How to Remove a Husqvarna Lawn Mower Knife Adapter

How to Remove a Husqvarna Lawn Mower Knife Adapter

Trimmer Tuning (trimmer modernization) is a technical improvement of the trimmer, lawn mowers, lawn mowers or electric braids by replacing parts and assemblies with more expensive or improved ones, adding unusual parts and assemblies to the trimmer’s design, as well as better and more precise adjustment and adjustment of all nodes and systems for improving the technical characteristics and appearance of the trimmer.

How to tune and upgrade the trimmer (read below for details)

  1. Starter electric (removable).
  2. Supporting a cup to protect and slide the trimmer head.
  3. Trimmer under carbon.
  4. Picture on defense.
  5. Airbrushing on the trimmer.
  6. Air filter zero resistance.
  7. Direct-flow muffler trimmers.
  8. Knives, suspension, overalls.
  9. Set to trimmer four stroke engine with a car muffler.
  10. Make two cylinder engine (two stroke).
  11. Enclose a noisy two-stroke trimmer motor in a sealed noise insulation capsule.
  12. Outlet trumpet from the muffler back to 60 cm.
  13. Attach the wide-angle rechargeable battery to the trimmer bar lamp for work in the dark.
  14. General the principles tuning trimmer.

Electric starter for trimmer

Trimmer electric starter (removable) for upgrading and tuning the trimmer. If you do not want to constantly pull the cord of the manual starter to start your trimmer, you can use one of 3 types of electric starters for the trimmer

  • battery starter
  • electric starter with cord and
  • electric drill starter through a special adapter (adapter).

An electric starter for the trimmer is an optional accessory that is purchased separately from the trimmer. Also, its advantage is that it is removable and does not burden the trimmer itself during operation. The trimmer must be compatible with the starter, that is, your trimmer must have a socket for connecting an electric starter.

Starting the trimmer engine from the electric starter takes a few seconds, starting the engine with the touch of a button and even starting the engine in poor technical condition. the manual starter tries to start in jerks, and the electric starter turns the engine until it starts (if it is possible to start it at all, of course).

  • The battery starter for the trimmer is powered by a lithium-ion battery, one charge of which is enough for 25 starts of the trimmer.
  • An electric starter for a trimmer with a power cord connects to a conventional outlet.
  • An adapter (adapter) with which you can turn any drill into an electric starter for a trimmer (for a trimmer compatible with the adapter).

Video: How to Remove a Husqvarna Lawn Mower Knife Adapter

Support cup for protecting and sliding the trimmer head on the grass

Replace the button at the bottom of the trimmer head with a wide support cup, as shown in the video. This allows you to keep an even cut of the lawn, that is, the same height of mowing the lawn.

The trimmer from the lawn mower is primarily distinguished by the fact that the lawn mower mows exactly the lawn, and it is difficult to keep the cutting height at the trimmer as the trimmer head swings up / down.

Also, with such a cup under the trimmer head, you do not need to keep the trimmer head on weight (the trimmer head slides on the grass, copying the surface of the plot) and you should not be afraid to damage the trimmer head by hitting it with a solid stationary object (for example, a stone in the grass, a concrete fence post or about some kind of iron object).

Carbon trimmer

Upgrading the trimmer would not be complete if you did not touch on the appearance of the trimmer. In order to fundamentally change the appearance of the trimmer and make it look really cool, you can remove the engine covers, clean them and paste over with a carbon-colored self-adhesive film.

Carbon. This is a composite material from the carbon fiber family, very light and very durable. It is used in aviation and expensive automotive industry.

Drawing on protection

You can apply the image to the plastic protection of the cutting equipment (metal knife or trimmer head). Protection has a significant area, which allows you to apply a fairly large image. This can also be attributed to tuning the trimmer.

Airbrush trimmer

A specialist in airbrushing can make your trimmer very beautiful and really cool. This is a powerful trim trim.

Zero Resistance Air Filter

The zero-resistance air filter provides the best filling of the cylinder with a fuel-air mixture, which increases the power, acceleration dynamics and revolutions of the trimmer motor.

Line exhaust silencer

Such a silencer is difficult to manufacture and is heavy, but a large silencer effectively removes smoke, roar and heat far back from the operator working on such a trimmer. At the same time, being a direct exhaust pipe, it does not create obstacles for exhaust gas exhaust, thereby contributing to a better release of the cylinder from exhaust gases and filling it with a fresh portion of the fuel-air mixture.

Knives, pendant, overalls

Trimmer tuning also includes the purchase of various cutting equipment for the trimmer (knives and trimmer heads). A more expensive belt suspension with a waist elastic belt, which partially removes the load from the shoulders of the operator and transfers it to the belt. As well as non-slip shoes, durable lightweight workwear, protective ear muffs, a face visor, anti-vibration gloves, etc. The trimmer setting includes these 8 elements to improve your trimmer, lawn mowers, lawn mowers or brush cutter.

General principles of tuning

  1. Keep your trimmer, lawn mower, lawn mow clean (do not consider it shameful if necessary, wash the toiler with a brush with warm water).
  2. Do timely maintenance and minor repairs to your trimmer (keep it in good condition).
  3. Refuel only with high-quality imported gasoline at trusted gas stations (for example, A-95 Mustang gasoline at WOG gas stations).
  4. Only buy oil that is specified in the user manual of your trimmer (it is better to buy the original oil from your dealer).
  5. Consumables and accessories for the trimmer are also needed better. For example. a belt suspension with a lap belt, a set of different knives, expensive grease in the gearbox, heated handles, anti-vibration gloves, noise-insulating headphones with mp-3 player, cool safety glasses, etc.

If you treat your trimmer with care and attention (during maintenance and the selection of consumables), then he will thank you for years with dashing and uptime.