How to redoing a horse mowing under a single tractor. Operation and safety

Mingate refinement

So, for sure, everyone in June came across Buryan. thickets on the site?Here, and I am fighting with him every year. Trimmer, or is heavy I decided to defeat one and a half meter weeds this spring, having seen enough like a rotary tractor mower coping well with the weeds.I bought, by stupidity, a hinged rotary mower “Dawn”, it’s good that a motor cultivator is standing on the site.I bought and started to put Yes, now, it is not put! At least puff up times!

I tried on, it turned out that the braid is correctly connected to the walk.behind tractor with wheels with a diameter of 46 centimeters!And I have a Mole motorbide with wheels with a diameter of 40 centimeters.Yes, and yet Remembering his torment with a hinged mowing. a canvas (this is when the canvas on the canvas is running and the grass is cut between them), I realized that with such large wheels, a motor cultivator, even at almost idle, would go too quickly and crush grass too quickly. not mow!

Therefore, he asked a local man. a welder, so that he would cook me small wheels, and an adapter between the output of the mower, and the conclusion on the cultivator. He still, cooked the adapter, and welded small wheels from 2 mm millimeter steel.Wheels with a diameter of 25 centimeters (taking into account the height of soil-spaces).

I put all this design, and began to scratch my “turnip” about where to find a belt for a mower.The welder, looking at my torment, says to me: why do you need to go to the city for the belt, come on, I will weld you to the frame of the mowing room, and put the engine on the frame.Thus, you will increase the resources of the engines, yes, and it will be better to mow.

I agreed and he welded.The result was a two.engine mower. He calmly copes with a one and a half meter weeds, she is not afraid of anthills, fossils, and even the shafts of the earth after a skirmish!By the way, working with this mower “Dawn” showed structural shortcomings of the plant.The photo shows it, I had to make wave.cutting so that the grass went normally under the knives of the mowing.

As a lucky one, a Brigs@Stratton motor was used in 5.5 horses. He stands on the frame of the motor.cultivator

Types of mowers

To make a normally functioning home.made mower, home masters, as a rule, use all available improvised means. equipment for a walk.behind tract can save significantly and at the same time get moral satisfaction from the.

As a rule, a mower on a single.based tractor created by yourself is a front.type equipment, and which has the following types of structures:

Most often, home.made hays are created on the basis of ready.made models of factory attachment equipment. Drawings of such designs can be easily found on the Internet, as well as watch on numerous videos.

The basis for equipment is a chassis from a steel corner of 40×40 mm or any available. Bearings for the wheel axis are installed on the chassis, and after the main unit of the equipment is directly mounted after.

Competent installation of a mower on a single tractor

The newly acquired product must be correctly installed on the equipment to provide the desired performance and quality of execution. Consider the approximate procedure for assembly and installation on the example of the rotary version:

  • We check the supply package (from the model to the model, the set may differ, but, as a rule, it is a drive belt, frame, fitting, fasteners, rotor cover, hydraulic shuttle, supporting slopes, hydraulic cylinder, a drive belt tension system, rotors with knives, SIPs);

We mount the frame to the mounts of the walk.behind tractor so that it makes up with a vertical plane of 45 degrees and so that the slotted details look up;

We install the rotors on the frame so that their knives are located below. It is important that they are completely planted on a slot;

We attach the rotary cover to the same slot;

We fixed with the attached shplints and nuts;

We mount the tension system, pulling out the shoplint and unscrewing the counter.hack on the pulley. The next step, carefully knock out the pulley so that the key does not get lost. With a properly installed system, its handle will be directed up and fixed with bolts from SIPs;

Next, on the frame, we fix the slide with bolts from SIP so that their concave part looks inside;

We draw the rifs of the frame. they should be located outside the frame of the walk.behind. After that, we finally connect to the second mower;

We throw a drive belt on the pulley in the direction of movement. It is important that the one.axle tractor and mowing remain aligned;

We mount the hydraulic cylinder system. hydraulic shows (if the connection is provided on the walk.behind tractor).

At the end of the assembly, the product must be prepared for work:

  • Activate a reverse on motor vehicles;
  • remove cargo from the wheels (if there were);
  • put the motor for small speeds;
  • make a test launch on an even area without interference, checking the quality of the result and, if necessary, adjusting the knives and speed.


To make an effective and reliable hinged or trailer, follow this algorithm:

  • Determine what actions you can do yourself, and why you will have to attract specialists and whether there are such specialists nearby;
  • Determine which materials and components are available to you (part can be found at the nearest landfill or reception point of ferrous/non-ferrous metal, and something will have to be bought in stores or at various enterprises);
  • Determine the main parameters of the mowing;
  • Pick the type of mower that will be better in your conditions;
  • Determine the optimal methods of hinging and connecting home.made equipment to the walk.behind tractor;
  • Make a drawing;
  • make or buy all components;
  • Collect the device and burn it on the uniform tractor;
  • Check all mowing mechanisms and conduct test mowing.

Independent actions and help of specialists

Regardless of what type of mower you choose, you will have to do the following work:

If you can independently perform only part of these works, then think about what is better-to learn and practice something simple, then to do everything yourself, or to entrust their implementation to the one who can pay its services?

Where to find materials and components?

One of the best sources of any materials are the points of receiving non.ferrous or black metal scrap, because there you can find both sheet metal and various products.

For example, the rear bridge from the old “Lada”, from which you can remove the semi.shafts and bearings suitable for the manufacture of a rotary mower.

Storage warehouses are also suitable for old or utilized equipment, those who work there can be obtained for relatively little money to get a suitable part or unit.

How to determine the parameters and type of mowing?

Any equipment is made to solve certain problems, so first determine why you need a braid and what opportunities it should have.

If you have to cleanse large even areas from dense multi.grass and weeds, a segmented cutting mechanism is preferable.

However, to work in uneven areas, as well as where wooden growth is often found, the rotary mechanism is better suited.

horse, mowing, single, tractor

The second important parameter is the installation site of the attachment equipment. The braid located in front is convenient in that the operator has a good overview, however, its use requires constant high concentration, which is not suitable if you just need to clean the empty field from the grass.

The attaching equipment located behind the walk.behind equipment is extremely uncomfortable and dangerous, if you have to walk behind it, but if a cart is installed behind it, on which the operator will sit, then this location gives good control over the mitch and is much less dangerous than the installation in front.

If you place the cutting mechanism under the body, then the safety of such a mower will be maximum, but it can be used only where high accuracy of mowing is not required, that is, in large open spaces.

The third important parameter is the width of the mowing (capture). The larger it is, the wider the strip that the device will boil in one pass, however, the less efficiency will be when cutting thick grass and young wooden growth. Therefore, under some conditions, the device with a maximum capture width will be more effective, and in others, on the contrary, the smaller the width of the strip, the better.

The fourth important parameter is the method of energy transfer. With the front and rear installation, it is easiest to do this using a belt transmission, because the position of the mowing mower relative to the walk.behind tractor does not change.

Somewhat more difficult with a floating mowing, so you have to install 2 drives located one by one, as well as use a gearbox that changes the rotation angle of 90 degrees. If the cutting mechanism is located under a body, then you will have to invent such a drive that will be effective for any angle of rotation of the wheelchass wheels relative to the wheels of the cart.

In the same way, determine the type of cutting mechanism, which is better corresponding to the tasks that are facing the mowing. If this is a mowing of thick grass on an even area, then it is better to use the segment type, and on uneven areas it will be more effective by the rotary apparatus.

Methods of fastening

There are 2 main types of fastening:

Hard is easier in manufacturing and connecting, because the location of the cutting mechanism relative to the walk.behind engineer or cart is always the same.

However, the cutting tool cannot effectively bend the irregularities on the site, which means that the grass will be poorly molested or the mower is damaged.

The floating fastening is devoid of this drawback, because the carriers or wheels provide a constant identical distance to the ground, but because of this, the angle between the cutting tool and the walk-behind tractor changes.

This design, although it increases the efficiency of mowing, sharply complicates the transmission of rotation energy from the engine to the cutting mechanism.

If you do not have enough knowledge or technical capabilities to realize the floating mounting of a mower, then use hard. Unevenness, where good mowing will not work, are rare, but you will spend less time and resources, because you will not have to attract an additional specialist, and therefore pay for his services.

How to make a drawing?

To correctly draw up a drawing, carefully study the maximum information on such homemade and purchased devices on thematic forums and view the videos that we offer at the end of the article. This will help you find the most successful technical solutions.

Having developed the general concept of the device, make its drawing on a convenient scale, carefully transfer all the sizes of parts and mechanisms to paper or to a computer, this will help you detect and successfully solve most of the problems that usually occur during the assembly. guide for the manufacture of various types of mowers and their components

In this section, we will talk about the manufacture of both individual blocks and completely completed units. Many actions applicable to one block or device can also be applicable to others, because it all depends on the available materials and the design of the mower. For example, the drive of a floating mechanism of a rotary mower can be applied to a segmented device with a variable angle of inclination.

Rotor mower made of car semi.shafts

For the manufacture of such a mechanism, you will need:

  • the old from the old “Lada” or “Volga”;
  • Peninsula bearings (2 pcs);
  • semi.shaft plates (2 pcs);
  • pulp of a generator or air conditioner;
  • a steel stocking or a bridge case from the same car as the semi.axis;
  • a stamped disk suitable for the hub of this car;
  • sheet steel 2–4 mm thick;
  • fingers for agricultural machinery with a thickness of 8-10 mm;
  • washers with an outer diameter of 12–16 mm; cords;
  • Unnecessary sickle.

You will also need the following tools:

  • corner grinder;
  • welding inverter;
  • semi-automatic welding;
  • taps and dies;
  • drill;
  • set of wrenches;
  • vise;
  • Steel workbench.
  • Measure the required height of the stocking and cut it with a corner grinder.
  • Choose a bearing, the inner diameter of which is equal to the diameter of the shaft of the half.axle.
  • Pick up a steel pipe, the inner diameter of which is equal to the outer diameter of the bearing, and cut a piece of 5 cm long from it, this will be the upper support of the shaft.
  • Put on the second bearing on the half.shaft so that it plays beyond the edge of the stocking 1 cm and weld it to the shaft with a semiautomatic device. If there are a pair of rings for such a semi.shaft, then fix the bearing with their help.
  • Insert the half.axes into the stocking and fasten the plate with bolts.
  • Put on the upper bearing of the trumpet of the pipe and grab it in several places with welding, then make sure that the semi.shaft is easily rotated. If it is jammed or spinning tightly, it means that the second bearing is installed with a distort, cut the poet with a corner grinding grinder and properly place the trumpets of the pipe on the cut of the stocking. Fix it with your hand and scroll the half.axle again, if everything is fine, then in several places grab it with welding to the stocking.
  • Unscrew the bolts and pull out the half.shaft, then weld the upper support of the shaft to the stocking.
  • Inspect the pulley, if it is made of steel, then cut the half.suction so that it protrudes over the upper support of 2 cm, then weld the pulley strictly in the center at an angle of 90 degrees. If it is cast.iron or brass, then set the shaft of the half.shaft so that it enters the pulley with a slight interference. If you fasten the pulley using a key and nut, then cut the shaft so that after twisting the nut it protrudes 0.5 cm above it and cut the thread, then cut the place for the gap for the corner with a corner with a corner. If the pulley is fixed with a bolt screwed into the side, then set the shaft of the half.shaft so that it enters the pulley with force, then drill a hole for a fixing bolt with a depth of 2-3 mm. Remember, the height of the pulp of the braid should not differ from the height of the pulmonary pulmonary pulley more than 1 cm, otherwise the likelihood of a belt jumping sharply increases.
  • Weld the fasteners to the stocking, which will connect the unoic tractor and a hinged device.
  • Install the lever with the roller that will connect the mower to the pulmonary puller pulley.
  • Install the attachment equipment on a single tractor, then, by starting it, check the clutch operation.
  • If everything is fine, remove the mounting device on the workbench.
  • Cut the stamped disk so that only the part on which the fasteners are located remains. Also cut the rim from it, which fixes the tire.
  • Screw this wrapping to the assembled semi.shaft, then fix the device so that the trim of the wheel rotates parallel to the edge of the workbench. Wrap the rope on the pulley and with its help, spin the semi.axle, if there is no vibration, then everything is done correctly, if at least a small vibration is felt, inject the wheel disk.
  • Cut the ring from the leaf steel, on which the knives will be installed and, carefully assent, weld it to the trimmed wheel disk. Some masters advise brewing a whole disk in the shape of a plate there, but this design greatly complicates the dismantling of the wheel disk and the maintenance of the mowing.
  • Make a plate that will protect the knives from contact with the ground. It can be made of metal with a thickness of 1-2 mm, and its shape does not have much significance, the main thing is that it moves the knives from the ground by 1-3 cm, then weld it to the disk from the bottom.
  • Balance the finished disk and, if everything is fine, drill 4 holes under the cutting knives. The diameter of the holes is equal to the diameter of the fingers.
  • From the old sickle, cut 4 knives with a triangular or rectangular shape of the same size, then drill a hole for the finger in them.
  • Collect the entire structure with fingers and shplints, but without knives, then admit it.
  • After making sure that everything is fine, install the knives, then put the mower on the same.based tractor and start the engine. Tilt the one.axle tractor so that the cutting disc rises above the ground, then add revolutions to 2/3 of the maximum and turn on the clutch. If you did everything right, then the vibration will not become stronger, if some detail is not embarrassed, then the one-axine tractor will begin to tremble hard.
  • Carry out a trial mowing, then drown out the engine, then carefully check the mitch, if everything is fine, then the device is ready to use.

How to make a oneover mower?

Despite the fact that the procedure is largely similar to the described in the previous section, much depends on the availability of a particular material.

The general concept of mowing is the same as the one that is described earlier, that is, the bearings fixed in the tubular case, which hold the shaft equipped with a cutting tool, so the differences relate only to the use of various materials.

How to choose an apparatus?

To choose the right mower, act according to the following algorithm:

  • Determine the volume of work and the parameters of the grass that must be mowed;
  • Determine the most suitable type of mowing, an article (Group of Motion for a walk.behind tractor) will help you;
  • Determine the method of hitching and connecting to a self.propelled device;
  • Determine the amount of the budget for the purchase or manufacture of equipment;
  • Choose a model corresponding to all parameters.

Which devices are suitable for various motor blocks?

In this section, we will talk about various motoblocks and those mowers that are suitable for them. Since the installation of equipment of various types allows you to achieve different result, we will consider hinged devices only in conjunction with a particular motorcycle unit, as well as evaluate the result of their joint use.

Neva MB 2

The first devices of the Neva series appeared in 1984, they were produced then by the Red October Engineering Plant. Over time, the company has undergone several reorganizations, but still one of the subsidiaries, CJSC Krasny October. Neva releases the technique of this line.

All devices of this series have the following equipment:

  • Round pin in front (removable), it is also possible to fasten to the frame directly;
  • fastening to the frame from behind;
  • Shom on the left side;
  • 4 transmissions forward, 2 ago;
  • adjustable steering wheel (handle);
  • Japanese, American and engines with a capacity of 6-10 liters. With.

The Neva MB-2 model is classified as average, because its weight is 100 kg, the price of the device is also average. The device is designed to work on even areas or slopes, the angle of which does not exceed 10-15 degrees.

The following braids are well suited for this motoblock:

KN 1.1. this is a segment mower with a capture width of 1.1 m, well.core with any, even wet grass, but only in even territories.

Like all devices of this type (segment braids), KN 1.1 works on the principle of scissors and cuts the grass very carefully, so that the vegetation after mowing is almost not sick, and its cut surface looks more beautiful than treated with rotary mowers.

Like all segmented and segmented devices, this model does not tolerate meetings with stones or metal products.

KNS 0.8 “Swift” is an analogue of KN 1.1, only with a smaller capture width. Such a device is noticeably easier, so it is easier to connect it to a self.propelled device, as well as a little cheaper. All other advantages and disadvantages are the same as the previous model.

KR-0.5 is a single-rope mower with a capture width of 55 cm, which copes well with high hard grass growing in even or hilly areas. Due to the small width and lack of skis, the role of which is played by a convex cup on the lower part of the cutting tool, this model can be used even where the height difference is 5-10 cm per 1 m, which is not available to segment or two.rope devices.

Among the manufacturers, CJSC Krasny October-Neva is also present, which produces Neva MB-2 motor blocks.

KRN-1M-a two-rot braid with a mowing width of 80 cm, equipped with two skis installed along the edges of the tubular frame and providing the same cut height. The main disadvantage is the insufficient rigidity of the structure, so makeshifters often weld various enhancing elements to it. Like KR-0.5, the device is effective in even and hilly areas, however, the permissible height drop is 3-5 cm per 1 m.


Salyut motor blocks were developed in the mid-90s of the twentieth century at the Salyut Motor-Building Plant, which was renamed the SALUT GAZ GAS TRASTROWER in 2011, and in 2015 in the ISEA production complex Salute “”.

By 2012, production on the capacities of this enterprise was folded, so the production of Salutov took up Gavrilov of the Yamsky Machine.Building Plant, and then moved to the PRC. After the change of manufacturing, the name changed, so the “salutes” became “agamous”, remaining the same convenient and reliable motoblocks.

“Salute” is largely similar to the Neva MB 2, but it differs from it:

  • a more convenient steering wheel;
  • the presence of the front and rear support brackets;
  • smaller weight at the same power;
  • a wider line of engines only foreign production;
  • the lack of an installed pin (however, it is included in the standard configuration).

Therefore, the same mowers that can be installed on the Neva MB-2 are suitable for the “saluta” and its Clone of Agatha. In addition, one of the effective tools for mowing grass is KM-0.5 MB Terminator from Mobile K company.

This apparatus is a single.rope mowing with a mowing width of 50 cm and the ability to adjust the height of the cut of grass, which allows you to use it even for cutting lawns or landscaped areas. In addition, KM-0.5 MB copes well even with dense high vegetation.

Belarus MTZ 09N

Super.heavy (mass 175 kg) Uniform tractor from the Minsk Tractor Plant (MTZ) is equipped with VOM, and the first model appeared in 1992.

Japanese or Chinese engines with a capacity of 9 liters are installed on this device. With., However, there are models with Czech engines or an engine with a capacity of 12–13 liters. With.

horse, mowing, single, tractor

A distinctive feature of “MTZ 09N” is a differential that facilitates a turn, because in a conventional motor block, even when turning the wheel rotates at the same speed, immediately the speed of rotation of the wheels changes depending on the position of the handles, so the operator can steal, changing the speed of their rotation.

horse, mowing, single, tractor

The following mowers are suitable for such a walk.behind tractor:

Carver KC-1100 is an analogue of the above KN 1.1, which differs from it only by the method of transmission of energy, because it is aggregated only with motoblocks equipped with VOM. Mobile KM-0.5 “Argos” on the principle of action is similar to the Terminator KM-0.5 MB described above, but differs from it by connecting to VOM and another way to adjust the height of mowing.

KRM-2 is the best-made analogue mobile KM-0.5 Argos, it looks more neat, but has the same technical characteristics and real capabilities.

MB 90 alteration of the rotary mower, 2 parts

Good day! Continuation of the alteration of the braid.The first part here is was crowned with success, there is little left, and test in the field.

I bought a 19.pipe key for 19, it sits well on the slotted shaft, it remains to grow it with the shaft of the squirrel drive

The roller of the braid drive cut off in the same way as the key, hid the chamfer on the shaft and tightly filled the tubular key, after brewing

The mockery went well, launched- everything is spinning. Initially, I thought that the launch of the braid would sit the engine speed, but it turned out not, the engine on idle twists the rotors jokingly.

Instead of soil.spaced, I will put the wheel from the car.I hope this will correct the horizontal position. Or you have to shorten the shaft with the body that vertical on a mower.

It’s good to make out the mitch to stretch all the nuts that the gear of the gearbox holds, and at the same time fill it with a lithol, dismantled it and realized that every year they would not be engaged in this garbage (disassembly) for lubrication, it would be just laziness I decided to put it in every gearbox according to each gearbox Maslenka.

Now once a year or maybe more often. each gearbox will be discouraged depending on operation, and there are 4 of them.

On plates of mowers, he welded the bends so that the mowed grass was not stuck between them formed in the roll. This is needed where the grass is a very thick or strongly overgrown area. well, as in my case, I bought a house with a faster where the grass is above 1.5 meters.

I sharpened knives, although I heard that they were specially dulled so that the grass with knives is not just cut off, but how to tear and tighten between the milling

So far, in his thoughts, it is much better to rearrange the fuel tank decided not to walk around but strengthen the design of the mowing, threw the whine in order to remove the load from the design of the mower, because to mow well where you know that there is no log or stone under the grass, in my case you need to prepare for everything and think a step forward))

It remains to throw the steering wheel 180 ° and for this you need to come up with a new place for the tank or just throw off the tank and come up with a temporary thread in the form of a bottle. Although. Good luck, maybe where I missed, I will be glad to listen.

Today in the evening I turned the steering wheel, the fuel tank removed and in the replacement of it I put an extensor tank from Kia Pikanto, I fixed the whole thing with an elastic band for attaching barrels from the Lada.

Rules for installing a mower

With the right manufacture of a mowing, it is not possible to enjoy the result if the connection to the engine is made incorrectly.

When installing home.made devices, you need to fulfill not difficult conditions:

  • The same.based tractor should be in reversal mode;
  • By connecting the equipment to the VOM, the connecting unit needs to be installed in the corresponding bracket nest;
  • The equipment must be fixed using a finger on which a fixer is provided. This will protect the finger from falling out during operation;
  • Knives need to be closed with a casing to protect themselves and others from pieces flying from under them, if there are a lot of mole heaps on the site where the grass is insolent;
  • Starting to mow the grass, you need to start work at low speeds of the engine, while the clutch coupl must be in the state;
  • Working with a mower cannot be rushed, you need to carefully and carefully perform turns.

An independent device for a walk.behind tractor should not carry a danger to others. Before starting your own creation of equipment, think about whether you have enough skill and experience to do this work.

It is possible that it is better to purchase finished equipment or order its manufacture to a more experienced master.

How to make a rotary mower: instructions

Homemade hayfields have recently been of great popularity.

If you have a desire and time, you can independently make a good unit. We offer to familiarize yourself with the instructions for the design of the rotary hayfield.

This is interesting: perennial flowers (33 main types): Garden catalog for giving with photos and names

Necessary material and tool

Before starting the manufacture of a lawn mower, it is necessary to prepare the following materials and details of the future device:

  • disk of grain seeder. 2 pcs;
  • chain from a chainsaw gearbox. 1 pc;
  • knives made of hardened metal. 8 pcs;
  • Shinka;
  • Soshnik.

Among the tools you may need:

The best indoor trees for your home or apartment

Did you know? The punching mower, due to its design, is popularly called “horse”.

After the materials and tools are prepared, you can proceed directly to the assembly.

Process description

First of all, you will need to drill a hole on the disks using a carbide drill with a diameter of 6 mm. Then you need to attach the chink to the bunny, and the knives to Shinka.

For the manufacture of axes of fasteners of knives, you will need carbon steel, the diameter of which should be at least 8 mm. It is necessary to tighten the axis until the disk.

There are no difficulties with the assembly of the rotary mowing, if you clearly adhere to the recommendations.

Life in the village. Dating⁠ ⁠

Hi all! Men, there are those who thought to move from city to village? Who thought to do agriculture?

About me: Tatyana, 28 years old, 166, 70, brown.haired man, brown eyes. I love outdoor activities, nature. Hobbies: kite, brot, beach volleyball, books, periodically gym.

Herself came from a small village in the Republic of Buryatia, but after school she left to study in St. Petersburg and lived there for 10 years. In recent years, I began to think that I did not want to live and work in a big city. There are thoughts to move to the village, get a grant and start engaging in economy in terms of business, and not just a utility room.

Perhaps there are those who thought about it too, but doubted whether he was afraid or did not want to start alone?

I just think about it for a long time, and I realized that it would be more simpler and calmer for me if I had seven and we both with my partner would like this and moved in this direction.

Horse Drawn Sickle Bar Mowing, Part 3: Running Smooth!

Therefore, I will meet a man 24-35 years old.

If there were the same thoughts or it responds write to TG: @tat_an

Village friend. Parents ⁠

My friend who studied with me at the institute is from the village. I stayed with him a couple of times. His parents kept the farm. Chickens, poultry for the season, a couple of piglets, sheep. A little, when compared with their youth (according to them). My friend did not like several things in them:

Lack of rationalism in work. That is, as my friend says (even then there will be MD), his mother is ready to ditch herself, but to tear everything to a blade of grass in the garden. If MD went to the garden, then he simply pulled the grass without getting sick, then his mother backwards to the top and to one grass. His mother said: once you stretch well, then it will be easier.

True, after 2 days the grass has already gone again. As MD says, no matter how she put this grass, she will grow up anyway, and she only ruins her back. (As a result, this gave problems in the back. Now she only pulls, as a result, the garden has become cleaner, because the time with a grinder is required less, they have time for everything).

Lack of interest in the new. Their crown phrase: have been done so for centuries. MD always answered this, that for centuries people have hunted mammoths. And until life does not peck, they will not change anything. Suppose more convenient materials for repair. New animal cultivation technologies. My friend was scolded for his vaccination rabbits, saying that they had not done before, but they drove off. But, however, they themselves said that when they themselves drove them, the livestock died completely 3 times.

Attempts to save, make it out of what is when they did something capital. And, as a rule, this goes into additional expenses. For example, there are not enough iron tubes for the frame, they will buy them, but part of them take their other diameter. Take some kind of fasteners for fastening from work. Due to different diameters, it takes more time for the skin to dock everything, file. I still had to buy fasteners. And this is an additional trip to the city. In general, problems.

There is nothing more constant than temporary. My friend, when he repaired his house, adhered to the rule. I have no money, I will put the boards on the road, I will dig it, but I will immediately make the tile to forever. His parents, as used to it, have boards to make a barn. They will make it somehow from half-fingered and crooked boards. And he remains so, then fight problems, etc.

And now what he likes in parents:

But he was always amazed at their performance and the ability to find a way out.

But, it is worth saying that his mother was simply unusually tasty cooked. Now I understand why he is not able to cook for girls who do not know how to cook. MD and he did it well. The father was very smart. Well carpented. I knew much.

Bottom line: quite a good family. And with a barbecue they fed me just beautiful and from chicken, duck, and from turkey, pork, beef, and lamb

Review of other options for hay harvesting devices

If in the configuration of a walk.behind tractor or motor.cultivator there was no sufficient number of hinged devices, owners have to either buy various nozzles, or make them with their own hands, taking into account specific needs. Each owner solves these issues in his own way.

Thanks to the possibilities of modern production, consumers are offered in a wide assortment various options for moving cultural and wild herbs, cleaning in rolls, mowing and grinding weed herbs, transporting to the place of storage. Collection presses and roller compactly packing hay and straw, haywoods turn over hay for optimal drying.


Depending on the method of aggregation, nozzles can be tape, lateral, transverse with rings. Some models can be used not only for hay assembly, but also for cleaning the territory and snow cleaning, no worse than standard screw.core snowpliters. In a specialized network, you can find prefixes for a walk.behind tractor in a huge assortment for the most demanding and picky hosts.

Homemade nozzles and devices for spiting, hay harvesting and packaging in bales is generally difficult to cover with any classification-people’s craftsmen and craftsmen manage to create a unique multifunctional equipment, the price of which is an order of magnitude lower than factory options, and the quality of manufacture and functioning is not inferior to industrial samples.

In addition to the most common models of rotary (disk) and segmented mowers, chain mowers are also made. This is a fairly rare option, since chain braids are a very traumatic device. Chain mowers work as a crusher of grass, require more power and are more often used in aggregation with tractors or mini-tractors.

Make sure how clearly a plan and a sequence of actions are thought out when creating a rake for a walk.behind tractor:

Popular models of the press of colleagues

The PPR-50 hay collector can be installed with Neva walk-behind tracts has an affordable price and good functionality. This unit is compatible with 10 or more horsepower motoblocks. Among the shortcomings, the absence of a protective casing is noted, which helps to fall out of the dry plant mass through the rollers.

Open pressing camera “Cossack” Berdyansk PPR-50

Options Index
Processing width, mm. 800
Speed, km/h. until 6
Minimum power, l/s. 10-12
The maximum mass of a pressed briquette, kg. twenty
Dimensions (d/sh/c), mm. 2 500/1 600/1 500
Equipment weight, kg. 350

Mini R-500. This spokesman for Italian production surpasses an analogue by almost 1.5 times in functionality and weight. The unit is characterized by high maneuverability and the ability to work in any area. The hayfire has small dimensions, high performance and modern equipment.

Wolagri R500 Pressing Camera Setail device

Options Index
Processing width, mm. 1 300
The dimensions of packed hay, mm. 570/630
Power, l/s. from 11
Maximum bale mass, kg. 55
The dimensions of the unit (d/sh/c), mm. 1 800/1 400/1 200
Mass of equipment, kg. 520

How to mow with a tractor (bushhog) From Lubrication to technique and safety.quick tutorial

RXYK 0850. Today rolled type, which is characterized by high power and can be used to work with rough feed. The model is characterized by small sizes, forms compact cylindrical briquettes, which greatly facilitates their loading and transportation by the forces of one person.

Options Index
Processing width, mm. 800
The dimensions of a packaged briquet, mm. up to 700
Minimum power, l/s. from 24
Working speed, km/h. 5
Dimensions (d/sh/c), mm. 1 150/1 300/1 200
Equipment weight, kg. 390

Model M60 mini. Fully hayfire of the Sloveno-Italian production. The device has a reliable design, small size and the ability to adjust the width of the capture.

Winding and pressing chain-planning type School of M60 mini type Mini colleagues M60 mini

The price of a rotary mower to a walk.behind tractor

Price scatter, as well as a list of manufacturers, is quite large. For example, and a similar, but less powerful Aurora Grass 1000 unit will cost 13 thousand.

one.axle tractor with a hay

So, as a result of long torment selection and compromise searches, it is purchased:

There were already reports on the walk.behind tractor, I will not repeat myself. The engine is magnificent, the swing of the assembly of everything else is Soviet. In particular, after 5 minutes of working with a whistle, a bolt flew out onto the engine shaft pulley. It’s good that the shield stood. And after 10 minutes of work, the knob was lost from the speed switch, stupidly unscrewed despite the found traces of the glue, but then found the elastic band from the right hand and so on. In general, you need to glue everything and tighten everything. The most important claim is the bolt that attaches the steering wheel to the walk.behind tractor, according to the design of the designers, it should provide a slight rearrangement of it on the side to go from the side block. In fact, it turns out that the entire steering wheel is attached to the base with a bolt on which is probably up to the middle of the nut, t.e. Just pressed. You have to pull up constantly. I think to cut the thread on the bolt to drag it through this node and tighten it with a nut from below. Of course it will be more difficult to rearrange the steering wheel, but constantly pulling it up is not a matter.

Now on the mower. I immediately discovered that the shaft on which the stretch video is placed is not parallel to the main structure, as a result, after installing the tensioner, it turns out that the video spares the trajectory of the belt movement. Cured the bend of the tensioner for which the video is installed. Let’s go The first belt was killed for about 15 minutes The most filthy that even a slight weakening of the belt, as a result of its overheating, leads to that it is no longer possible to use it, because its tension is carried out by a proliferator or rearrangement of one “hole” on the console itself. As a result, the belt is pulled out and the tensioner is no longer enough, and the rearrangement of the braid leads to the fact that even with the lowered tensioner lever the belt is still stretched, and I didn’t want to try something with the “connected” load, in my opinion this is wrong. We change the belt, the attempt number 2 rushes like a tank, cuts everything and everything, but if the grass is thick or settled, it is better to mow small squares, A whole stack of tangled grass is assembled on the mowal frame, which, first of all prevents the knives from rotating, secondly falls and crushes grass from the side. I got so embarrassed-I do it after 5-7 meters, such as the “pull”, I hand over, and then Kosh is perpendicular to these crooks to dump them in them what gathered on the frame. As a result, with this approach, with a very difficult nomadic area, dense grass and places already burned in 2 hours, it was possible to mow about 6 acres, with pauses for cooling the belt (it was the last, and to the city of 150 km) and the scattering of already mowed grass.

Summary: Little, despite the above shortcomings. If mowed before two weeks, it would be much easier.