How To Reduce Fuel Consumption On A Chainsaw

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How To Reduce Fuel Consumption On A Chainsaw

If it seems to you that the fuel consumption of your car is very large, we recommend reading our article on how to reduce fuel consumption in a car.

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How to reduce the fuel consumption of your car:

How else to find out the average fuel consumption of a car

There is another old, but proven and very accurate way to measure fuel consumption.

How to find fuel consumption

After all, it is not always necessary to travel in the city, sometimes the driver drives onto the highway, and when driving on a flat road and in high gear, fuel consumption is reduced. Even the technical characteristics indicate the consumption of gasoline when driving in the city or on the highway.

Therefore, it is advisable to count the flow twice.

The second time a similar operation must be done with a trip to the track. Most often, it turns out that outside the city fuel consumption is reduced by 2 liters.

Consumption in modern cars

or less expensive cars have on-board computers, which indicate the consumption of gasoline from the moment the traffic starts to the current one.
You can also see the consumption for the entire operation of the machine. Similar technologies remove questions about gas mileage.

However, even in cars without an on-board computer, there are special OBD II connectors.

How to know fuel consumption

But how to calculate the actual gas mileage per 100 km? This can be followed using a special formula.

Fuel consumption formula

Calculate gas mileage by mileage using the following formula: L: Km x 100 = Liters of fuel, where L. these are the liters of gasoline that were needed during the run, Km. kilometers traveled. It is necessary to calculate fuel consumption by a car according to this formula more than once.
Repetition of calculations will allow you to see a more visual picture. It is necessary to refuel the machine at the same refueling, as at different gas stations the performance of the fuel filled may vary.

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Fuel consumption may depend not only on the distance traveled, but also on similar factors:

  • type of engine system;
  • driving style.

How to find out gas mileage

The calculation formula used by the flow calculators is very simple:

Liters / Kilometers x 100 = Consumption per 100 km (Divide the filled liters of gasoline by the distance traveled by these liters and multiply by 100)

The vast majority of modern cars are equipped with an on-board computer, which allows drivers not to worry about logbooks and calculations, and displays the following information: total fuel consumption (in liters per 100 kilometers), instantaneous fuel consumption (also in liters per 100 km during movement, and, in the case of parking, in liters per hour). Cruising to the next refueling, measured in kilometers, time and average speed in transit.

How to find out fuel consumption per 100 km

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How to find out fuel consumption of a car

Nominal and actual fuel consumption may vary, usually not very significantly.

The following factors affect the fuel consumption: the technical condition of the car. while the engine is running in it consumes more fuel, then the consumption level decreases to the norm specified in the instruction, and increases again with wear; driving style is an individual value for each individual person; weather conditions. in winter the engine consumes more fuel, in summer. less; use of additional energy consumers; aerodynamics. when the windows are open, the aerodynamic properties are reduced, the air resistance increases, respectively, and more gasoline is needed; aerodynamic properties can be improved by installing spoilers, streamlined elements.

It is necessary to fill a full fuel tank, in other words, “under the throat”.

How to find out gas mileage per 100 km

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