How to refuel Champion Champion. Choosing gasoline

The ratio of oil and gasoline for chainsaws of well.Known brands, correct proportions, and also what should not be diluted

The preparation of the fuel mixture is a very important process, on compliance with the correct proportions of gasoline and oil, both gasoline consumption and the service life of the chainsaw. Many are used to interfering 1:50, but this is not right, t.To. The ratio of these two components, all manufacturers have different. Within the framework of the article, we will figure out what the most famous manufacturers are recommended, in what proportions, as well as give an example of how to dilute and cook fuel correctly.

Exclusively motor oil for two.Stroke engines is added to fuel for chainsaws. Oils for four.Stroke engines are categorically not suitable. The reason is that in two.Stroke ICE, the oil burns together with gasoline.

In car and other four.Stroke ICE, it is poured into the crankcase, has many special additives, it is not initially designed to combat. If it is poured into a chainsaw, it will smoke, will not burn out completely and quickly form a thick layer of carbon monoxide, which in the end can disable the chainsaw.

In addition to the general specification “for two.Stroke engines”, the manufacturer of the chainsaws may recommend using on their model oil of a particular brand. It can have special combustible additives and additives extending the service life of the ICE saw.

This is what oil for 2-stroke engines of chainsaws from the famous Champion brand looks like

In the old two.Stroke engines of the Soviet period, motor oil was also used, as in four.Stroke, for example M8. Old motor oils did not contain such a number of fireproof additives as modern. So that such non.Specialized oil provides sufficient lubrication of chainsaws, increased dosages were used.

When running the engine, 1:20 proportion was used, after 1:25. Large quantities of universal oil, not created under complete burnout, led to Rapid hair toxing and sticking piston rings, the formation of a carbon on the upper part of the piston, light of the ignition, in the exhaust Windows of the cylinder and a silencer. For the same reason, a spark on a chainsaw candle may disappear.

In advanced cases, Windows and muffler could be completely tightened by the car. The thick layer of the carbon on the piston significantly reduced the volume of the combustion chamber.

At the same time, the engine remains clean for a long time and serves for a long time, despite the lower supply of mechanical strength in modern ICE in comparison with the old.

We also recommend reading an interesting article about which oil to use for the chain of the chainsaw and how it can be painlessly replaced.

In what proportions to mix oil and gasoline for chainsaws?

The chainsaw is equipped with a single.Cylinder two.Stroke engine, which uses the fuel mixture to work. For refueling, you will need 92nd gasoline and special oil for two-stroke aero-cooled engines.

Культиватор Champion G200. 1HK.

We prepare the mixture in the proportion of oil and gasoline. 1:40. In other words, we observe the ratio of 1 liter of gasoline. 25 grams of oil. Most often, such a volume is contained in a standard cap of container with technical fluid.

Mix the mixture well in a separate container. Owners Fubag FPS 56 were lucky, because it is already in the kit. At the end of the preparation of the fuel mixture, pour it into the gas tank.

What oil for chainsaws to choose? For our engines, we recommend Fubag 2T Extra semi.Synthetic oil optimally selected quality composition. We pay attention to the fact that oil for four.Stroke engines or for boat engines will not work in any way.

The fuel mixture for the chainsaw is not the only thing where the oil is used. The devices have another technological tank where the lubricant is poured for the chain. By the time of fuel production, oil for the chain also ends, so it will be necessary to add it every time after refueling the tool.

refuel, champion, gasoline

Which oil to choose for lubrication of the chain? We recommend special branded Fubag Super Chain chain oil.

Test No. 1. Fuel mixture

Our saw is refuel. Launch the engine and test the oil supply.

One. Check the lids of the gas tank and the oil tank. They must be tightly closed. 2. This model has a light starting system and a primer. A fuel pump button. Stretch the handle of the air damper and turn on the ignition toggle switch.

Pull a hand starter. Important! The saw should not be in the hands, only on the ground! This is necessary in order not to get injured when jerking.

We give the engine to work for 30-40 seconds at idle, after which the air damper can be transferred to its original position.

I drank ready for work, click the launch levers. This model is equipped with an anti.Vibration system, which significantly reduces the load on the operator. To stop the saw, just release the start button. The chain will stop, the engine needs to be held for several minutes at idle. After that, translate the ignition to the position of.

Test No. 2. Checking the supply of chain oil

They figured out the engine. Now let’s evaluate the correctness of the supply of chain oil.

To do this, after starting the engine, drive the circuit at medium speed to remove excess oil. If necessary, we adjust the feed using a screwdriver. You need to insert it from the bottom of the coupling and set the desired oil consumption.

CHAMPION DUAL FUEL GENERATOR: Unboxing and first run

The sawing algorithm

The troubles that threaten the life and health of the chainsaw operator can be caused by the wrong organization of the process of refueling itself. There are several simple rules that must be observed so that later there are no problems with the operation of the equipment.

In the process of refueling, it is important to prevent the spill of the fuel mixture and oil.

Firstly, the place where the gas station will be held should be even, clean and located no closer than 2 meters from the point where it is planned to run the chainsaw. In addition, the dressing place should be away from any fire, including it is forbidden to smoke.

Secondly, simultaneously with the filling of the fuel tank, it is necessary to fill the nearby oil for oil (it is required to automatically lubricate the chain). You can distinguish them with each other according to understandable icon icons.

Thirdly, before pouring the working liquids of the neck of both tanks, you should turn up and wipe with a dry and clean rag.

Fourthly, in the process of refueling it is important to prevent the spill of the fuel mixture and oil. In this regard, accuracy must be shown in everything: when removing the covers of the tanks (so that the remains of fuel or oil do not spill), and with refueling (it is advisable to use the funnel), and when twisting the lid, which, as a rule, is additionally fixed in order to be fixed in order to She did not open spontaneously during work. From the same considerations, the fuel tank is usually poured not “under the neck”, but leave a little empty space.

It is necessary to follow the tightness of the tank and the correct operation of the engine and further, during the operation of the chainsaw. It is worthwhile to be alert, for example, if the cutting element is excessively heated or fuel is consumed much faster than oil.

With the normal operation of the mechanism of one volume of the tank for fuel, for about half an hour of the saw with intensive loading, and when the fuel ends, the oil in the second tank still remains, but very little.

Gas station refueling

For beginners, the question of how to refuel a chainsaw, especially relevant. However, the process of refueling itself does not represent any complexity. The main task is to compile a fuel mixture with the correct proportions. They are indicated in the instructions for the tool. Before refueling, you should carefully study the information given by the manufacturer in order to exclude the possibility of error when compiling a fuel mixture.

Gasoline and oil ratio

The standard ratio of oil and gasoline, relevant for most chainsaws. 1 to 50. This means that 20 ml of oil must be added per 1 liter of gasoline. However, each manufacturer has its own requirements for the composition of the fuel mixture, which are determined by the design of the engine, the features of its parameters and other factors. Determining yourself what proportions are best suited for this tool, it is impossible.

Complete and accurate information can only be obtained from the user’s instructions. If it does not contain any instructions regarding the composition of the fuel mixture, then you should adhere to generally accepted practice and compose it in a proportion of 1: 50. There are other options, from 1: 20 to 1: 50.

Figure 3. Oil and gasoline ratio for the fuel mixture

How to mix the fuel mixture correctly?

The mixing process is quite simple. It is necessary to measure a certain amount of oil and pour it into the appropriate volume of gasoline. It is necessary to prepare a clean container in which mixing will be made. Plastic canists are usually used, which are quite suitable for this purpose. However, some species have a serious drawback. They accumulate static electricity, which can lead to the formation of a spark and ignition of the fuel mixture.

refuel, champion, gasoline

The best option is to use a special canister with two necks in which gasoline and oil are filled, but they are quite expensive. For accurate dosage of oil, many use medical syringes with the applied divisions. The more thoroughly the amount of the mixture will be measured, the longer the life of the tool will be more than the quality of the tool.

Storage conditions for the finished mixture

Most users usually prepare the fuel mixture for the future. This is explained by saving time. It is believed that it is more correct to mix a large volume once, and then just add fuel into the tank of the tool. This point of view is acceptable, but with important restrictions. The finished mixture cannot be stored for too long, since irreversible changes occur in it.

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Ideally, it is necessary to cook it only for one day, but this is considered many too irrational solutions. The permissible shelf life depends on the ratio and the brand of components. Most experts recommend not to store the mixture for more than 3 months. It is recommended to use metal canists and keep the mixture under a canopy, away from direct sun rays.

How to dilute the components of the mixture

As mentioned above, gasoline with butter should be diluted in a specially prepared capacity. Do not do it in a gas tank. The last technology will lead to the fact that part of the oil will enter the carburetor. As a result, you will have to disassemble the engine and wash it.

Standard dilution proportions 50: 1 and 40: 1. Such a mixture will not prevent the combustion of gasoline in the gas tank and improve the grease of the rubbing parts of the mechanism. When running a new tool, it is advisable to add lubricants twenty percent more. It is recommended to dilute with a large amount of oil in areas with a high air temperature.

Many owners will be interested in information on how to dilute gasoline with butter if there is no measuring capacity. For this, twenty cubic medical syringe is suitable. Although most often measuring containers are included in the set to chainsaws.

Before diluting fuel, it is necessary to clean and degrease the neck of the gas tank. Pour it through the filter. Any rag will serve as a filter

After use, it is necessary to drain the remaining mixture and dispose of. Remember that it is better to shift than underdraw. What will happen if you do not take into account the recommendations, read below.

If you act not according to the instructions, then you can bring the tool to a non.Working state. For example, if you do not dilute the fuel, then the cargo will form more often, the necessary lubrication of the piston will not occur, as a result of which the temperature in the engine will rise. And this will lead to the fact that the pistons will break. Or the owner of the saw will inhale toxic pairs in large numbers throughout the work. Thus, he will earn health problems, break the tool.

If you use lubricant and fuel low.Quality, then they can also lead to engine breakdown. It is not recommended to dilute the engine oil made for cars. Fuel needs to be bought with a high octane number.

How much oil is required to add to gasoline?

Types of oils used for breeding in gasoline There are no oil pumps in the chainsaws, so the combustible mixture alone cannot be used. Carefully read the instruction that is attached to the manufacturer to each product. A lot of information on the Internet, finding it is not difficult.

If the lubricant is absent, then the saw after a short time will fail. It is recommended to make preventive maintenance of the unit, pour properly diluted fuel, in which case the tool will operate for many years.

Carefully read the recommendations from), it is always signed there in detail: which composition is required for the power plant. It is not worth saving in oil, the benefit is small, and the engine resource can be significantly reduced. The repair of the tool is expensive, up to 85% of its cost.

If we take, for example, the Huscovarna chainsaw, then unhealthy gasoline with the first additive of the brand 92 is suitable. If the composition has a greenish kner, then this suggests that the product is a premium class. AI-92 is an optimal product that can be suitable for such a device. On average, professionals advise adding one liter from twenty to 50 ml of machine oil. If the power of the unit is one and a half kilowatts, then only 25-27 ml of oil will be required.

If the tool is more powerful, then about 30 ml of oil is required, and in some cases even more.

How to dilute machine oil and gasoline, in what proportions? This question arises for all users. First you should stock up on containers:

The process of mixing oil and gasoline is technologically simple. It is important to observe safety precautions so that static electricity does not accumulate, not a drop of water does not fall into the fuel.

Types of oils used for breeding in gasoline

What proportions should be done? Engines are mainly two.Stroke, so the mixture is usually 1:50. Russian.Made chainsaws function with the products of such brands:

For foreign analogues, it is permissible to use two liters of gasoline per 80 grams of oil. Foreign saws are characterized by economical fuel consumption, oil proportions in them vary from 40 to 49 shares.

Shades of oil can vary significantly, this should be taken into account during operation. For example, produces machine oil of reddish tint. If the composition has a greenish (sometimes blue) shade, then this is a sure sign that the product is a synthetic premium class. The quality of such compounds is high, the cost is also rather big.

Which octane number to use. 92, 95 or 98?

Here the most interesting begins. Is it possible to refuel a chainsaw 95 with gasoline? In all the instructions for the operation of the chainsaws, manufacturers indicate with fat font: “Do not use gasoline with an octane number above 92 for the preparation of the fuel mixture”. It is understandable, but apparently not everyone, t.To. Once from timely, a chainsaws with a burnt cylinder bring to service centers!

Let’s figure out which gasoline is to pour in the chainsaw and which! For all two.Stroke engines, you need to use 92 gasoline, it is the tool that is designed for it.

Pouring 95 gasoline, detonation (impetus of the piston into the anti-income) will begin to occur in the engine, something like a micro-impact that will occur almost at each turnover of the crankshaft. I think everything is clear about 98 gasoline, the effect will be even stronger, and it will already be mini strikes.

Reviews of the owners

For more than a year and a half, I have been the owner of the Champion 137. I really like it, although I rarely work for it, only when it is necessary to prepare the thrush for the barbecue and the bathhouse. For all the time that I own this saw, she failed only once. As it turned out later, I myself violated the launch algorithm and flooded the candle. After reading the instructions, I found out how to blow the engine after an unsuccessful attempt to start and started the saw on her own, though it smoked a lot for some time, but then the exhaust returned to normal. I recommend it with a saw with a saw.

I bought a Champion 137 after I had broken a lot 180, and the cost of repairs was equivalent to buying Champion 137. Now I regret a little. As soon as you take the Champion in your hands, you immediately feel the differences with the plug. The saw starts to be hot worse, saws worse, but I reassure myself that I paid almost two times less for it than the new calm 180. Most likely this saw will suit those who have not previously dealt with chainsaws.