How To Refuel The Petrol Trimmer

Gasoline for petrol cutters: which one to choose and how to dilute?
Use a certain brand of gasoline for petrol cutters and dilute it with special high-quality oil. What fuel can I put in a two-stroke trimmer? Maintaining the correct proportion of the mixture will extend the service life of your equipment.

Fuel ratio

If the mixture is diluted correctly, for example, following the instructions below, the equipment will serve you for more than one year without serious technical breakdowns. At the same time, fuel consumption will be low, and the result of work will be high. The fuel preparation process must always be the same and constant. It is better to use the same ingredients always, without changing the brand indicated by the manufacturer.

It is not worth adding a lot of oil, this can damage the operation of the engine, but you should not save on it either. To maintain the correct proportions, always use the same measuring container, so as not to be mistaken with the quantity. Medical syringes can be used to measure the oil, but some manufacturers, along with the oil, provide a measuring container with risks in the kit.

The most correct ratio of oil to gasoline is 1 to 50, where 50 is the amount of gasoline and the amount of oil is 1. For a better understanding, let us explain that 1 liter is equal to 1000 ml. So, to get a ratio of 1 to 50, divide 1000 ml by 50, we get 20 ml. As a result, only 20 milliliters of oil need to be added to 1 liter of gasoline. To dilute 5 liters of gasoline, you need 100 ml of oil.

In addition to maintaining the correct proportion, you must also follow the mixing technology of the ingredients. In no case should you just add oil to the gas tank. It is better to follow the following step by step instructions.

  • To dilute the mixture, you must prepare in advance a container in which you will mix gasoline and oil. This can be a clean metal or plastic canister with a volume of 3, 5 or 10 liters to make it easier to calculate the amount of oil. Do not use drinking water bottles for this purpose. They are made of thin plastic that can dissolve from gasoline. Use a special measuring container to measure oil. But if there is none, then, as already noted, medical syringes with a large dosage will do.
  • Pour gasoline into the canister, without adding a couple of centimeters to the full volume. In order not to spill gasoline, take a watering can or insert a funnel into the neck of the canister. Then take the required amount of oil into a syringe or measuring device and pour it into a container with gasoline. It is not recommended to do the opposite. Pouring gasoline into oil.
  • Close the bottle tightly and stir the mixture. If, during the preparation of the mixture or its mixing, part of the fuel spills out, you must immediately wipe the canister with a dry cloth.
  • Be sure to follow fire safety measures. Dilute the mixture away from fire and never leave leftover fuel or used materials within easy reach of children.

Gasoline for petrol cutters: which one to choose and how to dilute?

For those people who have a summer cottage or a country house, very often there are difficulties with the overgrown grass on the site. As a rule, it is necessary to mow it several times per season and get rid of thickets. Currently on the market there is a wide selection of garden and vegetable garden equipment. One of these assistants is a petrol cutter, in other words, a trimmer. For effective and long-term operation of such equipment, it is necessary to fill it with high-quality fuel or properly prepared fuel mixtures.

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How To Refuel The Petrol Trimmer

What gasoline can I put in the trimmer?

Before determining which gasoline to fill the trimmer, it is necessary to define some of the concepts used.

  • Trim tabs can be with four-stroke or two-stroke engines. Four-stroke trimmers are the most powerful and complex in design, lubrication of parts of its engine is carried out by an oil pump. The engine runs on pure gasoline. For two-stroke units. Simpler ones. Preparation of a fuel mixture consisting of gasoline and oil is required. It is due to the amount of oil in the fuel that the rubbing parts in the cylinder of this engine are lubricated.
  • To prepare the mixture, you need a certain grade of gasoline AI-95 or AI-92. The brand of gasoline depends on its ignition speed. Octane number. The lower this figure, the faster gasoline burns and the greater its consumption.

Many models of petrol cutters have two-stroke engines running mainly on AI-92 gasoline. The fuel for them must be mixed independently. It is better to pour gasoline of the brand specified for it by the manufacturer into the brushcutter, otherwise the trimmer will fail faster. For example, with AI-95 gasoline, the engine will overheat quickly, and when choosing AI-80, the fuel mixture turns out to be of very low quality, so the engine will work unstable and with low power.

In addition to choosing a brand of gasoline, when preparing fuel mixture for brushcutters, you need to use a special oil designed specifically for two-stroke engines. Semi-synthetic and synthetic oils are well suited for benzos. Semi-synthetic oils are in the middle price range, suitable for such equipment from any manufacturer, they lubricate the necessary elements of the motor well. Synthetic oils are more expensive, but they will keep the engine running longer. In any case, when buying equipment, you should carefully read the instructions, since sometimes the manufacturer gives recommendations on the use of specific brands of oil.

Features of refueling brushcutters

When the mixture is prepared and ready for use, it must be carefully poured into the fuel tank. Since gasoline is a toxic liquid, safety precautions must be observed when working with it. Work must be carried out in calm weather and away from strangers. And also to pour fuel into the tank, you need to use a watering can or funnel with which you previously diluted the mixture. Otherwise, the mixture may spill, go unnoticed, and ignite when the engine heats up.

The fuel bank itself must be cleaned of external contaminants and only then unscrew its cap in order to refuel with the prepared fuel. Once the fuel has been filled, the tank should not be left open, as insects or dirt can enter it and clog the fuel filter. Fuel must be poured into the tank until the indicated mark or less, and then refilled during operation.

During storage, the container must be tightly closed with a lid. Store fuel in a cool room, out of the reach of the sun’s rays. It is worth remembering that with prolonged storage of the mixture, the oil liquefies and loses its properties.

Gasoline trimmer for giving, which one is better to choose

Gasoline mowers and trimmers are very convenient, compact and maneuverable, suitable for work in any country. They cope with grass in areas with different terrain and different sizes. Their use is especially beneficial in narrow, hard-to-reach places for the lawnmower. In addition, they are cheaper and easier to maintain than a lawn mower.

  • Gasoline trimmer: the purpose of the tool in the country
  • Types of trimmers on a gasoline engine
  • Household
  • Professional
  • Universal
  • Motocars
  • How to choose a gasoline trimmer for a summer residence, selection criteria
    • Engine type and power
    • Trimmer knife and line
    • Petrol trimmer handle weight and type
    • Additional accessories
    • Advantages and disadvantages of a petrol trimmer in the garden
    • Household

      Used for mowing weeds and grass in house plots. It is a lightweight tool with a curved handle and a power of 1 horsepower or slightly more. Such trimmers are suitable for small amounts of work or infrequent mowing, haircuts.

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      When purchasing a household tool, you need to know how to use a grass trimmer. It needs rest every 20-25 minutes of work, otherwise it may fail. But at the same time, the household trimmer has moderate gas mileage and excellent maneuverability.

      Petrol trimmer handle weight and type

      According to the type of bar (handle), trimmers come with a curved handle for light loads or a straight handle for larger loads. The weight of the trimmer, as a rule, does not affect the operation of the tool, it matters for the person working with it. If it is a man, then you can take a heavier model, if a woman, then lighter.

      When choosing a tool by weight, you need to take into account the size of the trimmer gas tank. The larger it is, the heavier a fully filled trimmer will be (on average, 0.6-1.5 kg).

      Engine type and power

      The best gasoline trimmers don’t have to be the most powerful. If you have a small lawn. The most powerful trimmer is not required for it. A good medium power gasoline trimmer is fine. But if the treated area is large and there is a need to work on it for 6-7 hours a day, then a more powerful trimmer is needed.

      According to the type of suspension, there are strap trimmers. The best option for infrequent use, and knapsack trimmers. It is better to take such trimmers with a constant, almost daily load on the tool.

      According to the drive type, petrol trimmers are available with a straight shaft or with a metal cable. It is better to take a tool driven by a straight shaft. They are more durable. According to the engine type, petrol trimmers are divided into two- and four-stroke.

      The former are filled with oil already mixed with gasoline, the latter have separate compartments for oil and gasoline. Two-strokes are considered to be noisier and often have a shorter lifespan. And four-stroke ones are more durable, more expensive to maintain and repair, but at the same time they work a little quieter.

      The engine can be located in the upper or lower position. Those located at the top are preferable. They are more convenient to use, they cool better, are more protected from clogging with grass and debris, and they also tend to have more power.


      They look like professional ones, but they can also trim lawns, that is, the canvas cut by it will be uniform, even and beautiful.

      Trimmer knife and line

      The line included with the trimmer is used only for cutting grass. Several types of fishing line are distinguished by the type of pattern:

      • In the shape of an asterisk. For green decorative lawns or young grass;
      • In the shape of a square. For tall grass with thick stems;
      • In the shape of a circle. A versatile look, suitable for both lawn and woody and dry grass stems and leaves.

      For cutting branches, cutting shrubs, you will need a knife. There are models equipped with only a fishing line, and there are models with both a fishing line and knives.

      Types of trimmers on a gasoline engine

      Let’s take a look at the different types of petrol trimmers and find out which jobs each one is best for.


      They look like professional ones, but they can also trim lawns, that is, the canvas cut by it will be uniform, even and beautiful.


      Not only grasses, branches and shrubs are mowed, but even young trees can be cut. They have a capacity of over 3 liters. From. They can work without interruption for several hours in large areas.


      Their power is higher. 2-3 liters. With., respectively, and more gasoline for a professional trimmer is consumed. Such a trimmer performs a much larger amount of work and has a knife in the configuration, that is, it cuts both grass and thin branches, bushes.

      It is also equipped with a shoulder strap and anti-vibration system. But also when working, it requires rest every 30 minutes and cleaning the cutting part of the grass.

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      How to choose a gasoline trimmer for a summer residence, selection criteria

      Before choosing a petrol trimmer, you need to know at least briefly the basic parameters of the tool. The key when choosing a gasoline trimmer will be how often you plan to use it and what areas it is intended for.

      Based on this, the best gasoline trimmer for your specific area is selected according to the power and performance of each individual model.

      Additional accessories

      Before choosing a lawn trimmer, explore all the features of each model. Some have additional useful features. This can be a snow plow attachment, an anti-vibration system for the convenience of hands, a quick start of the trimmer with a decompression device, which increases the life of the tool.

      Fuel supply system

      The problem may lie in a clogged fuel hose. Its disconnection should lead to unauthorized leakage of fuel. Otherwise, you will have to clean or replace the fuel filter.

      Engine failure

      1. Overheat. It manifests itself in engine failure after about 10-15 minutes of continuous trimmer operation. In this case, a rise in temperature can lead to clogging of the cooling fins or the starter grille with lumps of grass and dirt.
      2. Fuel. Sometimes it is not enough to fill the petrol trimmer on time for proper operation. Repairs are often required as a result of the use of insufficient quality fuel. As practice shows, it is extremely undesirable to fill trimmers with fuel with a lower octane number than AI-92.
      3. Clogged air filter. Cleaning of the specified item is a standard activity during routine maintenance of the unit. How to clean a petrol trimmer? Repair in this case consists in thoroughly washing the filter with detergents and reinstalling it.

      Replacing spark plugs

      One of the most common causes of a gasoline trimmer breakdown is damage or clogging of the ignition element. If the candle has received serious damage in the form of cracks in the body, the spare part simply changes. The work is done as follows:

      • The candle is dismantled with a special key and inspected.
      • If there are deposits on the surface of the body, the latter are cleaned with brake fluid or white spirit.
      • If the candle is critically damaged, a new one is inserted in its place, and then tightened firmly with a wrench.

      Petrol trimmer. Repair and maintenance

      The trimmer is ideal for maintaining your backyard. Compared to traditional hand tools, the automatic mower is a pleasure to operate. However, any technique tends to fail. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to repair gasoline trimmers. Let’s look at what kind of breakdowns you can cope with on your own without resorting to outside help.

      Features of operation

      Particular attention should be paid to regularly cleaning the air filter from dirt and sawdust, tightening screws and nuts before using the unit.

      As for the rotating head, it is recommended to use only special fishing line here, since the use of metal cables or wire as an alternative will lead to rapid wear of the mechanism. Over, the line must have the diameter recommended by the manufacturer of the existing model of gasoline trimmer.

      The mowing head also needs periodic maintenance. A worn or deformed element can damage the petrol trimmer. Repair here will require replacing the shaft or gearbox of the unit, which will lead to serious expenses.

      Petrol trimmer. Device and repair

      Basically, a gasoline trimmer consists of a long tubular rod connected to a gearbox in an internal combustion engine. The inner part of the tube contains a shaft, through which torque is transmitted to the cutting device.

      The trimmers come with a cutting line that attaches to the rotating mechanism. During the mowing of the lawn, the latter gradually wears out. Therefore, you have to periodically service the petrol trimmer. Repair in this case consists in removing the old fishing line and replacing it.