How to redo icebrow under a screwdriver. Features of care

How to remake icebour tonar for a screwdriver

An important inventory for fans of ice fishing is ice. He replaced the old pedestals with which our forefathers made holes in the ice. Now fishermen are offered a huge number of models that differ in design and technical features. The choice of ice discovery is depending on the intensity of use. Our rating presents the best ice discovers, which were like Russian fishermen.

Now you can highlight three groups of ice.Blocks for fishing.

Manual models are made both in the Russian Federation and in the Scandinavian countries. Products imported from other countries are distinguished by impeccable adjustment of corners and sharpening knives. But the highest cost and rotation to the right side often becomes a stumbling block for Russian fishermen. The harsh competitiveness of the Swedish and Finnish models are ice.Blocks from Barnaul and St. Petersburg.

ICECOURS with electric power are gaining popularity. To do this, with the help of an adapter (adapter), a battery is installed Squad. Only store the battery in a warm place so that it does not lose its power.

Motorized equipment is required when the thickness of the ice is large, and a lot of holes must be done for fishing. The gasoline engine will do all the hard work for the fisherman, who just needs to start the tool and click on the gas.

Mora Ice Arctic

Opens our rating of the best ice blocks for winter fishing model Mora Ice Arctic. Who does not understand the ice blocks, if not to the Scandinavians? Mora of Sweden is not only knives (although the company has begun with their production), but also high.Class iceviations, which have been produced under the Moraa Ice brand since 1955.

The Arctic line is positioned as a professional, designed for ice drilling up to 1.62 meters without the use of cornflinizers due to the telescopic structure (five fixed positions). It includes three sizes, from 100 to 150 mm, it was the last option that we took for an example. The biggest Ice Bour already heavy, but within the rational. 4.2 kg. The installation of an 18-mm adapter under the screw for Squad.

Iceobur knives are fixed with two bolts each, made of high.Quality alloy steel and hardened. The length of the screw is sufficient for the effective throwing of the shoga from the hole. It will have to be pulled out only with a really serious drilling depth. The powder coating of bright yellow snow has a decent “slippery”, which reduces the rate of growing crust. Both handles. From frost.Resistant plastic.

  • General high quality
  • Telescopic design
  • Successful geometry and durability of knives
  • “Anti.Icing” coating

What are the advantages of a homemade ice drift

Many fishermen who do not imagine their lives without fishing and good catch want to know the ice drift from a screwdriver. Winter is the best time to go fishing. However, an obstacle to the catch is a thick crust of ice, for piercing which you can use a regular boat to dig holes in the ground under the installation of columns. Only this hand tool requires not only physical strength, but also time. The automatic device from a screwdriver allows you to drill the hole in a matter of seconds, which is the first and main advantage of a home.Made.

The second advantage of homework is the possibility of its manufacture without additional costs. In addition, this does not need any special knowledge and skills. The main costs that are needed for the manufacture of homemade are the costs of electricity consumed by the welding machine during welding operations.

It is interesting! The cost of a factory manual collar for drilling ice is from 1 thousand rubles. The larger the number of turns on the screw, the correspondingly higher the price of the device. The number of turns on the device depends on the thickness of the drilled ice.

Getting to the manufacture of an independent device, you can save a decent amount of finance, as well as make the necessary length of drilling equipment. Before proceeding with the implementation of the idea, you must first pay the attention of the tool, that is, a screwdriver. This low.Power device must satisfy some requirements described in the next section.

Finalization of the ice discovery with a screwdriver


Today we offer the topic: “Finalization of the ice discovery with a screwdriver” from professional anglers. We tried to reveal the topic as fully as possible. You can ask all questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев after the article.

Some methods of fishing in winter involve the constant movement of the fisherman through the water area and the drilling of holes. Even with well.Sharpened knives for a day of fishing, you can help out strongly, especially if you have to drill a thick ice cover. A screwdriver for ice discovery can facilitate the situation, which allows you to absolutely not make efforts and, accordingly, less tired and enjoy being in the pond.

Today, drills are sold on the market, which are originally adapted for connecting with a screwdriver. These are the products of the Swedish company “Mora”. Some craftsmen adapt domestic products, leaving a screw and cutting the handle.

Automated homemade ice drift with a screwdriver has a number of advantages over purchased:

  • It is very easy and simple to improve the usual drill in this way.
  • It is much cheaper to attach a screwdriver than to purchase a factory specialized ice drift.
  • All work will require a minimum of tools and materials.

As a result, we get an excellent automated ice drift, the work of which can be enjoyed at each exit on the ice.

In order for the ice to drill ice in the thickness of the ice, it is necessary to choose a screwdriver with high power. A weak tool will not be able to properly drill the hole in the thick ice cover.

Naturally, for our purposes, only a battery tool is used, which does not require a constant connection to the electrical network. Be sure to have good physical strength and reliability. He must withstand various loads, possible blows and other troubles that wait for him on fishing.

The screwdriver for the ice discovery should have the following characteristics:

  • Torque of about 80–90 nm. In general, the higher this indicator, the easier the tool will cope with dry and thick ice.
  • The voltage of the battery is 18–36 in. The higher this parameter, the more powerful and efficient the screwdriver is considered, it is easier for them to drill ice cover.
  • Battery capacity of at least 2.5 Ah, and preferably up to 4 Ah. The higher this value, the longer the tool will work without recharging.

Good screwdrivers that are suitable for ice blocks are produced by Japanese companies Makita and Metabo. Although you can use any other brands that meet the specified parameters.

Today, screwdrivers are equipped with two types of batteries:

  • Lithi-ion (Li-Ion) has small weight, quickly charges, but “not friends” with low temperatures. A tool with such a battery is expensive.
  • Nickel-cadmium (Ni-CD) weighs a lot, but is able to work at temperatures up to –150 degrees.

Be sure to take two batteries with you with you on the reservoir. They should be stored in warmth, for example, in the inner of the jacket. While one works, the second should not be in the cold.

Of course, not only a screwdriver will fit with your own hands to create an automated ice discovery with your own hands. You can use other “twisting” power tools:

The latter, by the way, does not work from the battery, but from a technical point of view it is difficult to implement such an idea.

Not every ice drift can be adapted to a screwdriver. Domestic products are not suitable, since they rotate in one direction with the untwisting of the cartridge nut. As a result, it has to be squeezed all the time. Some craftsmen come out of this situation using a reducing gearbox. But not every fisherman will be able to make it.

It is best to make an ice drift from a screwdriver from foreign products. Almost all models of Mora can be adapted to the power tool. For them, an adapter gets in any store, which allows you to reliably connect the cartridge to the screw.

Separately, you can note the model of the ice block “Mora Nova System”. The manufacturer allows the sale separately a screw with a replaceable cutting head, which is connected to a screwdriver. For drilling thick ice, you can buy a special extension cord.

For products of the Swedish company Mora, two types of adapters are offered:

You can still note adapters with a handle. They are more convenient to operate. The first is an adapter from Higashi with a diameter of 18 mm. Suitable for all Swedish drills and some domestic, for example, products from “Nero”. The second. Under the ice.Bears “Heinola Easyrun”, which also has a planting size 18 mm and is suitable for other products.

So, now that all the elements necessary for the manufacture of ice discovery with a screwdriver are considered, you can start directly to the assembly. There is nothing complicated here when all the parts are at hand:

We connect the cartridge with a screw through the adapter. All. Automated ice drift from a screwdriver is ready.

As mentioned above, instead of a battery screwdriver, you can use a gaykovert. It is more expensive because this tool is produced only for professional use. But, it has a very strong case and is made of better materials, so it will last longer.

The advantages of a home.Made ice discovery

Most fishermen prefer homemade ice shoes. They associate this with a number of undeniable advantages.

  • Simplicity of design. Manufacturing does not require special knowledge and skills.
  • Low cost. For implementation, expensive details are not required.
  • High speed drilling holes. Due to the automation of the process, the time for drilling holes is reduced.
  • Reducing labor costs. With ice discovery is not required to make serious efforts when creating holes.
  • Noiselessness. Automated device works quietly.
  • Multifunctionality. Summer Squad can be used for its intended purpose.

The advantages of a homemade electro.Poster

Automated home.Made device made of screwdriver is characterized by many advantages over products purchased in the store. The main advantages include:

  • Self.Connection of the electric drive is much cheaper than buying a factory product;
  • The manufacturing process requires a minimum of consumables and a standard tool kit;
  • The improvement of an ordinary drill passes, at home, without involving third.Party specialists.

The result of the efforts of the home master will be an excellent automated device for drilling ice of any thickness that will turn into an indispensable assistant fisherman on winter fishing.

Klein Tools 32288 Insulated Screwdriver, 8-in-1 Screwdriver Set with review

So that a do.It.Yourself ice drilling product copes with the tasks, it is important to choose the right screwdriver model with large power indicators. Using a weak tool will lead to problems when drilling the hole in a thick layer of ice.

Given that the ice ax should be mobile, you need to buy a power tool with a battery. Also, the electric drive must have maximum physical strength and reliability. It should resist various loads, mechanical shots and other troubles that happen on fishing.

The power tool for a home.Made ice discovery must correspond to the following characteristics:

  • Twisting parameters in the region from 80 to 90 N/m. Experienced fishermen believe, the more this indicator, the easier it is to cope with the dry and thick layer of ice.
  • Battery voltage parameters from 18 to 36 volts depending on the model of a screwdriver. The voltage directly affects the power of the power tool, which means that the more it is, the better.
  • Battery capacitive indicators. It is desirable that the screwdriver for fishing is equipped with a 4 A b. This will allow the most long time to use the drill without recharging.

An excellent product is a powerful screwdriver for the Bosch brand ice discovery. You can also use a good Japanese power tool Makita. Although it all depends on the financial capabilities and the preferences of the fisherman. The main thing is that the product is suitable for the power and capacity of the battery.

Using Impact Screw Driver For Getting A Tough Screw Out

Fitting a screwdriver to the ice discovery

The main task in the manufacture of the tool is how to attach a screwdriver to the ice discovery. This will require a special adapter. The adapter is best purchased in the store, taking into account the dimensions of the devices.

Adapters are equipped with a shaft from the side of the drill and a hexagonal head, in which the cutting part is clamped. The length of the shaft on average is 6.8 centimeters, the distance from the mounting point of the screw to the end of 2.6 centimeters. The correct connection diagram has a cooperation of screwdriver-adapter-layer.

How to make ice drift from a screwdriver with your own hands

Instrument.GURU DIY How to make ice drift from a screwdriver with your own hands

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  • How to do something new
  • How to remake a screwdriver in icebrus
  • The main features of the modernization of the Russian ice discovery
  • Which screwdriver is better to choose
  • Which battery is better to choose for a screwdriver
  • Which is better: Gaykowert or screwdriver?

How to do something new

Most fishermen with engineering knowledge are trying to automate the ice drift at home from what they have. Many attempts end in failures due to the lack of necessary skills.

On the network you can find a large number of descriptions with high.Quality instructions for automation of a regular ice discovery with your own hands. The simplest method is the modernization of screwdrivers or chainsaws. The modernization of the screwdriver does not differ in special complications.

A person who does not even possess technical knowledge is capable of making an ice cream with a screwdriver.

The modernization of a screwdriver has quite a lot of advantages:

  • Creating such an ice discovery will not require a lot of time and specialized technical knowledge;
  • Finalization of the ice discovery It will cost much cheaper than the acquisition of automated;
  • In manufacture No need to have a large set of tools and additional tools;
  • Made ice drift DIY with a screwdriver will be much more useful and better than acquired.

How to remake a screwdriver in icebrus

First of all, a fishing lover should prepare the necessary materials and tools. For the manufacture of an icebore from a screwdriver, you will need:

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that the manufacturer produces several types of adapters. They differ depending on the series of acquired ice discovery.

Additionally, the design of the adapter shank design must be correctly selected. This is necessary to reduce the risk of scrolling the screw. The product is required to have the shape of a hexagon. When planning fishing at low temperatures, it is necessary to buy a specialized hose, which in the process of drilling will be able to increase the depth of action of the ice discovery by fishing.

The main features of the modernization of the Russian ice discovery

When there is a need to redo the hand-made ice-brobur of Russian manufacture, the fisherman must independently make a special nozzle-adapter. It is worth holding up proven templates.

For an analogue, you can take the design of the adapter manufactured by Mora. It is necessary to leave the entire right side of the adapter unchanged. It is a hexagon of 55 cm long and a circle with a diameter of 13 mm.

Which screwdriver is better to choose

Ice Bour is a very powerful device that is intended for drilling a thick layer of ice. Because of this, the screwdriver should be chosen with large power supply. You need to pay attention to the range of permissible temperatures when working the product. Fishing in winter implies the lowest temperature.

Which battery is better to choose for a screwdriver

Manufacturers produce nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion batteries for screwdrivers. The second type is very sensitive to minus temperatures. Their use should be very limited.

The first type suffers quite well working conditions at low temperatures.

Experienced fishing lovers say that about 55 holes can drill on a lithium-ion battery, but this is provided that the ice has a small thickness.

Which is better: Gaykowert or screwdriver?

Many fishing lovers modernize the ice.Brove on their own, using a screwdriver for this purpose, but a gaykowert with a battery. The bulk of the gaykortes intended for use by professionals. Materials used in manufacture have great quality, strong housing and better technical characteristics. To attach to the ice discovery a Gaikovert with a battery is not difficult. A special adapter must be done independently or ordered from a specialist.

I am avid fishermen, and I just can’t do without this lesson. I have long seen such a device, but did not know how to make it. Now I bought a regular ice drift and a screwdriver Makita. Literally in a day I collected everything and is very pleased with the result.

I want to thank for the article and leave my review. I dreamed about such a product for a very long time, and now, finally, I was able to make it on its own.

Recently acquired domestic icecers. Bosch was a screwdriver. In a short time I redid everything and it turned out just a wonderful automatic ice drift.

Necessary materials and tools

Everyone who has minimal experience in working with metal is able to build such a drill for winter fishing. For this you will need:

  • Ordinary hand.Free ice drift;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Cylindrical metal blade with a diameter equal or slightly smaller thickness of the pipe of the drill;
  • A metal disk with a diameter larger than the diameter of the screw;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Bolts and nuts with 8 mm thread.

A weak power tool for such equipment is not suitable. Power is not enough to make a wide hole in thick ice.

The battery screwdriver should work at a voltage of at least 18 V, and torque is needed from 40 to 80 nm. Often on one fishing you have to change space several times, which means that the battery capacity should be about 3 a/h. For convenience, it is better to choose a screwdriver with an additional pen near the cartridge. If it is not, then you will have to add on your own.

Book care rules

In order for the ice drift for a long time, it is necessary to take care of the tool properly.

  • After using the drill, it is advisable to wipe the dry. The procedure is necessary even if there is an anti.Corrosion coating.
  • Store in a special case. Dense fabric with grooves for ventilation.
  • In the summer, lubricate the legs (thin layer) of the legs.
  • It is forbidden to knock down snow, ice from knives. This will lead to dullness.
  • Grease a folding drill with machine oil, in order to avoid jamming.
  • A shaken nut needs to be replaced immediately.
  • The shown scratches must be painted over so that corrosion does not appear.
  • When drilling the hole, it is necessary to evenly distribute the load. It is important to consider the thickness of the Luda, the speed of rotation of the tool.The success of the quick, high.Quality drilling of the hole depends on the chosen model of the screw and the technical characteristics of the screwdriver (Gaikovert).

Satisfaction on the work of an independently assembled drill will depend on the correct assembly of the design in compliance with all the rules.Fishing is a vacation, pleasure and excitement.

Scurgets for ice discovery: types, recommendations for choosing and installing

You can’t do without an ice bond on winter fishing. This useful device is used for drilling holes in a icy pond. Under certain climatic conditions, the use of an ice ax is significantly complicated, or even it becomes impossible. It is then that a special screwdriver acting from the battery comes to the rescue.

It is worth getting to know this practical device better and find out what varieties it is divided into.

General points

Only any engine will withstand the increased loads for creating holes-not any engine can withstand increased loads. The battery should be taken at least 18 V. You can. For winter fishing, only battery models are suitable. Twisting moment-maximum, about 60-80 nm, with a capacity of 3.5 to 4 ah. You can choose models for 2 Ah with a pair of batteries, first you need to charge both. Always look at the quality of plastic. He has to withstand significant loads. In recent years, a universal tool has become increasingly used, which is a cross between a building screwdriver with an ice.Block. Connection of screwdrivers with screws is an original solution that allows you to get an automated multifunctional device for drilling an ice block of a given thickness, any structural type without applying unnecessary efforts. The market offers the fishermen of the Boer, which are already adapted for screwdrivers. Minus solutions. An impressive price.

Some craftsmen have learned to create and design automated types of ice shoes from simple domestic models. The appropriate knowledge and skills will be required. It is not enough just cut the handle, you need to understand how to connect a screw with an electric tool, know the rules for choosing the latter (a low.Power model cannot cope with the solution of current problems).

Pros of ice blocks with screwdrivers

Automated electric ice blocks in comparison with manual models have several advantages. The main ones:

  • Saving temporary resources. Passive fish needs to be sought for a long time, creating a whole set of holes. With a regular manual drill, you will have a clock, a success process may not be crowned.
  • Simplicity. To hold the working unit in an upright position, there will be enough insignificant effort, there will be no physical strain.
  • Widespread possibilities. Modernized ice drift will cope with all types of ice, including dense, dry.
  • Smallness. As a result of the blows of the pushroom on a clean, not snowy coating of the reservoir, a loud Echo will go. These sounds scare away fish, and it does not go under the hole. The automated device works quickly and quietly.
  • Universality. Screwdriver can be removed and applied in everyday life for its intended purpose.

Well, the last moment. The presence of advanced fishing equipment is cool. Competitors who hammer on the old fashioned way will look at you with envy.


The electric tool has its own weaknesses, which is better to know when buying:

  • Winter fishing is carried out at low temperatures if the indicator drops below the.10 ° C mark, the battery in some devices ceases to be launched;
  • When the screw is launched against the passage of the clock, the operation of the device will be unstable, after a certain recruitment set, the adapter will get out, it will slip inside the cartridge.

Since the equipment has much more advantages than minuses, it is in high demand.

What to consider when choosing

So that the ice drift with a screwdriver works without failures, you need to go wisely for its choice. The mechanism must comply with a set of requirements. Among them:

  • Type of fastening. The ability to use the device in extreme climatic conditions. Not every screwdriver will be able to work normally in the cold. Check this information before the purchase.
  • Voltage. It determines performance indicators (power). The principle here is simple. The larger the indicator, the more powerful the tool will be. For fishing, you can use the device for 18 V. But this is the minimum value. If you are interested in maximum performance, stop at the option of at least 36 in. Such a device is guaranteed to cope with significant loads.
  • The moment of rotation. The physical quantity determines the power of rotation of the working node, the simplicity of the drilling process depends on it. The more, the better. This is the main principle. If the budget is limited, stop at the device that operates within 40-70 nm, the model of 80-90 nm will be a more preferred option.
  • Battery. Or rather its capacity. The larger it is, the longer the device will be able to function without additional recharge. The average value is 1.5-4 ah.
  • Strength. Winter fishing extreme lesson. During the assembly process, a screwdriver can jump out of the hands, hit hard ice and fail. In order not to be disappointed in the choice made on the first day of using the device, choose high.Quality screwdriver, which is not afraid of blows, mechanical influences.

Special attention deserves the handle. It is more convenient to use lateral than ordinary. Hold both options in your hands. It will become clearer what more do you like.

Reducer for a screwdriver

At first, the appearance, then the active distribution of the electric tool at times accelerated and simplified the solution of many problems in construction, repair. The service life of the equipment depends on the quality, timeliness of service. Most often, a screwdriver gearbox is out of order. This node is a set of connected gears that are going into the case. Carter. This case compactly places the details, protects them from contact with dirt, moisture, extraneous objects, is responsible for the coordinated functioning without failures.

The screwdriver gearbox consists of sunny and ring gears, drove, satellites.

The tool is intended to adjust the rotation speeds of the shafts in the direction of reducing or increasing. The ring gear looks like a cylinder with teeth from the inside, satellites move on them during operation on them. The main reasons for the breakdown of the gearbox:

  • Wear as a result of the long operation of gears, couplings;
  • Damage to bearings and bushings;
  • Shaft deformation;
  • Damage to pins fixing satellite;
  • Formation of cartridges.

Competitions of electric shuruster

Naturally, to create an electric drill for drilling ice, not only electric shurupery is suitable. Homemade craftsmen can easily adapt other tools:

The latter option is convenient in that it works from gasoline, and not from the battery. However, without a special tool and a lathe, it is very difficult to make an ice car from a chainsaw at home.

It is important to understand that you can attach not any model of ice discovery to the screwdrivers. This is due to the peculiarity of domestic products, which, when drilling ice, rotate in the direction of unwinding the cartridge of the power tool. This causes many inconvenience on winter fishing. Of course, you can additionally use a reducing gearbox, but not every home craftsman can do it.

Therefore, when engaged in the manufacture of an automatic drill for ice, it is better to give preference to imported models. Any models that easily adapt to an electric tool are ideal. For them, all the necessary adapters can be bought in a store, which will allow you to qualitatively attach the cartridge to the screw.

The model “Tonar” deserves special attention. The manufacturing company is engaged in the release of removable screws with cutting heads, which are easy to connect with a battery screwdriver. And to drill thick ice, you can adapt an extension cord bought in a store.

How to make homemade ice drift from a screwdriver

Fishing in winter without ice discovery is impossible. There are devices in specialized stores, but are expensive. Therefore, many fishermen try to make them themselves, using different tools used in everyday life. For example, screwdrivers.

In addition to a screwdriver, for automation of the process you will need an adapter, manual ice drift. From the latter, any. Both domestic and Swedish. There are also adapters today on sale, but only for ice discovers of the Mora brand.

If the domestic ice drift is remade, then the adapter is made on their own. In this case, one part of it is 5 6 cm long in the section of the hexagonal with a diameter of 1.2 cm. The second is arranged under the tail of the screw. If its diameter is also 1.2 cm, then the M-shaped hexagonal key is used, from which the hexagon is formed, cutting off short parts. If the shank is different from the described, then the adapter will have to be ordered from the turner.

Ice Bour is a powerful tool. There should be a screwdriver. The latter is suitable with a torque of 40 80 nm, equipped with a battery with a capacity of at least 2.5ah. He should work from 18 36 in. From batteries, nickel-cadminated are better suited for which low temperatures are not terrible. Lithium-ionic ones are more capricious and can refuse to inappropriate moment.

Further, everything is simple: the adapter is fixed with a screw on the shank of the screw; The other end is inserted into the cartridge of the screwdriver, tightened it. Ice Bour is ready to work in an automated form.

Instead of a screwdriver, a battery gaykowort is better suited, which professionals usually work. The tool is better, stronger, with the best technical characteristics. To use it, you need to make an adapter. It is more difficult, it is better to order it from a professional.

Screwdriver and icebour. How to combine them

When planning to make ice drift from a screwdriver, a completely appropriate question arises of how to connect these two devices. To ensure the transmission of torque from the cartridge of the screwdriver to the nozzle for drilling ice, you will need to use a special adapter. This is a metal adapter that can be bought or made independently. For the manufacture of such an adapter, you need a cylindrical steel workpiece, the shank of which must be sharpened under the hexagon.

The size of the hexagon should be such that it is placed inside the fast.Packed screwdriver cartridge. It is not recommended to use cylindrical shanks, since when they rotate the drill, they can turn in the cartridge.

To connect the adapter to the ice discovery, you need to use the threaded connector. A simple connection method is to drill a hole with a diameter of 6-8 mm on the side of the nozzle, and cut the thread. A bolt is screwed into this thread, which serves as a press of the adapter inserted into the ice discovery. So, when all the nuances for the construction of the nozzle for drilling ice are detected for the corresponding tool, it remains to make it with your own hands.


Nikolai “I tried the idea of ​​using a screwdriver, but did not appreciate. Because he took the usual Bosh on 18 V, when drilling on thick ice, he does not stand for a long time even taking into account the presence of a spare battery. On ice up to 10 cm. There is a meaning, but manually, if it is not wet in time also. As for me, this is an option for lazy fishermen “.

Dmitry “I improved my Barnaul and satisfied. True, I use this modernization when the car is on the go, otherwise in the hands to the river to drag far from the river. I bought an adapter. I took it with a rubber pen. Conveniently. The only thing is that the batteries from the screwdriver store in a special insulated case. Because if they freeze, then all efforts are in vain “.

Evgeny “I am a builder, so having bought a new Makita for work, an old Rostec decided to add to the ice discovery. I did not bother with the adapter. I just bought. I am satisfied. A good thing for winter fishing in a new pond. When you need to drill a bunch of holes to detect a flock of fish. Such modernization of the ice.Unit with a screwdriver greatly facilitates the task of the fisherman in harsh winter conditions to look for fishing places, reduces the training time, leaving more for fishing and enjoying the process ”.