How to put knives on a rotary mower


Unfortunately, most owners of trailers and mini tractors do not always use them to their full extent, and in order to mow the lawn or field they hire other equipment. Although, it is quite possible to do this with a rotary mower. The cost of such a tool is prohibitively high, so it is much more profitable to build it yourself. How to make a rotary mower from improvised means, we will consider further.

Rotary mower with your own hands

The design of a home-made rotary mower for a mini tractor includes knives that ensure mowing of grass. The knives are fixed on a special disk device. A power shaft is used to provide movement. Sliding the mower on the surface of the ground is carried out using the lower discs.

For the manufacture of a welded frame, use corners, it is possible to use old scrap metal. To save time on making knives, use an old rotor from a tractor. But, in this case, in order to improve traction and make the mower more efficient, the tractor rotor should be shortened by a few centimeters from 2 to 4, depending on the power of the minitractor. This mower model has a cant height of no more than 350 mm.

For self-construction of the rotor, you should take a metal sheet and cut out two circles in the form of disks from it, each with a diameter of 390 mm. To save on the purchase of a metal sheet, it is possible to use the bottom from an old barrel. In the center, legs are welded to the discs, ensuring their rotation. Due to the influence of centrifugal force, the process of mowing the grass will be carried out.

Carefully monitor the strength of the fastening during the welding of the legs, since the connections must be as reliable as possible.

A disc taken from a peeling device is suitable as a lower support; its diameter should not exceed forty-five centimeters. An old metal pipe with a cross section of no more than three centimeters is suitable as an axial shaft. To manufacture the structure, the presence of bearings 80 106 is also required. A hole should be provided in the pipe section for installing the lower bearing, a second bearing is installed on the surface of the pulleys. This requires a welded pulley.

On the previously prepared shaft, put on the disc, which already has knives. Then, using a welder, weld the pulley to the pipe. Rotation of the structure will be carried out by two bearings.

This model of a rotary mower is characterized by the presence of a grip of 1.10-1.15 cm, while the number of shaft revolutions reaches 1500 pieces. The mower should be installed and then welded onto a welded frame made of metal corners. To ensure safe operation, care must be taken to install the cover. It is recommended to install an additional bearing at the junction of the tractor and the mower, directly at the point where the belt is connected to the figure eight, which will make this connection more durable and provide softness in the operation of the mower, in addition, the friction of the belt will be reduced.

To simplify this model of a rotary mower, the lower disc should be welded directly to the metal structure from the corner.

Tip: In the absence of skills in working with a welding machine, it is better to entrust this procedure to an experienced welder in order to avoid damage to the device and make it more durable in operation.

This model of a rotary mower allows mowing at a speed of 8-12 km per hour. A fast mowing process will crumble the grass, a slower one. holistic. Such a mower is able to cut vegetation by 6-8 cm.It is used for mowing grass or removing weeds from household plots.

Homemade rotary mower from scrap materials

Materials for making:

knives, rotary, mower
  • four wheels of the same size, up to 45 cm in diameter;
  • two axles for mounting wheels;
  • a metal sheet;
  • the bottom of an old metal barrel;
  • four knives;
  • nuts and screws for fixing knives;
  • welding machine;
  • chainsaw;
  • handle for control or pipe for making it.

Instead of wheels, it is possible to use an old baby carriage with metal wheels. A chainsaw is fixed on it, which will rotate the so-called rotor.

A temporary transfer from the pulleys will help to replace the tire. A metal sheet is installed on the lower part of the stroller, which must be cut out with an angle grinder, in accordance with the dimensions of the stroller. In addition, it is necessary to cut the bottom in the form of a disc from a metal barrel. Cut out a casing from another barrel or improvised means, which will have a diameter slightly larger than the disc. It is possible to manufacture an aluminum canopy that will help to lay the cut grass. A handle is used to control the mower, if there is one from a stroller, use it, otherwise, build a handle yourself. Attach knives to the disk, make sure the connections are tight. Further, all parts are assembled by welding. First, a metal sheet is attached to the stroller, then a casing is fixed on its surface and a disc is inserted into it. During the start of the chainsaw, this mechanic rotates and mows the grass.

  • The principle of operation of a rotary mower
  • Features of rotary mowers
  • Rotary mower with your own hands
  • Homemade rotary mower from scrap materials
  • The cost of purchased rotary mowers
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The principle of operation of a rotary mower

There are a wide variety of mowers on the market for agricultural tools today. It is the rotary devices that are most popular. Thanks to their design, they have high productivity and are easy to use both on a large tractor and on a trailer.

The principle of operation of a rotary mower is to produce rotary movements in a rotor that has a round shape.

The rotary mower has the form of a rectangular bar, to which rotors with knives are attached. It is they who are responsible for the correct cutting of plants.

Rotary mowers have become very popular due to their economy. The fact is that these devices use direct energy that comes from the tractor. Therefore, they do not need to generate a certain type of energy for their work. At the same time, productivity increases several times. These mowers are used in the process of mowing grass, weeds, lodged plants, they are called not only rotary, but also rotary.

If we compare a rotary mower with alternative options, then the first one. Efficiency is more than 70%, while others have up to 40%.

The rotary mower is attached to a transport device, which is a tractor, mini tractor or tiller.

There are three types of such mowers, these are devices:

  • trailed type;
  • semi-mounted type;
  • mounted type.

Rotary mowers of the first type are attached to the transport using a three-point scheme, so there is a possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination of the device.

Mounted mowers are ideal for working on small plots of land. The use of semi-mounted devices is recommended on huge areas, and trailed rotary mowers are used to work on uneven ground.

The rotary mower has a fairly wide range of applications. She perfectly mows the grass for its further laying in the rollers. In addition, rotary mowers are distinguished, which not only mow the grass, but also chop and collect it. The principle of operation of such a device consists in cutting plants, feeding them to special knives, which carry out shredding, transportation in a container.

Features of rotary mowers

In general, there are several types of mowers for mini tractors or tillers that you can build yourself. Since it is in this way that it will be possible to achieve the greatest savings in money, and at the same time get a high-quality tool.

Mowers that are made at home are:

Brush Hog Rotary Mower Stump Bump and Blade Removal. Ranch Hand Tips

  • rotary;
  • trailed;
  • segmental.

The basis for a rotary mower is a metal welded structure in the form of a frame. For its manufacture, the presence of metal corners with a standard size of 40×40 mm is required. Body sections are installed on the structure to fix the wheels. After that, you should independently choose the type of working part, which depends on the place of work of this tool.

Rotary mower

  • chainsaw gear chains;
  • two discs removed from the seed drill.

Use only hardened steel for knives. Each disc must have four knives.

The cost of a rotary mower, first of all, depends on its working width. In addition, the price is influenced by:

knives, rotary, mower
  • number of rotors;
  • the quality of the material used in the manufacturing process;
  • manufacturing firm;
  • appointment;
  • availability of additional functions;
  • mower type;
  • rotational speed;
  • the height of the grass she mows;
  • weight, etc.

The average cost of a rotary mower for a tiller is from 100. At the same time, it is equipped with two rotors, has a capacity of 3500 rpm. The working width of such a mower is 80 cm.

The cost of a rotary mower for a minitractor is from 300 At the same time, it has a slightly large grip and dimensions. Also, such mowers are characterized by higher productivity and are suitable for processing medium-sized areas.

A rotary mower for a tractor is much more expensive, its average price is 1500. At the same time, the working width is doubled or even tripled. This equipment is designed to work on large areas of land.

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Choosing a mower for a tiller

Published June 15

To date, almost no farm can do without such machinery and equipment as mini tractor. cultivator and various attachments to them, in particular, a mower, because it is simply necessary for mowing grass. Accordingly, almost every farmer will have to choose such attachments as a mowing machine for a tiller. Since there are several types of mowers, within the framework of this article we will try to consider them in more detail.

Rotary mounted mower for tiller

An important role in choosing a mower is played by the relief, size and vegetation of your site. If it grows low grasses or grain crops, then the Zarya rotary mower will do. For a tiller, it is the best budget option. Such a mower mows well on a flat area or with a deviation of no more than 20 degrees. The principle of operation is to rotate discs mounted on rotors.

Pluses of a rotary mower:

  • the cut grass is laid in swaths;
  • simple disc design;
  • easy to repair.
  • traumatic in operation;
  • when working, you must always be on the lookout so as not to damage the knives with stones.

Many landowners buy a rotary mower due to the fact that the knives can be installed in different ways (front or rear).

Tiller mower: choose wisely

Tiller owners are always faced with a choice when purchasing attachments for their helper. It is not cheap, so you need to approach its acquisition responsibly.

How to properly place the knives on a rotary mower

  • Homemade mower for tiller, characteristics and description
  • Homemade rotary mower for tiller
  • Homemade segment mower for tiller
  • How to connect a homemade mower to a tiller

To facilitate the physical labor of a person on a personal plot, more than a hundred different sheds to the tiller are offered. But not everyone can afford to buy such equipment, because its cost is not cheap. The article describes a homemade tiller mower, the pros and cons of popular designs. When assembling such a mower, the most important thing is to get a safe and high-quality model. To make a mower for a tiller with their own hands, they usually use improvised units from agricultural machinery. After all, the main goal pursued by the creators of a homemade mower is to save money and achieve maximum results. Some models that ordinary gardeners come up with often surprise professionals with their idea and simplicity of design.

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Usually, home-made mowers for a tiller, construct a frontal type: a rotary mower, a segment mower and a carriage mower.

The welded frame is the basis for the segment and rotary mowers. It is made from metal corners, 4×4 cm in size. For the wheel axle, the bearing housings are mounted on the frame. Then the working part of the mower of the selected type is made.

Reviews of the mower Z-169 Wirax

Multifunctional mini tractors are slowly entering the life of the country house, and perhaps the most pressing problem is mowing grass. This is not surprising since the grass grows all over the place and you don’t need to plant it.

For mowing the grass of mini-tractors, segment mowers and discs are used. over, disc mowers are more efficient. Among the offered options for disc mowers. the most reliable and efficient rotary mowers Wirax 1.3 made in Poland. This small disc mower is designed for 20 horsepower mini tractors.

For large tractors, Wirax disc mowers with a grab are manufactured. 1.65 and 1.85 meters. Wirax Z069 / 1. is made with a short arm for small mini-tractors and weighs 280 kg. Undoubtedly, not all mini-tractors are suitable with a large shoulder mower, since its weight is 300 kg, but its reliability lies in the use of cardan shafts and bearings, which do not differ very much. Wirax. 1.35 is designed for cutting high-yielding and powdery grasses and is suspended from the rear on tractors of the tractor’s articulated system.

The mower has two discs that rotate, from left to right, and from right to left, as a result, when mowing grass, they are inserted into the swaths for the convenience of further processing. The Wirax mower is equipped with a protective cover and a cardan shaft.

But let’s see what mower users have to say, taken from the popular Farmer forum: “Yesterday I mowed a Virax 1.35 mower with a DF244. I cut about 1.5 hectares a day. The field is unfamiliar, weeds, the height of the cow is 2 meters, in some places it was higher than in the cabin. On the 3rd lowered, on the 4th lowered tractor, it is hard, probably due to thick heavy grass.
1. I reiterate the recommendation to turn the blades upside down. So /-. Carrying a knife less. Only 2 knives per 1 plate, not 4. Knives that we move from one plate to another. they start working with a different cutting edge.
2. Cloth protection prevents it from happening. He waved a frame, and it had a banner cover on it. It gets in the way, you can’t see what’s going on, and contributes to the filling of thick grass between the drums. I only realized this from the black smoke from the chimney. The cover was removed nafig, well, I didn’t buy.
3. and unfamiliar area, it is convenient to mow the first passes from the front. We lower the bucket, bucket as low as possible, take the grass if there are obstacles. immediately felt. Then we go in circles on the newly cut strip.
4. There were nests, earthen stumps from meadow dogs. carries fluff. Bushes, birch shoots 1.5-2 centimeters in diameter. cuts without noticing.
5. To protect against obstacles (springs), you must pull out up to 5 centimeters from the maximum free position. otherwise small field irregularities are often taken into account.
6. I was glad that I took the DF with the cab. It will be very inconvenient to mow without a cab, mowing the grass dries out from the lawn mower, and a lot of scribes are raised.
7. The mower should always be scattered in neutral, smoothly and then started. “

“At that time, I was brought to Poland by a segment mower for 100, 800 UAH, after I completely swallowed it, mowed well, but it needs a level platform and standing grass, which was very afraid of hitting the ground on the cutting device, it worked for two seasons and sold for 350, after that I bought a new rotary cutter and forgot about all the problems associated with irregularities, ground from dug moles, grassy grass, etc. If there is a better opportunity to raise money and take it immediately, I recommend.

“Thank you, today I tried to mow, squinting normally, but very low (it cuts off any irregularities, hummocks), but how do I hold the grip with the mower? Fully descend or rise above the ground and how much distance? “

Description of devices

It is worth starting with the fact that the very word mower speaks for itself.

Rotary mowers at mtz are a device that allows you to mow the vegetation cover of fields and meadows, be it weeds or agricultural crops, which must be disposed of.

Often in everyday life you can hear the synonymous definition of a rotary mower as a disc mower, which only allows us to state: the functioning of the current equipment is due to discs, which perform the main function of mowing.

Usually the rotary type of the device can be seen in the coupling with a vehicle, as a rule, it is a tractor. The mower is attached to the vehicle by trailed, mounted or semi-mounted equipment.

The distribution of rotary-type mowers according to the arrangement of the cutting device, which can be fixed in front, behind or on the side, proceeds in a similar way.

The mower comes into working condition due to the movement of the wheels.

If you visually imagine the device of a rotary mower, then it will be as follows: a support wheel with cutting parts is fixed on a metal frame. By driving, the support wheel automatically makes the cutting system work, which, in principle, is mowing. One of the brightest representatives of these units is the Polish rotary mower 1.85, information about which you can find here.

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Based on the models and variations of this equipment, the mower can have 2-3 knives attached to the supporting wheel with a triangle (at the back, as well as at the front and side). This will significantly increase labor productivity.

At the same time, the standard ones also have very high output rates.


A self-made mower from the rear axle with your own hands is useless without mowing knives, which are fixed on a disk-type device. The movement is carried out by the power shaft. Bottom discs allow the device to glide on grass.

According to the technical characteristics of Kamaz 4310, it is able to overcome even uneven areas, which are beyond the power of some all-terrain vehicles.

The machine for sharpening chainsaw chains is a necessary thing that will come in handy on the farm and therefore it is worth approaching the choice of this unit with all responsibility. This article will help you in this difficult matter.

Few people know that you can assemble chainsaw attachments with your own hands, are you interested? Follow the link // and find out more.

Frame production can be carried out with corners from old scrap. It is better to make knives from an old rotary machine from a tractor, which will significantly save money. However, to improve traction and performance, it is worth shortening the rotor by two to four centimeters, based on the power of the vehicle.

Self-creation of the rotor will require a sheet of metal and two disc-shaped circles cut from it, with a diameter of 390 mm. In the middle of the discs, it is worth welding the legs, allowing them to rotate. In turn, the centrifugal force to cope with the mowing.

For the lower support. a disc from a peeling device 45 cm in diameter. The axial shaft will be an old pipe up to 3mm in diameter. The design requires bearing 80 106. The tube must be pre-drilled to accommodate the bearing mechanism. You will also need a welded pulley.

A disc with knives should be put on the previously prepared shaft. Next, the pulley is welded to the tube with a welding machine. 2 typical bearings will be responsible for the rotation of this design.

The current model of this mower will grip 1.1-1.15 cm, and the number of revolutions will be 1500 pcs. If your area is dominated by weeds, then we advise you not to save money and purchase a special lawn mower for tall grass.

First, the mower is installed and welded onto the welded frame. Work can be secured by installing a casing.

The model can also be simplified by welding the lower disc to the metal structure from the corner.

Materials (edit)

  • 4 wheels, up to 45cm in diameter;
  • 2 mounting axles;
  • Metal sheet;
  • 4 knives;
  • screws with nuts for fixing;
  • metal barrel with a bottom;
  • welding machine;
  • handle or control tube.

Wheels can always be replaced with elements of an old stroller if it has metal wheels. The chainsaw will be fixed there, performing the rotation of the rotor.

The transfer from the pulleys (temporary) cope with the replacement of the tire. At the bottom of the stroller, we install a sheet of metal, a pre-cut angle grinder, according to the appropriate dimensions. In addition, it is worth taking care of the bottom, which is cut in the shape of a circle from a metal barrel. Another barrel will become or improvised means will become the basis for the casing, with a diameter a little more than a disc.

How To Install A Lawn Mower Blade Properly. Video

It will not be superfluous to make a visor from aluminum sheets. It will allow you to stack the cut grass. The mower is controlled on the basis of the handle, if it is on the wheelchair, you can use it, if not, build it by your own efforts.

Next is the attachment of knives to the disk, here it is worth monitoring the reliability of all connections. I would like to note that assembling a lawn mower knife with your own hands is as easy as shelling pears and will not require any additional financial costs from you. The next step is to assemble all the parts. In this case, welding is the best solution. First, a sheet of metal is fixed and the casing is fixed to the surface, and a disc is inserted inside. When you start the chainsaw, it rotates and, accordingly, the grass is mowed.

How to assemble a rotary mower

The rotary mower is selected taking into account the characteristics of the cultivated land. Models for a tiller and a mini tractor differ in transportation methods, dimensions, functionality. Any rotary lawn mower is designed for mowing grass.

Polish rotary mowers

Knives for a rotary mower polish

Knives for 2 disc rotary mower Polish “WIRAX” (Virax)

Spare parts for forage equipment:

I sell knives for rotary, disc mowers Wirax (Polish) from a warehouse in Kazan

Available in a warehouse in Kazan knives for rotary, disc mowers (Polish, Rostselmash)

Suitable for all types of rotary mowers made in Poland and not only.

Pick-up width, m

The size of the formed rolls (dxh), m

Compaction density, kg / m3

It is aggregated with a tractor

Available in a warehouse in Kursk.

Please note that there is always a large number of knives and segments of German production in stock in Kursk for almost any imported agricultural machinery. In addition, we can offer at good original spare parts for many European brands, such as Manitou, GaspŠ°rdo, Kuhn, Kverneland, Vaderstad and many others.

Mower blades Claas Disco

952042.0 and 952041.0 right / left

Buy knives for the SAMASZ mower (105.115), knives for the KRONE mower, knives for the KVERNELAND mower, drum knife for the JF-FCT forage harvester.