How to put the wheels from the machine on a single-axle tractor

Wheels for the “Neva” power tiller

Moto-block “Neva” is one of the most common and quite versatile species. Regardless of what work is done on them, it is impossible to work on this power tiller without wheels and attachments. The choice for this model is quite extensive, given the versatility of this unit and a truly popular love for it.

Allocate the following types of wheels for the motor-block “Neva”:

  • Pneumatic wheels, they are complete with a moto tire, a tube, a wheel hub of a moto cultivator and a disc. Pneumatic wheels are installed on the gearbox shaft so that the tops of the studs are located in the direction of movement.
  • Metal, or grousers, are used to increase traction through greater traction with the ground. There are wide, high and narrow types of metal wheels. In addition, metal wheels with paddles, spikes, and other devices are used for various types of tillage.

In general, the wheels installed on the “Neva” can be classified as follows:

  • Transport 4 0x8. are used for transporting loads on motor blocks, installing them on trailers, moving motor blocks on the roads. They are characterized by a relatively small diameter and tire pressure, with a width of about 4 inches;
  • Track extension kits, consisting of two stoppers and several extensions, their function is to extend the track. It is optimal to buy a set of extensions that allow you to install wide wheels on a single-axle tractor;
  • traction wheels 16×6 50 8, installed as a set, are used for traction works. Tires are tubeless, so they do not fail due to over-pumping, have an outside diameter of about 16 inches and a working pressure of four atmospheres;
  • KUM-540, 680 grousers for tilling, H grousers for plowing. Allows ideal passing through the soft and heavy soils. It is also recommended to additionally equip them with weights.

Oka wheels on GBM-087-30-310 single axle tractor

Adjusting the inner diameter of the hub. 25 or 30 mm Full length of the hub. 240-310 mm (does not require additional extensions, due to its length is installed rather tightly directly on the gearbox shaft, which minimizes distortion and runout of the wheels than when using conventional axle extensions with standard hubs in each of which unfortunately huge gaps that give great distortion) Hole for locking pin. 10 mm. Boltage holes fixing the wheels of motoblock: 3h98. to install the wheels Oka, centering shoulder D 58 mm, holes for a stud or bolt M12 (It is possible to produce threaded holes M12h1, 25 to install the car studs, with a thickened version of the flange. (It is possible to change the length of these hubs under your required wheel track, as well as the size of fixing holes, wheel flange diameter and the thickness of the flange for any wheel or nail nut by agreement with the customer) Outer diameter of the disk. 126 mm. Thickness of plate after machining. 6 mm (disc is turned from 10 mm plate only after welding to hub, to eliminate run-out and to keep perpendicularity of plane of disc and wheel mounting to axis of rotation, thickness of centering shoulder. 4 mm, diameter of shoulder. 58 mm). The wall thickness of the bushing. 10 mm (The bushing is made from a solid round bar with a diameter of 50 mm, material St. 35, the seating hole on the gearbox shaft is turned by a cutter to the size of 300,15 mm for tight installation on the gearbox shaft with a minimum clearance)

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This hub is used to connect the output shaft of a motor-block 25 and 30 mm in diameter with a variety of flange groundhooks and motor-block or car wheels, without the use of adapters and extensions, it replaces the standard conventional extensions and conventional hubs motor-block but is many times superior in quality and service life, which ultimately reduces the load on the gearbox and the cost of its repair. Can be used on all models of power tillers with round gear shafts D 25 or 30 mm, and on request also with hexagonal joint.

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Supply includes: Whisker hub for Oka wheels GBM-087-30-310. 2 pcs.

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How to choose the right wheels for a power tiller

To date, manufacturers produce a variety of wheels, designed for installation on agricultural equipment. There are three types of wheels for the power tiller:

On the market you can meet as universal wheels, which are suitable for the unit of any brand, and special, suitable for a particular modification of the power tiller.

What to pay attention to when choosing wheels?

  • Operating conditions play a decisive role in the choice:
  • type of soil. for work on clay and viscous soils, light pneumatic wheels or grousers are suitable, for other types of soil solid rubber wheels are also suitable;
  • weather conditions. when using a power tiller in winter to clear snow or ride on ice, it is better to use twin wheels of the same type and diameter, this design will ensure good passability and exclude slippage;
  • the purpose of using the unit. for harvesting, planting and ditching on normal soil, pneumatic wheels with deep tread are best, and for plowing virgin land. cast rubber ones.
  • When choosing new wheels for an agricultural unit that are not designed for a specific model, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the diameter of the seating.
  • Also when buying, remember that the tread pattern of the right and left wheels and the arrows on the end of the tire should point in the same direction.
  • To increase the maneuverability of the power tiller, you can install extensions on the wheels, which are sold in different sizes, from 20 to 37.5 centimeters.

How to put wheels from Zhiguli on a single axle tractor

Many farmers ask how to install the wheels for a power tiller with their own hands. The power tillers are indispensable in the country plots and fields: they are convenient for plowing, planting root crops, transportation of goods, cleaning the soil of leaves, grass and snow. Sometimes the basic set of equipment, including wheels, do not fit the motocultivator. You can change the running gear yourself by choosing the right wheels for your power tiller.

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How to put wheels from Zhiguli on a single axle tractor. special equipment

Buying rubber wheels in a store, strictly focus on the tasks you set for them.

First of all, focus on the width of the wheel, it should be about 200 mm, and the diameter. 400 mm.

It is especially important to observe these parameters if you intend to use a single-axle tractor both for plowing the soil and for planting potatoes or other vegetables.

Observe width between rows. For planting vegetable crops, keep it within 50-70 cm, so as not to interfere with the passage of machinery.

FARM SHOW. Single Axle Remote-Controlled Tractor

Wide wheels will not work for cultivating crops with a power harvester. You need to choose narrower models. These wheels will easily pass between the rows and will not hurt the crops.

In recent years pneumatic wheels for power tillers have become very popular on the market. They are made of semi-soft rubber, have different diameters, and are suitable for machinery with a load capacity of up to 12 tons.

Practical solution for your power tiller will be universal wheels, which will fit any foreign and domestic models of equipment, as well as chamber type wheels with the size of 100-250 mm. The average cost of such a purchase will cost you 90. The kit includes bolts for mounting, tires and rims.

Chamber wheels with dimensions of 127-305 mm are recognized as no less popular option on the market. Such modification can be found in the set with light motor blocks Kentavr, Zubr, Aurora, etc. They are suitable for coupling with equipment weighing from 20 kg. The average cost of such a set is about 120.

In addition, there are chamber type wheels with other sizes. 150-305 mm. These variants are more suitable for heavy machinery.

They can be found in a set with power tillers Zubr, Kentavr, Forte, Aurora, Dobrynya. Such equipment has a mass from 120 kg and is equipped with a water cooling system.

In the kit you will also find bolts for mounting, cameras, slopes and disks. Such wheels will be a little more expensive, about 130-140 dollars.

How to attach car wheels to power tillers. What wheels are needed for the cultivator.

Wheels for a power tiller.Grip wheels with your own hands.

How to choose a running gear for a power tiller

Let’s consider how to choose wheels for homemade. It is necessary to take into account the operating conditions of machinery, which will allow you to choose the correct product from one or another machine. Rubber goes well on the soft ground and on a flat surface, and for difficult soils it is recommended to use grundozatels.

For diesel motocultivators it is necessary to use metal wheels with aggressive tread and a large diameter of discs.

If Zhiguli products are not suitable, then the running gear for a power tiller should be chosen according to such parameters:

  • diameter. at least 40 cm;
  • width. within the limits of 20 cm
  • aggressive pattern;
  • whole chambers, no taped areas or damage allowed. it will be quite unpleasant when the machine breaks down during work in the field, where it will be difficult to carry out repairs.
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For stony soils and soil that can damage the wheels, only a solid undercarriage should be used.

Be sure to put a support wheel, which helps optimize work in the field, especially during plowing.

The wheels that the mechanic wants to put on himself must be of excellent quality.

To ensure a high level of performance, the power and capacity of the power tiller must be considered.

How to put on Zhiguli wheels

If there are old spare parts from the Zhiguli, there are two options for using them. The first step is the creation of a disc-based undercarriage. This procedure requires the following procedure:

  • Take out and clean the discs;
  • In a certain order, weld the plates, which will perform the role of grousers;
  • Set the trailing arms with weights and extensions on the base.

If pneumatic tires from Zhiguli are used, it is advisable to put winter rubber on a single-axle tractor, which is more aggressive and has greater cross-country capability. If a single-axle tractor is used for a large area of work, you need to use a mating version or extend the axle by installing parts from a Zhiguli.

Selection criteria

Any gardening equipment comes in several variations. The undercarriage for a power tiller is no exception to this rule. If you look at the assortment of any store that sells parts for power tillers, you can see that there are three varieties of wheels:

  • Pneumatic. Such products have a rubber tire and a tube.
  • Rubber. Monolithic construction, which consists of a rim and durable rubber.
  • Grit hooks. Metal elements, aimed at increasing the cross-country capability of machinery.

The difficulty in choosing the right one is to determine the operating conditions of the machine. If, for example, you want to work a clay area or wet soil, it is advisable to use a tire tread.

A single-axle tractor with ordinary rubber wheels will not perform well in hard conditions. In addition, attention should be paid to the wheel radius and tread pattern.

Wheelsets are quick-change equipment, so it makes sense to buy two kinds of undercarriage. For example, flat toothed shoes and pneumatic tires. This makes it possible to work with the machine in different weather conditions.

Which wheels are compatible with a single axle tractor?? Here it depends on the intended use of the machine. If you need the machine for planting and harvesting work, you can go for pneumatic wheels.

These products are best suited for work on soft ground. The recommended radius is about 40 centimeters. In doing so, we recommend choosing wheels with deep tread, which will increase maneuverability and passability.

For primary tillage of virgin land and stony soils, it is best to use cast tires. They receive almost no mechanical damage due to the lack of an inner tube.

However, these elements have an increased weight, so they are installed on medium and heavy power tillers.

Tines not only increase flotation ability of the machine, but also its efficiency. The tines penetrate into the soil, creating additional force to push the machine in a given direction.

These elements are mainly used for plowing on large tracts of land. It is not practical to use the trailing arm on a small garden plot.