How to Remove a Coil From an Electric Braid

How to Remove a Coil From an Electric Braid

Stihl garden machinery has long been established in the agricultural market. The electric trimmers of this company are distinguished by quality, reliability, stable operation even at high load. The Stihl electric range is easy to operate and easy to maintain. This gives a great opportunity to use the technique, even for a beginner.


The range of mowers of the company is diverse. The company is constantly improving the efficiency of its products. Consider the main features of the popular options for mowers presented by the company.

Cordless Lawn Mower

Ideal for someone who does not want to breathe gasoline exhausts, and also depend on electricity. The unit consists of a durable polymer housing and a compact grass catcher. Grass catcher capacity varies by model.

Such devices are noiseless, reliable and safe to use.

Electric braid option

The self-propelled form of these units can be used anywhere, but only next to the power supply. Silent, they are often used near schools, kindergartens, as well as hospitals and clinics. They are quite actively used in private areas.

The models are easy to operate, have a low noise level, high reliability, as well as an affordable price.

Popular models of electric braid

One of the popular options is electric spray Stihl FSE-81. This is one of the most powerful lawn trimmers. This device includes AutoCut C5-2 headset mower, designed to work in small areas. It is convenient to mow it near flower beds, borders. She well cleans the area near shrubs and trees, and also carefully processes the paths.

This braid has a number of advantages, which are that it regulates the speed electronically. The design allows you to save trees from damage. The circular handle allows you to perform quality work, maneuver, and mow in tight spaces. It is easy to transport.

There are other options that have proven themselves in work in horticultural areas.

FSE 60

Mowing grass up to 36 cm. Speed ​​up to 7400 rpm. Power is 540 watts. The case is plastic. Telescopic handle. An inexpensive but practical tool.

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FSE 31

Easy and cheap unit. Ideal for processing a small area. They are better off picking, mowing grass after a lawn mower.

FSE 52

The mechanism is articulated, so that the device tilts in different directions. The torch reel can be placed perpendicular to the ground. There are no ventilation slots, which protects the device from water ingress, so the grass can be mowed in the early morning (when dew) or immediately after rain.

Battery Trimmer Options

Cordless braids are easy to use, they actively help to clear the area near the house from grass. Such devices contain batteries with an indicator for charging. It is easy to adjust the bar and the handle.

Advantages of cordless trimmers:

  • without noise, as well as wires, you can look after the lawns;
  • ideal for amateur use;
  • It is light in weight and holds balance well.

The equipment comes in a series, and it includes the following.

  • Height adjustable bar. It can be adjusted at any time. Ideal for those conditions when several people use the unit, and everyone can adapt it for themselves.
  • The handle has a circle shape and is easy to adjust. She has six positions.
  • The mowing unit is adjustable. This can be done in four positions.
  • The edge can be cut vertically. In this case, the angle can be changed up to 90 degrees.

The most famous options for braids on batteries are listed below.

FSA 65

The length of the device is 154 cm. Current is 5.5 A. The lightest of the remaining mowers. This tool can be used on large spaces.

FSA 85

The length is 165 cm. Current is 8 A. Ideal for mowing in a small area.

A convenient device for mowing a lawn, flowerbed, fence, etc. The engine runs quietly enough, there are no exhaust gases.

FSA 90

For harsh grass and large areas. There are two handles on the handle. The bevel in diameter is 26 cm. Low noise, which favorably affects efficient operation. There are two blades on the cutting blade.

Repair Recommendations

Mechanical problems are caused by damage to the trimmer head. This component is most often subjected to wear, and also this element often comes in contact with the environment. There are several options for damage, which is mechanical in nature.

We fill the line in the electric scythe

Consider how to fill a fishing line into a reel yourself. First you need to remove the coil and the protective cover from it. Choose a fishing line, cut the right amount.

We begin to reel on the reel: for this, we fix one end of the fishing line into the gap, carefully wind the fishing line. The fishing line must be wound so that the protective cover is quietly closed, the fishing line can be unwound on its own. The second end is inserted into the hole of the protective casing. Take the coil and the cover. We draw the end of the fishing line into the hole in the lid and pull the fishing line a little.

We put this design on the trimmer. Rotate the coil clockwise until a specific click. We fix it. We connect the braid to the network. The trimmer should be in the starting position. Turn it on. Extra centimeters of fishing line will be cut off by the cutting blade.

When cutting, the line should not come into contact with solid objects, because they tear the line. If the line feed in the machine is not automatic, then the driver will have to stop frequently, remove the reel and rewind the line.

It should be noted that there are options for fishing line, which is adapted for coarse weeds. It looks like a pigtail, it has its own specific coil.

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