How to Remove a Coil From a Makita Um4030 Trimmer

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How to Remove a Coil From a Makita Um4030 Trimmer

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Power, disk included

He worked 4 years of not very intensive use. a year, 5-6 times a summer mowed 10 acres of grass.

In the first year, the native coil broke up, in the second year the motor contacts inside the case had to be re-soldered. the trimmer did not turn on. the third year slanted without repairs.

In the fourth season, plastic bushings melted inside the lower rod with a flexible shaft, so melted so well that they filled everything with plastic and even. on Yandex.Market

Comfortable, beautiful, mowing well, not particularly heated. For 4 years nothing has broken, the flight is normal.

I gave it to my grandfather 4 years ago. on Yandex.Market

Powerful, has a knife.

Heavy, but with a bandage tolerant. After 2 winters in the country, the CT2802 electronic unit failed.

Ease of use, normally mowed grass 40-50 cm tall.

1. The price was taken for 3500 2. Quality 3. Interchangeable tools with a calm.

Good value for money, took over 3500r. The braid is comfortable, not very heavy, for its characteristics. It is comparable in performance with gasoline braids (not brush cutters). Mows almost everything, the disk is certainly everything.

when working with fishing line, small pebbles can also fly off. Read the instructions on how to use it in which direction to keep the scythe and use a protective mask. I clean the area of ​​17 acres and 2 acres, areas with azhina and mature alfalfa and other rapidly growing and resistant grass.

The native fishing line reel is bad after its breakdown, I bought a Chinese one very comfortable and very, very tender worked for 10 minutes &# 128578; after that I changed the automatic 25th to a small calm calm coil of about 700 p. The sellers said it did not fit, it fit perfectly.

Today I tried on a head with plastic knives (Stihl), I don’t remember the model, after grinding 5 mm of plastic, the grinder should stand up, I’ll write after use. After 15 minutes of work I give rest. on Yandex.Market

Before that I had been using the Ikra ES1000 mower for about 10 years. Bearings jammed. bought Elitech. As already written. the quality of mowing with fishing line is not very.

If the grass is not tall, the mower is shaggy, but not cut. The ability to use a 2.5mm fishing line does not save. It seems that the speed is low.

Slightly saves the situation with a fishing line with a curly profile. Read more on Yandex.Market

The grass wraps around the shaft and then vibration appears.

Yesterday was the first test and everything is super. 4 hundred parts of tall grass is easy enough. True, the grass is wound and vibration appears, it takes place during. Read more on Yandex.Market

departed already 7 seasons

heavy (but the heavier, the more reliable), electronics interfered, native spool-niochem

Mows everything. Until it overheats. He mowed 10 acres of grass without any problems. On the case there is a convenient holder for the extension cord (the plug does not pop up from the outlet).

Too heavy. The protective casing is not thought out (I was completely scribbled to the waist). It seems to me that the braid could work quieter.

For its price a very good trimmer. Before work, I checked and tightened all the screws. Scythe is not for women (heavy). When working, you must wear protective. Read more on Yandex.Market

Knives everything with a knife

I couldn’t mow anything with a fishing line. it was unwound to lawlessness. So with a knife and mowed. Until the trimmer breaks at the third mowing &# 128577; At the second mowing, the hull began to fall apart, because of. on Yandex.Market

heavy, there is vibration when using the knife. After long work with a trimmer, my fingers “ring” already. So the vibration is transmitted to the hands.

When comparing with the neighboring Oleo-Mak-900W, I rented it, this trimmer is more powerful, but it is lighter and not. on Yandex.Market

Unsuccessful combination of two protective covers.

I got it just yesterday. Today was a trial test. The first thing I noticed was that when assembling the device, the protective cover for working with the fishing line (external) is installed on the previously supplied cover for working with the knife (internal).

Everything would be fine, but the fishing line beats on the protruding edge of the inner casing. So I want to finalize this whole design! Therefore, there is no question of the declared capture width. The knife mows well overgrowth. on Yandex.

Doesn’t break. yet. It did not overheat. Mowing low grass as with good morning. No electric shock 🙂

Bought for mowing tall grass. Alas, it did not live up to hope. He constantly winds grass on the shaft, from which the work does not bring joy, and even vice versa 🙁 The button sticks. It’s hard to reach high. on Yandex.Market

Bought for 2200r Heavy, not for women. Accelerates slowly. Neighbor Oleo Mac 1300 accelerates instantly and lightly. But the price is different. I did not mow hectares, but mowed along the fence. on Yandex.Market

powerful 1 kW, mowing perfectly, the plot was heavily overgrown, where it was not possible to cut the line with a fishing line, the knife chopped everything with ease, small bushes, chopped even a couple of small aspen trees, the price was not high for 2200r.

Price (bought for only 2700r.), Power, knife included, direct drive.

Grease must still be added to the gearbox. I recommend shrusovy. The fishing line in the cassette was wound sloppy, which is why it does not always feed, I had to pick it out. I bought a new fishing line, refueled smoothly, now there are no problems.

Price Power Leskanozh

Range of garden equipment Elitech. Description, characteristics. Instruction, maintenance

Elitech is a manufacturer of gasoline and electrical appliances for domestic and professional use. The official owner of the brand is the Russian company Lit Trading.

Under the brand name of this company, the equipment of such manufacturers as Makita, Bosch, Riobi, Black is being sold in the country&Decker, Elitech. The Elitek brand appeared on the Russian market in 2008.

The most famous types of equipment are cultivators, trimmers, lawn mowers, chainsaws, saws, generators, blowers, compressors, voltage stabilizers. The company produces such equipment as machine tools for metal processing and equipment for working with concrete.

Elitech strives to conduct its business according to the following principles:

Range of trimmers and lawn mowers Elitech

In the model range of Elitech lawnmowers, you can find two types of equipment: gasoline and electric mowers. Trimmers are also divided into categories such as electric and gasoline.

Elitech Trimmers

Elitech BT 43 trimmer of the Lawn-cutter Elitech T 52 ELITECH T 33 trimmer


  • T 35 / 4T;
  • T 26, T33, T 43 Standard, T 52;
  • BT 43, BT 26, BT 33 Premium, BT 52 Premium;
  • T 1150RK, T 700RK, T 750RK;
  • T 25 BE;
  • T 12V, T 20V, T 25V;
  • T 12V, T 20VN;
  • T 25VNR, T 30VNR;
  • T 20V2, T 12V2, T 25V2;
  • T 12BH2, T 20BH2;
  • T 12PK2;
  • T 26P, T 33P, T 43P, T 52P, T 12P.

The power of trimmers in this category is from 1 to 3 horsepower. The series is equipped with a two-stroke single-cylinder engine.


  • ET 1000, ET 1200, ET 1200R, ET 800;
  • ET 1000K, ET 1000, ET 1000 N, ET 1000 KN.

Digital notation. equivalent power in watts. Depending on the model, the diameter of the fishing line can range from 2 to 2.5 mm, the cable length is 25 meters. lawn mowers work from a network with a voltage of 220-230 V.

ELITECH ET 1000 trimmer ELITECH ET 1200 trimmer

Lawn Mowers Elitech

  • K 5000 B;
  • K 4000 B;
  • To 3500V;
  • K 4500L;
  • K 5500L;
  • K 6500 (engine B&S).

Video: How to Remove a Coil From a Makita Um4030 Trimmer

Lawn mower gasoline Elitech K 4000V Lawn mower ELITECH K 5000B


  • EC 2000H;
  • EK 1600N;
  • EK 1000N;
  • EK 1000K;
  • EK 1000;
  • EC 1500;
  • EC 1600.

The power of lawn mowers is from 1000 to 2000 watts. Coverage from 32 to 40 cm. The body of the product is made of plastic. The work item is a knife.

Lawnmower ELITECH EK 2000H Electric lawn mower ELITECH EK 1000N

Top Elitech Models

One of the top models of electric lawn mowers is the EK 2000N. This model works with a working width of 42 cm, the cutting part is a knife, of the advantages the model has: a folding handle, a capacious grass catcher of 45 liters, enlarged rear wheels for greater convenience and maneuverability, the weight of the device is relatively small and amounts to 14 kg.

A popular model of the electric trimmer is the 1200r lawn mower. This is a compact and lightweight trimmer for quick mowing, cutting of branches, capable of becoming an assistant even in the most modest farming or gardening.

The advantage of the electric braid is its environmental friendliness, low noise, semi-automatic bobbin. The length of the wire is 25 meters.

Thus, the device is ideal for a small area or for work near residential buildings with a power source.

Among the lawn mowers, the T 26p trimmer is a favorite. This technique also applies to small-sized and lightweight, it is perfectly controlled and easy to assemble according to the instructions that come with the kit. The width of the bevel of the fishing line of such a lawn mowers is 44 cm, the engine displacement is 26 cc The power of such a trimmer is only 1 hp, but this does not prevent it from being popular among gardeners and farmers.

The gasoline lawn mower that has entered the top-selling models is the Elitech 5000c. It became popular due to its power and ability to work for a long time without refueling. This mower has the most powerful engine in the line and the maximum power among the representatives of the series is 6 horsepower.

Instructions for use and maintenance

When operating the trimmer or mower according to the instructions, the owner receives reliable equipment that has been working for many years. Detailed attention should be paid to the quality of fuel materials, that is, gasoline and oil, and when working with electrical equipment, to the correct connection and handling of the electric cable.

Oil and fuel

For trimmers with two-stroke and four-stroke engines, gasoline 92 or 95 should be used. Oil for four-stroke engines is poured separately, without mixing with gasoline, into the oil sump.

This applies to large equipment, for example, lawn mowers.

Trimmers (lawn mowers) with two-stroke engines operate on a mixture of gasoline and 2T oil (mixing ratio 1:50, one part oil to fifty parts gasoline).

2T oil 2T oil

The approximate fuel consumption of a gas trimmer is 1.4 liters per hour. A gas mower consumes between 1.4 and 1.8 liters of fuel per hour. Consumption can also depend on the degree of load, the intensity of the operating mode.

First start

Starting devices is also performed according to the instructions. Modern gardening equipment is easy to manage, and its launch is just as simple. Usually with one push of a switch or pulling out the starter cord, depending on the model. Before starting the gas mower, make sure that the fuel and oil are filled, that the trimmer is filled with an oil-gas mixture.

The duration of operation after the first turn on of the device should be short. The first 10 minutes, the equipment should adapt to the loads. Then you should take a break for 10 minutes, waiting for the engine to cool.

Download user manual Elitech BT 43P

Operation and maintenance manual for Elitech K5000V

Terms of Service:

  • keep the trimmer / mower clean. remove from the casing, rod, air intakes, grass residues after mowing from under the casing;
  • Do not work in rainy weather to avoid circuit and personal injury, as well as damage to equipment;
  • on the slopes, move with the mower diagonally, do not go down the slope with the working unit;
  • to avoid injury to the skin with dry grass or small stones, mow in closed clothes and shoes with closed fingers;
  • clean the grass catcher in a timely manner, replenish fuel supplies;
  • when working with electrical devices, make sure that the extension cord does not twist and the plug of the cord fits firmly into the outlet;
  • do not pull the cord out of the socket with a jerk, hold the plug.

Major malfunctions

What kind of malfunctions do owners of gardening equipment most often encounter, in particular trimmers and mowers?

Let’s take a closer look at the main causes of unstable operation.

Elitech Lawn Mower Video

Owner reviews

Dmitry, Rostov Region:

“For four years I have been the owner of a 3000V mower, gasoline. I will not trade for anything. Yes, it is possible that electric models are more environmentally friendly and make less noise, but I work mainly in the field, where the noise from the mower does not bother people.

Advantages: perfectly cuts off any vegetation, the knife is sharpened perfectly under the cut. For all the time of use, I did not change the knife! Convenient handle, you can put the mower anywhere, takes up little space and light, as for the power output.

Disadvantages: not found. "

Range of garden equipment Elitech. Description, characteristics. Instructions for use, maintenance Link to the main publication

Elitech T 52P Reviews. Bad

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Trimmer petrol Elitech T 33

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Lawnmower ELITECH ЕК 1600Н

The ELITECH EK 1600H Electric Lawn Mower is designed for domestic use. The model has a small weight (13.2 kg) and a modest size. Designed for processing areas of small and medium size.

The mowing width is 38 cm, which makes it easy to maneuver between bushes and trees. The ergonomic handle adjusts to the operator’s height for comfortable operation. Electric lawn mower is designed for mowing grass on lawns, garden plots, in parks and squares.

A wide grip of grass and a large grass catcher make working with this lawn mower convenient and efficient.

Elitech 3000V Lawn Mower

Lawn mower

Order online and get a part of the money back, in more detail.

  • – September 1, 2015 Does not take high thickets. than 15-20 cm. productivity drops sharply, because the grass is pressed against the body and does not fall under the knife, it is necessary to carry several times. It is indicative of advertising that you can of course mow the nettle bushes to mow, but for quick and comfortable work. you need to mow every 2-3 weeks, avoiding grass over 15 cm. If you work without a grass catcher (mulching mode), then the gap for spilling out the grass is too narrow, the grass sticks, the spillage stops and then quickly clogs the insides. However, I found a solution. it is necessary to cut some stick across the width of the grass catcher, and put this stick on the stops instead of the grass catcher. then the lid will not lower to the end and the gap for pouring grass will be large. We must carefully look behind the ground so that there are no forgotten pieces of iron, bricks, stones and other garbage. Trimmers are not afraid, but here you can break a knife.


On trampled paths and flat solid lawns, I set a low level, shave it under the root. And on soft and crooked ground. a high level, compensates for the failure of the wheels and bumps. And just transporting more conveniently in high clearance mode. I am writing this all to the fact that many other models (incl.

and cheaper Elitech) adjustment is done with a screwdriver and wrench, rearrangement of axles of wheels. And here. in a few seconds and without a tool! On a flat surface. work is very fast, at the usual speed of a pedestrian.

If you mow every 2 weeks, then the grass catcher is filled after 30-40 meters of run (just a break for cooling. until it is unfastened and the grass is carried away).

What took almost a day with a manual trimmer now takes an hour and a half! The trimmer, however, is still needed. to mow along fences and other difficult places where the lawn mower cannot grab grass because of the overhangs of the hull (about 10 cm along the fence it is not available).


I didn’t find any serious flaws, there are unpleasant trifles: On the loose ground, the wheels fail, especially if the handle is raised high (then when pushing forward it turns out that the thrust vector goes up and down, which additionally presses the wheels). I had to put the pen as low as possible.

In short, people with a height of more than 180 and on soft ground will be hard. It was necessary to make wider wheels (however, competitors have the same narrow ones). Wet grass is not mowed. literally per meter of mileage all the insides are covered with grass and that’s it.

And the principle of work. chopped grass is carried away by suction of air with a knife in the form of a fan. Therefore, the grass must be dry so that it does not stick. Even a small amount of dew interferes with comfortable work. As a result, only in the middle of the day you can start working.

The grass catcher fill indicator after 1/4 already indicates that the grass catcher is full. But this seems to be the case with everyone. The rubber handle on the edges (where it is bent) cracked (in one season, it did not even endure frosts).

The mulching mode (without grass catcher) is strange. She doesn’t scatter grass. she just rolls an even roller of dust behind her, then she needs to be raked up afterwards, otherwise it’s somehow not beautiful. But all the same, pieces of grass are too big for invisible spreading over the lawn, it’s easier to hang the grass catcher and pour it into compost.

Period of use:

. September 7, 2015

Do not believe Yandex, which writes that there is mulching, and also do not believe Elitech service support. which at the beginning, before me, I claimed that there was mulching, it would be enough to remove the grass catcher.

After the purchase, it turned out that in this option there would simply be a dump of grass to the ground and this is not mulching.

A written appeal to Elitech with explanations entailed a call from a company in which at first they tried to convince me that this was Elitech “company mulching,” they see it that way. And then they referred to the fact that the instructions did not say about mulching.

At the same time, on the box itself there is a lawn mower / mulching inscription No nozzle for mulching is also provided. Thus, in terms of price-quality ratio, it’s just like a lawn mower. 4 as with the declared mulching. 1


bevel height adjustment, grass catcher volume, ease of construction


no declared mulching.

Period of use:

December 5. December 3, 2017

Be carefull. Many indicate that this is a mower with an asynchronous motor, but this is not.