosive qualities.

The manufacturer does not recommend the use of used or mixed BIA or TCW oil.

Pure gasoline is not suitable as fuel for a chainsaw. it is necessary to prepare the fuel mixture. For this you need to use unleaded 89-octave gasoline and the above oil. It is imperative that you strictly adhere to the ratio of components (25 :: 1).

Hitachi gasoline powered saws for the first time

To make the saw work smooth and not cause difficulties, we play a special role the very first launch of the tool. Simply put, the saw should be run in the following way: start the engine, put the tool on the floor or the ground and let it work in this position for a couple of minutes.

Major malfunctions

Hitachi chainsaws are renowned for serviceable and reliable operation without frequent and regular breakdowns. That is why it is difficult to track frequent breakdowns. Even experienced users note that even after several years of service, they cannot identify the shortcomings and shortcomings in the work of the chainsaw.

Hitachi saw chain sharpening

For the best quality of sharpening, it is advisable to contact a service center, where, using special equipment, experienced craftsmen will quickly make the links sharp and ready to work. You can sharpen the chain yourself using a round file in the forward direction, from the inside out.

Technical equipment and features of Hitachi chainsaws

The popularity of Hitachi gasoline saws is largely due to their compact size and relatively low weight with impressive power. They are ideal for work in confined spaces, and thanks to high-strength materials, they cope with increased loads.

Another important innovation of Hitachi engineers is the horizontal cylinder, which allows you to move the center of gravity and make the saw balance more comfortable.

In addition, each model is equipped with a proprietary easy-start system, primer and automatic chain lubrication. No less attention is paid to the safety provided by the inertial brake and chain catcher.

Video review chain chainsaw Hitachi

Hitachi CS33EB chainsaw presentation:

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Advantages and disadvantages of the Hitachi chainsaw


  • High build quality;
  • High performance with low tool weight;
  • Reliable proprietary engine, parts of which are made of high-strength anti-corrosion materials;
  • Effective multi-point anti-vibration system on metal springs;
  • The New Pure Fire system reduces emissions and saves fuel;
  • Convenient location of management tools;
  • The presence of a primer for pumping fuel;
  • The body of the Hitachi chainsaw is made of high-quality impact-resistant plastic.


  • Dear original spare parts;
  • Needs high-quality fuel and lubricants;
  • Some users complain about the inconvenient location of the chain tensioner.

Chainsaw Disadvantages

Hitachi gasoline saws, for all their high technology, are not too picky, but they need high-quality fuel and lubricants and regular maintenance.

Also, the owner of the chainsaw must be prepared for the high cost of repairs and branded spare parts.

Alexey Lovchev, 28 years old, Leningrad Region:

My Hitachi CS33EB is already seven years old. Until now, the engine has not been disassembled. it starts perfectly on both cold and hot. Sawing any wood species briskly, the main thing is that the chain is sharpened well. Yes, in terms of power, it may not suit everyone, but for repairs, going to picnics, pruning a garden and harvesting a small amount of firewood, it is quite suitable. I note a very low level of vibration, even when working with one hand, the saw does not throw and does not lead to the side. In my configuration, for some reason there was no gear stop, although chainsaws of this model are usually equipped with them.

Anton Ivlev, 52 years old, Pskov region:

We needed a powerful, hardy chainsaw in the economy. After several weeks of searching, I chose the Hitachi CS40EL. First of all, the fact that the tool was made in Japan attracted. I use for cutting logs, mainly birch and oak. Engine power is enough, it does not consume excess fuel, there is no special vibration. As for the shortcomings, there are, in my opinion, two of them. Firstly, the chain tensioner is not conveniently located (at least for me), and secondly, the air filter could be made better.

Advantages: reliable engine, economical, starts well, low vibration;

Disadvantages: inconvenient location of the chain tensioner, low-quality air filter

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Possible malfunctions and repairs

When operating Hitachi chainsaws, the following problems are most common:

  1. Unstable operation of the engine (or the saw starts and immediately stalls). Often this happens due to imbalance, contamination or other carburetor malfunctions. To solve the problem, this engine assembly must be adjusted and, if necessary, cleaned.
  2. The chainsaw will not start. In this case, it is recommended to clean or replace the spark plug. With a hot engine, this problem often occurs if the engine is flooded. You can solve it by removing excess fuel from the cylinder.
  3. Engine power dropped. The reason most likely lies in the clogged or malfunctioning muffler. It must be cleaned or replaced, if necessary.
  4. Strong vibration or extraneous noise during operation. In this case, it is recommended to check and tighten all the mounting bolts, as well as replace the vibration damping springs.
  5. Deteriorated saw performance. Perhaps the problem is a dull chain that needs to be sharpened.

Chainsaws competitors

No less popular in the market of household and semi-professional saws are similar models from the manufacturers Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo and Makita.

Hitachi CS33EB, Stihl MS 170 and Echo CS-352ES have almost the same engine power, which is quite enough to solve the most common household tasks. And for additional horsepower Makita DCS4610-40, Stihl MS 180 and Husqvarna 135, the buyer will have to pay extra.

Hitachi chainsaws are far superior in weight to the competition by offering the lightest and most compact models in their class. In second place are Stihl chainsaws (MS 180, MS 170). Husqvarna saws are not only the heaviest, but also bulky.

For ease of use, Hitachi chainsaws are also on the leaderboard. Unlike Stihl models, they have a convenient way to chain tighten and practical nylon air filters. A toothed support that facilitates the work, but is rarely included in the starting equipment, is available for chainsaws from Stihl and Echo, but it is made of plastic. reliable metal construction, which have Hitachi saws.

Hitachi, Husqvarna and Echo are equipped with a swap primer, which allows you to start the tool easily and with the lowest energy consumption.

In comparison with competing samples, we can conclude that Hitachi chainsaws have a more reliable and convenient design, are practical in operation, but are often inferior in power to similar models from other manufacturers.

I have a lot of trees on the plot with dried branches. Every year you need to climb up to cut. With a big and heavy saw you don’t jump like that. Therefore, for me personally, Hitachi cs30 was the best solution. We have been cooperating with her for three years. This is the thing! To the best of choosy and very hardy. No complaints, sheer delight. There were problems with finding a branded tire, but it was easily replaced with an analogue in quality.


The Chinese assembly repels, so Stihl and Huskvarnu did not consider. I got Hitachi CS33EB. an inexpensive and, as it turned out, quite reliable chainsaw. He built a house from a bar of 100 to 100 mm. with such a bar, the saw coped easily and quickly. Even with dense or frozen wood. And if you do not use the saw for a long time, manual pumping of fuel helps. In general, the engine thrust was enough for me, but for uninterrupted operation in the cold it is better to fill winter oil or dilute with gasoline what is available.



It’s not the first year that Hitachi chainsaws have been successfully competing in the construction tools market. Their maneuverability and high-tech approach of developers allow us to solve the most complex problems. But the buyer should consider the low power of some models and the high cost of after-sales service. However, the company took care of the unification of its saws, and finding a suitable budget item will not be difficult if necessary.