How to Redo a 12 Volt Angle Grinder

Quite often in everyday life there is a need to reprofile work tools. This also applies to the situation when it is necessary to use an angle grinder, but there is none. A drill, gasoline or saw can come to the rescue, depending on which tool is available.

How to Redo a 12 Volt Angle Grinder

A simple and effective way to get an angle grinder from a saw

angle grinder from a drill (Video)

For such a conversion, you will need the following tools at hand:

Before starting the conversion, you need to make sure that the drill itself will not be needed in the near future. And then just follow the step by step instructions:

  1. Choose a nozzle for a future angle grinder.
  2. Take a bar of steel of small diameter and grind one of its edges. This action is necessary for better entry directly into the nozzle. Also, for a better hitch, slightly sharpen the places that will be in contact with the petals of the cartridge and the bar itself.
  3. Fix all the elements.

Quick and easy way to create an angle grinder

There is a second, more complex way to achieve the desired result.

  1. The cartridge is removed from the drill. For an angle grinder, it is not required, so it can be cleaned, lubricated and stored.
  2. Choose a nozzle for the future tool. It would be better if it was a part made of durable steel, a lightweight version would not be appropriate here.
  3. Bar selection. It is necessary so long that 1.8-1.9 cm of its part protrudes beyond the drill. Next, one of its ends should be ground with a rasp, so that the result is a rod that perfectly matches the nest in the nozzle itself. Before the joint, it is worth smearing its ends with machine oil for better passage.
  4. The ball bearing is mounted in place for output. A rod will be threaded through it with further fixation at the base. If this step is not required, the rod is fixed in its place.

Video: How to Redo a 12 Volt Angle Grinder

Following the instructions, an angle grinder is obtained in 1-2 hours

You can make an angle grinder this way in a few hours and at the same time get the necessary tool.

chainsaw and saw angle grinder (Video)

The easiest way to make a do-it-yourself angle grinder is to convert it from a gas or saw. As a result, the finished device

Disc work for angle grinder

will have several advantages:

  • The possibility of battery life.
  • High power.
  • The cost of operation.

When creating an angle grinder, you must reduce the risk of disk breakage. For these purposes, the saw is equipped with a special protective cover. It is also worth reducing the number of revolutions with a speed reducer.

12 volt angle grinder (Video)

In order to use an electric tool on the road, it is necessary to convert its power of 12 Volts to 220. Thus, you can power it from a car in which a direct current with a voltage of 12 Volts flows, by installing a special injector.

The process of connecting an angle grinder to a 12-volt battery

Low-power injectors should be connected to the cigarette lighter, there are no special requirements. The only nuances are:

  • Use under temperature conditions from 15 to 50 0 C and medium humidity.
  • Do not allow devices to work in direct sunlight.
  • Do not use for storage under the seats, as the injector will heat up during operation. For its cooling, unhindered passage of air is necessary.

A more powerful injector is recommended to be connected to the battery terminals. In this case, it is forbidden to turn on the ignition or motor if the injector is mounted on a non-removable battery.

You can make an angle grinder from a wide variety of tools that everyone has at hand. Thanks to the briefing, the work is done with your own hands in just a couple of hours.