How to remove a shaft from a motor block. Replacing the crankshaft

Which engine for a walk.Behind tractor to choose: views, the best models, how to remove, repair, replace

Motoboblocks of the bison, Kayman, Patriot, Texas, Prosthab, Crosser, VIKING, Forza are quite popular among buyers who value the optimal combination of price and the quality provided. Their use is advisable for many agricultural work, which this technique copes with perfectly.

Here is just an incomplete list of what these motoblocks are used for:

How to Replace Crank Pulley & Front Seal 2002-2006 MINI Cooper S R53/R52

  • Soil cultivation;
  • Mowing grass for hay harvesting;
  • Harvesting (beets, potatoes, etc.);
  • Soil processing between beds and t.D.

As we see, the bison makes almost all the work characteristic of rural areas. This is a real assistant for any farmer who spends its time with benefit, t.E. Processes the ground, sits potatoes and other root crops, cares for cattle, etc.D.

Such popularity is fully justified, because in the production of bosom motoblocks, only high.Quality components that have undergone special testing are used. In general, the range of bison is quite extensive, starting from small capacities and ending with heavy units with power plants.

Today we presented our attention by walk.Behind diesel bison with an engine of 6 liters.With., in which diesel is used as fuel. This circumstance allows them to show higher working indicators than that of engines similar in terms of power, but operating on gasoline.

In addition, diesel fuel is more economical, which is an additional plus towards these motoblocks. In the category of diesel motoblocks with a capacity of 6 liters.With., Zubrov is represented by the NT 105 model, which can cope even with the most complex land plots, t.E. Tselina.

This became possible, thanks to the use of a worm reducer and multi.Disc cliff included in the design of the unit.

If you have a full.Fledged land plot with garden and livestock, then it makes sense to purchase additional attachments for this walk.Behind tractor, which will significantly expand its area of ​​application:

  • Transportation of various cargoes;
  • Thanks to the use of potatoes, you can quickly and efficiently plant potatoes in your garden;
  • Cleaning snow massifs and t.D.

In standard configuration, the diesel engine of the bison has in its presence of soil.Graze, as well as pneumatic wheels. Even this minimum set is enough to compete with European manufacturers, differing from them also a more acceptable price.

For our compatriots, this is a competitive advantage, which forms an increased demand for the bison technique.

Technical characteristics and price

The bay of the bison NT 105 has in its presence a 4-stroke diesel engine of the KM178F brand.

NT 105

In addition, it has the following technical characteristics:

  • Type of fuel used. Diesel;
  • Engine volume. 296 cm3;
  • Maximum power. 6 liters.With.;
  • The volume of the tank with combustible. 3.5 l;
  • The width of the processed strip is adjustable, from 75 cm to 105 cm;
  • Number depth. Adjustable, from 80 to 300 mm;
  • The type of adhesion is multi.Term, in an oil bath;
  • Speed. Two forward and one back;
  • The total mass is 120 kg;
  • Fuel consumption. 1.5 liters per hour of work;
  • Launch type. Manual;
  • Carrying capacity. 350 kg;
  • Type of cooling. Air;
  • Dimensional dimensions. 174cm/150cm/98cm.

The price of this unit is about 35 thousand rubles. This cost does not include hinged equipment, which must be purchased separately.

Device, disassembly and repair of the motorblock gearbox

The presented material in this article is especially in demand for people who repair their equipment on their own. Next will be affected by the main “subtleties” regarding the repair of the motorblock gearbox. To move directly to the topic of repair, you need to understand the device of the gearbox. Looking in advance, it is necessary to say: the structure of the gearboxes of modern motoblocks is similar to each other, there are only minor differences in a particular model.

So that the question does not arise “How to disassemble the motorblock gearbox?”, You need to be familiar with all the details. We list the main details and components of any modern walk.Behind tract: covers and pulleys; bushings with bearings; lever, axis and plug for switching; Primary shaft block with gear; The input and output shaft of the motorblock gearbox. Components: washers and seals; right and left semi.Axis; clutch and plug; bracket and spring.

What are the breakdowns?

Most of the problems in the gearbox of a motor block arise due to overload. Such breakdowns include the sleeve of the bushings on the metal chain, which leads to the so.Called “slip”. Also, the owners of the motoblocks very often discover interrupted bushings switching.

In order to avoid such troubles, experienced owners advise switching speeds only during a complete stop of equipment, in no case on the go. In addition, a star break is considered to be a common occurrence.

That is, factory welding is not enough for the star to withstand overload.

It is very simple to “get out” from this annoying situation, you just need to return the star to its original position and grab it with welding much better. Side loads lead to wear of the support washer, after which there is a fly from the bushings from the chain. In addition to all of the above, it is necessary to periodically check the oil level in the gearbox, as well as to replace it.

How to check the oil in the motorblock gearbox?

Track the amount of oil to monitor constantly. Otherwise, a negligent attitude to technology will lead to fatal consequences. Fresh oil is poured every 50 hours. Along with this, excessive loads should be avoided, which ultimately lead to quick production of mechanisms and components. Let’s move directly to the change of oil:

  • Install equipment on a flat area. Find a probe 70 cm long.
  • The probe bends and is pushed into the opening for the filling of the oil to the stop, after which we take out the rod.
  • Observe the level of oil, which should be at least 25 cm. 2 liters of oil are added to a dry gearbox, a minimum of 1.5 liters.

Pully oil should be Gostovsky. It is pointless to use cheap oil, because sooner or later, it will cause breakdowns inside the motor block gearbox.

How to check the oil in the motorblock gearbox?

Track the amount of oil to monitor constantly. Otherwise, a negligent attitude to technology will lead to fatal consequences. Fresh oil is poured every 50 hours. Along with this, excessive loads should be avoided, which ultimately lead to quick production of mechanisms and components. Let’s move directly to the change of oil:

  • Install equipment on a flat area. Find a probe 70 cm long.
  • The probe bends and is pushed into the opening for the filling of the oil to the stop, after which we take out the rod.
  • Observe the level of oil, which should be at least 25 cm. 2 liters of oil are added to a dry gearbox, a minimum of 1.5 liters.

What are the breakdowns?

Most of the problems in the gearbox of a motor block arise due to overload. Such breakdowns include the sleeve of the bushings on the metal chain, which leads to the so.Called “slip”. Also, the owners of the motoblocks very often discover interrupted bushings switching. In order to avoid such troubles, experienced owners advise switching speeds only during a complete stop of equipment, in no case on the go. In addition, a star break is considered to be a common occurrence. That is, factory welding is not enough for the star to withstand overload.

It is very simple to “get out” from this annoying situation, you just need to return the star to its original position and grab it with welding much better. Side loads lead to wear of the support washer, after which there is a fly from the bushings from the chain. In addition to all of the above, it is necessary to periodically check the oil level in the gearbox, as well as to replace it.

remove, shaft, motor, block, crankshaft

The design of the power system

One of the components of the internal combustion engine is the fuel system. It is necessary for uninterrupted supply of the engine of the combustible. The system consists of a gas tank, fuel, filters and carburetor. The latter doses gasoline to maintain a given frequency of rotation of the crankshaft with depending on the mode of operation of the walk.Behind tractor. Gas tank is necessary for storing fuel supply in it. The fuel lines connect all the components among themselves, and the filters purify fuel from extraneous impurities.

The most complex and responsible detail in the internal combustion engine is the dosing node. The device of the carburetor installed on the walk.Behind tractor allows the user to adjust the quality of the fuel mixture entering the motor. In the general case, the DU consists of the following:

  • Float chamber. It contains the details responsible for the preparation of the fuel mixture. Gasoline accumulates in the receiving glass, which affects the float. The latter when reaching a given fuel level, pressing on a locking needle, blocks the supply of fuel.
  • Mixing chamber. It saturation of the air entering the motor with finely dispersed gasoline dust. The latter is formed due to the discharged atmosphere in the mixing chamber. Downsched pressure pulls the fuel from the float chamber, which, passing through the dosing jacket, is sprayed in the air stream.
  • Throttle. This node regulates the frequency of rotation of the crankshaft. The damper overlaps the passing channel through which air enters the cylinder. The larger the section, the faster the output shaft of the ICE will rotate. The position of the damper is regulated by means of a steel cable fixed on the handle Motobobok.
  • Idle speed regulator. As a rule, this is a metal or plastic screw, on which the throttle drive is based. The screwdrine of the regulator increases the speed of the engine of the engine.

Depending on the manufacturer and the purpose of the motor blocks, they can be equipped with additional elements. But, regardless of this, all nodes work according to the same principle.

Motoboblock engine Cascade Video Repair. Together Making Making

The problems of the walk.Behind tractor can be divided into two types: malfunctions of the motor and problems with different mechanisms and nodes. If you have such equipment, then there is a high probability that during use you may encounter any engine problem. The instructions for repairing the Cascade motornote, given in the article, will help you understand what problems could have arisen in the engine, and also how to eliminate them.

The emergence of characteristic signs of engine malfunctions, such as a sharp deterioration in the dynamics, increase in fuel consumption and engine oil, problems with the start of the engine, especially in the cold season, suggests that the wear of the power unit has reached the limit, and without extraneous intervention, further operation of the machine is impossible. The listed signs indicate a sharp drop in compression. If the motor is not “Ushatan” completely, then to return to it vigor, most likely, the replacement of piston rings will help.

In order to save replacement, you can do it with your own hands. In addition to financial benefit, the owner of the car may be absolutely sure that the piston rings are changed, and it is for those that he bought, and the work was done efficiently. Unfortunately, leaving the car in a car service, the owner cannot know exactly how conscientiously the masters have done their work, since statistics stubbornly repeat that they are deceiving everywhere, including at official services.

About how to replace piston rings with your own hands, is written in this article.

  • The head of the cylinder block is dismantled;
  • The condition of the rings is checked and the issue of the need to remove the motor from the car is resolved;
  • Then the old ones change to new ones, and the engine is assembled in the reverse order.

Further, each stage will be considered in more detail.

Motobobe engine malfunctions during operation

The nodes and components of the engines that are installed on agricultural mini-equipment are subjected to significant loads. They can fail in the process of operation of the unit, which will very quickly lead to serious failures.

If suspicious noise, jerks and violations in the operation of the walk.Behind tractor are found, it is very important to immediately turn off the engine, and then let it cool. Only after that it will be possible to eliminate the problem.

If during operation the motor begins to independently gain momentum, t.E. There is a “different”, most likely this means that the attachment of the levers of the regulator and traction weakened. In this case, the user will have to re.Adjust the engine control drive.

Sometimes, with a completely open throttle, the engine does not accelerate when pressing the handle of gas, but on the contrary begins to lose power until a complete stop. This is a clear sign of overheating, so Motoblock you need to turn off and wait until its nodes are completely cooled. After that, you should check the oil level in the crankcase, as well as to control the cleanliness of the walnut surfaces of the blocks and cylinder heads.

With increased loads on the engine, it can jam it. There may be several reasons for this:

If the engine of the walk.Behind tractor jammed, it will have to disassemble and check the condition of the main components and components: faulty, deformed, melted, etc.D. Subject to replacement.

Checking the condition of the candle

The recommendation for the repair of the unit, which you must be studied before the work, will help you realize how to carry out the inspection of the condition of the candle. If it is wet, then gasoline goes into the cylinder. Refusal to launch may be due to an excess of a special mixture.

Before this manipulation, the master should close the fuel supply. The candle may be clogged with a soil, while it is cleaned with a small skin and gasoline. The main thing is to analyze what value the gap between the electrodes will have. If necessary, then it is worth adjusting, following the rules submitted by the manufacturer in the instructions. The size of the clearance should be 0.8 mm.

Remove the gearbox from the engine of the Favorite

Please help with advice. Given: Motoblock Favorite with the Robin Subaru EX21 engine. Required: Remove the gearbox from the engine. Actions: I unscrewed 3 bolts with which the gearbox is attached to the engine body and 1 fastening bolt to the bracket. The gearbox does not give in to attempts to remove it from the engine. Before making efforts, I ask for advice from knowledgeable people, so as not to spoil a good thing with haste.

There, in my opinion, you still need to unscrew the bolt on the crankshaft. PS I will find a photo and post. There was a assembly catalog in the favorites of the favorites.

It is necessary to remove both gears in the bearing area No. 32, in rice. Above the 4th screw it is symmetrical.In my opinion, even under the bearing.

VW TDI and Audi TDI bad camshaft removal and replacement procedure DIY

That is, if I understood you correctly, you need to drain the oil from the gearbox, disassemble it in full, and get to the screw that attaches the gearbox to the engine from the inside?

Yes, everything correctly understood the gearbox needs to be disassembled to the screw. I can’t remember whether it is necessary to pull the gear from the shaft of the motor, I just changed the engine, and there it turned out that a short shaft with a cone.

Here the gearbox is screwed to these holes.

Thank you very much for the explanations. Sorry for the boring, I will ask another question: how difficult is the operation to disassemble the gearbox. Does it require special skills and equipment, such as pullers, etc.P?

The hardest remove the pulley to pull the venerable (pulley) and gear from the motor shaft. Knowledge of school lessons is required labor grade 5-7 (the ability to use a hammer, a chisel, screwdrivers and a small head 12 or 13 with a gate, possibly a small set) of 10 minutes with two smoke breaks. And if it’s not a secret why you want to remove the gearbox.

Bearing Removal From A Crankshaft

If you have these very skills, do not, about a hammer and a chisel, far from spring, get a habit of leaning about a fucker and get it (it will also come in handy).Do not create problems for yourself, and make it a rule: after removing, turning off of which one-libs of belonging (threaded and fifth)-in front of the installation to smear all the joints with graphite lubricants.

remove, shaft, motor, block, crankshaft

Thank you, encouraged I want to remove the gearbox in order to replace the engine. By stupidity and inattention, he installed a candle, which turned out to be longer than his native, pulled the starter’s handle, as a result of which her piston (candle) broke. I want to install another engine in order to slowly deal with the victim, assess the damage so to speak.


You can put either rubber tires with a tread or metal wheels supplemented by soil.Bearing water blocks on motor blocks. The first option is better for a dirt road, and the second for working on the field. Not every kit, even coinciding in size, is really useful for operation in harsh conditions. Wide wheels should be installed if there is a plowing of the earth or you need to dig potatoes. Be sure to observe the distance between the rows. It is from 60 to 80 cm, as when using the standard set.

About the device of the walk.Behind tractor

Next, you will find out which motoblock is better to choose.To make it clearer what the principle of home.Made manufacturing of the walk.Behind tract and its additional components consists in, it is necessary to examine in detail the device of the walk.Behind tractor as a means of small mechanization. So, this unit includes several main working nodes:


As the main driving force, the standard internal combustion engine is used in the design of motoblocks. Depending on the type and brand of the walk.Behind tractor, for example, Kayman Vario, Patriot of the Urals, Texas, Prost, Crosser, VIKING, Forza, the engine used can be different:

  • Basin 4-stroke engine. This engine is used for units related to light and middle class devices.
  • Diesel 4-stroke engine. This kind of motors are used on heavy and powerful motoblocks designed to work on the most complex parts of the surface.

Details about the work of a diesel walk.Behind tractor, see the video:

Of course, 2-stroke engines are also found in configuration, but they are used in rather old motoblock models, significantly yielding to 4-stroke in force thrust. However, most consumers get exactly 4-stroke engines operating on gasoline. Their device includes the following systems:

  • System responsible for feeding fuel. Consists of a tank with fuel, carburetor, air filter and fuel hose.
  • A lubricant system that makes the process of lubricating those parts that rub together.
  • Starter providing crankshaft promotion.
  • Cooling system that leads heat from the cylinder block of the motor using air flow.
  • Ignition system that produces a spark on the spark plug.
  • The gas distribution system that provides the flow of the fuel mixture in the motor cylinder, and is also responsible for the output of the exhaust gases.

It is important that the engine is already sold with all basic working systems, which significantly facilitates the process of home.Made manufacturing of a motor block.


The main function of the transmission is the transfer of torque from the engine to the wheelbase, as well as the regulation of speeds and the change of movement of the unit. Its design includes several working nodes: gearbox, clutch, gearboxes and differential (not in all models).

The transmission can be several types:

Basically, the classic type of gear transmission is used on heavy motoblocks, and it consists of conical and cylindrical gears.

The remaining types of transmission are used in light and medium types of motoblocks. At the same time, regardless of the type of transmission, the design is located in the design of the power selection, which transmits torque to the working nodes of the unit.

As for the clutch, it can be different:

  • In the form of a cuneiform transmission. The essence of the process is in the clutch lever that pulls or weakens the belt, which transfers, or stops the transmission of torque from the motor to the gearbox.
  • Single.Disc or multi.Disc clutch of dry or wet type.
  • Conquered coupling.

In most high.Quality motoblocks of Sadko, Don, Huter, Profi, Pogar, Champion, Carver, the second type of adhesion is used, which is most reliable.


The chassis includes not only directly the wheelbase itself, but also the frame structure to which these wheels are attached, and where the main working nodes of the motor unit are located.

To date, two types of wheels are distinguished. Pneumatic and metal with primers.

Basic management elements

The control of the motor block is on the unit handle, responsible for changing the speed and direction of the device. Among the management elements are:

There is no seat for a person in the design of the walk.Behind tractor (as in the salute motorcycle unit), so the management itself is carried out by a person with his own hand.

Hello Vecechelv, I already wrote to you about Louvet Val now, I get a different question. It gets heated a little and stalls starts to start up from the muffler shoots, but it starts to get stall and today it touches and the stalled. It is not a spark that there is gasoline, what to do with my underwear for two years I have for seven months and I have for seven months and I did not go

G4kg engine overhaul Hyundai h1

Hello, Alexander. Apparently the ignition was lost. I am not familiar with carburetors, I only have diesel, I can’t help, sorry.

I bought a new Bright 135 motoblock when you download backlash on the sides of it are especially on the left side, which could be ?

All the like have backlash, who has fewer, who has more. Hello with this. This will not affect anything.

If it is very worried, you can jam something six players?Thanks. Good luck.

I bought a walk.Behind tractor a month ago Chooks shaft in the gearbox,

You can still pull out the hexagon and see if there is a development on it

@Alexander Stepanenko, do not pay attention, everyone is staggering on these

Yes, I looked good yesterday, she is shocked hexagon in a ftulka, is it normal or not

Walked on the hexagon, grinded and the backlash almost disappeared

@Vyacheslav Viter where logic? There will be more blows to bearings when everything is separated. But ))

@Mikhail Mirny, now more blows will be transferred to the bearings

@Vyacheslav Viter depending on where, what and to whom. Still more pleasant when a carpentry dangles nothing))

Why such a backlash? Because if it is less, then it will not be worse.

Some kind of Malysheva: this is the norm! Nafik is such happiness. How to finalize and remove this insanity.

@Roman Veselov, well, and brakes can still be put on a trailer or adapter so as not to be wise on a walk.Behind tractor.

@Roman Veselov, if you want to use MB only for transport purposes, it is better to install additional supporting bearings on the half.Shafts, well, the brake disk.

@Roman Veselov, experiment, if you want, I am against. I heard repeatedly that when removing the clearance, the bearing breaks.I have been with the backlash since 2008 and I have not been worried, there is a video of the operation of a walk.Behind tractor on the channel.

Reducer for the Cascad Motoblock: device and maintenance

Russian farmers and summer residents are increasingly using small agricultural equipment of domestic production. In the list of current brands. Motor blocks “Cascade”. They have established themselves as a strong, durable unit for various types of work. In addition, it is possible to carry out manual disassembly, adjustment and repair of an important part. Gearbox.

The gearbox is an important component of the entire motoblock mechanism. Its task is to transfer torque from the power plant to the wheels. The equipment of the brand “Cascad” consists of a durable case, the basis for the necessary parts, nodes. The axes and bushings are connected using special gaskets, bolts. The basis of the device forms individual parts of the structure, these include squares, stars, springs. In case of complete wear of spare parts, they can be purchased in specialized stores.

The full design of the device consists of the following parts:

  • Covers;
  • Pulleys;
  • Bearings;
  • Control lever;
  • Forks;
  • Switching axis;
  • Shaft blocks;
  • Washer;
  • Set of chains;
  • Inlet shaft bushings;
  • Reducing oil seals;
  • Stars, blocks for them;
  • Input shaft;
  • Couplings, clutch forks;
  • Brackets;
  • Left and right semi.Shafts;
  • Springs.

Due to the simple design of the “cascade”, to disassemble and assemble the gearbox yourself is quite simple. It is best to have a graphic equipment scheme so as not to lose sight of important details, without which it is impossible to launch the motor.

Types of motoblock engines

For installation on garden equipment and heavy agricultural equipment, gasoline and diesel engines are used. The former differ in high performance and ability to work in difficult operating conditions, the latter are universal and economical. The engine of the walk.Behind tractor operating on diesel fuel supports a large number of types of mounted devices. The best production effect is achieved with functioning at low speeds.

Such units have a good motorcycle resource and high resistance to negative weather and climatic factors. The most popular. Two.Cylinder models. They are relatively inexpensive and tolerate elevated temperatures well. When using such a motor in summer heat, the simplest air cooling system is enough. Gasoline modifications require large operating costs for maintenance, maintenance and operation. Their advantages are durability and reliability.

A four.Stroke motor of this type has high performance and the ability to work on heavy soils. The unit equipped with a vertical shaft saves time, because it can steablely function at high speeds. Power units, compatible with motoblocks, are divided by the launch method:

Manual drive is found in the most budgetary and outdated models. Common units with an electric launch that provides light and fast start of equipment. They are economical, easy to operate and reliable. Using an electric motor for a walk.Behind tractor is appropriate in the country or in its own garden. Combined modification. Convenient option. On such a functional scheme, 4-stroke engines are based on the processing of large areas of arable land and agricultural land.

They significantly facilitate the task of the operator, t. To. Allow you to choose a convenient launch type convenient for yourself. Both gasoline and diesel models are equipped with an automatic rotation speed regulator. Another classification feature is the power indicator. On light motoblocks (less than 70 kg), engines are installed up to 4 liters. With. In medium (71-100 kg), motors up to 7 liters are used. With. For collaboration with heavy (over 100 kg) equipment, power units are used from 8 liters. With. The maximum power indicator is set at 16 liters. With.

Light and medium.Sized motoblocks use two.Stroke gasoline or diesel engines with an air cooling system. They are well suited for business work in a private house. Among the farmers, heavy motoblocks equipped with a 4-stroke engine with a forced liquid cooling mechanism are most widely used. Depending on the modification, the engine is equipped with a gear, chain or worm type gearbox. The latter may have a cuneiform or conical transmission.

DIY gearbox for a walk.Behind tractor

Many owners of motoblocks often ask about how to make a gearbox with their own hands. This is not as difficult to do as it may seem. For work, you need to prepare a number of tools. You will need:

The procedure for the manufacture of a gearbox for a motor block is as follows:

  • First of all, it is necessary to make the body of the mechanism. To do this, take a few steel plates and weld them together in the form of a box. To save time, you can also take the case from the Ural motorcycle shaft and modify it a little;
  • For the manufacture of the gear, the gears will also be needed. They can be taken from the old Friendship chainsaw. The main thing is that every gear has entire teeth, otherwise a home.Made mechanism will not work;
  • Cut the tip in one of the shafts and drill a hole;
  • On the other side of the gearbox, install the second shaft, and attach to it the clip and bearings;
  • At the end, the output shaft will need to be connected to the pulley.

The gearbox made at home for a walk.Behind tractor has a simple design, so that the repair of the mechanism can be performed in 20-30 minutes.

remove, shaft, motor, block, crankshaft

Operation and maintenance Neva MB-2

Oil in the engine

The manufacturer recommends the use of such well-known brands of motor oil for the walk-behind tractor-LUKOIL-SAE 10W30 API SF/CC standard, as well as Ravenol SAE 30 API CD/SF.

Recommended viscosity of oils for Neva motoblocks

At temperatures above 4 degrees of heat, use thickened oil varieties (for example, 10W30 brands) will lead to an increased consumption of this type of fuel, therefore, in the cold season it is recommended to more often check the oil level in the engine, preventing a reduction in its mark below the norm.

Oil change is carried out after the walk.Behind tractor has recently visited the work until the engine has completely cooled down. It should be warm, but not hot. The remains of the oil are drained completely from the tank, after which the new one is added until the oil level reaches a special mark. The drain plug is then tightly twisted and wiped dry.

First Start and Playing of the Neva MB-2 motor block

The first launch must be made adhering to the following scheme:

  • Make sure that the motoblock is in a staffed state (the height of the steering rod and handles must correspond to the growth of the user);
  • You can only start the engine if the motorized car is located on a flat surface;
  • Check the level of oil and fuel in the tank;
  • Also check the places of threaded joints;
  • Next, you can run the engine, smoothly turning the ignition handle;
  • The idle time (without load and movement) should be for about 10 minutes, then you can move from the place and operate the walk.Behind tractor.

The period of the running.In is the first 20 hours of work of the walk.Behind tractor, after which it is necessary to replace the oil

  • Do not work on full gas;
  • Work only on pre.Prepared soils (not virgin);
  • To cultivate, use only the amount of milling plants that is in the kit;
  • Motoblock “Neva” MB-2 during the period of running can be loaded only on ¾ power;
  • Swimming in the gearbox can only be done when the leading pulley is completely stopped;

After the first 20 hours of operation, after the first start, the oil should be replaced in the engine.

The device of the walk.Behind tractor

The motoblock consists of the following main nodes: engine 1, transmission 2, chassis 3 and controls 4.

UGB-1 walk-behind engineer device

Engine and its provision system

The drive of the walk.Behind tractor is a classic internal combustion engine with all the systems necessary for its operation. Light and middle.Class machines use gasoline four.Stroke engines (about the device and operation of the four.Stroke engine, see here). Heavy.Class motor blocks are often equipped with diesel engines. In obsolete and some light models, sometimes (quite rarely) you can find a two.Stroke gasoline engine.

The device of the four.Stroke gasoline engine (Honda) of the motor block: 1. Fuel filters, 2. Crankshaft, 3. Air filter, 4. Part of the ignition system, 5. Cylinder, 6. Valve, 7. Crankshaft bearing.

Most users of motoblocks have to deal with four.Stroke gasoline.Cooled gasoline engines. These engines have the following systems for ensuring their work:

  • The fuel supply system designed to prepare the fuel mixture consisting of a fuel tank with a tap, fuel hose, carburetor, air filter.
  • Lubrication system providing grease of rubbing parts.
  • Launch mechanism (starter) designed to promote the crankshaft. Many engines are equipped with a lightweight launch mechanism that reduces the launch force due to the device on the distribution shaft, which opens the exhaust valve during compression and thereby reducing the compression in the cylinder when promoting the crankshaft. Heavy motoblocks are sometimes equipped with electric steers operating from batteries. Some models have an electric and manual launch. The latter is used as a reserve.
  • The cooling system that removes heat from the cylinder block of the engine with a stream of air, pumped by the impeller of the flywheel during the rotation of the crankshaft.
  • Ignition system that provides uninterrupted sparking on the spark plug. A rotating flywheel with a magnetic shoe induces in magneto e.D.With., convertible using an electronic circuit into electrical signals supplied to the candle. As a result, a spark is slipping between the contacts of the latter, which ignites the airfront mixture.

Electronic magneto, 2. Screw, 3. Magnetic shoe.

Launching mechanism and the ignition system of the motor block cascade MB6: 1. Starter handle, 2. Fan housing, 3. Protective casing, 4. Cylinder, 5. Cylinder head, 6. Magneto, 7. Flywheel.

  • The gas distribution system, which is responsible for the timely flow into the cylinder of the fuel mixture engine and the production of exhaust gases. The gas distribution system includes a muffler designed for the directed release of the exhaust gases and a decrease in noise.

Note that the engines are sold with all its systems, and if there is an idea to make a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands, then the engine bought will already have a gas tank, an air filter, and a starter, etc.D.

In the figure below, the GX200 QX4 model of the GX200 QX4 model is widely used in the domestic production motor blocks. The power of the unit is 5.5 liters.With. It has a horizontal location of the crankshaft and an increased degree of compression, which ensures the effective combustion of fuel and low the formation of soot.

Honda engine used in motoblocks

Honda engine used in motoblocks

Honda engine used in motoblocks

Honda engine used in motoblocks


The transmission serves to transmit the rotating moment from the engine to the wheels and changes the speed and direction of the motoblock movement. It usually consists of several nodes, sequentially connected to each other: gearbox, differential (in some models), clutch, gearbox. These elements can constructively be performed in the form of separate nodes or united in one case. The gearbox serves to switch speeds, which can be of a different number (up to 6 front and 2 rear), and at the same time is a gearbox.

By their type, transmission nodes (gearboxes and gearboxes) can be gear, belt, chain or represent various combinations of both.

Classic Gear transmission, consisting only of cylindrical and conical gears, it is mainly used on heavy motoblocks and some models of medium machines. As a rule, it has a reverse and several lowering steps.

The figure below presents the sixth transmission of the NMB-1 Ugra motor block, consisting of cylindrical and conical gears. The engine is rigidly attached to the gearbox, which in turn is rigidly connected with the corner gearbox. The design of the NMB-1 motor block has no chain and belt transmissions, which, according to its developers, are an unreliable link of transmission due to the tendency to breaks, damage and slippage of the belt.

Motoblock Ugra NMB-1 with a gear transmission

Classification of gearboxes

Many models of this node are presented on sale, in connection with which there was a need for their classification. Existing types of converters differ significantly from each other in the type of design and the main working elements. The most popular among consumers are considered:

  • Chain models. Provide for the use of one or more circuits as a transmitting node. The leading elements are a large and middle star. Differs in a simple, reliable design;
  • Reversible devices. Equipped with a reverse mechanism, but are not capable of high speed;
  • Belt equipment. The simplest, affordable products. For transmission of movement, a belt is used, as well as the pulley on which it is fixed;
  • Gear gearbox. It is universally used in structures of heavy agricultural machinery, is characterized by low noise during work, modest dimensions and a long service life.

The manufacturer of the walk.Behind tractor hoper

Often in homemade devices, a worm.Type motorbactic gearbox is used, which has become widespread due to an impressive working resource, high reliability even with intense loads. The angular gearbox has similar advantages, the load on which directly depends on the quality of the lubricant, as well as the temperature during operation.

Another popular option is lowering models that are designed to effectively reduce revolutions with a proportional increase in power indicators of technology. This is extremely important in cases where it is required to use hanging equipment at low speed, which will improve the quality of work.


Periodic oil replacement in the gearbox is extremely important not only because it is recommended by the manufacturer, but also for a number of other reasons. In particular, during the operation of the walk.Behind tractor, in the oil that is located in the gearbox, extraneous metal particles are formed.

They arise from the friction and contact of the components of the walk.Behind tractor, which are gradually crumble, and all this metal crumb enters oil. Thus, the oil begins to thicken, which leads to the unstable operation of the walk.Behind tractor, and in the future, and to the failure of the gearbox.

Indeed, it is much more logical to spend the amount within one thousand rubles for the purchase of transmission oil than to spend much large money for expensive repairs or a complete replacement of the gearbox.

Home.Made trailers for the walk.Behind tract that can be made with your own hand is very popular.