How to remove a chain from a saw. Replacing worn parts

Surrosing, re-segments and manufacturing chains for electro-Benzopil and Harvesters.

The chain on any chainsaw is stretched over time, this applies not only to budget models, but also by well.Known brands, such as “calm”. This process is facilitated by the following reasons:

  • Low.Quality oil pump tuning. Leads to improper oil supply, increasing the heating of the metal during sawing.
  • Forest roll and construction in adverse, extreme conditions. Particles of dust, dirt or sand fall on the links of the headset, act as abrasive material. Gradually wipe the joints.
  • The use of waste or low.Quality oil with the content of metal particles.
  • Installation of a new headset without adjusting adjusting bolts after each use.
  • Decrease in natural voltage after long and intensive work.

Closure stretching is a normal process for a saw set. It can be controlled using the recommended oil manufacturer, compliance with the operating rules of the tool. If you do not pay attention to the tension, then this can lead to a breakdown of the tool, a decrease in its productivity and dangerous injuries during operation.

How to choose a chain for electric saw?

First of all, you need to choose a quality consumable. The selection of a headset for a chain saw should be carried out taking into account the type, the power of the tool. The chain performs no less important functions than the engine, so approach the choice of this element with maximum responsibility to avoid various problems during the operation of the power tool. When choosing consumables, you should FOCUS on the criteria below.

  • Tool compatibility. To achieve maximum power pipeline productivity, give preference to the original consumables of the same brand as the tool.
  • The purpose of application. For work in the country or section of a private house, elements with a step of 0.325 inches are suitable. If intensive operation is assumed, choose a consumable with 3/8 inch steps.
  • Length. The size of the chain must coincide with the size of the tire. If during operation the headset sags or stretches, this can be corrected by adjusting the tension or shortening the chain.
  • Angle of sharpening. For operation in normal conditions, chains with an angle of sharpening 30 degrees are suitable. If intensive operation is assumed, choose a headset with a sharpening angle of 10 degrees.

When choosing a chain, take into account the features of the material that you have to work with, as well as the cutting method (transverse or longitudinal). The headset with a smaller angle is used for longitudinal sawing. The performance of such elements is lower, but the operational resource is greater.

When purchasing consumables for an electric saw, also consider criteria such as manufacturing material, shank thickness, groove width. The correct choice of sawing headset is an important condition for the safe and productive operation of the electric saw.

The stretched chain sags

Stretching of the chain headset inevitably leads to a deterioration in the operational properties of a gasoline saw and a decrease in tool performance. Weakened consumables can cause an injury. You need to constantly monitor the condition of the circuits, check their performance. It is impossible to allow a metal product, which consists of dozens of individual cloves, stretches to more than 1 cm. If such a problem still arose, immediately solve it. This can be done in one of two ways: buy a new consumable element for replacement or adjust the length of the stretched chain.

Correction of the length of the chain is carried out according to this scheme:

  • Dissolve the links of the chain headset or fix the product in a vice;
  • Carefully remove the rivets (the best file is best suited for this chain);
  • Knock out the worn rivets with a beard (it is not recommended to use a grinder for this purpose);
  • Remove the right number of links;
  • Install all the details in your former place;
  • Insert rivets and fix them with a hammer.

For fastening rivets, you can use a special tool. To make the joints more durable and reliable, brew them using equipment for welding. After the completion of the main operations, gently flow the burrs.

Why the chain flies, find out the reasons

If you wondered why the chain flies away from your chainsaw, then some problems arise in the mechanism. Exist Three main reasons This malfunction: incorrect tire operation, lengthening of the chain and a slightly fixed led star. We will discuss each of the possible reasons for the refusal in detail.

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Tension mechanisms

The chain should be correctly stretched so that it is manually moving freely along the tire. To adjust the tension, a classic type of tensioner is used, which is used in the budget class tools. Such a tensioner is a bolt with a thread, as well as an adjusting component with a classic or lateral location.

High.Quality models of chainsaws are equipped with adjusting mechanisms, with which the tension can be carried out using one movement of the lever or turning the adjusting disk. If a tensioner is used to tension the circuit, then the tightening moment is fixed using counterparties. Otherwise, fixing the chain tension is carried out by blocking the tire in a given position by installing the cover. Both methods allow you to fix the product reliably in a given position.

Another option for the adjustment screw

How to Replace a Chainsaw Chain

It is necessary to learn about how to properly pull the chain of the chainships in more detail, since this moment is very important, the productivity of the tool and human security depends on it.

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How to put a chain and a tire on a chainsaw: Assembly

The procedure under consideration is quite simple. It is characterized by the following features:

  • First, the chain brake is released.
  • The tension screw is in close proximity to the bus.
  • The next step is to pull the cutting element clockwise.
  • If the circuit is difficult to move, then we have to weaken the fixing screw.

Modern chainsaw designs greatly simplify such work. Therefore, you can perform it yourself even in the absence of special tools.

How to extend the resource of a leading asterisk?

Experienced sawmen recommend working with several identical canvases, changing them as the links are stupid. Such a technique will help to significantly reduce the wear of the leading gear, but, of course, will not be able to prevent it completely. Sooner or later it will have to be removed and replaced.

The drive details are made from especially durable highly alloy alloys in conditions of industrial production. In addition, they are subjected to special types of processing to improve their strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. These may include:

It is impossible to repeat such a technological process in a home workshop. An attempt to restore the surf with subsequent milling to the size will also not work. Such a restored gear will work several times less than the factory. The cost of the remote complex is incomparably small compared to wasted efforts and time.

Replacing details in service workshops is not cheap, so the most reasonable and economical is the independent replacement with a suitable six industrial production gear.

The chain shortening with professional tools

71 Kawasaki H1 500 Restored Un-restored CONCLUSION

If chains are operated on an industrial scale, it makes sense to purchase professional tools for shortening them. Only two devices will be required to work: a punch for removing connecting elements and a machine for installing them.

remove, chain, replacing, worn

The punch operates on the principle of press equipment. The tool is equipped with a gravity with grooves for chains with different steps. Estabitation of rivets is carried out by interchangeable tips. How to do the job, you can watch on the video.

After separation of the chain, you need to remove the unnecessary link or several. And now to restore the integrity of the chain headset, you need to install a rivet. This can be done with riveted and public equipment.

How the electric saw chain is lubricated. The procedure for beginners

As a rule, the lubrication of the electric saw chain is performed using high.Quality car oil. The only important point is that spent trains should not be used, since they will only harm the garden tool.

Before adding oil, you need to turn off the power saw from the power. If the electric saw is equipped with an automatic oil supply system, then the lubricant must be poured into a separate tool capacity, and then start the operation.

If you notice that the chain on the electric saw is not lubricated even with a large amount of oil in the tank, then first of all you will need to check the plunger pump of the tool. In most models, it is made of soft plastic, and the teeth on it very quickly become worthless. In such cases, the replacement of the part will cost quite expensive, which is why many owners prefer to buy new electric cars.

How to Replace a Chain on a Bike. Sizing & Installation

If such an automatic lubricant in the electric saw is absent, then the lubrication of the chain is performed in a completely different way. To do this, you need to dip the chain into the oil, and then install it back on the electric saw. The lubrication of the chain should be abundant, otherwise, due to the lack of oil, the saw engine will be subjected to strong loads.

With prolonged simple electric saws, many chain manufacturers advise making oil baths for sawing elements. This will prevent their corrosion and quick wear. To do this, put the chain in the container and pour oil so that the liquid completely covers the part. After that, the container is tightly closed with the lid and is left until the next operation of the electric saw.

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