How to Remove a Piston From a gas trimmer

The main malfunctions of the Stihl ms 180 chainsaw are associated with the piston group. Consider the main reasons why the piston must be replaced. Let us give a description of the piston and the algorithm for its replacement.

How to Remove a Piston From a Benzotrimmer

When to replace a piston

The reasons why the piston needs to be replaced, as well as the completely piston one, can be quite a lot, but all of them can be divided into natural and resulting from improper operation. Natural, this is the wear and tear formed due to the long-term operation of the Stihl 180 chainsaw. Many more artificial ones, for example:

  • Engine overheating and the appearance of thermal seizures;
  • Getting into the cylinder of a foreign body and the appearance of mechanical scoring;
  • Broken piston ring as a result of exceeding the maximum engine speed;
  • Breakdown of the piston skirt due to excess speed;
  • The use of low-quality fuel, as a result of which the piston group of the chainsaw wears out from the inlet channel in the cylinder;
  • Operation of a Stihl chainsaw with a contaminated fuel filter, resulting in a reduction in the percentage of oil in the fuel mixture;

It is necessary to diagnose the CPG if the Stihl ms 180 has sharply lost power or will not start, while the tool starter does not crank. If the starter turns, but the saw does not start, while there is a spark and fuel flows into the cylinder correctly, it is necessary to measure the compression in the engine.

9.5 – 11 Atm. It is considered a normal indicator at which the Stihl chainsaw starts up regularly and gives out maximum power, if the compression is lower, there is a chance that there are scuffing on the piston-cylinder group or its wear is quite large. In any case, with reduced compression, for further diagnosis, it is necessary to completely disassemble the saw.

To determine the presence of seizure on the piston, as well as the breakdown of the piston ring, you can remove the muffler and conduct a visual inspection of the visible part of the piston, while the rings can be checked for elasticity by pressing on them with a small screwdriver. There will be slight walking on the working rings, the defective or pinched piston ring will not go.

Description of the piston group Stihl 180 chainsaw

On a Stihl 180 chainsaw, the piston group has a diameter of 38 mm. The dimension of the CPG of the chainsaw is determined by the diameter of the piston, the cylinder is slightly larger. As standard, the MS 180 CPG comes complete with a piston pin, two piston rings, and two retainer rings.

A distinctive feature of the CPG on the Stihl MS 180 is that it has two compression rings, while almost all of its main competitors have only one. According to the manufacturer, the installation of a pair of rings makes it possible to better stabilize the piston in operation, enhance its cooling and increase compression in the engine, thereby improving start-up.

How to change a piston on a Stihl 180 chainsaw

If you need to replace the old piston and install a new one, you need to know how to do it correctly and follow a certain algorithm of actions. It is also necessary to have a small slotted screwdriver, a special Stihl combination wrench, a power screwdriver, a hammer, a drift of soft material, a compressor and a stop for the Stihl piston.

Starting work on replacing the piston or piston group assembly, the chainsaw must be cleaned of dirt as much as possible. Further, the work is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  1. The top cover is removed from the saw and the spark plug is twisted.
  2. The side cover is removed.
  3. Using a power screwdriver, the stoppers are removed from the shock absorbers of the chainsaw, after which its handle is disconnected from the body.
  4. Next, you need to remove the drive sprocket and starter.
  5. Install the piston stopper in the spark plug hole and loosen the flywheel mounting nut and clutch.
  6. Remove the flywheel, clutch, and oil pump worm gear mechanism located behind the clutch.
  7. Loosen the two screws securing the carburetor and air filter. Remove the filter, engine control lever and Stihl carburetor.
  8. Remove ignition coil and silencer.

After all these operations are carried out, it is necessary to once again clean the saw from dirt, then turn it upside down and unscrew the four screws securing the engine to the chainsaw body. Unscrewing the screws, the engine is separated from the housing and cleaned again.

On the removed engine, the pan is untwisted and the pallet is removed, after which the piston assembly with the crankshaft is removed from the engine.

Then, using a small screwdriver, the piston pin retaining rings are removed and the crankshaft is disconnected from the piston.

In the case when it is necessary to replace only the piston, you can install it on the crankshaft, and then mount the lock rings of the piston pin, while arranging them so that the break point of the lock ring is directed downward. This is necessary in order to exclude the possibility of spontaneous popping of the retaining ring during engine operation (according to the manufacturer’s instructions Stihl). After that, compression rings are installed, the cylinder is lubricated with engine oil and the engine is assembled.

The crankcase is mounted on the engine, sealant is used as a gasket, after which four mounting screws are mounted and tightened crosswise. Next, the engine is mounted on the body of the chainsaw. Subsequent assembly is performed using the reverse disassembly algorithm.

Why Stihl chainsaw does not start after replacing a piston

If the saw does not start after replacing the piston, it is necessary to check the fuel supply to the chamber, as well as to diagnose the ignition system. Very often, when installing the control lever on a chainsaw, masters forget to connect the wires coming from the ignition coil, as a result of which the spark disappears and the saw does not start.

Video: How to Remove a Piston From a gas trimmer

Also, the problem may be hidden in the pinched fuel supply hose or if it is not connected at all. Of course, there can be many reasons, but it is worth remembering that if all work on replacing the piston is carried out correctly, the tool should start and work normally without any problems.


On the video you can see a detailed video instruction, in which the master showed in all details how to properly disassemble the saw and install a new piston on it. Also in the video you can see how to properly clean the saw during the repair process.


We examined the main causes and malfunctions of the Stihl ms 180 chainsaw for which the replacement of the CPG is necessary. But, as a rule, in each case, the reasons may intersect, and for proper repair, an integrated approach to solving the problem is needed. Putting a new piston on the saw does not always mean solving the problem. It is imperative to eliminate the causes of the malfunction and the tool will last for a long time without problems and the need for repairs.

DIY gasoline trimmer clutch repair.

At idle, the knife spins almost always, extraneous sounds are heard in the front of the motor, while the trimmer mows normally. The mowing malfunction is the same as the trimmer. The trimmer clutch spring burst. Do-it-yourself trimmer repair: Replace a burst clutch spring with a new one; see details.

Or, if I just broke off the hook on the spring, I can heat the spring with a burner, bend one ring to make a new hook and harden the spring, such a clutch spring can work even for several years. Do-it-yourself lawnmower repair is similar to trimmer repair. The clutch often slips. Sometimes the clutch spring bursts.

A mowing malfunction is similar to a trimmer. Deterioration of clutch pads for trimmer clutch pads for lawn mowing. Do-it-yourself chainsaw repair: Replace trim tab clutch pads for details.

Do-it-yourself lawn mowing is the same as trimmer repair. To remove the clutch on the trimmer, removing the clutch on the lawn mower is similar. You must first remove the muffler cover, metal stand, starter cover and cylinder cover so that they do not interfere with removing the trim tab. Remove the shock absorber cap by unscrewing the two side screws. Release the bolt tightening the shock absorber and remove the pipe from the shock absorber.

DIY Patriot trimmer repair.

We unscrew 3 or 4 bolts and remove the clutch cover. We evaluate the wear of the pads and the clutch drum, see if the spring is broken, inspect the condition of the bearing.

To replace, for example, pads of the trimmer clutch weights, it is necessary to remove the clutch spring, and then unscrew the axle bolts on the pads if necessary, having previously locked the crankshaft, stuffing the rope into the spark plug hole when the piston is in the bushing. Doing trimmer repairs yourself.

The principle of operation of the centrifugal clutch trimmer. While the trimmer is idling, the clutch pads, although they rotate together with the crankshaft, do not touch the clutch drum, as they are compressed by a spring and do not transmit torque from the motor to the cutting equipment. Wear of the pads, and maybe the clutch drum, which leads to stretching of the spring during operation is longer than normal. Incorrect installation of the clutch spring – it is impossible to insert a screwdriver into the hole, pull the spring, trying to put the ear of the spring into the hole in the block.

It is necessary to remove the pads from the braid, hook the ends of the spring onto the holes in the pads, put the pads in a normal position to each other in hands with a dressed spring. Then install the assembled pads with a spring on the braid and tighten the fasteners with special bolts, preferably new ones, so that they do not loosen during operation.

Incorrect operation of the trimmer. The manner of mowing – he pressed the gas, released the gas, pressed the gas, released the gas. As a result, the clutch and the spring overheat, which leads to its fragility and premature wear of the clutch trimmer. It is necessary, during mowing, to try to keep the engine speed the same, and only use the gas button to adjust the speed depending on the load, depending on the density of the grass.

The Patriot PT petrol trimmer is a comfortable and productive tool for treating grassy areas that require accurate and accurate shearing and trimming. The unit is used for quick mowing and trimming grass on personal lawns, along flower beds, fences, walls, courts and lawns.

If the knife is dull on one side, then it is turned over and the second sharpened side is used. As a user, immediately noting easy assembly. I myself, following the instructions, assembled the unit and immediately went to work with it.

I would like to tell users to purchase several spare lines at once. I ended it after two refueling the engine. The manufacturer did not take into account neglect and the amount of work at our sites. With a knife, all abandoned and long-uncultivated areas are very quickly mowed. I had to practice a little while I got used to the process of running the mower. The first season, having bought the Patriot trimmer could not get enough.

The unit worked like a clock. And this year the problems began: She leaves, but not until the end. The service explained that it weakened or the spring sagged, but could not help – they did not repair it.

My opinion is the short-lived thing this Patriot trimmer. Inexpensive, fully consistent with the power and quality of the data sheet. With a knife, you can chop a bush. Fishing line koshu all weed dead wood. Economical in fuel consumption. I fill the tank and work on cleaning more than 4 hectares. A very detailed description on the site, thanks. Assembling a model is simple, working is even easier.

I am pleased with the model, about the fishing line, there are not many in the kit, but sellers warned me and I bought a fishing line with an asterisk of the same company, it almost does not break. A knife in the kit, sweeps any weeds, sedge. Quite often in life there are times when you have to repair your chainsaw on your own.

The reasons for doing independent repairs, each has its own. This, for example, a person’s desire to learn something new or to learn and understand the structure of his chainsaw.

For someone, repair and maintenance of a chainsaw on their own. It is a manifestation of deep and tender feelings for your iron friend. And for others, independent repair of a chainsaw. It’s just a way to save money in your pocket. But no matter what motive a person is guided by, the first thing he will need. This is information. There is a desire to repair the chainsaw with your own hands, but there is no sufficient knowledge for this.

What tool is needed for this? As a rule, do-it-yourself repairs lead to more expensive repairs in the service center, and sometimes unprofitability of repairs in general.

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